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Tark's Council of Thieves: Nobles without a House (Inactive)

Game Master Tark the Ork


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Male Orc Expert 5

Thesing stands with that look of barely contained terror as Caldazar looms over him once more as Pollux speaks he doesn't seem to hear him for a moment until he mentions that he is playing the part of the lead. Then his eyes twitch in that recognizable way that Pollux has on people when he turns to the mad man and turns red with rage he holds up a finger and takes a deep breath in preparation for the mother of all blowouts. Then, slowly, inexorably, a small click goes off in Thesings mind and his face of rage turns into the model of vicious gleefulness. He laughs and looks almost ecstatic to see you. "Wonderful! Excellent! You will be the lead? That is the best news I've heard in weeks?" Then turning to Caldazar he adds. "And you'll be the fierce Krona? Excellent! I'm sure Millech has just the right costume picked for you!"

Turning to Meraxilar he laughs. "No! No horses this time! I'll be you accuser! Your judge!"

Then to Robahl. "Excellent! I heartily recommend just these people and fully vouch for their talents!"

Robahl looks confused and perhaps a touch afraid at this sudden burst of joy from the handsome actor.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Milani (Preacher archetype) 4

Thesing's turn of heart does nothing to assuage Caldazars sense of concern. He gives a smile and shaken hand for appearance, though regards Thesing as dangerous, like a snake in the chicken coop. They were on his home ground now, and at a disadvantage...

Male Human (Chelish) Cleric 4 AC: 17/10/17 HP: 30

Now that was a calculated look if I ever saw one. We must be wary around this Thesing. Meraxilar extends a hand to Thesing, "I look forward to your accusations, Thesing, among other things in this performance." With that, Merax gives Thesing the impression that he suspects him of planning something for them later.

m Human Ftr 3/Rgr 1 HP:50/50 AC*:26,12,24. Saves:7/6*/5 CMB: +9 CMD: 23 Init: +3 Perc: +9 Link to the spreadsheet

[i]What the heck just happened there? One minute I thought he was going to strangle Pollux and Caldazar with his bare hands, then the next he is acting like a kid on his birthday just before the presents. I am nst sure who is to fault here but I need to ask later and find out what happened.[/b]

Sense motive 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9

On the way out, Tal will look at Thesing one last time before uttering a simple Take care.

Dark Archive

Male Chelaxian Wizard (Banishment) 1 | HP 8/8 | F+1 R+1 W+4 | AC 11 ff10 t11 | CMB -1, CMD 10 | Per +5 | Init +1

Taking one additional look at the script, Sclivian clears his throat and utters,

"Respectfully, my lord, when I was a barrister of the tribunal,
it was common practice to ask Consular Consent in any
judgement of a matter involving the Magistrate personally
in the case. Has the ancient code of Asmodeus’s court,
scorched on the Tablets of Law by our Great Lord’s own
fiery talon, so fallen as to warrant its complete disregard
in this tribunal?"

He looks to Thesing silently, expectantly.

Perform? Diplomacy? 1d20 ⇒ 19

Male Orc Expert 5

Thesing laughs as Sclivian delivers his lines. "Save your energy! Save your voice! I'm sure we'll get to hear you cry with the agony of a delightful performance!"

Robahl, finally deciding that the madhouse was getting out of control begins directing people out of the room. "Alright then let's get these men out of here thank you "

As you leave the room Robahl is eerily quiet as down the hall you can hear Thesing's laughter turn maniacal.

"Right, please turn down your eccentricity by about a thousand percents for your next co-star. She is a fragile flower best left her innocence."

The next door has a name plate stamped "Calseinica" on it.

Perception 12::

From within you here a feminine voice switch from a deep sultry tone to a sweet high pitched tinkling as the woman beyond the door appears to be testing her lines. Whatever role she's playing it appears to be filled with hedonistic lines and references to pleasure pits and orgies.
As Robahl knocks on it the door opens to a petite and gorgeous young woman with bright eyes and a broad smile showign a perfect set of white teeth. Her clothes are expensive but not nearly as gaudy or outrageous as as the Diva's.

