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Tark's Council of Thieves: Nobles without a House

Game Master Tark the Ork


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Rat. At least we think so.

Thanks Mark

Ugh.... It says something about the complexity of the game when the Quick Start rules do not include character generation. I am thinking the learning curve will be steep.

Willing to give it a try but I will likely need a character made for me by someone with system knowledge.

Male Orc Expert 5

WEll my understanding of it is that you essentially have two sheets.

The first is the more permanent one. Your mind, memories, and personality belong to this one.

The other is your morph, your body. This is where all the physical stuff goes along with the gadgets, cybernetics, and genetic enhancements go.

Oh, and bad things will happen to this body. A lot.

It's ranshumanism certainly. But it's bleak and scary in a CoC sort of way. Mankind has broken the technological threshold and found a hell with no end.

Male Orc Expert 5

BEar in mind I'm still trying to learn the rules myself so it will be a learning experience for all.

TarkXT wrote:
It's ranshumanism certainly. But it's bleak and scary in a CoC sort of way. Mankind has broken the technological threshold and found a hell with no end.

I stand by my comment that this is 'transhumanism at it's finest' ;)

If you're keen enough to run it, then I'd be keen enough to baby step people through the character creation progress. I went in on their kickstarter as well, so I've the Player's Guide that gives you package creation options / random options too.

Male Orc Expert 5

If and when I do run it it will be kept to a fairly simple foray.

Alchemicals on the other hand, and by extension Exalted, is basically a cinematic game of demi-gods that rewards descriptive gameplay.

In the alchemicals portion you play as "Proto-Exalted" beings created by the primorial Autochthon, The Great Maker as original foot soldiers for the gods against his brothers.

When Autochthon flat out left creation and took his followers with him (and a bunch of other humans who just happened to be standing nearby) he empowered them with the knowledge to build Alchemicals for themselves in order to protect themselves from the dangers of living inside their god.

So, now, living inside autochthon ( a steampunk paradise of darkness gears, rogue god machines and dark things that seek only to murder the elder god being they inhabit and are technically a part).

tl;dr You are Soviet Robocop living inside a sleeping machine god whose lifecycle involves becoming an actual symbiotic city with said god.

Male Orc Expert 5

A friend of mine wrote alchemicals btw. Yes, he is a small soft spoken mad man.

Rat. At least we think so.
TarkXT wrote:

tl;dr You are Soviet Robocop living inside a sleeping machine god whose lifecycle involves becoming an actual symbiotic city with said god.

That sounds ... interesting. Any online info/srd? I took a poke but could find nothing other than torrents.

M Human Cleric 5 22/28 +4 Init F7/R2/W8AC 20/FF20/T10

Of course, there is a notable amount of players who make cute robot maids who know kung-fu.

Male Orc Expert 5

These are the same players who no doubt make the most awful Malkavians in the history of ever.

Sadly there is no SRD for exalted 2nd ed. But, they've given the book for free so many times I don't think anyone will bat an eyelash if you jsut torrent the pdf.

Seriously, I've gotten like several copies for free just by catching the right promotions at its height.

Rat. At least we think so.

Hmmm access achieved.

Ah good old white wolf. Clarity is not high on their list of writing goals.

I think I can get my head around this.. How much of the opaque back-story will we need to digest? Or can we get by with a star-ship Warden kind of feel until we find our feet.

I once played a Malkavian. He was kind and helpful and always told the truth. He was killed by a Giovanni munchkin for no adequately explained reason.

I think I could give it a go. Fair warning though I have played Vampire and Werewolf and Mage and their ghost game back in the day but I have yet to be successful at any action. WW core beat 7 system is horribly luck based I was throwing 6d10 and more and simply never rolling above a 5. Might one hope that the beat 7 mechanic has died a welcome death?

