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Tales from the City of Opal

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This is my homebrew world Arcaia. This particular setting is the free city of Opal, a lush equatorial city set on the edge of an immense jungle rife with undead , ancient civilizations, and dinosaurs.

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Dark Archive

male human

Sorry to hear, Pat. Hope things turn around quick ...


Things are improving slightly. I have some serious stuff to settle, and a school to apply to. Please keep me in your prayers. I really need a lot of things to gel to put things together

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Prayers headed your way. And well-wishes to boot! :)

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

Man if Kessel pulls this off people won't notice how ineffective he is in a fight :D

Guy Humual wrote:
Man if Kessel pulls this off people won't notice how ineffective he is in a fight :D


Obviously, you are using the narrow definition of 'effective in a fight' ;)

If you can trick me into defeating myself, your the guy I don't want to fight! :D

So Magnus is thinking that he and Felicia lead the way into the office, (with the intent of moving around and providing flanking) followed by San and the rest. Ideas? ;)

Dark Archive

I could go for that.


Just an FYI folks. I won't be around much until Monday. Lots of crap going on. I do have a mini vacation coming up this upcoming week, so at worst there will be new posts by the end of this week.

I just wish you a GOOD busy,

As opposed to my work-100-hrs/week-and-still-get-paid-same-salary. :)

See you when you escape teh busy-ness! ;P

Hey all,

Just wanted to say Happy Holiday to those who got one!

(I had to go to work and tech another dance show. But they wanted out too, so I got to come home and grill!) :)

Hope the new job is going well Pat.

Hope to see everyone (In the game thread) soon! :)

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