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Tark's Council of Thieves: Nobles without a House (Inactive)

Game Master Tark the Ork



1. Can I use Bluff/Disguise in place of a Perform (Act) check?

If you want to besmirch the tradition of Chelaxian theatre, spit in the eye of the director and basically fail the roll by all means do so. There's an immense amount of difference between the two. Performance requires more than palying the character, it's about calling up emotions on command, remembering elaborate lines on the fly, being able to ignore a massive crowd of people as they boo, cheer, laugh, or otherwise distract. Performance is all about being seen while disguise is about being hidden. Worlds of difference.

2. Can't we just go to delvehaven?

Sure. Let me just break out Book 3. You're level fiveish right? Right?

3. Can't we just infiltrate the mansion the night of the casting party?

Yes. However there are many advantages to suffering through the play. First you get to essentially walk in unmolested and rifle through the mans stuff. Second is that if you do get caught rifling you are just another unruly guest and will be treated with all the respect that affords. You'll also get free food, get to meet people, and otherwise be treated to the lime light. That's good for your Fame.

4. Fame?

Fame is a mechanic introduced in the first book. It has little impact on the group except in rare parts over the AP. Where it becomes most relevant is in the final book where the amount of fame you have will greatly determine the final fate of the city. Currently the Rebels group has 4 fame while the nobles group has 1. I may or may not find another use for this perhaps allow a character to use it as a one time "fame check" to add as a bonus to a charisma based check one per book. I haven't decided yet.

5. Popularity?

Popularity is the "mini-game" for the play portion of the book. The more popular you are the more fame you'll gain and the more money. Needless to say more of all three is always good.

Current Popularity: 100

6. Friends with benefits.

Each of the main troupe members has a mechanical benefit associated with being friends with them. Each one is different and gaining their favor has varying degrees of difficulty. However this is on an individual basis. So for a person to gain the benefit from certain members of a troupe they have to befriend them through their own actions. Their are plenty of opportunities to make friends...and enemies.

7. Old NPC's

At this point the AP no longer bothers mentioning the other members of the Haloran League with the exception of Janiven and Arael. The rest fade into obscurity. However if you take an active role in their mentoring you can turn obscure characters into useful allies that will eventually gain class levels and become helpful friends, cohorts, or allies to help you in the coming adventures. So if that's what you want, take every opportunity you can to mentor a young Haloran LEague member.

The Script:
A high-backed obsidian bench stands upcenter. As the curtain rises, HAANDERTHAN himself perches there, an awesome figure of power looming above the shackled forms of LARAZOD, TYBAIN, KRONA and DENTRIS. The other members of the COUNCIL, including the sultry ILSANDRA, flank out stage right and left of HAANDERTHAN’S tribunal bench. The hulking bearded devil BAILIFF stands over them, spiked truncheon in his scabrous red, leather-like hands.

Order in the Tribunal. The Court of His Honor Paraduke Montigny Haanderthan, Black Tongue of Asmodeus, Magistrate Maleficarum, now holds session. All rise.

Be seated, members of the Court. Today this court seeks
truth, or at least shadows thereof, from one Larazod
Rilsane, honored veteran of the Shadestar War, member of
a once gloried house, of recent fallen in Asmodeus’s regard.
The accused stands on several counts of failed conspiracy,
evidenced thereof by the industrious interrogations of
the court’s own Seeker, Drovalid Vorclune, administered
with his usual diligence and severity. In these interviews
Vorclune gathered from notable sources, only a few of
whom survived their conversations with the lash, that
Larazod of the Rilsane held audience with undesirables—
the topic of their whispered covenant the activities of
none other than myself. A most serious affair. Service to
Asmodeus’s ever-darkening glory is never without risk
of menace, betrayal, and threat of doom. My family and
I have long suffered the bumbling attempts of assassins
who would tear at our dark lord’s visage as casually as
they befoul their mothers’ beds.

