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Male Orc Expert 5

Vizio's tavern lies in one of the less traveled streets in westcrown. The dottari rarely if ever bother patroling this area as it was not long ago that this tavern was frequented by merchant guards looking for a quiet place to complain and have a drink, simply not a good place to start a fight.

As you approach the tavern you watch it cautiously for but a moment, noting that what few passerby's there are either seem completely disinterested in your doings or are too busy with their own shady dealings to care about yours.

The tavern looks as if it had done some brisk business at some point with the paint being brightly colored and the iron on the signs and doors still free of rust. But signs of neglect are showing as the exterior appears to have not been cleaned in a while and the pain is beggining to chip. The rain provides a good cover for you while you wait. When the streets are completely clear you make your move across the street.

Upon entering there's no one inside but a small handful that have arrived before you (if you're not the first). An attractive but anxious looking woman is sitting behind the bar organizing the bottles and cleaning the spotless bar out of wht seems like nervous habit rather than necessary maintenance.

The order you post is the order in which you will arrive feel free to interact and get introductions out of the way until everyone has arrived and had a chance to meet.

It seems you made the mistake of your life. The heist was simple; get in the merchants home through the daughters window on the third floor and get out with her jewelry box before anyone was the wiser. With a party going on downstairs the attention would be drawn away from the valuable. Unfortunately you didn't count on her having a kinky rendezvous in her room with one of the party guests that night nor did you guess that the man was a full blown hellknight.
An all too brief chase later and you found yourself bleeding out your life in the streets with shadow beasts ready to descend on you and end your legend before it could even properly begin. It was only by chance that you were rescued by the timely intervention of a half lef cleric who called himself Arael.

Though he didn't state it at the time you felt a strong debt to this man who dragged your carcass off the street braving petty muggers and worse to nurse your wounds. He told you of this inn and how you might be given a grand opportunity to better the city and respond in kind with the gift that his god had given you. Whatever that means.

As you enter the woman you were told about greets you and says. "You must be the thief Arael told me about. Fair warning the utensils are made of iron not silver and if I see you holding a money purse that's not yours I'll toss your ass back to the shadowbeast's in a heartbeat. Got it? Good? In the meantime have some ale enjoy the entertainment have a seat and wait for the others."

With that she passes you a full pint of some decent ale and goes to take care of some other business.

It's been a bad week. Recently a woman's husband was accused of rebel tendencies and harboring contraband literature. The book in question? A book of psalms by a cleric of Sarenrae. HArdly the stuff to foment rebellions. The dottari took the woman and her children into custody hoping to one up the Order of the Rack and spare them the torment that undoubtedly awaits their father.
You took it upon yourself to keep this woman from any harm, and failed. Despite your best efforts, clear arguments, and no small amount of name calling on your part a senior officer of The Rack came down and took the woman and children for interrogation. In a foolish attempt to spare them pain you attempted to steal the book anddestroy the evidence only to get caught. Thankfully you only lost your job. While drinking away your sorrows you were approached by a rather attractive woman dressed in simple but revealing leathers. She told you her name was Janiven and she had heard of what you tried to do and wants to help you out.
She gave you a time and a place, that was all.

You struggled for a bit with the deiciosn wondering if it was even wise to consider this course of action before a terrible nightmare about the women and children saw you awake in the early morning in a cold sweat. At that point, with nothing better to do and already on the Hellknights bad side why not at least hear them out?

Entering the tavern the woman you met earlier greets you warmly and sits you down at a table (with others if you aren't the first to arrive) with a mug of ale stating that others would be here shortly.

Rhys and Calumny:
It didn't take long for either of you upon entering the city to find rebellious elements wlling to help you. It also didn't take long for those elements to get squashed. Badly. You two managed to escape together with your lives and found that you could rely on each other when things got tough. It certainly didn't hurt that Rhys apparently has some mysterious benefactor in the guard he doesn't openly speak of or that Calla had a small handful of "sisters" (who by all accounts look like prostitutes) willing to shelter you here or there.

Shortly after the last failed attempt to get an organized resistance off the ground your sources told you that a small group of individuals were coming up with a big plan to bring Westcrown back to its former glory. You eventually came into contact with a woman named Janizen who agreed to give you more information about the organization in question if you met her at this tavern at this time whether you arrive together or separately is up to you.

