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PaizoCon 2014!

Swords in Sigil

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This is to be the PbP extension of Mass Monkeyshines.

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Male Goblin Paladin 7/Teamster Steward 2/Inquisitor 1

Woops, just saw this now. No problem, Patrick.

I don't see why not, G-man. Talk to you when you get back. Have fun!



Hey all, just a quick update:

This week was the final week for my second job. I am at peace with this, and quite happy that several of my evenings are free again. I do hope to translate this into more time to post, we will see

My wife is likely going to be getting promoted soon. I am hoping this will not disrupt things too badly, but I will still be closer to my own computer should I have to start packing stuff up to move somewhere.

I hope to bring all of my games current this week, and I am still committed to them. Thanks again for your patience, it has been a very long winter.

Male Goblin Paladin 7/Teamster Steward 2/Inquisitor 1

Huzzah! Second jobs suck! What were you doing?



Cashier monkey at a Hess


Male human / well sort of English and Scottish with a little French blend: though mostly a single malt with orcish traits Aristocrat 10th/ Barbarian-8th/Bard-8th /Rogue-4th/ Marketeer- 6th

Any word on the promotion for your wife? What about moving ?



Bad news: No promotion

(kinda) good news: More time to prep the house for moving. We will be moving one way or another. We have been priced right outta Cape Cod. This place is a mothafukker when it comes to making ends meet.

I am a firm believer in property prices dropping due to crime waves. You need any help?



Lol. Plenty of crime on Cape Cod. They just up the patrols when the rich tourists are in town. You'll never get to the real 1%ers. They're all behind private security guarded gates.


[Cracks knuckles]

Sounds like a challenge...

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