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Steig Lamplighter and the Curse of the Creeping Twilight (Inactive)

Game Master Gerald Rose

Fantasy Craft rules, Schrodinger's campaign setting (it don't exist until you get there/one of us makes it up), generic fantasy.



(4,959 posts)
Mead Cailleath

Defense: 12 (11 flat-footed), -2 when carrying Ferment; DR: 2; Vitality 20/30; Wounds 15/15; Subdual: 0; Stress: 0; [assistance I, best of the best (1/scene), charming, perfect memory, shove, wise counsel], Renown: Heroic 2
(138 posts)


Azhar Mithra Amin

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16
(2,092 posts)
Crow of The Village

Init +3; Blend +1u; Notice +4; Sense Motive +1u; Heroic Renown 1 Def 13; ff12; DR4; Lethal ?; Subdual ? Action Dice 1d4; Accurate, Basic Combat Expert, Bone Crusher, Charming, Damned if you do, Double Boost, Fortunes of War I, Hammer Basics, Hammer Mastery, Hurled Basics, Improved Stability, Misdirection Basics, Shove, Stand Together
(129 posts)

Logan Uyeda

Logan Uyeda

(minion gm)
(1 post)
Jhofre Vascari
Darius Reinhold

Init +3; Blend +1; Notice +6; Sense Motive +0; Heroic renown +1; Defense 13; FF 12; DR 5; Action Dice 3d4; Light Sleeper; Always Ready; Cadre; No Pain; Unbreakable; Melee Combat Expert; Grueling Combatant; Armor Basics; Club Basics; Knife Basics; Night Fighting; Darkvision I (Vitality 43/43; Wounds 15/15)
(202 posts)

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