What they lack in cunning they bolster with sheer
desperation, evidenced by consorting with all manner of
Aroden-suckling knaves, and aged wiz-worms who trust
in mystic secrets over the Dark One’s love.

You hereby stand accused, Larazod, along with your illseeming
compatriots, of conspiracy to undertake grievous
harm to the institution of this tribunal, namely myself,
Paraduke Montigny Haanderthan. How answer thee these
charges, Larazod of House Rilsane? Be thou maligned by
a scandal-brewer’s wagging tongue, or dost thou cleave to
my comings and goings as a bloat fly to a fresh cadaver?
Speak! And know that lies are my closest friends. They’ll
betray you before I. Speak the truth or do worse than die!

Hold your tongue, boy, and we’ll escape the firebrand yet.
Your father was the model of a devil’s squire. Summon
his wiles now, and keep shut that Abyss you call mouth,
before we all tumble down into its darkness. Had you been
born deaf and dumb, this loyal servant would yet live to see
another midnight.

Hurl his arrogance and accusations back at him, Larazod.
He wants precious golden-yoked truth? Give him more
than he can choke down. For whether revealed by the
brilliance of Aroden’s eye, or the long red shadows cast
by your Dark Lord’s fiery gaze, a man false at heart and
shrouded in hollow faiths is nothing more than a traitor to
all. Let him that judges false be judged by wraiths—smote
by his own brand shall he fall.

Cease your gibbering! One can hardly hear her own thoughts for your tongue wagging! Not that this pompous fool can hear them shaking as he does from the

pleasure of his own unceasing tongue!

Larazod knows no lies, great magistrate, and no slanderer’s
tongue caresses my dignity. The accusations you speak are
as true as Asmodeus’s sword. They cleave clean through.
Let the witnesses suffer no more lash. To burn their
innards with pokers and steal their eyes is simply to waste
precious toil better spent in Asmodeus’s service. There is
but one point misaligned in this dark constellation—I
seek not your death, though the secrets you harbor in your
feeble heart deserve a gruesome demise.
I carry no assassin’s blade, nor breath-stealing spell
to rob your mortality. To end you I need only know you,
and to cast you in an honest shade. I pierce your “shadows
of truth” and show you for what I know—a false knave, a
demon-supping wag-tail, a balor’s bawd, a pus-leaking
cataract in the eye of Asmodeus’s justice, and subject to the
multi-handed ministrations of a marilith whore, dretchloving
plunderer, and traitor to our great Dark Lord.

There is much commotion among the council.

(Aside) And to think I almost spent this session in the orgybaths
of Kalrath. None of their fleshy delights could compare to the ecstasy this half-breed’s words stroke within me! See his fierce aspect burn in fury, even

below the tribunal’s culling justice. But how shall Haanderthan answer?

Heavy words for a forked tongue to manage, boy. You
juggle them well enough, but like a poor fool, offer jest and
jape. I assume this glib outrage, obviously a threadbare
attempt to throw off the keening blade of justice, is backed
by the testimony of a thousand law-loving fiends? Perhaps
the ancient augurer at your side, ever your father’s faithful
lap-lizard, probed the ancient secrets of the cosmos and
uncovered my blasphemous treachery? Or have you a soulbonded
scroll of bone-white parchment upon which my
scrawled hand appears next to some Abyssal conspirator?
You amuse me, half-breed, and it is the only reason your
sniveling soul is not yet blasted away in hellfire and borne
on a river of sorrow to some ignominious corner of the
Nine. Whereof comes this lunacy? What disease vexes your
broken mind? From what mystery of psychosis do you
draw your lies?

You mewl lies like a sullied maid on her wedding night, O Great One. Even a lord may be smote in darkness as
Asmodeus sees the truth of you—a base and lowly thing,
snivelling in crimson robes. These devil-bowing citizens
about us are affront enough to Aroden’s divine will, but
ye, whose left hand clasps devil’s claws, and right reaches
out for demonic boon—oh double-dealing fiend-lover,
who allies with the Abyss. Infernal oaths and Abyssal
blasphemy spew in one breath from your twisting lips.

