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Starship Fantasies Playtest (Inactive)

Game Master Brian Minhinnick

Science fiction Pathfinder homebrew campaign.

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Liberty's Edge

What: Campaign where the PCs are crew members aboard the Federation Exploratory Fleet vessel Excelsior. Intended to bring the fantastic races and trappings of Pathfinder into the theater of the space opera. Think Dragonstar, Warhammer 40k meets Star Trek. Throw in a dash of Andromeda, Farscape and Star Wars. Please see the campaign info tab for more details about the setting. There is a robust set of house rules being used. Feel free to ask questions, this is a work in progress.

When:Recruitment is ongoing, ends on Sunday evening June 9th (I'm GMT+8 timezone)

Expectations:I'd like to see an alias, and a background that shows you read the campaign material. Post every 48 hours or face being DMPCed. During combat post every 24 hours or you will be considered dazed for that round.

Character Creation Rules:

Stats:15 Point Buy

Races:See Chapter 2 (Races) on Google page. Others need approval.

Level:3 (HP max at first, 1/2+1 after that d8=5)

Classes:See Chapter 3 (Hero Class) on Google page.

Feats:Any standard Paizo feats, plus Chapter 4 (Feats) on Google page. Replace any level requirements for Paizo feats with hero class levels.

Gear: Start with 1500 credits, don't worry about mundane gear. You'll be living on a military starship. Purchase from Chapter 6 (Equipment) on the Google page.

I'm looking for people to fill the follow positions aboard the FEF Excelsior:

  • Helmsman
  • Chief of Security
  • Chief Engineer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • First Officer

Please include which position you're applying for and make sure that your background and skills fit that position. I'm happy to answer any questions or clarify anything just let me know.

Updated my character to third level; I must say I'm pretty excited to start this.

Character updated, as for possition... Helmsman?

Oh OH! Can I be Red Shirt #1?


Liberty's Edge

stormraven wrote:

Oh OH! Can I be Red Shirt #1?



I'm putting together Horus here to apply as the chief engineer.

Quick question about the skill points for the archetypes. Do they still get their intelligence modifier added to the total?

I would probably apply for chief engineer I will update when I get the chance.

Don't know exactly where this would be, first officer?

That's where I'm applying...

(updated my backround, first officer seems like a good fit)

hey, to embarassed to ask, but do I get another feat every level? Thats probably a dumb question...

Im in love to play the medic have to ask SiFi game would you let in Psionics? would love to make an AI Psionic pacifist healer.

Using Race elan as the AI base, it would be a Biomechanical construct.

the class

vitalist to aid others cybernetic Mind/energy tech.

It would work under some kind of medical code of saving life 1st.


Age 5
Str 8 -2
Dex 10
con 10
Int 20 +2 race +6 17point spend
WIS 10
Che 10

Liberty's Edge

@Horus - Yes, just like normal. Will add to the document.

@Syarha - The arcane hero gets the normal feats at 1,3,5,7 etc. and also a bonus feat at level 1,5,10,15 etc. So at third level as a changeling you should have 3 feats.

Your HP should be 14 (6+4+4+Favored Class if you didn't use it on skills). Skills need to be updated, as do a lot of your other stats BAB, Spells Known etc..

@SpuglyFuglet - Since I already have so many homebrew rules I'm gonna stick with what I have on the google page. For a healer I'd recommend a Divine Hero. You could go spontaneous caster and use your feats to pick up a domain, mystery or any variety of other things.

Race wise, if you want to play a construct you could play a Relluk. Keep in mind that most weapons attack touch AC, so the armor gems aren't going to be as useful. However if you want to buy one, just add a 0 to the price. Ie, 50 GP becomes 500 credits.

@Tungsten - Your feats can't be the way you have them. Because you don't qualify for the second taking of sneak/bomb until 3rd level and you only have one feat at 3rd.

Level 1:Sneak Attack (Human), Bomb
Level 2:Something (Hero Bonus)
Level 3:Bomb OR Sneak Attack

I'm gonna open up two more officer positions, just so you don't have to shoehorn your characters into one.

  • Chief Operation Officer (Responsible for daily operation of the ship, managing cargo/supplies, establishing trade deals, etc)
  • Ship's Counselor (essentially the Ship's psychologist) (Feel like Syarha would be a good fit here possibly)

Yes, I will counsel the crazies!!!! Mwhhahahaha, wake in my terror!!!!!!!!

Hi Gm I understand, Had a look at the rules and not really into playing the healer that way, So if any other would like to take the post I am happy to step aside, if its empty at the end of the call GM ill make a PC to make the numbers, but i have a feeling Lurkers will step in and take the job :).

So I'm unclear, between the two threads and whatnot, whats the sign-up sheet look like?

