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Star Wars - The Covenant of Shadows (Inactive)

Game Master Camris

Six people find themselves deep in the outer rim with nothing but blank memories, looted clothing, a stolen ship and more questions than all put together.

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Needs some adrenaline up in here!

Desh and Juce:

One other complication I'm thinking of is a Mandalorian that one or both of you know, since you have connections to them in your backstory. Would that be OK, and if so did you have anybody in mind?

I didn't have something specific in mind. He would have had a passing familiarity with all the Mando's in the group that raised him. I'd guess there were one or two "father/mother" figures and then a larger group of what he would recognize as his "childhood community". None of these would have been his actual birth-family, nor would any of them specifically even be Feeorin except for the few that were taken alongside him from his birth-home.

All that being said, I'm fairly open to you writing in whatever you want/need for the good of the story. Intentionally giving you a lot of room to write.

Sure! I'd love too. Maybe a cousin or sibling? A rival or something for either a love or clan status? Maybe a clan member of similar age who would have been envious of Juce for some reason as they would have had to take the (non-gender)manhood tests at the same time. Maybe he feels Juce humiliated him somehow or stole his thunder? I'm open to most anything :)


NOT Camris, Desh, nor Juce!:

What's with all the spoilers flyin' around these parts? =P

Anyone BUT Jeriko:
Why don't you just check them and spoil your fun ;)
Yes. I peeked at Jeriko's...


Man! All these spoiler buttons are SO TEMPTING TO CLICK! GAH!


I peeked at the one immediately above this one! I was weak! WEAK! WEEEEEEEEEEAK!

Heads up. I'm going out of town for the weekend, I'll be offline from Friday to late Sunday (GMT).

Darth Camris wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **
** spoiler omitted **

OK boys and girls (you know who you are), where to from here? There are many possible paths from here, and you hear tell Juce has an idea...

Well, if Juce's plan is to get the armor back and bork the Hutt over, are we still going with the heist idea?

If so, then I think we should figure out how long it will take for us to get this ship fixed without us getting noticed. If that's any appreciable amount of time, maybe one or two of the less mechanically gifted members of the group could spend that time infiltrating the Hutt's estate as guards or whatnot?

That way, when the ship is finally a reliable get-away vehicle, we'll already have a man or two on the inside to help us sping the heist.

I'd volunteer Jeriko as one of the inside men, but since he already worked for the Hutt for a while as a prize-winning swoop racer, he'd probably be recognized. Juce's fancy helmet might make him a better candidate for the deep-cover job if that's the way we want to go.

I'd suggest Jeriko stay with the ship as our getaway driver. Either that or be responsible for heisting a speeder for our escape.

I'd offer Desh as an inside man (given how these types seem to always be on the lookout for muscle), but for two things.

First off, Desh couldn't' lie his way out of a paper bag.

Secondly, at least one person in this whole web of craziness specifically knows who Desh is, apparently. That could be a bad thing in the right/wrong circumstances.

How about Baniss?


If we're going to present Jerrn as a fake bounty redemption (to jerk around the Exchange), Jeriko'd be a good face man for that, especially since (as far as the Hutt is concerned) Jeriko owes him a swoop. It'd be an easy lie to sell, and Jeriko's got that racial ability to reroll bluff checks incase the dice are cruel.

EDIT: Juce's suggestion is also good, with Jeriko acting as the getaway driver waiting in the wings.

I'm sure medically trained professionals are always in demand, so Baniss would probably be a good addition to the "deep cover" pair.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

May the Fourth be with you all!

On vacation, back Monday.

Sorry about the miniaturized maps. Not sure what's causing it.

Oh, i just thought I was getting really big.

HP: 32/32 | Ref: 21 Fort: 15 Will: 21 | Condition Track: 0 |

Sorry Camris and all but I'm really snowed under at work so I'm cutting down my PbP commitments.


We'll be here when work lightens up, dude!

Bolt! Still with us man?


Thanks to these 80 babillion tuskans, Jeriko is now in the market for a flame thrower as well as a rocket launcher. Barring that, I'm considering picking up a little sister for Angeline and dual-wielding pistols.

Also, this fight is a lot of fun so far. Then again, I'm not getting shot in the temple while trying to hold up a starship with my mind. =P

Lol. Agreed. Though i'm doing my best to minimize that happening to our dirt-wearin', farm-boy jedi.

Also, I totally forgot that Desh was in the market for a rocket-pack. Needs to get me one of those!


I see Jeriko turning into a blend of Han Solo and Boba Fett. This idea delights me.

Bolt? You still with us?

No, sorry I'm not. Busy work schedule, family, and real life gaming are taking up all my energies. You go on without me....



Hey, just a heads up. My wife is about to burst with pregnancy. So if my posting becomes suddenly erratic or sporadic, that's probably what's up.

If it holds up the game, feel free to play me however is needed. I'll try to give a more specific heads up when it happens, though.

Desh, if she's about to burst, it's not a baby, it's an alien. Get the flamethrowers ready.

If it's a baby, boil water. Or get ice.


Extra sublight engine (+10,000/per engine, max 4)
+1 square/100 kmh, +1 Ref Def, +1 Dex
2 engines = +1 square in size
4 engines = +2 sqaures in size

Layer of Laminate Armor (+5000/layer, max 4)
+40 HP, +1 Fort Def

Military Shielding System (10,000/unit, max 2)
+25 to SR

Extra Laser Cannon to each Turret (10,000, max 2)
+1 to Atk, +4d10 to dmg

Avionics Suite (5000/per package, max 2)
+2 to all listed skills

Military Grade Sensor Suite (5000, max 2)
+2 to Percption and Initiative (stacks with Avionics bonuses)

Also bear in mind that upgrading more than two engines, one shielding, and/or one laser cannon requires upgrading to a more powerful powerplant; an extra 5000 cr.

