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Swords in Sigil

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This is to be the PbP extension of Mass Monkeyshines.

Current Characters

Doodlebug Anklebiter

Male Goblin Paladin 7/Teamster Steward 2/Inquisitor 1
(6,546 posts)
Dark Archive Gruumash .

Male human / well sort of English and Scottish with a little French blend: though mostly a single malt with orcish traits Aristocrat 4th/ Barbarian-4th/Bard-4th /Monk/Grappler-12th/ Marketeer- 6th
(2,748 posts)
Patrick Curtin

(11,164 posts)
Billy-Ray Valentine

played by Patrick Curtin (1 post)
Grundhu the Derhii
Cartographer Monkey

played by Patrick Curtin (277 posts)

The Crimson Masque

Male Sexy 7th-level Bard

played by Doodlebug Anklebiter (316 posts)
Dungeon Monkey

Bribes always welcome

played by Patrick Curtin (5,514 posts)
Grundhu the Derhii

played by Patrick Curtin (1 post)

The Mad Badger

male half-orc Barbarian-6th/1st Rogue

played by Gruumash . (1,035 posts)

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