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Star Wars - The Covenant of Shadows (Inactive)

Game Master Camris

Six people find themselves deep in the outer rim with nothing but blank memories, looted clothing, a stolen ship and more questions than all put together.

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m Mirakula Jedi 6th
Desh wrote:

Aaaaaahh.. switchin' it up on us, eh? I like it.

Out of curiosity, what is Disciplined Strike? (I can't find it)

yes it's what i settled on, haha, anyway

Disciplined Strike-when using a force power with the force descriptor(i.e. force slam), you may exclude a number of targets from that power equal to your wisdom bonus

We still got Erefine on the hook? I haven't seen an update since i made my last suggestion, and i'm guessing that's supposed to be Nikki in the box.

Or is it gonna be Amin?

Enter Nikki Talenda and Amin Savvo, stuck in pods and trying to get out...

3d4 ⇒ (2, 3, 1) = 6

so 600 gear, 1200 in the bank

Nikki Talenda? Paging Nikki Talenda; please go to the white courtesy phone...

Hmmm... he didn't even get his character complete before going silent on us.

I guess we should give him another day or so (for the benefit of the doubt - maybe something came up in his personal life or something).

Game Closed

Nikki seems to have dropped off the grid, as of August 5. He hasn't posted on other characters since then, but was pretty consistent (at least once per day on 3+ characters) for the last two months. Maybe we should move on, and give him a window of opportunity to join us later?

I also encourage Amin to feel free to post without waiting on Nikki.

I guess we can wait till Monday to be sure.
Meanwhile the game proceeds!


Do these swoops have weapons on them? If not, do we just use our hand-held weapons? And I haven't done any swoop-combat, how does that work? Piloting checks to maneuver and attack rolls to attack? Dog-fighting rules?

Hey ppl. Sorry for dropping off the radar but I've been having issues with my internet connection, the wife accidentally pulled the power plug, twice, and I can't connect. I'm posting this from my mothers. Hopefully I'll have this resolved before long.

m Mirakula Jedi 6th

hp rolls

4d10 ⇒ (7, 3, 1, 1) = 12

+32 at 1st level and 8 from con makes 52

These swoop bikes do have stock blaster rifles mounted forward, aim your bike to aim the gun in your forward arc. You can also stick any personal weapons out of your canopy and fire them in any direction, there is a penalty -4 to piloting if you do.

If you're going to shoot your own weapons out of the canopy, use pilot to maneuver and weapon skills to attack. If you are using the on board blaster rifle, use the dogfight rules.

Camris, I'm loving the swoop fight... good job!


Okay, well-played, Camris!

Just a point of order, though, wouldn't Desh be allowed a Pilot check to avoid the collision?

Mostly I'm curious. At this point, I think the action sequence has been so cool that I don't want to change anything, so even if Desh should have gotten one, I think we should keep with what you've had happen.

Just want to make sure I know how the rules work.

The Ram maneuver itself is just a Pilot roll vs. target Reflex defense.

The next page has a "Avoid Collision" reaction a Pilot can use to blunt or avoid collision damage.

Neither one refers to each other, so it's kind of argueable. For me, in a speederbike fight I'd say yes you can use the "Avoid Collison" against a Ram attack. But since I rolled a 2 on the die for it, you still got hit and broke up.

This raises another question though. I have been rolling reaction and save dies offscreen on my table here. In the future, do you guys want to roll your own saves and reaction rolls?

Oh, okay, cool. Not seeing the rol happening made me unsure that it had happened.

That being said (and now that I know you did the reactive rolls off-screen), I'm totally fine with the DM rolling reactive rolls in a PbP... it keeps things moving along faster. The only reactive roll I can think of that I prefer to be left in the player's hands are AoO's.

Hey guys. Internet's back, for good I hope... Seems thers a communication problem between my computer and my router.

Anyway, I'm going to have to drop out of this game... *cringe*

This blackout has shown me that I'm spending way to much time on pbp, I need to get this under control so I'm drasticly cutting back on my pbp, I'm only keeping the ones I've been in the longest and the ones I've got the most invested in.

Good gaming and no hard feelings, I hope we can game together again in the future.

Dang, hate to see you go; haven't even gotten offworld yet!
Until we meet again, may the Force be with you!

Meant to say this a week ago, but (on the off-chance that you see this), sorry to see you go, Sigz. It was fun to game when you were here.

