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Tales from the City of Opal

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This is my homebrew world Arcaia. This particular setting is the free city of Opal, a lush equatorial city set on the edge of an immense jungle rife with undead , ancient civilizations, and dinosaurs.

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Dark Archive

male human

Sorry to hear, Pat. Hope things turn around quick ...


Things are improving slightly. I have some serious stuff to settle, and a school to apply to. Please keep me in your prayers. I really need a lot of things to gel to put things together

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Prayers headed your way. And well-wishes to boot! :)

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

Man if Kessel pulls this off people won't notice how ineffective he is in a fight :D

Guy Humual wrote:
Man if Kessel pulls this off people won't notice how ineffective he is in a fight :D


Obviously, you are using the narrow definition of 'effective in a fight' ;)

If you can trick me into defeating myself, your the guy I don't want to fight! :D

So Magnus is thinking that he and Felicia lead the way into the office, (with the intent of moving around and providing flanking) followed by San and the rest. Ideas? ;)

Dark Archive

I could go for that.


Just an FYI folks. I won't be around much until Monday. Lots of crap going on. I do have a mini vacation coming up this upcoming week, so at worst there will be new posts by the end of this week.

I just wish you a GOOD busy,

As opposed to my work-100-hrs/week-and-still-get-paid-same-salary. :)

See you when you escape teh busy-ness! ;P

Hey all,

Just wanted to say Happy Holiday to those who got one!

(I had to go to work and tech another dance show. But they wanted out too, so I got to come home and grill!) :)

Hope the new job is going well Pat.

Hope to see everyone (In the game thread) soon! :)


Hey all. I'm going to be proactive and just let you all know that the next month or do might see some gaps in updating. Now, I might get some done, but there is an awful lot of stuff going on in my life at the moment. Please bear with , I will keep you all in the loop as I can. Thank you for your patience.

No problem. I'll just keep thanking you for letting me play! :)

As I might have mentioned before, I think we're past the point of you having to worry about whether or not we'll hang around and wait. ;P

Hope that 'busy' = 'getting better' for you!

Speaking of busy, :)
I managed to get cast in a local community theater production of The Addams Family Musical this summer. As Gomez. :/

So yeah, won't be playing much video games this summer. (Not that I ever get too!) I have a LOT of memorizing to do. :) Least it's a happy busy! (Unlike most of our usual work/jobs I'm sure) ;)

My kids last day of school was today. They are now out for the summer.
And the neighborhood trembled in fear,... ;)

See ya all soon!


Grats on the part Rags!

Thanks Pat!

Looking forward to it. It looks like a LOT of fun.

Currently my Anticipation is higher than my worried-ness.

Let's hope that ratio stays the same,... ;P


Hey guys. Just a heads up. I had a bunch of notes for this encounter and due to the chaos enveloping my life they have either been packed away or thrown away accidentally. I'm kind of pissed because it takes me a while to get these things together. I apologize, but I will be reconstructing them as I can. There might be a bit of a delay, please bear with me :)

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

Okay, I understand

Dark Archive

male human

Don't worry, San will stick around (cue rimshot ...)

RL will try to interfere, but PbP for the win! ;)

No worries Pat, we'll see you soon!


Bad news: Wherever my game notes went, they are unreachabl

Good news: I can work on reconstructing them on some of my work shifts :)

I'll keep yall posted

Sounds good Monkey!

So, hows the new job?

(You did get a new job, yes? Or am I confusing my online friends. Again.) ;P


I did! It is good, but this week has been stressful. I am still in learning more, and I have not had any time to update this past week. There is a massive confluence of work, selling house, finding apartment and several other issues that have conspired to keep me busy and unable to update. Please bear with me folks :)

Oh my gosh, all of my favorite things! ;P (Just kidding. Obviously) :/
(Yeah, it was funnier in my head. Shoulda kept it there.) ;P

Seems like your getting all of those old-magazine 'most stressful things that can happen' articles at once! :(

Best wishes and prayers for you my online friend.