I just realized that I never specified a position for my character. Although my concept goes more with a tactical specialist, I think the closest on the list you gave is the Chief of Security.

Liberty's Edge

Okay, to consolidate the officer positions available are:

  • Helmsman
  • Chief of Security
  • Chief Engineer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • First Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Ship's Counselor

I'm looking for ~5 players. Not all the spots need to be filled by PCs, but I will give preference to characters who fit one of the officer roles.

You may submit characters that would be members of the crew, or have some other reason to be on the FEF Excelsior (prisoner, civilian liason, passenger) but they will only be considered after the characters who submit for officer positions.

Ie. if I get three officer submissions they will most likely all be selected, and then I might look at your merchant/smuggler/space pirate/whatever. The reason being is it requires more writing for me to fit them into what I've got going on.

Added small blurb about Arcanicite to the Campaign Info Tab as I realized that I'd mentioned it without explaining what it was.

@SpuglyFuglet - You could also get healing magic as a Gish hero with the Bard, Inquisitor or Alchemist's spell list. Or an arcane hero with the Witch spell list.

Ok he still needs some of the details ironed out, but here is my candidate for Chief engineer.
Background is in his profile.

just like the idea of playing an AI construct how flexible are you on races. Im thinking also Prestodragon L1-2 and L3 LG Cleric

Liberty's Edge

Pretty flexible, as long as it's not super overpowered compared to the others, and non-psionic. The Relluks are constructs.

Relluk is perfect ill use that race.

Liberty's Edge

Make sure you read the Hero Class chapter. We're not using standard PF classes. It's a more plug and play system, where most of the class features have been converted into feats to make it more flexible.

@Jelani I probably won't be able to get my character updated till sunday so I completely understand if this is too late. I will try and get it updated before then but can't promise anything.

Liberty's Edge

It's cool. I may need to extend recruitment anyway if more people don't show up.

Here is Leo in an updated version.

I like the additional fluff and changed a little in my background accordingly.

As for Officer positions the obvious would be Chief of Security but an interesting spin could be Chief Operations Officer, in a pince he could do Helmsman or First Officer but I would prefer Chief Operations Officer or First Officer, not being good at either but not terribly bad would make for some interesting roleplay opportunities .

Liberty's Edge

Leo looks good. I think his wide range of knowledge would make him a good candidate for First Officer.

Had a much better Idea - Spugly and Fuglet are Taddol, that is one body with two heads, (I will split skills and such between the heads but its one PC in all but name with two voices and personalty's. Ya I could have max with the AI but two heads! has to be done for a doctor.


I just realized whats been bugging me about this offering GM, your making a Pathfinder build of that Classic and amazing PnP RPG "Traveler" with some Warhammer40k races and magic dropped to fit the system.

I just love traveler, and its a great game world, all ready fleshed put and ready to go.

Sorry to say now that, I will have to drop out. I know Laz at mongoose publishing who's the main writer for their Traveler and I'm a play tester, hell the robots book is based on my write up of core system AIs.
I know your harts is in the right place GM, but for me ill just be seeing whats lacking from a world that's slimier in setting to two other games I know to well and be a pain pointing out whats missing and wrong.

All the best with this every one and have fun, if you would like to see fully fleshed out SiFi RPG why not have a look at

mongoose "Traveler" RPG


Liberty's Edge

Fair enough, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't use my recruitment thread to advertise your friend's game. Not the place.

*sigh* not every space hack wants to be Traveller...

Liberty's Edge

Alright, so here's what we're looking at:

Kimefe - Chief of Security
Walter Tungsten - Helmsman
Leo Gotrum - First Officer
Horus Hightower - Chief Engineer
Grunk Bigfix - Chief Operations Officer

You're all accepted, please head over to discussion thread to iron out last minute details and for me to give you traits. I should be able to get some roleplaying going in the gameplay thread by tomorrow or the next day.

We've had a couple players drop and our crew needs a medical officer and/or pilot. You can read about the game world on the campaign tab, and check out the gameplay thread to see how it plays. The party is currently on a planetary base, doing an investigation.

Character Creation:

Stats:15 Point Buy

Races:See Chapter 2 (Races). Others need approval.

Level:3 (HP max at first, 1/2+1 after that d8=5)

Classes:See Chapter 3 (Hero Class).

Traits:Any 2, standard rules apply. May need reflavoring.

Feats:Any standard Paizo feats, plus Chapter 4 (Feats). Replace any level requirements for Paizo feats with hero class levels.

Gear: Start with 1500 credits, don't worry about mundane gear. You'll be living on a military starship. Purchase from Chapter 6 (Equipment).

This looks really interesting, I'll try to knock up a Dwarven Medical Officer I think.