Does your Aroden arse-kissing pall-a-dine put you up to
such resounding blasphemy? Have you no tongue of your
own, half-breed, to answer my charge?

Truth is spoken freely in many tongues, false magistrate,
and by agents of light and dark. You know what you are.

You persist in this foolishness? It shall go hard for you and
yours. Recant and your deaths shall be swift, your souls
consigned to diligent service in Hell. Refuse, and enlist in
agony’s service, consign your soul to wallow in the most
ignominious corner of the Nine, and take eternal suffering
as your bedmate.

(Aside) He’s to have a much more interesting bedmate, if
I’ve anything to say. The fire that one shows at tribunal,
will no doubt burn even stronger between my sheets.

(Aside) That one grows hot betwixt her infernal thighs.
Hope beyond hope. One voice of dissent on the council
and the slenderest chance of salvation is ours to clutch. Let
this waxen sliver of hope not melt until she does—let her
find her tongue.

(Aside) Were I not bound I would tear the saucy wenches wings from her back and force the magistrate to choke upon them! None may have the heart of my


Speak, boy. Do you still baffle with false charges, or have
your battered wits returned? Speak.

I recant nothing. You, accuser, so stand accused. How do
you answer?

Innocent, of course. And so judgment is passed. My right
as magistrate puts you to the flames on my command. My
word is law.

Respectfully, my lord, when I was a barrister of the tribunal,
it was common practice to ask Consular Consent in any
judgement of a matter involving the Magistrate personally
in the case. Has the ancient code of Asmodeus’s court,
scorched on the Tablets of Law by our Great Lord’s own
fiery talon, so fallen as to warrant its complete disregard
in this tribunal?

Of course, you are correct, old man. I’ve no intention
of affronting our Great Lord. Council, what say ye on
this matter? Do you concur with my judgment? These
heinous slanders cast upon my great name warrant utter
annihilation. So sayeth I, Magistrate of this Gloried
Tribunal. Do you agree?
Councillors mutter and call “Aye.”


My ears deceive me. Do you, august erinyes, daughter of
Hell, speak against our cause?

I speak against your judgment. Our cause is yet
undetermined by my mark. According to our oldest
codes, truth can be drawn from an offender, as pus from a
wound. Asmodeus’s Trials show the true heart from the
false. Why, simply put the half-breed to the flames. Let
us try him properly in accordance with the old ways.

Well done, lad. Your pretty infernal face is good for
something, even if your tongue offends all who hear. We
may live yet.

Tut, the business of the tribunal heaps higher day by
day. We’ve cases waiting in the wings by the thousands.
Penitent souls singing out for justice. Shall we delay their
flight to Asmodeus’s waiting embrace to engage in infantile
contests? Nay, expediency is our charge when matters so
lacking in evidence are brought before our bench.

Come, come, sweet magistrate. The spectacle of a few trials
would do my poor heart well. I wane at these tiresome
sessions. Let the trials commence. ’Twould arouse me.
’Twould tickle me. ’Twould drive me to distraction.

Trials you say? How now? If it is to be so, let us sweeten
the pot. A price I would exact for trials as you insist. If
this half-breed fails, not only is my name cleared of all
preposterous charges, but you shall compact to me for a
full moon’s service, to do my bidding and satisfy all my
unwholesome needs.

Let it be so agreed. I hunger so for trials, I happily wager
my body to your whim. We shall see if this half-breed’s
words strike true or false.

So be it. Larazod, you stand in trial. By my discretion you
shall face six of Asmodeus’s fell tests. You stand alone in
the face of terrors over which no mortal has prevailed.

Not alone, my lord. I stand with him.

You are under no obligation to do so, Arodenite. Back down
and be discharged, to keep at your slobbering benedictions
for a few more years at least.