When you arrive(either together or separately)Janiven is happy to see you've arrived.

"It's good of you to come. Please have an ale and have a seat over here. The rest should be arriving shortly. We'll try to be done before Dusk."

In retrospect it was perhaps only a matter of time before underground elements contacted your false persona and attempted to recruit you. Intrigued by the attractiveness of the woman and the nature of the offer you decide to go and hear what she has to say. You clear out your schedule as Pavo and decide to make the meeting.

As you enter Janizen smiles warmly. "I honestly wasn't sure you were going to show given your reputation for elusiveness." She says. "Can I offer you an ale? Please have a seat the others will be here shortly."

Am arriving alone.

"I certainly won't say no to ale. Or information. Who are these... Others that are arriving? I'm afraid I can't be too cautious."

Rhys doesn't hesitate to settle down with the tankard, and he pulls off his hood. The day had been too long, and evading guards wasn't easy even if it was a habit. He takes a sip, glancing about the tavern, gauging the furniture, looking for potential escape routes and other doors, while keeping an eye out for these supposed others that are meant to enter soon. He cautiously keeps a hand on the hilt of his rapier, hidden carefully under his cloak alongside his bow and quiver.

His thoughts wander, trying to gauge the quality of the ale; though alcohol is alcohol in the end. He takes a bigger sip, resisting the temptation to call out in cheer.

Perception check in general.
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25

Male Orc Expert 5

"Like minded individuals." She says shortly. "There's no one coming that can't be trusted."

There's a door leading to the back which you assume is the pantry and storeroom. Stairs leading upwards go to what you assume to be the bedrooms for guests staying overnight or possibly the offices for the tavern. There's none in here save yourself and Janiven who goes back to busying herself with the maintenance of the tavern. The tavern itself gives the same impression on the inside as it does within, a once popular place falling to neglect. Though in here it appears efforts have been made to restore it to its former glory.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Druid (Urban) - 4

Skulking in an alley (Stealth 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (14) - 1 = 13, plus whatever bonus I can get from poor lighting), LeVash watches the surprisingly small half-orc enter Vizio's and then waits for a few minutes more to make sure that he is not being followed and that the Tavern is not being watched (Perception 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9).

Seeing nothing, he quickly crosses the road and enters, quietly closing the door behind him.

Janizen wrote:

"I honestly wasn't sure you were going to show given your reputation for elusiveness."

"Can I offer you an ale? Please have a seat the others will be here shortly."

He sweeps over to a chair with good view of the exits, and arranges himself to be able to move quickly from the seat, briefly exposing a set of bottles on a bandolier, and a shield curiously mounted on his back under the cloak.

"No ale yet. I want a clear head for now."

Turning to the other occupant, he nods, "I am...LeVash."

"LeVash?" he repeats, taking another sip of the tankard. "Intriguing name. Name's Rhys. Seems we're the only ones here."

He glances at the man in front of him, trying to get a look at his face. The large hat proves distracting, but the scar looks most of all painful. Otherwise there is little outstanding in the man's countenance. He glances at the door. "Any thoughts about this...?"

Half-Elf (Chelaxian) Female HP 76, AC 24/16/19, F +10*, R +9*, W +12*, Init +8, Per +20 Inquisitor 9

For DM:
Just before entering the tavern, I cast detect magic.

Calumny enters the building, looking around for any signs of a possible trap. She's already learned that, like Egorian, one can never be too careful in Westcrown. An imposing figure at 6 feet tall, she looks like a classic Chelaxian, with pale skin and night-black hair, except for the slightly pointed tips of her ears.

She wears tight leather breaches and a tight vest over a cotton blouse, showing off her figure to good effect, an image some might consider marred by the morningstar on her hip and dagger sticking out of each boot.

Not sure what open-carrying policies are in Westcrown. If this would make her stand out too much, she'll have left the morningstar at home.

Recognizing Rhys, she heads over to the table. "Ah s'pose Ah should've guessed you might be here as well, friend. Ah'm glad to see you're well."