That's good news. We'll be happy to have you. The planet the players are currently on is a desert mining rock in the middle of nowhere, with pirate problems and a decent sized dwarven population. Bonus points if you read the gameplay thread to really make yourself fit in ^_^

I would like to make a character that fills the role of Chief of Security if that role has not been taken (I looked at the current characters and I didn't find that role filled). I love space opera games and am a huge star trek/star wars/farscape 5 fan. Count me in if you will have me. I will make a character and have something soon.

I also am very favorable to science officer types, much like the role Spock filled.

When would you like me to have the crunch/backstory done by?

We do have a chief of security, it's Kimefe. We lost our pilot and ship's counselor.

XO - Leo
Operations - Grunk
Security - Kimefe
Engineer - Horus

As for time frame, just as soon as you get a chance. It's an ongoing game, so I'm not gonna set a deadline. We'll be on the planet for a while yet.

Ooooh, pilot. I like the sound of that! I also happen to love pilots. Since the rules are new to me for this and I cannot use hero lab it may take me a bit to get it all done. I will post here when I have the alias with info up. Looking forward to it!

Where can I find a list of various planets? The different PC's seem to have info on the planet they come from but I am not seeing where I can get this from.

Make it up. That's what I made them all do, sorry I forgot to mention that.

Other than using the pilot skill, are there any special feats for starship operation? From my time playing D20 Modern I know it had different feats in order to be able to fly different classes of ships ranging from one seat fighters to large capital types.

I didn't see this covered anywhere. Apologies if I missed it.

Right I've been reading the game play thread and I've come up with a bit of a concept I'd like to clear with you. Would it be ok to play a middle aged dwarf of about a 150 (taking the penalties and bonuses or not which ever you'd prefer).
The backstory being that he fought on the front lines in the ravage war. Though the war was only two years long the strain of constantly fighting the reanimated corpses of friends he was unable to save left him serverly shell shocked. After the war he drifted from one planet rebuilding effort to the next trying to help but with night horrors of long dead friends reaching out to him with decaying hands he spent most days in a liquor induced haze. This got him into trouble a fair bit (the reason for drifting) and eventually he hit the bottom of the barrel. Hitching a ride to a backwater dust ball called Cygnuss IV. He worked the mines for a while till after a few accidents his foreman noticed his medical skills and transferred him to what passed for the hospital. Strangely patching up miners all day long began to heal his horrors and he has finally begun to let go of the Ravage war. 

@ Grand Moff Vixen - No feats are needed. Just the pilot skill.

@ Kip84 - That sounds great. I'd prefer you leave the age modifiers out though.

Quick question on feats. Do we get the standard feat at 1st and every 3rd level as per normal PF as well as a bonus feat every level?

Yes, if you take straight hero you get all the normal odd level feats as well as a bonus feat every level. Some of the archetypes get more or less feats as listed in the classes document.

Kip84 with Grimwold the Dwarven Medical Officer.

I had a question on the gear. The Blaster pistol is listed at 2000 credits and the Blaster Carbine is listed at 1800 but seems better, is that a mistake?

I'll get cracking on the fleshing out the backstory tonight.

Edit: I have a question about armour and the heroic armour bonus. Does the hero's armour bonus apply to a Flat Footed (FF) AC? If not if I selected The light rubber armour would I get a +3 Armour bonus to FF but still retain the use of my +4 Heroic bonus when I wasn't FF?

Sorry about all the questions.

Yes, it was a typo. The blaster carbine should be 2800. The hero's defense bonus applies to normal and touch AC, but not flat footed. If you were wearing armor, you would lose that defense bonus completely and use the armor's bonus to normal and flat footed AC instead.

I have completed the pilot. Here is the alias.

Let me know what you think and any changes you wish me to make.

Looks good, why don't you go introduce yourself in the discussion thread. I'll start thinking of a way to work you in, might need some minor backstory changes if that's okay.

Whatever you need. Minor changes don't bother me at all.

Ok I believe I'm done? Is there anything I've missed or need to work on DM Jelani?

Head over to discussion Grimwold.

Recruitment is closed until further notice.

Lost another player, so I'm looking for a replacement again. This time is was our Chief of Operations, lost to real life.

Job description:On board FEF starships, the role of the operations officer is manning the ops station (as such, overseeing internal systems control, communications and sensor system usages), ops personnel also coordinate the scheduling of resources, hardware and system usage for an entire starship.

Campaign Info

Character creation rules are in the first post of this thread. This is an ongoing game, but we just entered our second combat, and loot is the same as what they started with. The operations job is pretty generic, it could be filled by many different builds. Skills in use technology, knowledge (engineering), Perception and Diplomacy are all a bonus. I'll leave this open until I find a suitable candidate. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Feel free to look at the characters tab, or gameplay tab to get a feel for the game.

Ah yea, two traits. Any paizo. Also in your backstory you should make up a home planet similar to what the other characters have.

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