I am true to Aroden, my lord, but I am also true in loyalty
and kinship. This man, though half-fiend his blood may
turn, is bound to me in brotherhood, as I stand bound to
him. Our blades both matched the enemies of Cheliax,
and what faith divides, common cause unites. You cannot
sunder me from his destiny. I stand trial at his side, as is
my right, if I so beclaim it. Is it not so, Dentris?

’Tis true, my lord. If the half-brained, light-blinded knight
wishes to perish alongside my good master, he is within
his lawful right.

Very well. Burn with him, fool. Dentris Maltrada, you are
hereby discharged.

Nay sir, though I wish nothing more. This boy, as wayward as
his fancies take him, is in my care. I never waivered from his
father’s service, and I shall not turn my back on the son.

Surely, you’ve no wish to die?

There are worse fates, magistrate, than even can be
promised on the deepest level of your Hell. To walk alive in
a world, my duty undone, my sworn oath broken, is to walk
through fires more smolderous than any Asmodeus keeps
below. Though he be a fool, and possessed of a diseased
wit, Larazod is my master, and I shall stand by him. Do
your worst magistrate. I’ve rolled bones with demons, and
gazed in dragons’ hearts. Let us have these trials and be
done with my life, if the lords of darkness so command.

Doddering old sack of bones. No demon’s dice, nor dragon’s
musings await you—only torment beyond the stars’ most
infinite imaginings. When you mewl out for merciful
death, I shall look on in pleasure, as your soul’s wake burns
from a withered old corpse. (turning to Krona) Krona of the Belzeken go back to your homelands and trouble this court no further!

The Prince of Darkness himself could no more separate me from him then you from your own false sense of grandeur! Bring forth your trials! Let them be tested by me!

Insolent wench you have no idea the horrors that await you. But enough talk! If you wish to burn for eternity then so be it! Make ready, supplicants. The trials begin anon. May Asmodeus take pity on your blighted souls.

Act 2: Trial by Torture


Good Keeper of Pain, Tormentor of Liars and Demonsuckling
Miscreants, we are honored by your presence. Show
these supplicants the favor of your stinging lash, and with
rack and fire, purge lies from their lips. Break their souls, and
let the mad and guilty appall our ears no more with ranting.

Magistrate Maleficarum, I come before you a simple hand
whose lash is guided by the greater glory of Asmodeus,
may my scourge do him and this devoted tribunal proud.
With your permission I shall begin our first trial.

Begin at your leisure, Tormentor. End this fool’s mockery of our court with cleansing agony.

Enter the Device and other implements of torture. Drovalid begins administering agonizing pain upon a stoic Larazod and companions.

Fools, my good master may be a fool of a tiefling, but if you think to wrack his spine, and wheedle mewled recantation from his black lips, you are even

greater fools than he. Larazod is no coward, and he sneers in the face of pain with true faith in Asmodeus—he cannot waver. He faced demon prince’s and

hordes of their slime-ridden minions in battle. His coal-black soul did not quake then. He stands resolute now. You cannot break his spirit.

Recant half-breed. Admit your twisted falsehoods, serpent-tongued traitor!

Even an ocean of agony cannot turn truth to lie.

More bone-crunching, skin-flensing torment.

Recant and end this trial! Swift death shall embrace you and the PRince of Darkness smiles upon those who admit their falsehoods—he may not rend your soul

completely, may leave some semblance of your spirit intact.

I recant… nothing! Grind on, honeyed torment. Sing sweetly as I may, no cries of “recant” shall you hear. I hate lies, as I hate demon loving traitors.

To hear such cries from my beloved quickens my heart. But who is this fierce man of the lash whose own prowess might drive me into passion? No! I will not

betray my heart or my love! Damn him to the darkest pits!

More torture.

Had enough, Magistrate? Can you withstand it any longer? Please give in and recant, for the only torment I cannot bear is your continued duplicity. Recant,

Magistrate! Recant your own lies, and Lord Entropy may have mercy on your slimy soul.