Turning to the other man in the tavern, she gives a warm smile in greeting. "Well met, stranger. Mah friends call me Calla."

Male Orc Expert 5

Janiven smiles to the newcomers as they join the table and sets down a tankard of ale for Calla.

"Thank you for coming Calla." Please ffeel free to get to meet one another and talk before the others arrive. here should be three more coming."

With that Janiven shoots a glance at the window half expecting someone to come in right now and frowns when it doesn't. She then returns to her busy work behind the bar.

Not sure myself on the open carry policies. In some areas I imagine it's quite strict in the better neighborhoods. In one like this where the lanterns aren't lit at night and the dottari rarely patrols it's safe to say no one will accost you merely for carrying a weapon.

In any case Calla detects no magic from around the tavern though upon entering there appears to be a pair of auras.

Half-Elf (Chelaxian) Female HP 76, AC 24/16/19, F +10*, R +9*, W +12*, Init +8, Per +20 Inquisitor 9

Calla sniffs when the tankard is put down in front of her. "Do you have any wine? Ah can pay if need be."

For DM:

As she waits for the wine, she'll look around, taking a moment to focus on the two auras she spots.

Spellcraft check 1: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13
Spellcraft check 2: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17

Duh. Rolls are fixed now. Sorry, that was just a brainfart.

Male Orc Expert 5
Calumny "Calla" Tas'vere wrote:

Calla sniffs when the tankard is put down in front of her. "Do you have any wine? Ah can pay if need be."

** spoiler omitted **

"It's a bit early for wine." Janiven says matter of factly. "Perhaps if this meeting goes well I'll pop it open? But not before then."

You can add a + amount after the 1d20 roll to get the total. You identify both men as being spellcasters of fain power but nothing else. You chalk this up to the limitations fo the spell rather then your skill.

Half-Elf (Chelaxian) Female HP 76, AC 24/16/19, F +10*, R +9*, W +12*, Init +8, Per +20 Inquisitor 9

"Ah see. Then Ah guess Ah'd better hope this meeting goes well," Calla says as she pushes the tankard slightly away from her.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Druid (Urban) - 4

Noting Janiven's glance towards the window, LeVash resolves to keep his eye on it.

"I see you know each other. Saves time. I am LeVash", he turns to Janiven, "Three more? How soon? We are here for a reason, I presume."

Male Human Rogue 1 (burgler)

Since waking, Rokan has thought of nothing but this meeting. He knew too little of these people, and worse yet, he owed one of them for saving his life. Now, hiding in the alley, watching others enter, he was frozen with indecission. Finally making up his mind, he quickly crossed the street, and entered the Tavern

Her jab at his profession and the quality of the silverware brings a slight smile to Rokan.

"My lady, i would not dream of liberating any of your fine possesions. Ale would be very much agreable, thank you"

Rokan makes his way over to the others, choosing a seat that gives him a good view of the door.

"Names Rokan, so anyone know what this meeting is all about?"

"Ah, Calla, 'tis nice to see you again. All is well, I hope?"

Rhys glances at the tankard that Calla pushed away, chugging down the last of his ale. When the second human enters the tavern and settles down by their table, Rhys is uncertain what to think.

"Greetings, Rokan. Name's Rhys. Pleasure."

Male Orc Expert 5

Janiven direct Rokan to the table adn offers Rhys a refill."Two more." She says in response to Levash. "But I won't speak of anything else until they get here."

Half-Elf (Chelaxian) Female HP 76, AC 24/16/19, F +10*, R +9*, W +12*, Init +8, Per +20 Inquisitor 9

Considering Rokan's response to Janiven, did we hear what was said to prompt it? I don't want to look at spoilers if my character wouldn't be privy...

Male Orc Expert 5
Calumny "Calla" Tas'vere wrote:
Considering Rokan's response to Janiven, did we hear what was said to prompt it? I don't want to look at spoilers if my character wouldn't be privy...

As you enter the woman you were told about greets you and says. "You must be the thief Arael told me about. Fair warning the utensils are made of iron not silver and if I see you holding a money purse that's not yours I'll toss your ass back to the shadowbeasts in a heartbeat. Got it? Good. In the meantime have some ale enjoy the entertainment have a seat and wait for the others."