"My dear Calseinica I believe we've found your Lazarod." Robahl says his mustache turning upwards slightly with his smile.

Somehow Calseinica's smile broadens and the petite beauty's already bright presence seems to fill as she attacks you mercilessly with a series of precise tactical assault hugs. As the uncomfortable scene unfolds and some of you endeavor to somehow slip deeper into your own shells she cries out "I! AM! SO! HAPPY! Isn't this wonderful! Isn't acting grand! Oh where are my manners? I am Calseinica Nymmis and I do so look forward to working with each and every one of you." She clasps her delicate hands together as castor escapes from a quick foray up her dress in the excitement. "I will be playing the part of Illsandra!"

Local 10::

Calseinica is a rising starlet in the theatre community. Either loved or reviled Calseinica has an energy and natural talent not seen since a very young Delour Aulamaxa.

Nobility and Royalty 13::

Calseinica is of noble birth. With the opinion of nobility feeling that acting is a low profession her family must feel scandalized and has likely to have done all but disown her completely.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Milani (Preacher archetype) 4

Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20

Caldazar reels initially with the tactical hug assault, though regains his composure sufficiently to chastely return the embrace. Separating he gives the beauty a bow and replies "Greetings Calseinica, I am Caldazar... and belying my appearance I shall be our Krona." a wry smile crossing his lips as he thinks of the cross dressing that shall ensue.

m Human Ftr 3/Rgr 1 HP:50/50 AC*:26,12,24. Saves:7/6*/5 CMB: +9 CMD: 23 Init: +3 Perc: +9 Link to the spreadsheet

perception 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16

know local 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 1 = 11

Somewhat astonished that so far the group has not scared Calseinica with just their presence, he is even more surprised to see that Caldazar is treating the lady with kind regard. Apparently the only one that the Children have had a run in with was Thesing. While the acting is still going to be poor for his part, at least Tal won't have to worry about fights breaking out on stage between all of the actors and actresses.

Excuse me, but I heard your voice out int he hallway hear and must say that I haven't heard a talent like that in who knows how long. I am glad that your talents will be on stage. I am Tal.

Tal will then back away to let Pollux in but not before making sure to step on his toes lightly. Whispering to him, Remember, she's fragile.

Male Human (Chelish) Cleric 4 AC: 17/10/17 HP: 30

Knowledge (Local): 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2
Knowledge (Nobility): 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 1 = 17

Returning the the stunning Calseinica's hug with equal fervor, "This play has just become a great deal more .... pleasing to be a part of. I have heard many great things about you, Milady. I must also compliment your voice, it is almost like a Siren's call to my ears."

With a bow and a rare grin, Merax continues... "I am Xarem Rail, Calseinica. I will be playing the role of Tybain, Paladin of the Fallen One. I look forward to working on.... err.. with you. Forgive me, your beauty confounds me."

Diplomacy (Flirtatious): 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9


Dark Archive

Male Chelaxian Wizard (Banishment) 1 | HP 8/8 | F+1 R+1 W+4 | AC 11 ff10 t11 | CMB -1, CMD 10 | Per +5 | Init +1

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24
Local: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (12) + 10 = 22
Nobility: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (17) + 10 = 27

Mr. Ruttle stiffens reflexively at Calseinica's hug. "Oh! My, well, yes, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, milady. My name is Sclivian Ruttle, Esq., and I shall be playing the role of Dentris."

He steps away to let the others in. Yet something catches his attention. "House...?" he mutters to himself, as Tal warns Pollux.

As Tal steps back, he whispers with a chortle, "I suspect she and Pollux will find they have much in common, my large friend. Common in the lack of commonality." His eyes suddenly widen in a realization. He adds, "But Act 4 will pose a... delicate problem."

Male Human Witch 5

Kn local 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20 Kn Nobility, untrained cannot hit dc. Perception 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15.

Pollux looks about the room from the doorway. He bends and audibly sniffs.

"That is odd... Robahl said there were flowers in here. Odd."