Ha! Even in the face of soul-crushing pain, he taunts this ridiculous Magistrate of Hell. Hear me, Aroden, if Asmodeus has such as Larazod in his employ, all

our efforts are doomed. Would that you could command such steadfast loyalty as this one here, who laughs at death and grins at the grimmest pain.

(Aside) Such a sweet voice. I long to hear his screams more—ah, but to elicit them myself, with a soulburning kiss, and an aching embrace. This torture is

most stimulating, though I do hope the Tormentor doesn’t mar the tiefling’s choicest parts. Leave off those! They belong to me alone!

(Exhausted) Recant!

Never! Lash every inch of flesh from me, leave only a bloody ruin where I stand—that skinned wreck of a man will gurgle only truth and never recant.

Drovalid ends torment and casts down his whip.

He is as unbreakable as a marble tide—dragon’s scale would have shattered long ago—and yet he stands unbowed. No lie can evade this unholy lash of mine,

gifted to me by Asmodeus himself. Larazod must speak the truth!

Fool! Continue the trial, you’ve yet to probe deep enough into his soul’s painful lies!

My work is done. My findings true. You have never doubted my hand before. Why do you so now? Could it be this tiefling speaks true? Are you allied against

our august master of darkness?

Mind your place, Tormentor! You speak blasphemy in the face of this land’s own Magistrate Maleficarum. Beware, your words endanger your very soul. Take you

this halfbreed’s part? Then you would join him on his trials? Don’t be a fool.

If our lord in darkness wishes it so then my soul stands with his. If my hand has failed you, then I shall burn for it. I shall face the remaining five

trials at Larazod’s side.

So be it, traitor. Your rending death, and his, shall be my vindication. Bring on the second trial!

Act 3: Trial by Pleasure


It is said a liar’s pain is easy to bear, but pleasure steals
truth from even the most well-tended fortress. So let it be
with ye, Larazod. Here before you now are the Flukes of
Asmodeus. Their bite more pleasurable than the caresses
of a thousand succubi (which you no doubt have enjoyed,
you treacherous Abyssal-loving fool). Taste of their deep
burrowing bliss. Their rapturous journey through
your body shall explore the deepest, darkest pleasures
any mortal has ever known. Their soul-shuddering
wanderings end in your skull, where they plant their
young who consume you in an orgiastic frenzy—leaving
you an empty husk of a thing—a spent lover, drooling in
blissful oblivion forever. Unless, of course, you can resist
these god-bending pleasures. This time, the trial is not
yours alone to bear. Let us see if your trusted companions’
faith remains as unshakeable as yours. Who shall be the
first to die in spasms of ecstasy?

Oh, how I long to face this judgment!

Master Larazod, most unholy saint of our dark Asmodeus,
please allow me to prove my devotion to your cause. To
think my biting lash flayed your chaste red skin, and
cracked such a noble hide as yours. I shall be first to face
this trial, if you so wish it.

Your courage is beyond question. Show this lickspittle
Magistrate the meaning of devotion, my friend.

Drovalid administers the fluke, convulses in sheer orgasmic
ecstasy, but as it crawls up his arm he suddenly plunges
a flensing blade beneath the skin, skewering the fluke and
removing it.

Asmodeus bear witness to my devotion. This half-breed
speaks only truth!

Likewise, Larazod applies the fluke to his flesh, where it hungrily
burrows beneath the surface. Larazod shudders in pleasure.

Oh, to be that fluke! To burrow into such sweet flesh!

I sing only of the joy of supplication to our dark lord.
This pleasure is only a gift of Asmodeus’s truth. I
would gladly die at this f luke’s bite, but alas, my duty
here is yet undone, and so I scorn this pleasure with
a bleeding blade. I shall not relent until your lies are
revealed, foul Magistrate.

Larazod cuts out his fluke.

Krona applies the fluke and lets out a roar as she collapses writhing on the ground.

I am undone! I confess! I confess!

At last! The truth!

Do you see Lazarod! How I writhe for you!?! How I ache! I love you blind fool! Ignorant devil child! I want you! Enough!

