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Tales from the City of Opal

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This is my homebrew world Arcaia. This particular setting is the free city of Opal, a lush equatorial city set on the edge of an immense jungle rife with undead , ancient civilizations, and dinosaurs.

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Or just checking in on you Pat. :)

Hope all is well, and see you soon.

I'm busy in the final weekend of Addams Family the musical.

I need to figure out how to share a few pics. We're having fun and doing a good job if the opening weekend crowds were any indication. :)

Have a good weekend all! See you soon,



No posts?
Sad wizard is sad. :(

Hope all are well! And hope to see you soon!
(NO PRESSURE! Just hoping!) ;P

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

I think he said this would be the bad month, so well see how he's making out in September.

Yeah I seem to remember that too.

Like I said, NO PRESSURE!

Mostly just checking in, DOT-ing, and making sure all are ok.

I mean, my kids just started back to school, and the college starts back on Monday, so,... you know,... craziness continues apace.


See you later, (OR sooner, whichever works) ;P


Hello all!

September looms, and with it, my desire to play. I am going to be bringing back my games.

Besides a strange month, I was floored by an unexpected surgery this August. Hernias suck, just to let you know.

I also visited my ancestral spawning grounds in the wilds of Nova Scotia, where I sat upon the beach, ate well and drank mightily.

But now, I am back! Refreshed, sewn up in more or less whole fashion, and ready to get back to the gaming. Stay tuned!!

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

It's been unusually hot this August, I hope you had a good time, definitely good beach weather.


I did. Your province is very beautiful, especially around the Cabot Trail and Ingonish where I was lucky to be. I got to meet a few more family members too. It seems like I am related to about half the people up there.

Lol, sounds nice Pat. I'm glad you had a good time. I've never made it to that part of the globe. I'm officially jealous. ;P


I highly recommend it should you ever decide you need a beach holiday. Just go in August, otherwise you might get non-beach weather. They had snow until June!

Plus I know you are from Louisiana, I don't know if you have Acadian ancestry, but there's a lot of cultural Acadian stuff up there. Including Louisburg, a fully-restored French fortress/town that does the whole recreation thing with period meals and costumes. My ancestors fought in the battles over it back in the 18th century.

That sounds very cool.

I'm actually from Oklahoma originally, (And a couple of other states that didn't want me either) But my Wife is born N bred in Naw'lins. :)

She's not Acadian either, her grandparents both came over from Italy to get away from Mussolini. ;P

Still sounds very cool. I would enjoy that sort of thing. My wife probably would, my kids,... sadly, they either would love it or hate it. And it might just depend in what mood they woke up in that morning.

My daughter just had her 16th bday today, and I still can't figure her out. ;P

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

Cape Breton is beautiful, the trail is best to drive in the fall, but Nova Scotia in general usually has a very nice mild summer so as long as you're not visiting in the winter or early spring you won't see any snow. Last winter was the worst I can remember, and even then we didn't see any serious snow till January, and the worst of it didn't come till February.

Oh man that sounds lovely. After dealing with Lousy-anna for the past 20 years that sounds great.

Here we only have 2 seasons.
Hotter than H@!!, and not-quite-so-d@#ded hot. :/

(It's only funny because it's true) ;)

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