Pollux survives the hug though Castor had to do some quick squirming to avoid the unfaamiliar traffic.

Still looking about Pollux continues
"Oh I am the Lazarod this time. Well for as long as I last anyway. Ms Delour send her reguards, more or less."

Male Orc Expert 5

Calseinica's already big eyes widen at the mention of Delour. "Isn't she wonderful! I would have never gotten such a prominent part in this production were it not for her."

Calseinica's exuberance is contagious and Robahl can't help but let a smile of his own slip as he gently pushes her back in her dressing room. "Right, keep working on your lines Calseinica! There's much to be done! Much to be done and no time!"

As Robahl closes the door Calseinica gives one last dazzling smile and wave at Pollux before it shuts completely.

As you leave the last cast member to be introduced behind Robahl briefly discusses your pay. You will be recieving about 5% of the cut from whatever the house takes in. Not jsut in ticket sales but in the usual gifts, jewels, and money that gets thrown on stage. Robahl therefore encourages (but does not require) you to spend every moment until the play promoting it as best as you are able. Afterwards he gives you each a copy of the script (a definite improvement over the dog ered and sticky copy of Pollux's novelization) and tells you it is time to get you fitted for costumes.

After that you are taken to a room where he summons a veritable army of hairdressers, makeup artists, tailors, costume designers and prop artists descend upon you...

Pic of Delour

Pic of Calseinica

Pic of Millech

No pic of Robahl as the one provided doesn't look anything like the description. That angers me. I prefer my Robahl like an angry mustachioed Danny Devito

And while we're at it


m Human Ftr 3/Rgr 1 HP:50/50 AC*:26,12,24. Saves:7/6*/5 CMB: +9 CMD: 23 Init: +3 Perc: +9 Link to the spreadsheet

During the torture by the different artists the same thought goes running through Tal's mind. Calseinica metioned that she only got the part because of Delour. Yet Delour was upset that Calseinica got the part that she herself figured to be the star role in. Was Delour lying when she said she resented the little strumpet or does Calseinica hold a false impression on who got her the role. Either way there is a problem with the casting and that is not including Thesing. I shall have to wear my armor at all times lest a dagger be slipped between my ribs without my being ready for it.

Finally the commotion around him is too much. Enough, I don't need everyone forcing there way upon me all at once. Take your turns and will get through this without me breaking someone in half.

intimidate for some sense of control 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (8) - 1 = 7

So much for the tough guy sounding threatening as the people just ignore the threat and continue their work. They must be more afrais of Robahl than Tal at the moment.

m Human Ftr 3/Rgr 1 HP:50/50 AC*:26,12,24. Saves:7/6*/5 CMB: +9 CMD: 23 Init: +3 Perc: +9 Link to the spreadsheet

After teh makeup and wardrobe sitting, Talwill approach the last member of the group that talked about the pay. What happens if someone doesn't survive the play. I understand by looking at this that it gets pretty gruesome. Where does that share of the profits go? Also are the goods liquidated or who gets first choice of any items thrown our way?

Robahl: What need is there for costuming other than a cloak that I should like to have? Would it not be more imposing for Drovalid to be fashioned so in the armor I am currently possessing? I assure you after a fresh cleaning and proper care you will see the blood shine for all to see. Plus wearing it in practice will help me maintain my role I am sure. Basically trying to convice him to let me keep all my armor on at all times.

Diplomacy if needed but I hope not. 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (4) - 1 = 3

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Milani (Preacher archetype) 4

Caldazar accedes easily though warily to the onslaught of costumiers and make-up artistes. For the most part he endures their ministrations with relative calm, despite their intent to transform him into a lady. The only time that he gets visibly shaken or upset is when the time comes for his goatee to be removed. After sighing he accepts the need for it to occur, but that does not stop a sadness creeping into his eyes. When they finally leave him alone, Caldazar looks to the script seeking insight into exactly what this Pathfinder has gotten him attached to...

From now forward I'm assuming that Caldazar has read the play and knows the script.

