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Male Human

"You stay there and finish the mission. I'll handle those two, I've been bored off my ass up here waiting for the repairs to finish anyway." comes the Captain's reply.

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"Shall we rendezvous up with Kimefe and Grunk then?

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Acknowledging the captains order, Leo turns to Horus. "I think we better do that Hightower, lets hope they're there when we arrive." he answers with a tired smile.

After they walked a bit, he asks Horus: "Why do you think the ran? Have they given you any hints they might?"

While walking the thoughts run rampart in his head. Why did they run? It was a good posting. Was it something I did? Nahh.. they would have run anyway. I better take a look at the files when we get back. Better check up on the others to. Better safe than sorry.

Leo and Horus make their way easily over to the Fortune's Temple. Once inside they are greeted by a small golden suit clad gnome, "Hey there. You must be Grunk's friends. I'm Reggie, come right this way please." he leads them through the casino and up the lift into his office.

Male Human

Shortly after everyone is reunited in the office, all their comm badges crackle to life together, "The shuttle with the two runaways has been....neutralized. We're gonna need a new pilot. Oh, I think that battle was a little too much for Baasira. She's resigned under dishonorable discharge. We're gonna need a new doctor too. See who you can find down there, maybe Auriel can help. The Guild trains good people. Ageera, over."

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"What the F$£%. They were in here not two minutes ago playing they neutralized." He slams his fist into his knee "Pile of steaming..." He takes a moment to calm himself "XO, maybe we should find those recruits then take on Thog's place. Couple of extra hands could be useful."

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Nodding at the gnome Leo replies: "Pleasure Reggie, thanks for your help. I'm Junior lieutenant Gotrum. How is Grunk?"

After entering the office the captain's orders sound over the communicator. Leo utters under his breath: "Oh joy please recruit what you can on this backwater planet, surely this can make up for FEF training." He replies: "Aye, aye captain, will do. Gotrum out."

He turns to Grunk ignoring the outburst: "Right you are Bigfix, I'll talk to the guild as they might be the most reliable recruiting option down here. Tell me what have you learned so fare?" Then adds before anyone can reply in an ice-cold tone: "Ensign we're going to have a talk when we get ship-side."

As Reggie an Leo are walking to the office he replies, "Grunk's okay. He only had one drink, so don't go too harsh on him. I think he was expecting alcohol."

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"Expecting Alcohol? What did you give him?

"Grubble juice. It's a mild hallucinogen. He asked for the strongest thing I had."

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Grunk's eyes turn into small slits Sir. He shakes himself Can't lose it with this one.

He sighs "Not gunna lie main thing we found out was that there is shady dealings going on over at Thog's Place. Kimefe said the women out front was hiding something. Apart from that no one seems to know anything."

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@Reggie:"Hallucinogens a big thing around here?"

@Kimefe and Grunk:"We've got a rat in the local power structure that's feeding the Blood Claws information. The constable is on that list and me and the XO just had a chat with him. If he is the leak, he's a pretty obvious one. Either way, we won't be getting any help from that quarter."

"Looks like the Guild will be our only friends here, then. Perhaps we should go talk to them now and see what they can do to help us."

Earlier on the way to the office:

Reggie replies to Horus, "For some. No bigger than anywhere, they just don't go through the bullsh*t of making it illegal to alter your own body on this planet. One reason I like it here."

Everyone cool with skipping to 18:00 or later?

I'm fine with that.

Anyone gonna call Auriel to ask about replacement pilot/doctor?

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For the sake of getting things moving, let's say Horus does.

@Reggie:"Fair enough."

Well then do it! Lol.

As they approach Auriel's chamber, Kimefe speaks to whichever servant or secretary is out front. "We need to speak to Auriel again, it is of utmost importance."

Auriel doesn't have a secretary, so he answers his door. "Yes Ensign? What can I do for you?"

"Some of our team tried to run off with our shuttle and were taken out. We no longer have enough people to adequately investigate this situation. Our captain told us to you and see if you could offer up any of your guild-mates to help us out--Seeing as this is just as important to you as it is to us."

"Oh my. That's most unfortunate. I'd be happy to do what I can. What kind of skillsets do you need?" He asks her in return.

"Well, it was our pilot and psychologist that left with the shuttle, but our chief medical officer was also discharged--she couldn't handle being in combat."

He appears to think for a moment before answering, "I believe I might know a couple people who could be of use to you. Can I have them meet you somewhere?" he asks.

"Ideally, it would be best to meet them at Thog's Place tonight; we were planning on talking to some of the folks there and could use the back-up."

Where did everyone else go? I feel like I'm the only one talking here.

"I'll let them know immediately. Keep your eyes open for a dwarven man and a tiefling woman." Auriel says.

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Grunk looks to Kimefe "So we getting some fresh blood? Guess its just a case of waiting now."

I am around. I just didn't feel it was Grunk's place to intervene :)

"Looks like it. Let's head down to Thog's Place and wait for them."

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"Excellent. To Thog's.

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On the way to Thog's place Leo walks up to Kimefe. "Good work" he mumbles and continues in a lowered voice: "I would like a thorough security check of the red shirts when you have the first opportunity. I am not taking any chances this time."

He walks a bit away from Kimefe and asks all of them: "Someone said shady dealings and Thog's place earlier, could you bring me up to speed?"

We don't actually know much. But Reggie said that the Blood Claws hang around there sometimes, and when I talked to the orc at the front she seemed to be hiding something."

DM Jelani, are we actually authorized to dig around, or do we need to get a search warrant of some kind first?

Well, you were asked to be covert. But if it came down to it you could reveal yourselves and the Headman would back you. I'll be updating this sometime today after work.