With that she passes you a full pint of some decent ale and goes to take care of some other business.

Figured by his reaction you got the gist of what she said.

RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

Calla gives the newcomer a hard look. "Ah hope your sense o' propriety extends to everyone else in this tavern. Be a shame if Westcrown's problems were to extend into a place that Ah've been told is safe."

"Ah do share your curiosity, however. Ah hope the two others we are waiting for arrive soon."

Male Human Rogue 1 (burgler)

Looking the young lady over, Rokan gives her a wink.

"I have no wish to make an enemy of such a beautiful woman. "

"She's got a fiery bite," Rhys smirks playfully. "You better not make an enemy out of her."

He thanks Janiven for the refill, working on chugging it down straight away.

"I suppose curiosity is our common interest here."

Half-Elf (Chelaxian) Female HP 76, AC 24/16/19, F +10*, R +9*, W +12*, Init +8, Per +20 Inquisitor 9

Calla smiles at Rokan's compliment, and his and Rhys' words. "Wise words, the both of you. Ah have no wish for either of you as mah enemies."

When you guys get a chance, can you describe what your characters look like? Thanks.

The door of the tavern slams open, and a gruff voice is heard muttering. The door is slammed shut almost as if in anger. A man, black hair cut short, is standing in the doorway with a scowl on his face He quickly looks around the bar until he sees Janiven. Walking over to the table he quickly notes the others sitting at it, and then his eyes settle on Rhys, and his expression goes from anger to confusion.

"Rhys?! What on earth are YOU doing here?!"

"Blimey, if it isn't Edgar." Rhys raises his tankard, and his face shifts into a mocking smirk. "This is a tavern. ...You know what they are, right? They serve drinks. Give you quite the feeling, actually, like walking on clouds. Or laying down in a field of grass with no care in the world, wind caressing your bare skin and everything is perfect. You really should try it one day."

He carefully watches Edgar's countenance as he lifts the tankard up to his lips, to hide his disdain.

By the nine hells, what is he doing here?

Male Orc Expert 5

Janiven looks at Rhys. Then at Edgar. Then back at Rhys. "I didn't know you two knew one another."

Male Human (Chelaxian) Druid (Urban) - 4

LeVash closes his eyes a moment at the loud entry, before speaking in a low, controlled tone, "So, one left."
LeVash's attention slides between Rhys and Edgar, "It looks like you two have history. Is that going to cause a problem?"

LeVash's Description:
Dressed in heavily padded grey and black clothing, LeVash is of average height and weight. His face is mostly hidden by a wide-brimmed hat and unruly black hair, but it looks like there is a jagged scar on his face. As he shifts in his seat, a bandolier with several vials and darts are visible for quick access.
He carries a scimitar rather than the standard longsword.

"We're friends. We don't always see eye to eye on certain matters, but this isn't about us."

He puts down the tankard, his face drawn into a smirk as he gazes at Edgar.

Edgar stares down at Rhys. "We were friends, then you went all crazy on me. Regardless, I have been keeping your ass out of the fire for the last several months, might as well do it in person now." Edgar pulls up a chair, and orders a glass of water. He is dressed in an armored coat that has the symbol of the guard on it, and carries a large warhammer and shield. He also has a longbow, and a pack of arrows.

RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

Calla starts to stand as the guard walks in, but settles back in her seat at Rhys's reaction. A small smile crosses her face as the two begin to bicker and she gives the guardsman an appraising look up and down.

"Ah didn't expect to see one o' the guard at this meeting," she says in a quiet voice.

"Ex guardsman. I got fired a few days ago, which is fine. I still think the system can work though...once a few issues have been dealt with." Edgar simply stares at the table, lost in thought.

"I went 'crazy on you?' And here I thought you were incapable of jokes."

Rhys takes another sip from his ale, glancing at the others, and then at Janiven. "Well, we're five now. Any notion of when this sixth member will join our lovely party?"

RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

"Ah see. Ah s'pect those issues are why we are all here. But Ah see you still wear your guardsman's coat. It's not easy to give up something that defines us. Ah believe it's best to not let those who have taken somethin' of value from us know that ... and when you can, make them suffer for it."