Krona snatches the knife and witha roar wretches the fluke from her. She turns away from the others looking shamed.

Dentris applies his fluke.

Oh! It has been so long! Sweet, aching ecstasy!

Improvises a rendition of the Tallis and his Three Wives, and then
cuts away the fluke when it is nigh in his neck.

(Sourly) Between you, my hideous half-breed young
master, and a dream of three succubi’s frolics on my
flesh—a hard choice, Larazod, but somehow your sweet
countenance won out.

My turn, I suppose.

Tybain applies his fluke and begins giggling uncontrollably.

Ooooh! Aaaaah! I know not this feeling!

Ha! Watch the virginal knight squirm!

It is as if a thousand feathers assault my f lesh—
especially my most… tender… parts. What strange
pleasure is this!

Ah, Aroden’s servants, so like sweet children they be. Hold
true, my dear friend!

Tybain suddenly tears loose his fluke.

I am well, though I may never be the same.

Curse your persistence. All lies eventually reveal their
ugly fangs. I shall draw them as venom from a wound.

Act 4: Trial in the Belly of the Beast

Such horrors. What next?

Hold true, old man.

Easy for you to say! Youth laughs at death as a stranger. As
you grow older you come to know it well—and fear it.

I have seen young and old break before this court. They all
share one thing: a weak and watery eye speaking to a frailty of
spirit. Your eyes are like grit and sand, obstinate even in the
face of the storm-fraught sea. You cannot break, old wizard.

Perhaps not, but tell me, Tormentor—what fresh horrors await?

Here follows the Trial in the Belly of the Beast. A great
terror, gifted to this court by a Duke of Hell, the Beast is
a hideous thing, whose stomach is a nest of acid-spewing
serpents. It shall swallow us whole, and wash us clean in
its acid well.

Where is the “trial” in this!?

If we are innocent, and speak no lies, then the Beast’s Belly
will leave us unscathed.


Hold fast, my dear friend. Have faith in Asmodeus.

But I do not!

Well then you better learn to swim.

The next trial demands a great sacrifice. Ye, who speaks
for the half-breed, the lone traitor on the council who
speaks against my august personage. You must brave
this trial, and all that follow, alongside the accused.

(Laughing) Gladly! I stand at this tiefling’s side, or at his back,
or him at mine, or perhaps I should bolster him up from
below or allow him to do the same to me. You shall see how
devotedly I attend his pleasure, for he speaks the truth.

Then burn with him.

Ilsandra joins the companions, and embraces Larazod with a
fiery kiss. He surrenders to her pleasures.

Know the gifts of Asmodeus, dear child. You have earned
great boons by your devoted service, and I shall pay them
all with interest. But soft, what terror approaches? Our
pleasures must wait.

Did my confession fall on deaf ears! You give in to this whore of hell when Krona has been yours since the day we met!
I am not deaf Krona. Nor blind. I am forever in the serivice of the Prince of Darkness while you follow the burning passion of your heart. Larazod can no

more have you then an angel can hold dark fire.

Krona looks as if struck.

Enter the Beast.

Come, horror, I shall tear my way from your gizzard with
the white-hot blade of my truth.

Die though I might, melted to a puddle of liquid flesh in
the bowels of the Beast, I cannot think of any greater man
to join in death. I am honoured to die at the side of a man
so filled with truth.

Come and have a bite, Old Beastie. These old bones shall
stick in your craw and choke the life from you.

My holy flesh shall burn all the way down. Aroden’s
blessings upon my soul ensure a most unpleasant meal for
this Beast.

No beast, nor blade can destroy me as utterly as you have done Lazarod! I give myself willingly beast! Devour my pain and sadness even as you take my

flesh! Krona is ready!

The Beast devours them. They fight their way free from his gizzard.

Why tormentor! Why did you drag me from its maw and not let me die!

It is not the way of Drovalid to watch a woman die over the rejection of a potential lover fierce Krona. It is better you be free of him and.