When time allows, tell us about the new job! :)
I'm curious, and after 8 years of working for the state, (college job) I'm seriously re-considering the possibility of 're-exploring other options'. ;)

Good luck,


It's a good job, and it has several nice things going for it. However, the fact that I have to sell my house and it seems like no one wants to rent an apartment to a man with dogs is dampening my happiness.

I honestly don't know what my status will be soon. I might be living in a tent somewhere if I cannot find a pet-friendly apartment. Also, when the f@$k did apartments get so goddanged expensive? I mean, seriously, you have to be pulling in $25/hr just to get into a studio situation. It's ridiculous. Maybe I'm just in the wrong state. I had to be born in the PRoM.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

Try living in New York where the standard requirement is 1st month's rent + 2 month's security at ridiculous rates. Sorry man.


Yeah, I imagine metropolitan NY is hard, but I'm looking in Podunk crap towns and there is STILL nothing worth renting.

Oh I hear you!

I don't have any pets, (currently, with my EX it was a completely different situation,... Boring details another time.) :)

When we (present family) moved back to Lousy-anna after Katrina, we first moved into a 2 bedroom apartment, (kids were much smaller 8 years ago) now there are cheaper ones in town, but the fact is I am now buying a house for less than my rent was. And I'm INCLUDING the Escrow payment. :/

I don't know about your area Pat, (I forget, where ARE you currently?!? Dang middle-age memory) But perhaps you might try looking at rental property instead of apartments? Houses, duplexes, 'apartments' that are 2 to 5 units in one converted house? Those might be more amenable to allowing your pets, (with deposit I'm sure)
I mean, it's moving back into a college-age-type situation, but my ex always managed to find us places that allowed pets. Shoot, at one point I was renting a 3 bedroom house for less than most small apartments.
That was in a college town, and over 25 years ago,... (Almost 30?!? Time does fly) but it did happen! :)

Heck maybe you could just go 'Patrick Jayne' (The Mentalist TV show) and just buy your own mobile home/camper/trailer. It's yours, and if you don't like the neighborhood, you can just move! No packing required!
I'm (mostly) joking, but some people like that sort of thing. :)

Me, I'm a packrat from an EARLY age. I've always had too much STUFF. :P

I'm glad the job is off to a good start, Good luck on everything.
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers,


I am in Massachusetts. I haven't rented here since the mid-nineties, but I did an entire three-bedroom house for $800 then. Now the same house would be $1800. I just don't get it. There isn't even any affordable housing off the shoreline. I've looked up and down-anything within a reasonable commute and.... Nothing.

I honestly don't understand how they expect people to live.

The Exchange

Male Human Ranger

Holy moly! I am in Massachusetts on a job right now! Where at in Mass are you?

The Exchange

Male Human Ranger

I am in Chelmsford/Lowell area northwest of Boston about an hour or so. If you are anywhere nearby, we should definitely try and meet up sometime.


I dwell on the cape of Cod :D

The Exchange

Male Human Ranger

Awesome! Only an hour-and-a-half/two hours away if there isn't any real traffic. We should definitely try and get together. Maybe try and find some other folks and get a in person session or two in this summer.


Absolutely. I have a real life game going on weekly down here. Also, me Guumash and Doidlebug Anklebiter get together once in a while to game. We usually hit TotalCon in February

The Exchange

Male Human Ranger

Sent you a PM, Patrick.


And replied! ;)

Patrick Curtin wrote:

I am in Massachusetts. I haven't rented here since the mid-nineties, but I did an entire three-bedroom house for $800 then. Now the same house would be $1800. I just don't get it. There isn't even any affordable housing off the shoreline. I've looked up and down-anything within a reasonable commute and.... Nothing.

I honestly don't understand how they expect people to live.

