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Tark's Council of Thieves: Rebels with a Cause

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1. Can I use Bluff/Disguise in place of a Perform (Act) check?

If you want to besmirch the tradition of Chelaxian theatre, spit in the eye of the director and basically fail the roll by all means do so. There's an immense amount of difference between the two. Performance requires more than palying the character, it's about calling up emotions on command, remembering elaborate lines on the fly, being able to ignore a massive crowd of people as they boo, cheer, laugh, or otherwise distract. Performance is all about being seen while disguise is about being hidden. Worlds of difference.

2. Can't we just go to delvehaven?

Sure. Let me just break out Book 3. You're level fiveish right? Right?

3. Can't we just infiltrate the mansion the night of the casting party?

Yes. However there are many advantages to suffering through the play. First you get to essentially walk in unmolested and rifle through the mans stuff. Second is that if you do get caught rifling you are just another unruly guest and will be treated with all the respect that affords. You'll also get free food, get to meet people, and otherwise be treated to the lime light. That's good for your Fame.

4. Fame?

Fame is a mechanic introduced in the first book. It has little impact on the group except in rare parts over the AP. Where it becomes most relevant is in the final book where the amount of fame you have will greatly determine the final fate of the city. Currently the Rebels group has 4 fame while the nobles group has 1. I may or may not find another use for this perhaps allow a character to use it as a one time "fame check" to add as a bonus to a charisma based check one per book. I haven't decided yet.

5. Popularity?

Popularity is the "mini-game" for the play portion of the book. The more popular you are the more fame you'll gain and the more money. Needless to say more of all three is always good.

Current Popularity: 138

6. Friends with benefits.

Each of the main troupe members has a mechanical benefit associated with being friends with them. Each one is different and gaining their favor has varying degrees of difficulty. However this is on an individual basis. So for a person to gain the benefit from certain members of a troupe they have to befriend them through their own actions. Their are plenty of opportunities to make friends...and enemies.

7. Old NPC's

At this point the AP no longer bothers mentioning the other members of the Haloran League with the exception of Janiven and Arael. The rest fade into obscurity. However if you take an active role in their mentoring you can turn obscure characters into useful allies that will eventually gain class levels and become helpful friends, cohorts, or allies to help you in the coming adventures. So if that's what you want, take every opportunity you can to mentor a young Haloran LEague member.


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