I know pain well. Pain of the ehart is the greatest to bear adn you have beared it longer. You shall gnaw through this torment as a worm through the earth.

But peace now for more horrors await us now.

Act 5: The Birthing Trial

You have crawled from the maw of the Beast. Let us see
what blasphemous lies slither from your treacherous
insides. Show them.

The Bailiff brings out five crimson eggs.

Dear Asmodeus! Spare us!

What means these strange crimson eggs?

Oh horror beyond nightmare! The eggs, they burrow deep
within us. They hatch deep in our insides, churning our
guts to paste and slurping them through gritted devil teeth.
They feed on our souls. When these foul devils have eaten
their fill, they tear their way free—terrible things! Hideous
devil-children bearing our own faces, but filled with hate
for all we are. We are mothers to twisted things and look
upon our own visage as we die by their taloned hands.

Shall you recant now, or will you give birth to abominations
of your very flesh?

Do your worst, fool of a mortal. I am a princess to hell, and no
child born of my black soul shall bear malice against me.
Larazod lifts the Bailiff off the ground by the throat with one
mighty hand.

Ha! Give me your egg, you lickspittle. If Asmodeus wishes
it, I shall choke the life of my own devilish child with glee.
I gulp this egg down before this court and our dark lord’s
very eyes.

Well, give me mine. Not much good it shall avail you.
The real Dentris Maltrada was killed ages ago at my own
devilish hands when I was born from his old soul. I am a
child of this egg

Truly?! I had no idea!

If only everyone was as naïve as ye, paladin.

I like eggs! Red, white, or otherwise. Hand me mine! I’ll
eat it raw!

On the plains we hurl our deformed children off the highest cliffs to spare the tribe the pain of their care. Bring forth these eggs and you will find it no

trial for me! Watch Larazod! Watch as Krona tears through them like paper while you bed with a loose lipped slut!

The companions eat their eggs and hideous devil children are
born from them. They battle the devil children valiantly. Ilsandra,
amazed that her daughter attacks her, lashes out with ferocity.

No! My child! Forgive me! You’ll pay for this, Haanderthan—
with your heart’s blood, and with every shred of your soul.

Act 6: Trial by Combat and Love

(Aside) How can this be? Four trials broken, and still they prevail. Asmodeus smiles upon them. Does the Dark Lord truly know of my compact with the abyss?

It cannot be, or I am utterly undone. True or nay, I must try the last. I shall plunge their faith in pitch and acrid stew, and see if they hold to the


(To the companions) You sickly whelps profess undying devotion to one another. Another smoldering lie flung from your dark holes. You but conspire to

confound this court and our Dark Majesty. ’Tis ye who contract with demon-spawn and seek my undoing, in service to some slimy mistress or master of the

putrid abyss. Your vile benefactors have thus far warded off justice’s dark hand, but let us see if you hold steadfast before the promise of oblivion.

More? I cannot last. My old heart gives out. Go on without me, master. I served your father faithfully. Alas, I am found lacking in the face of his half-

breed son. The challenges, ever dire, cleave my soul from me. May Asmodeus keep me.

No foolish talk, old wizard. Haven’t you claimed immortality a thousand times to any bent ear? Old Dentris Maltrada cannot die, ye said. I’ve eaten the heart

of an ancient Red Wyrm, and warmed by his fire, my soul burns eternal. Get up, my dear friend, more father to me, than ever any father was. Your duties are

not abated. Your task is yet undone.

Let him die. He’s suffered long enough, and we’ve suffered his blustery speeches even more keenly. Kick off, old bag, and be done with ye!

Why you shiny beetle! You quivering pall-o-dine of a sniveling young welp tuend demigod! You plump kettle! I’ll bring the all-encompassing powers of a

thousand worlds crashing down upon your head! The keening song of dead gods warble at my command. I’ll leave your mind a tatterdemalion of a sad rag. Die!

Die, you say! Nay, not till I’ve seen the last oafish breath squeezed from your lungs by tongs of fire—you simpering Aro-din-din!