Yeah that sounds about right. :(

After 8 friggin' years working for the state (university job) I finally got a raise,...
Which is LESS than the newly-announced rise on the cost of our health insurance. So I actually just got a CUT in pay. :/

Which leads me back to my previous comment RE: 'exploring other options'

Sounds like it might be better to look for a house to buy rather than rent! Of course then you still have to have down payment,... yaddayaddayadda,...

Argh! Frustrating me just thinking about it! Good luck dude!

OK, Heading out to visit my family for the week of the 4th.
I'll try to check in, but will be pretty busy.

See you next week for sure!

Happy 4th of July to all!



Hey all. Sorry for the delay. I've been very stressed and not able to concentrate. I am working on this game tonight. I hope to have it Kickstarted back up by the weekend. stay tuned

No stress! No stress!

THIS part is supposed to be fun! :)

Is all good Pat, hope you got to enjoy a little something for the 4th!


Lol two 16-hour shifts was my enjoyment

I hope you at least get to enjoy the paycheck! :)

Sounds like my old A/V days.
We started to hit 80 hours in a week so often, we didn't even blink at it anymore. We only started talking about our hours when we hit 90 hours/week. When we hit 100 hours/week, we celebrated, because the accumulated OT was redonkulous. :)

Wow, was that only 9 years ago? Seems like SO much longer, when I was MUCH younger! ;P


Hi folks!

I apologize for my tardy postings, but there is good news on the horizon. I have found a place to live, and hopefully within the next few weeks I will be fully moved in. Once that is done my posting rate should be much better.

In the meantime bear with me and I will still attempt to keep current

Yay for places to live!

Con gratz Pat, now for what is possibly the most unpleasant task on the planet.



Seriously, I think I would rather have my teeth pulled while awake with no anesthesia.

(OK, maybe not, but I REALLY dislike moving. I moved TOO much during my college years, and again too many times in a row after Katrina.) :P

But seriously, gratz and good luck! I wish I was a few states closer, I would offer to help! :)

Because apparently helping OTHERS move doesn't bother me as much as moving myself, weird. Huh?

Good luck sir! See you when you get settled in the new pad!

Sooo, Windows Update C#@$$%& my home Game PC, spent 2 days trying to recover it. JUST got it back up.
NOW only have about 200 hours of re-down-loading and installing all of the stuff I had on it before, and I'll be good to go! ;P

Oh well, at least it was only the operating system, and not the Drive itself. (Far as I can tell) I was able to put the Hard drive in an enclosure and rescue all of my files, pics, music, etc on it. (Man I have a lot of junk! digital AND physical!)

See you all after a few hours of sleep! :)

Have a good weekend!

Frickin'-Frackin' Windows update,...
Rassin'-Frassin' PC,...

second Frickin'-Frackin' time in exactly one week! :(


Hey all! Sorry I have been out, but I have moved! (Mostly). I am attempting to get online again, I am going to be in and out, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully in a week or two my posting will even out. Thank you all for your patience!

As I said in your other thread,...


Um,... As long as the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train of course. ;D

Gratz on the place and move. Have fun decorating your man-game-cave!


See you soon!


Quick update: Internet service will resume for me Tuesday, hopefully. I will be updating then.


Gratz Pat, see you soon!


Hi folks. I just wanted to drop by and let you know I am still committed to keeping my games together, it's just a very chaotic period right now. There's a lot of stuff going on, and I am trying to rebuild my life, which is never easy.

I finally have internet again, I just need to find some time to set my laptop up and get my notes out of the box I put them in (somewhere). I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, I am hoping to have a bit of time then to take care of things.

Thank you all for your patience. I do promise that after August things will have shaken out sufficiently and I will have some good opportunity to spend time making these games great again.

As I said before (And I'll be glad to type it again!)

As long as you're ok, all the rest is good. :)

And you my internet friend, are a master if the understatement.
I've done the whole 'rebuilding my life' thing. 'Never easy' is at least the understatement of the Decade! ;P

Best wishes, we'll be here. :)

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