She speaks quietly, but her smile has grown and a slight flush suffuses her cheeks.

Edgar barks a short laugh. "The only reason the emblem is still on my armor is I don't feel like buying a new set as this one is quite servicable. And yes Rhys, you went a little crazy, running off with rebels and doing who knows what." Edgar glares for a moment at Rhys before going back to his water.

Male Orc Expert 5

"I invited him here because of the recent troubles he's had and his willingness to put the needs of others before his own. I didn't think he knew any of you unless you somehow showed up in his custody. Still, his knowledge of the dottari will help us immensely and I dont think that he, or any of you will find what we're planning disagreeable." Janiven muses for a moment. "In any case, dinner is served."

With that she serves you a plate of decent but not exceptional food before sitting down to her own meal.

"Better a rebel than a puppet." Rhys shrugs, finishing the second tankard of ale. He returns the glare with the softest smirk.

Looking Rhys straight in the eye, Edgar frowns and then smirks himself. "Well I am not a 'puppet' anymore. So lets just eat and 'rekindle' our friendship shall we?" He starts to eat then, glancing around the table at everyone else and seeing if he can figure anything out about them.

Perception Check 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23 to see if he can notice anything specific about his new...coworkers

"And the gods rejoiced! I concur. Let's... rekindle... the spark."

Rhys leans back in his chair, letting out a relieved sigh.

Half-Elf (Chelaxian) Female HP 76, AC 24/16/19, F +10*, R +9*, W +12*, Init +8, Per +20 Inquisitor 9

For DM:

Can I use prestidigitation to remove the emblem from Edgar's armor?

Male Orc Expert 5
Calumny "Calla" Tas'vere wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Nope. At best you can mask it but it'll comeback.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Druid (Urban) - 4

Perception DC30:
Disguise: 1d20 + 5 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 + 5 = 30(includes +5 for 'minor details only').
LeVash's hair and scar are fake.

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12 - attempting to figure out the relationship between Rhys and Edgar

Too quick, Rhys, too quick. There's too much history there for it to be resolved with one smart remark. I'd better keep an eye out for when it all hits the sewer.

"Edgar, you've left the guard. You still have friends there? Friends who might be sympathetic if you get in the soup?"

What would I need to roll TarkXT to know if any of my fellow guards were sympathetic to the cause as it where?

Male Orc Expert 5
Edgar Largass wrote:
What would I need to roll TarkXT to know if any of my fellow guards were sympathetic to the cause as it where?

Knowledge (Local).

Well then here we go: Know Local Check 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17

"Good question, let me think for a second." Edgar thinks for a second, waiting to see if any names spring to mind.

Male Orc Expert 5

You are aware that your former boss Durotas Saria Roccin holds the hellknights in utter contempt and loves to bloody their noses at every opportunity while staying within the limits of the law. That being said she got her position through a great deal of care and brilliant leadership that kept her out of the hellknights sights.

You know of a handful of others that might turn a blind eye to certain actions particularly if it saves a lot of paperwork. For the most part however even the dottari who hate and despise their government do their job for the sake of keeping the peace and maintaining order. In essence it was only through the exploitation of loopholes in laws and regulations by these individuals that kept you out of the hangman's noose for your treasonous attempt to destroy evidence. So it's unlikely they'll openly join a rebellious group but the possibility of ignoring what you do is pretty good.

Edgar glances over at the rest of the group. "I know quite a few guards who are alot like me, only less likely to actually do what I have done. I can convince them to turn a blind eye to most activities we may be doing. Also, the commander of the guard herself, Durotas Saria Roccin, hates the hellknights with a passion but by the same token she is smart enough not to piss them off." Edgar sits back and sits a bit of water and waits to see if anyone has any comments.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Druid (Urban) - 4

LeVash toys with his food a bit as he speaks, staring at something on his plate. "Excellent. Always good to know of people who'd like to see a rod jammed into the spokes of the Hellknights' wagon."

"...of course, it would help to know why we're here. Dinner was served, so our sixth is either late or intentionally making us wait. If he's late, then he may be compromised, and I'm reluctant to stay here much longer. If the wait is intentional, then his explanation will need to be quite compelling if he wants cooperation."