Male Human (Chelish) Cleric 4 AC: 17/10/17 HP: 30

Nice avatar, Cal. :P
As the theater crews work around him, Merax takes the time to read up on his role as Tybain. They chose me for a Paladin, there is great irony in this. At least it is a Paladin of an unmade god. This could be slightly enjoyable.
When the costumers come, Meraxilar grasps the holy symbol of Aroden and after a long look, he borrows a dagger from one of the crew and defaces it. Before the costumers can protest, he explains, "Aroden is a long dead god, it's only fitting for the holy symbol to look the same. It adds to the realism, wouldn't you agree?" With that he grabs his greataxe and begins toying with the leather grip of it's handle, with an eyebrow raised as if daring one of the costumers to object.

Male Human Witch 5

While walking away from Calseinica's dressing room.
To Robahl et all. "Poor pretty pansy, pity she is to perish."

Pollux quite enjoys the make-up and costuming session. He gives, unwanted, advice and helps Castor filch sugar cubes from the tea tray.

The hairdresser gives up in dispair after blunting his second pair of scissors on Pollux's locks. Finally they decide to plaster the real hair down with lye and lard and cover the mess with a wig. He comes out looking somewhere between Merve Griffen and a community theater production of Hairspray, but they say it will look fine on stage.

m Human Ftr 3/Rgr 1 HP:50/50 AC*:26,12,24. Saves:7/6*/5 CMB: +9 CMD: 23 Init: +3 Perc: +9 Link to the spreadsheet

Tal is glad to note that the mighty Meraxilar seems to be put out as much as himself with all of the fuss and makeup. When he mars the holy symbol though Tal has to ask if only to needle the man, That is true now, but when the play was originated was Aroden dead then? If not, than the holy symbol should remain intact and whole. It should remain in a prominant spot for all to see. For what true believer would hide his source of strength and power?

Male Human (Chelish) Cleric 4 AC: 17/10/17 HP: 30

Merax shoots Tal a brief angry glare, "It looks better this way regardless. Why not fret over your own costume, Sir Bulwark."
Bait taken, Mr. Needle.

m Human Ftr 3/Rgr 1 HP:50/50 AC*:26,12,24. Saves:7/6*/5 CMB: +9 CMD: 23 Init: +3 Perc: +9 Link to the spreadsheet

Why my costume is all but complete. Mine own set of armor should do nicely. All I think I should need is a cloak to throw over my shoulder and a whip at my side to complement my axe and I shall be done. Much, much more work is to be done if they are to present you as a [cough, cough] Paladin of Aroden. Perhaps some of these people 'helping' me should come and join those with you so that you may be done by the time the production is ready. Either that or you may have to ask Robahl to delay the opening night. Why even Caldazar is requiring less work than you to fit into his role.

If Tal can't get the people to leave him be then at least he can mock Meraxilar or Xarem Rail. (Nale~Elan whoever)

Male Human (Chelish) Cleric 4 AC: 17/10/17 HP: 30

"At least your helm remains functional, Tal. I wouldn't want this production to get poor reviews based on one actor's unfortunate looks. The fact that your costumers take less time to work on you is probably because they have given up, they realize that no amount of makeup will be enough to adequately mask your features."
Merax grins.

Male Orc Expert 5


m Human Ftr 3/Rgr 1 HP:50/50 AC*:26,12,24. Saves:7/6*/5 CMB: +9 CMD: 23 Init: +3 Perc: +9 Link to the spreadsheet

It is not just the helm that is functional but what is under it as well. Unfortunately there is nothing these people can do to raise your intelligence to that of a paladin. I will count my blessings if I do not have to endure the hours here with makeup. Apparently you are familiar with and appreciate the intracacies of makeup. I would not have garnered that from our previous encounters.

Behold, it is time that Xarem steps out of the darkness and into the light of who he truly is: a man of makeup and costumes. See his rosy cheeks and the porceline skin. All wonder at his beauty. cough, coughDo not worry the axe is for show and just a part of his act. He needs it to carry on with his masculine demeanor.