Hope you get your gaming habits into a comfortable place.

Welcome to character Level six!
Report your new build here.


i'll put some though into leveling up, and try to have it done this weekend or (at the latest) monday.

Me too. Should be done by Monday.

Okay, i know i'm going soldier. I know i'm taking power attack, but still thinking through talent selection. I'll give a full write up later. :)

HP: 63 + 1d10 + 2 ⇒ 63 + (8) + 2 = 73
+1 to all defenses (and damage threshold... reflex actually jumps an additional 2 because of talent and worn armor)
+1 to BAB
Force Points: 8
+1 to all skills
+1 to damage
Feat: Power Attack
Talent: Improved Armor Defense

Are you all levelled up?

I think I am...


Hmmm... did we lose half the team?

You're still here, right, Jerrn?

We all float down here, Desh...

Just when things are heating up!

Yah, not sure what happened to Six. I gave him a shout the other day and he said he was still here... still haven't seen a post, though. (on any of his aliases, actually)

Should Jerrn and I be moving forward? Or do you want to see if we hear from Six and Amin?

Well, another couple of days and we should shove things forward. Start thinking about where you would like to go next.

Well, i guess we have our answer from Amin. Now maybe we'll hear one way or the other from Six.

Well then.
Did you want to recruit a couple more players? Even with Six, you're a little undermanned.

I'm up for it, I guess. Not sure what to expect given how this last round went, but it would be nice to have a more standard-sized party.

Camris, what are your thoughts at this point?

I'm fine either way (new players or no), but want to know where you're at. And do you have an opinion either way, Jerrn?


Come on guys, don't keel over! You can do it! Keep the force alive!

I'm in it all the way here. This is just the part where the player characters make a plan, and then we proceed to "Episode 2".
And I just realized I should probably start recruiting.
What would you players like, recruit first before proceeding, or continue on and recruit while you go?

I guess we should go ahead and post a recruitment. No reason to wait.

I'm fine moving ahead through this planning stage, and we can fold any new characters in as we move back into a more proactive phase of the game.

Six, Jern, what do you two guys think?

Game Closed

That works for me, as well. I've been a bit busy, and still haven't leveled, but I'll work it up. I'm definitely still in, though.

New recruits sound good. I'm still in!

So we wanna just act like Amin died in the facility or on the way over? Seems the easiest way of explaining his absence. Or he could head off to go do the Force-knows-what once we get moving, i guess.

Game Closed

After deciding to go their separate ways, Amin and Dax disembarked on one of the border planets... Where they were later killed and devoured by tiny rodents.

Or just the first part - whatever...

Damn rodents! I will avenge you!!!

Avenge the rodents? That's weird...

Also, I just decided to push things along. Let's get this thing rolling again, fellas. :) We can work in other players as they join up, i guess.

Go with whichever feat you want, honestly.

Having another solid stealther might be good. Desh is pretty decent at being stealthy, but Six does far outstrip him so far. Another solid option is if you picked up Use Computer. BAnis is the first of us to actually have it trained, so having some redundancy there might be really useful.

As to pilot, when we started this group, we had talked about building a group where pretty much everybody was a decent pilot (or at least the majority of us), with the goal of having a small fleet of star-fighter type ships instead of one big ship. I think that's what made the swoop fight fun - we could all participate as pilots and fighters instead of passengers and what-not.

In terms of picking up the other two characters, what do you think of stopping at a shady, out-of-the-way spacer dive where our goal is to pick up more info, any special gear we still want, and to fill out our team for the op we're about to run on the mining facility? I mean, Desh is way on favor of picking up a team medic, and there's always use for a Slicer/gunslinger when you're trying to break into a facility to gain information.

What do y'all think of that?

Desh wrote:
having a small fleet of star-fighter type ships

Ooooo! I like this!

So, I'll swap improved defense for skill focus(pilot) and take training in Pilot, Stealth and Use Computer.

And as far as stopping to resupply/fill out the team, from the sounds of the ship you're on - stopping for repairs might not be too bad an idea either =P

Actually, that just made me think... we probably don't want to show up on the same ship, huh? I mean, if someone hired that group of thugs to hit the facility where we woke up, it may raise a few eyebrows if the same ship shows back up with a completely different skeleton crew.. especially if whoever hired them knows one or all of us personally. Which is particularly dangerous for Desh. I mean, he worked there.

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