Half-Elf (Chelaxian) Female HP 76, AC 24/16/19, F +10*, R +9*, W +12*, Init +8, Per +20 Inquisitor 9

"Ah agree with LeVash. Ah think it's unlikely your last guest will be making it. And if he was caught by Hellknights and he decided to try to discuss details of this meeting to get himself out of some trouble, we could all be in some danger meeting here.

Ah think it would be best if you tell us why you invited us here so we can take our leave as quickly as possible.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9

Ouch. Oh well, better to get that roll out of the way in a situation where it's not going to really hurt.

Male Orc Expert 5

Janiven gives an icy cold stare that only a Chelaxian born woman could give. "Do not presume to know anything about people you've never met before. Particularly if you wish to remain in the company of their close friends. Still..."

With that she gets up from her seat taking her empty plate to the counter. Taking one last look out the windows she then closes the shutters adn curtains while locking the door. Walking back over the table.

"Thank you for coming here. I know many of you are cautious people and have had more run-ins with the law so it speaks greatly of you to trust me enough to come here."

Again, thank you for agreeing to meet with me here. I have chosen each of you for a singular reason everyone here, myself included, has suffered, whether we realize it or not. I have lived in Westcrown my whole life, and although I lovethis city, I must admit, as must you, that despite our peace and prosperity, we continue to suffer. Fear should not be an expected part of life, and yet each night brings fear to our doorsteps. Yes, Westcrown has been safe from war and famine for nearly seventy years, and yes, our businesses has prospered but this safety and prosperity has been bought in the coinage of fear and prayers to Hell. Other lands live free from tyranny. Other cities do not fear the night. Other governments do not cede the streets to monsters of the infernal shadows. Westcrown was once such a place, and she wants to be such a place again. Westcrown is not only her buildings and canals and docks and history she is also her people. Westcrown is our friends and neighbors, our mothers and fathers, our siblings and cousins, our sons and daughters! With but a small group of supporters and dedicated brothers and sisters, we can earn the trust and admiration of those people. A Westcrown free of these shadowy beasts that stalk our streets is one step closer to a Westcrown free of the devil that is the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune!”

She speaks with a fire and passion that seems somewhat uncharacteristic of the moody no nonsense woman from before. When she stops she watches each of you carefully trying to gauge your reactions.

Male Human Rogue 1 (burgler)

Rokan is thin, and slightly taller than average, with blonde shoulder length hair, which he has to constantly brush out of his eyes. His clothing and armor fits snug, leaving little chance of anything getting caught in a tight area, with the exception of his dark cloak. His eyes are a greyish blue, almost changing slightly with the lighting.

Seeing a guard walk in, Rokan froze, trying to recall if he's ever had any run ins with this particular guard. Hearing Rhys great him as an old companion puts Rokan at ease somewhat, but he's still trying to avoid too much attention.

When Janiven finishes her speach, Rokan standsm and begins to pace.

"My lady, I've spent much time about this city at night, probably more than most, and these shadow beasts are true hunters. it will be no easy task to reclaim the night, and even harder to bring down house Thrune. Thrice damned they may be, but they are powerful, and let's not forget those damned Hellknights. I'd love to stick em all, make no mistake, but what exactly would you have us do, we are only a handful. "

Half-Elf (Chelaxian) Female HP 76, AC 24/16/19, F +10*, R +9*, W +12*, Init +8, Per +20 Inquisitor 9

"Ah agree. That's a pretty speech, I'm certain, but what exactly is it that you want us to do?"

"Hear, hear!" Rhys calls out as soon as the woman is finished with her speech. He raises his empty tankard, only for the gesture. "It's true we're few, yet that might be what could make this work."

He settles back in his seat, observing the others carefully.

"The law is supposed to protect the people, but more often then not it currently allows for atrocities to be commited." Edgar looks meaningfully at Rhys before continuing. "I believe that the system can work, and has worked, but in its current form it cannot sustain itself. It needs to be changed, and unfortunately going through the system was not working. So, it seems to me that we need to take steps."

Edgar takes another sip of his water, and then sighs. "Looks like in order to fix the system I am gonna have to break it first." Edgar grins humorlessly, and pats his warhammer.

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