Just passing time until Sclivian comes back or we need/want to proceed. Just let me know.
Almost ready to have Meraxilar draw his axe and spar a bit. That would relieve the boredom and tediousness of the makeup studio.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Milani (Preacher archetype) 4

Having now read the script and being fully acquainted with what it entails, Caldazar pipes up from across the room. "Just make sure the helmet comes off easily enough Tal, I'd hate to sprain your neck when the time comes for the end of Act Six. From what I know of half-orken culture I'll need to be quite enthusiastic for it to be a believable performance."

m Human Ftr 3/Rgr 1 HP:50/50 AC*:26,12,24. Saves:7/6*/5 CMB: +9 CMD: 23 Init: +3 Perc: +9 Link to the spreadsheet

All the more reason to keep my helm on madam. Such an enthusiastic endeavor will require all the more protection for myself. Hwever I am sure that I can find a suitable helm that will still allow for your affections. I am more worried for your own sake and for that of your makeup artists. I would hate to ruin your complexion.

Hey 2 on 1 not fair.

Male Human (Chelish) Cleric 4 AC: 17/10/17 HP: 30

"You both will spawn some rather odd looking children. When you are finished, Tal, grab your children's axe and your new mistress and let us get a few ales. Miss Caldazar can have some wine I suppose. Ale might be too strong for her now. The strong drink will also dull my senses enough to work with the both of you."

Male Human Witch 5

*Snags some spare popcorn from Tark*

m Human Ftr 3/Rgr 1 HP:50/50 AC*:26,12,24. Saves:7/6*/5 CMB: +9 CMD: 23 Init: +3 Perc: +9 Link to the spreadsheet

If you are buying the ales then maybe I will join you. [b]Pointing at Caldazar/Krona [b]I will need a few to get that image washed away. I don't want that image to be there when I return home to my Lily.Shuddering, How am I going to explain this to her anyways. She was ok with the acting job, but having some half-orc monstrosity pounce on me like that. Hopefully there are no Children in the audience.

On a side note, I think I will enjoy the second act of the play. Tell me should I hold back on the both of you or really lay into you both. Maybe the answer will be found the next few weeks during these practice sessions. It might be fun to make you squirm a little.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Milani (Preacher archetype) 4

Putting on a mock outraged tone "Master Drovalid you wound me so. However are we to give a performance to woo the town if you find me unworthy of your lust."

Before a twinkle alights in his eye "Wield your lash as you must... just remember that Act Six follows Two..."

m Human Ftr 3/Rgr 1 HP:50/50 AC*:26,12,24. Saves:7/6*/5 CMB: +9 CMD: 23 Init: +3 Perc: +9 Link to the spreadsheet

Touche, Krona. Now let us find Robahl and see what he has in store for us today or if we are dismissed to go get those drinks.

Hoping that the costume and makeup are over so we can leave this accursed place (dressing room) and only come back for the opening night.

Male Orc Expert 5

As you finish costuming, get handed your scripts, and are otherwise given a crash course in script reading you are sent home to contemplate the events of the day.

Costuming itself was as terrifying and surreal as any fight this group of most manly men has been through. Dozens of women, old, young, and in between attacked ou with measuring tapes, clotheof various colors and even stranger pieces of costume jewelry.

In the end however the results are remarkable.

Caldazar: Is forced to shave. But is told to more or less not shave for the next week so they can get a good orc stubble on you. With the application of grayish face paint, crimson lipstick, a "custom" chest to fill in his, erm, front a little and fake jaws to give him the effect of tusks.

Tal Very little is needed. Some spiky paper mache additions are glued onto Tal's armor and a bloodied leather arpon draped over his front gives the impression of a hell knight about to start a messy barbecue.

Meraxilar His typically battered and beaten armor is covered over with fresh smelling tabards and clean, theatre style dress. Good application of make up makes MEraxilar appear aout 15 years younger.

Pollux: Pollux takes a lot of work. But in the end he is transformed from a deranged yellow coated chelaxian to a noble born tiefling with small horns protruding from his forehead. His coat was traded in for black and red finery worthy of a small noblemans ball and a black wig helps cover the wild forest planted on top of his head.