Looking more lively now, aren’t we?

Peace, old man. The pall-o-dine works a righteous healing upon your old bones—applying the only balm your withered heart desires—spitting ire and uncouth

rage. Bile for balm, bile for balm—what a wolfish old man, a terror to kings and angels. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Dentris Maltrada. He knows no


Enough, pup! I am much abused. Lay not your hands on me, pall-o-dine! I’ll rise without your Power’s urgings. I’ve work left indeed.

Strange old wizard, loyal and dear heart. He’ll join us in the marriage bed and one last night of bliss will be his for the taking!

A lovely sentiment, my princess of Hell, disturbing though it may be.

Enough. It is time. I am not long of your company, but know that I would stand by you all through six hundred trials. Take hands with me, half-breed. My sins

and yours are one. Our destinies intertwine, and I walk your path with you to the bitter burning end.

I’m honored.

How touching. These sentiments of yours are nothing but dreamy clouds, soon to be shred by Lord Entropy’s blasting winds.

Face of hazy dream-like bliss, kiss like fire. I burn for you, princess. Cling to me, dig your talons into my chest and touch my heart with white-hot caress.

I am yours for one thousand blissful years. Drink my sizzling blood from my wrist, or anywhere else you like— let us seal this sinful compact and consummate

our love in the heat of battle.

Dentris, you old cur, dog curled by your master’s feet. I can’t call you friend, but a truer servant I’ve never known. Loyalty is the mark of greatness. Know

that my sword is yours!

Great Tormentor, Drovalid Vorclune, let it be said a man who can bear the vicious ministrations he renders upon his foes is a great man indeed. Though I am

pledged to this young half-breed, know your courage sends shudders through my loins.

You do me sweet honor, great lady. I stand in awe of your passion, and these worthy nobles’ unshakable courage. Even this milksop of a pall-o-dine stands

hard against the torments of Hell—harder than the fiercest witch.

I am already destroyed. Shatter my bones to dust and flense my flesh a thousand thousand times and still I will not have suffered the length of pain

inflicted on me today.

Though I never desired your love I have always valued your companionship fierce Krona.

Hollow words from the man who destroyed me so.

Then hear words from one who would see you uplifted and renewed. Ever since mine eyes have laid upon you I have dreaded to bring my lash against you.

Just as well. All should fear to bring harm to me lest I tear their heads from their shoulders and spear it on my spear as I paint my skin in their blood as

a warnin to all who stand against me.

No fierce Krona. I would have held back for fear of marring your flesh. Never before has a woman caused such desire in me. If you would have me Krona I

would be yours.

Krona seems to agonize over this for a moment before lunging forward and pulling Drovalids head back adn giving him a deep passionate kiss. She releases

him with a gasp still holding him in a crushing embrace.

Then let this final trial shake the foundations of the world! And let our love making shatter the ceilings of hell!

The companions fight off a legion of devils.

Act 7: Trial by His Own Dark Hand

The final trial is at hand. Your souls shall be quenched at long last.

This trial is yours, Magistrate Maleficarum. Lord Entropy is the only true judge here. Bow before him.

Insolent dog!Asmodeus shall scour your soul as sauce from a pan. Ash for bones, and waxen souls melted by the dark lord’s flame to puddle at his taloned feet.

We shall see who is judged!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS enters in a burst of foul colored flames and shrieking, crimson skinned imps and offers Larazod a choice. His creatures hang silk scarves

around all the companions’ necks—one of red, one of crimson. Each is handed a contract written in blood.

Choose. A true heart shall beat strong for all eternity at my side, a false burns to cinders in an instant.

_Larazod and his companions choose the crimson scarves and the red ones burn to ashes in an instant. Haanderthan cries out in terror as THE DARK LORD turns on him._

Treacherous magistrate who lords false justice over true souls. Your soul shall burn for all eternity— an everlasting torment awaits you.

PRINCE OF DARKNESS drags Haanderthan into the mouth of hell.

Exeunt Omens.

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