Strange. As far as I remember from my forays into WoD stuff is that old WoD did not have a fixed difficulty for tasks. Most were around the 6/7 range, some were higher, some were lower. And then there were modifiers to your rolls as well. It was new WoD that had a 8+ is a success, anything else fails and penalties/bonuses came with adding or subtracting dice from your pool. (They even had specific dice where 1-7 had a different color than 8-0, so you could quite easily count your successes)

But for example, I remember that the difficulty of a Malkavians dementation powers were mostly depending of the targets humanity score. Was fun when I was messing with our Humanity 3 Giovanni .... 8d10, specialization in emotions (so re-rolling 10's for extra successes) & everything 3+ was a succes, but he had it comming. He was playing "stupid evil" ...

My malkavian was somewhat similar to yours, always helpful, mostly told the truth, but liked to play around/experiment from time to time. (and the player behind the giovanni thought I was plotting something big, that was quite funny, as I totally wasn't, eventhough I had most of the people in the party squarely on my side. It helps if you don't see your party as "resources" to be used when you feel like it.)

Male Orc Expert 5

My concept for a malk ina dark ages game I never played was a jesuit proto-franciscan monk "born again" in the desert while attempting to emulate christ.

HE would have shook things up constantly with his constant railing against the church and inability to have an inner monologue.

Rat. At least we think so.

I may well be mis-remembering. I had the exact same issue in L5R. It could easily have been NWOD. When did the Sons of Ether bite the dust? Just before that I think.
I was mainly using my Malk to poke at what insanity actually means. Insanity is determined largely by societal expectation. What is perfectly sane and admirable behavior for a 15c mercenary commander in the employ of various Italian City-Sates is homicidally sociopathic in a modern urban setting. So a member of a WOD vamp society who is a kind, generous, trustworthy, etc. is deeply mad.

It was very meta and high-school. I think the Giovanni was just pissed that I was doing something other than rage/violence fantasy fulfillment. I can still remember their tone of voice when they said "Two Ag!"

Dear gods I am so glad I never have to see those people again.

Now if you will excuse me I need to go sire a family in Tal's armor.

m Human Ftr 5 AC*:24,10,24. HP:35/50 Saves:7/5*/6 CMD 27*

Is that where the rat disappeared to. I was wondering why I was getting such a warm sensation down there.

M Human Cleric 5 22/28 +4 Init F7/R2/W8AC 20/FF20/T10

Those are just the fleas .

m Human Ftr 5 AC*:24,10,24. HP:35/50 Saves:7/5*/6 CMD 27*

Hey, my wife ensures that I don't have any fleas. She checks every night. Sometimes twice a night.

oh you mean the fleas on Castor. oops, my bad.

M Human Cleric 5 22/28 +4 Init F7/R2/W8AC 20/FF20/T10

Be sure to fumigate after the fight or else you will be out on the porch.

m Human Ftr 5 AC*:24,10,24. HP:35/50 Saves:7/5*/6 CMD 27*

Waiting for CaldaKrona to chime in that he will help with the fumigation...

M Human Cleric 5 22/28 +4 Init F7/R2/W8AC 20/FF20/T10

Pining for the dice rolls

Shadow Lodge

I mostly played Brujahs (because Presence is a combat discipline), but there were two Malkavians that I enjoyed very much. The first was called Disco because he loved disco. The Toreadors hated him. The other thought he was The Shadow. That was just stupid fun.
Apart from their very specific idiosyncrasies they were both very normal people. Some of the people I gamed with told me I was playing them wrong because they weren't absolutely psychotically freaking nuts. I showed them. That was stupid fun too.

Male Human Bard 1 / Cleric 4

Im leaving 7/20 to take my son to Boy Scout Camp.....6 nights up in the woods of upstate NY....i'll be bringing my iPhone but not sure what type of signal Im going to get. I will try to check in daily but do not hesitate to BOT Connell and Liu as needed to keep things moving forward.

Male Orc Expert 5

I'll update tomorrow night. I'm dead exhausted from the whole working, van catching on fire, mad panic to clean the house before the fire inspection, followed by the sudden shift in wokr things as we get ready to close down the store.

M Human Cleric 5 22/28 +4 Init F7/R2/W8AC 20/FF20/T10

Proper liquid nitro systems are a must in order to keep the jet propulsion
nozzles from overheating.

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