I know that Grunk is decked out in some spikey leather biker gear. What are the rest of you wearing to Thog's?

After talking to Auriel, the group spends the rest of the day hanging out in Reggie's office and keeping an eye on Thog's. Though the bar opens at 18:00, it isn't until well after 'dark' that things really pick up. The typical client is an orc, goblin or hobgoblin. A few surly looking dwarves and stranger things also make their way inside. They are mostly wearing a lot of leather and dark colors. You don't see any humans going in, other than a handful of scantily clan overly made-up young women. By 22:00 it looks like the bar would be pretty packed.

Reggie comes into the office, goes behind the desk and pours himself a drink. "Looks like now's as good a time as any to head over to Thog's. I'll keep an eye on things and give you a buzz if there's trouble coming from the outside."

Thog's Place once the PCs go there:

The entryway to Thog's has replaced the old woman with a burly bouncer. He's so large and ugly, that there's little doubt some of his blood comes from an ogre. The massive dreadlocked orc thing peers at the group silently with heavily-lidded bloodshot eyes, his tree trunk arms crossed over his chest. "20 credits each." he grunts. The sign behind him clearly says Ten Credit Entry Fee

Mordanna and Grimwold, you had no trouble getting in. Grimwold, the bouncer probably greeted you like an old pal, don't worry about the entry fee. We'll assume you two are already inside. You were told to look out for an orc, a human, a tiefling and a sylph.

Kimefe is most likely wearing some nondescript browns and greys, although the carbine slung over her shoulder is less subtle.

Taking note of the sign, Kimefe looks to Leo to see how to proceed.

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Grunk growls deep in his throat at the Orc. He clenches his fists and sizes up to the bouncer "رقم تسجيل تقول عشرة ائتمانات. دعونا لك في لذلك أو سوف يشق عليه حتى الحمار الخاص بك."

"No. The sign says 10 credits. You let us in for that or I will shove it up your f*&@!&g arse"

Intimidate: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

"هم الوردي الكلبات السر؟ انها والعشرين لالخناصر. أن المرء السمين لطيف كيندا." the orog says, indicating Leo with his double chins then chuckling heartily.

"Are the pink ones your b*tches? It's twenty for pinkies. That chubby one's kinda cute."

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Having changed into an outfit similar to Kimefe's, Leo is wearing a pair of brown overalls, a grey t-shirt and black working boots. This time diplomacy isn't his primary concern so He is also carrying his carbine.

He looks at Grunk and says: "I'm properly not going to like what he said, but 10 credit each?"

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Horus will be dressed in a likewise inconspicuous manner.

"Just pay him, Let's get this show on the road."

"Horn man 10 credit." the bouncer says holding out a meaty palm to Horus.

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Leo nods to Horus. To the bouncer he says: "Here's all your money." handing the bouncer 70 credits. "Lets move on." He says to the others while beginning to walk past the bouncer.

The bouncer grunts and moves aside. Walking inside the group sees a crowded bar of uniform black color. The floor is on two levels, the center sunken down a few feet while the outer edge is level with the floor as they walk in. The depression is shaped like a U with the bar being at the open end. The raised level is full of booths, while the sunken floor is covered in round 4 person tables. There's a couple of pretty orc ladies tending the bar, as well as a large older orc that must be Thog.

Booth, or table? I should have time to whip up a map tomorrow.

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Grimwold, a bald dwarf with a close cropped (for a dwarf) salt and pepper beard, stands at the bar ordering another drink. He's still wearing his medical unifom and he stands out in the sea of black leather. It had been a slow day for him, that is until he'd received a call from Auriel. He supposed Auriel had picked him because of his somewhat drifter status knowing he wouldn't mind leaving the planet, though it could be because of his unique bedside manner... Maybe some of the miners had complained he mused. " Cheers " he responds to the barmaid as he exchanges some credits for the dark ale. Then he quickly heads over to an empty booth on the raised area.

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Mordanna is dressed like this. She is sitting off in a corner having a jovian sunspot.

She seems to be looking for someone or something.

”Hope Auriel was right. I am tired of sitting around. Time to get off this rock and on to the next run.”

Mordanna, you see the group described to walk into the bar. They are sort of still standing by the entrance getting their bearings.

Kimefe makes her way to the nearest booth that allows an unobstructed view of all entrances and starts sizing up the people in the bar.

Kimefe will be looking for big people or people with big guns, but she will also take note of all the employees (bouncers, barmaids, Thog, etc). Besides that, are there any doors besides the one we came through?

General Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 11

Kimefe, there are a lot of big orcs, but you don't really see any big guns. Plenty of people have sidearms, and there are a few monoblades but that's it. There are the two female bartenders and then Thog who mostly just watches what's going on, lends a hand if the bar gets rushed. There are another two bouncers making rounds, looks like they are wearing shock gloves. There is another female orc waitress working the floor, along with a handsome half-orc male waiter. There's loud rock music playing so you can't really hear anyone and nothing looks particularly out of place. The only other doors you can see are behind the bar and to the restrooms.

HP 33 ⎢ AC 20 ⎢ T 20 ⎢ FF 10 ⎢ CMD 19 ⎢ F +5 ⎢ R +4 ⎢ W +6 ⎢ Init +3 ⎢ Per +7

Following Kimefe into the booth and sits down beside her, Leo says discretely: "I believe this is a security manner, you take the lead here."

He scans the place looking for anything sticking out. Not noticing anything besides what he would expect.

Aiding Kimefe's Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 1

He sees the same as Kimefe, but to Leo it looks completely normal for this sort of place.

Can Kimefe pick out either of the people we're supposed to meet here?

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