2 Engines (+2 squares speed, +2 Ref, +2 Dex, +1 sq in size) 20,000
2 Laminate Armor Layers (+80 HP, +2 Fort) 10,000
2 Military Shielding Units (+50 SR) 20,000
2 Powerplant Upgrades 10,000
2 Laser Cannon Upgrades (+2 Atk, +8d10 Dam) 20,000
2 Avionics Suite Upgrades (+4 to all skills) 10,000
2 Military Grade Sensor Upgrades (+4 Perception, +4 Initiative) 10,000

Total Net Changes:
+2 squares speed
+2 Ref, +2 Fort
+2 Dex
+80 HP
+50 SR
+2 Atk, +8d10 Damage
+4 to all skills (+8 to Initiative & Perception)
+1 square in size

Total Cost: 100,000

Ship Name Suggestions:
Tenebrous Star, Shady Lady, Grumpy Rancor, Brazen Hussy, Noble Savage


Hey guys - I'll be heading up to a mountain cabin tomorrow afternoon and won't be back until Monday. There's no phone signal up there, so I'll be off the grid for the duration of the trip.

Not that I expect it, but should those Tuskan Raiders have somehow followed us to Uncle Al's and they spring a raid on us, feel free to have Jeriko on auto-pilot while I'm gone. =P

Uh, 50,000 of the ship's total 100,000 is already spent to take care of the damage/missing equipment.
You only have 50,000 to spend from the ships account, aside from what you'll put in from your own pocket.

Anyone else want to weigh in on what they'd like to see upgraded?


Ahhh. I misunderstood our starting funds and that 1/2 of it was already eaten up in just getting the old bird off the ground. In that case, I'd amend my previous recommendation to the following:

1 Engine (+2 squares speed, +2 Ref, +2 Dex, +1 sq in size) 10,000
2 Laminate Armor Layers (+80 HP, +2 Fort) 10,000
1 Military Shielding Unit (+25 SR) 10,000
1 Powerplant Upgrade 5,000
1 Laser Cannon Upgrades (+1 Atk, +4d10 Dam) 10,000
1 Military Grade Sensor Upgrade (+4 Perception, +4 Initiative) 5,000


And I really like Jerrn's suggestion of Second Chance for the ship name. I like it a lot.

OK, enough vacationing.
I'm thinking of starting the next section (Heist) In Media Res; that is in the middle of the action. You'd all have infiltrated the celebration as discussed. No problem.
Just want to know, were you going to pretend to sell Jerrn to the Hutt lord?


If Jerrn's down with the plan, then sure! Jeriko isn't exactly the most scrupulous of fellows, so he'd certainly be ok with trying.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Game Closed

Can we pretend to pretend to sell Jerrn, but actually sell him, instead?

Hey! This thread is alive. And I wasn't notified. I demand to see the management.

And watch out, Six. I can go dark side any day, you know!


Actually sell him, and then rescue him! Double profit!

Well, what the hell. If you all like it, you like it.
*grabs the paddles*
Touches the paddles to the game...


I dig it! I like it a lot!

Oof... once again i'm getting no notifiers about this game.

Thanks for the heads up, Jeriko. working up a post now.

Also, Camris, shoujld we assume our normal load-outs? Or do we need to adhere to our disguises more closely? Just wondering what weapons/items Desh would have on-hand.. ya know, other than Jerrn's 'saber as an eyepiece and all.

ANd what are the chances Desh could afford the credits and time to pick up a jetpack between that last fight and this heist?

Okay... and doing a character sheet audit. We're level 6, right? Desh is looking like he's level 5, but that doesn't seem right to me.

Greetings gentlemen, ready to blow up a Hutt's Palace and run away with his credits?


It's gonna be soooo good!


Whats going on? Did we have a finalized plan or are we just winging it?


I think we'll back-fill the plan as we go. That's my impression at least.

Q: Also, Camris, should we assume our normal load-outs? Or do we need to adhere to our disguises more closely? Just wondering what weapons/items Desh would have on-hand.. ya know, other than Jerrn's 'saber as an eyepiece and all.
A: You can have you full loadout if you want. You heavy armor folks only need a quick paint job, a full face shield and some spaceyard junk glued to your armor to be unrecognizable. You who aren't have undercover MonoCrys armor (equivalent to Combat Jumpsuit, but way more expensive and +2 vs energy attacks) courtesy of Uncle Al.

Q: And what are the chances Desh could afford the credits and time to pick up a jetpack between that last fight and this heist?
A: We assume at least ten days have passed since you brought your salvaged ship to Uncle Al's shop, plenty of time to purchase commonly available items if you have the creds.

Q: Okay... and doing a character sheet audit. We're level 6, right? Desh is looking like he's level 5, but that doesn't seem right to me.
A: Everybody on the team should be Level 6 (and closing in on L7.)

Q: Whats going on? Did we have a finalized plan or are we just winging it?
A: A bit of both. You have a definate skeleton of a plan, with a bunch of options that will hopefully allow success and escape as previously discussed in OOC. I'm just kicking it forward.

I think we'll back-fill the plan as we go. That's my impression at least.
A: You are more or less correct.

Question; How much of a threat does a mouse droid represent? It's realy just a broom with an intelligence score right? Would it be likely to report Juce as debis too big for him to handle, filing an incident report calling out bigger droids or am I just beeing paranoid?

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