Sclivian Is given a beard and a gnarled staff carved with skulls. This apparently is enough.

m Human Ftr 3/Rgr 1 HP:50/50 AC*:26,12,24. Saves:7/6*/5 CMB: +9 CMD: 23 Init: +3 Perc: +9 Link to the spreadsheet

On the way home Tal will stop and have a few drinks with Meraxilar and Caldazar before making one final pitstop. The pitstop is to purchase a normal whip with which to practice. Since the whip is not a weapon that he is familiar with Tal will be practicing by tonight. This is more as to not make a fool of himself and get diricule from Merax and Cal as to wanting to learn the intracices of the whip itself.

When Tal returns home, he will greet Lily with a kiss and explain his new job with the Children. He will hand her the script and let her peruse it while he practices. Later, he will have her help him memorize lines and get into character.

In the morning he will show back up ready to endure another day of torture, this time at the hands of who knows who Robahl will throw at them.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Milani (Preacher archetype) 4

Caldazar stays for a drink, but soon retires to his spartan home to rest. Holding his bloodied rose symbol before him he sits in thought... wondering how he is going to endure the next week. Sleep comes in the early morning and is fitful.

Male Human Witch 5

Pollux spends the evening playing rabbit dice with the woodcarver and trying to keep Castor away from the fake horns.

I told them not to use tempura based paints!

Male Human (Chelish) Cleric 4 AC: 17/10/17 HP: 30

Meraxilar takes a stroll after the round of drinks, passing the Carathage noble house on his way home. His thoughts are of his sister.

Dark Archive

Male Chelaxian Wizard (Banishment) 1 | HP 8/8 | F+1 R+1 W+4 | AC 11 ff10 t11 | CMB -1, CMD 10 | Per +5 | Init +1

Sclivian appears to have missed the popcorn.

Male Orc Expert 5

After spending a restless nice contemplating what god you've angered to not only be forced into a situation where none have survived, but to embarass yourselves while doing so, you awaken in the morning and return to the theatre.

Most of the day it seems is spent getting familiar with the scripts as Robahl and Millech busy themselves with getting the lighting work and various other little details worked out before they work on the meat of your actual acting. As a result you ahve a great deal of free time to do essentially as you please.

Male Human Witch 5

Lacking any real direction Pollux sets off to observe Calseinica
and Delour.

"I wounder how she is going to set it up Castor? A knife in the back or something more subtle."

m Human Ftr 3/Rgr 1 HP:50/50 AC*:26,12,24. Saves:7/6*/5 CMB: +9 CMD: 23 Init: +3 Perc: +9 Link to the spreadsheet

Since there is time and nothing else to do, Tal will try and assist Robahl and Millech with the stage doing whatever they need to be done. Even if the work is just holding the lights while they fasten them on the scaffolding. Even though a bit gruff, Tal is trying to make the best of a bad situation. Hopefully this will reduce the mockery directed his way when it comes time to actually practising the script.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Milani (Preacher archetype) 4

Caldazar leaves Robahl and Millech to their work, knowing nothing of their trade and not wishing to do wrong and thereby anger them. He does casually observe them a while though... attempting to gauge their relationship...
Sense Motive: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (2) + 11 = 13 - are they colleagues, or do they dislike one another?

On a whim, he digs into his pocket and retrieves the silver necklace that he once received as a gift from Merax, turning it over in his hand...
Just double checking that it's reasonably non-descript in appearance.

Male Human (Chelish) Cleric 4 AC: 17/10/17 HP: 30

Meraxilar spends most of the day reading the script, familiarizing himself with the dangers to come. From time to time he observes the other actors, occasionally chatting with Calseinica, and trying to unnerve Thesing by watching for any signs of planned betrayal not already in the script.

Merax merely grins sinisterly when Thesing spots him looking, as he makes no attempt at being discreet with his surveillance.

Male Orc Expert 5

If by any chance you'd like to befriend any cast members please make diplmoacy checks. IF you'd rather just talk them creepily. You may do so.

