Swords in Sigil

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This is to be the PbP extension of Mass Monkeyshines.

Doodlebug Anklebiter

Doodlebug Anklebiter

Male Goblin Paladin 7/Teamster Steward 2/Inquisitor 1
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The Crimson Masque

Male Sexy 7th-level Bard
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Gruumash .

Dark Archive Gruumash .

Male human / well sort of English and Scottish with a little French blend: though mostly a single malt with orcish traits Aristocrat 4th/ Barbarian-4th/Bard-4th /Monk/Grappler-12th/ Marketeer- 6th Pure Awesome 35th
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The Mad Badger

male half-orc Barbarian-6th/1st Rogue
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