They appear to have known each other a long time and can read each other fairly well. You get the impression both know their way around the business and each respect the other's expertise. They could be called friends.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Milani (Preacher archetype) 4

Caldazar thinks to leave Robahl and Millech to their work at least for now. They seemed to be driven types and he did not wish to intervene... though he filed away a wish to talk with Millech at a later stage when he was not busy.

Male Human Witch 5
TarkXT wrote:

If by any chance you'd like to befriend any cast members please make diplmoacy checks. If you'd rather just stalk them creepily. You may do so.

** spoiler omitted **

While stalking the diva and the ingénue sounds like a lovely way to pass some time Pollux will attempt, frankly at Castor's urging, to establish something like human contact.

The ingénue, backstage: "Hello." Pollux steps out from behind a man-sized ghost mask tossed forgotten in a corner. "There are a lot of masks here, I keep finding new ones no matter where I look." He gazes at her face.
"It is a strange world back here. We feel at home, Castor and I. Oh, have you met Castor? I think he has a present for you." Castor pops out of one of the hidden openings in Pollux's coat. The rat is holding a small red apple betwees its paws. Castor raises the fruit, offering it to the young actress/victim.

The Diva, on the way to her private hour: Pollux hurries up beside the great actress. He is carrying a copy of the script and absently scratching his now arrow-proof hair. "Um excuse me, ma'am? m'lady? Your immenance? Forgive this fool for forgetting your proper address but I do not see your place in this play? With the female lead gone to your protégée there seem to be no parts fit to contain your talent." Pollux brandishes his script, already dog eared and oddly stained. "Please, I so wish to do justice to my scenes with you. When I first heard you were associating yourself with this production I assumed you would be Ilsandra. Imagine my joy when I learned I would play your half-breed lover. Imagine my sorrow when I learned you had abandoned this role to such a lesser talent. Both I and your public will be crushed."

Soto voce: "I will asso be flayed, beaten, eaten and dissolved in acid but that is beside the point."

m Human Ftr 3/Rgr 1 HP:50/50 AC*:26,12,24. Saves:7/6*/5 CMB: +9 CMD: 23 Init: +3 Perc: +9 Link to the spreadsheet

Although I don't think this will do any good here goes since I don't want to just be creepy. Diplomacy on Millech 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (5) - 1 = 4

Hopefully I don't get fired for dropping the lights on Millech.

Male Human Witch 5

Oops forgot the checks. Tark what is the cheese level of using Evil eye (saves), Misfortune, and Charm hexes followed by the diplomacy check? Would the victim even notice something is off? If it is kosher the dc's are 15 and the charm is a one step improvement.
Ingénue diplomacy 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 = 11. Diva diplomacy 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22. Hmmm looks like I wierded out the youngling but the diva kinda likes me. Run Pollux!

Male Human (Chelaxian) Inquisitor of Milani (Preacher archetype) 4

For day 1 I think Caldazar will be sitting back and watching - just gauging the inter-reactions between other actors and making sure he is aware of all of the players.

Male Orc Expert 5

@Pollux: Generally speaking it depends. If you can do so stealthily without attracting attention you can generally get away. Keep in mind however that these are not ignorant country folk and tend to know their way around magic. In fact just in your short time with the crew you notice Robahl and Millech talking about "illusions" and "appropriate magical effects" you get the impression that Millech is an accomplished illusionist. A highly valuable commodity in this realm of unreality and and 3d special effects.

Male Human Witch 5

@Tark That makes sense. I will forgo magical tweaking for the moment and just go with the previous diplo checks.

Dark Archive

Male Chelaxian Wizard (Banishment) 1 | HP 8/8 | F+1 R+1 W+4 | AC 11 ff10 t11 | CMB -1, CMD 10 | Per +5 | Init +1

Sclivian stays to himself, mostly, going over his lines and committing them to memory. For now, he carefully gauges the interactions between the other actors, stage manager, director, everyone. For the first day, he is not one for chat. Once he learns more about the cast, he will reveal more.

For speed, this could be a whole bunch of Taking 10 on Sense Motive (for a 23), or a few Taking 20 (for a 33).

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