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Star Wars - The Covenant of Shadows (Inactive)

Game Master Camris

Six people find themselves deep in the outer rim with nothing but blank memories, looted clothing, a stolen ship and more questions than all put together.

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I'm hearing a Michael Weston voiceover in my head as I'm staring at this heavily armed complication that just rolled in.

"When you're on an Op and the tables unexpectedly turn on your team, the key is to remain calm. A good distraction can help them regain their footing and escape with their lives. And nothing says 'distraction' like blowing up the military grade speeder parked at the front door."

lol. nice!

Jeriko gave me an idea. I would like to catch the mouse droid, flip it on it's back and open it, cut off it's voice and then place a remote thermal detonator inside it, erase it's memory of encountering Juce and then send it back on it's merry way please.

Pretty please?

Pretty please with sugar on top?


Glad I could be your muse!

Game Closed
Darth Camris wrote:
Anyone else want to weigh in on what they'd like to see upgraded?

Here's what I was thinking:

    Standard Upgrade: ₹50k I assume this includes a new hyperdrive - didn't see it on the list.
    Shields x2: ₹20k (Adds +50 to SR)
    Avionics x2: ₹10k (Adds +2 to all listed skills)
    Laminate armor: ₹10k (Adds +40 to hp and +1 to Fort)
    Extra Laser Cannon x1: ₹10k ( Adds +1 to Atk and +4d10 to dmg)

Total cost: ₹100k


Juce: Yeah, I can see that.
You will need to make a straight Grapple check vs it's Ref defense 15 to flip it.
Then you'll need to make a Use Computer to seize control/reprogram it.
Then you'll need to make a Mechanics check to fit and arm the thermal detonator properly.
You know you'll have less than a minute to accomplish all that before Security gets nervous and sends a hunter/killer droid down the access way to make sure people like you aren't doing something nefarious.

Game Closed

So, what's the verdict on retroactive gear shopping, at this point?
We've been on hiatus for a while now, and I've wanted to re-equip, but I didn't want to slow down the action.
I wanted to try to purchase the following:

    Blaster Carbine: ₹900
    Jet Pack: ₹300
    Jet Pack Fuel (x1): ₹100
    Grenade Launcher: ₹500
    Grenades (x4): ₹800
    Vibrobayonet: ₹350

    Total Cost: ₹2950

Prices are from the SW:SECR. Does that work?

Six: sure thats cool with me. You've had ten days to reequip inbetween planning sessions, and the ship isnt available while being refurbished anyway.

Game Closed

Looking at this on my work PC, I see the symbols I used didn't show. Boo.

Ah, well - Go-go-gadget-grenade-launcher/jetpack!


They show on mine, Six. I was quite impressed/slightly jealous you found the credits symbol!

Well, the symbols show on my desktop, but not on my droid 2 phone.


I can't find my core rule book for some reason - how do Destiny Points work with skill checks? I know in combat they can grant you an auto-crit, turn a crit that hits you into a normal hit, and turn a normal hit that hits you into a miss, but I don't recall what they do with skills.

Can I use one to auto-succeed at a skill or does it add like a +20 to the roll? I'm totally blanking on how they work in this regard.

I forgot to check last night so depending on the answer I'll make Juce's action with the mouse droid.


I found my book just before leaving the house for work this morning and there's actually no mention of skills in the Destiny Point section.

You can...

  • have an attack auto-crit (no attack roll require)
  • turn any hit against you into a miss (regardless of it being a crit or not)
  • take damage in place of an adjacent character
  • use them with force powers
  • use them with force secrets
  • use one to immediately gain 3 force points

    No mention of rerolls, adding to existing rolls, or anything apart from the 6 uses listed above.

    It might be reasonable to extrapolate the first usage into turning any d20 roll into a Natural 20, but that's obviously up to Camris.

  • @Jeriko; I was actually contemplating weather to go dual pistols as well.

    The pic I got his concept from.


    That's a sweet pic!


    Oh! I just had a thought!

    Jerrn, with our 10 days of down time, might you have used them to create your own personal lightsaber from scratch? If so, your new saber could be attached to Desh's blaster and your old one turned in to Motta as part of our ruse.


    Camris, what do you think about Destiny Points and Skill checks? Could I use a Destiny Point as if rolling a Natural 20 on the Mechanics checks to bypass this sweet speeder's security lock? (Because a Natural 20 is the minimum I'd need to succeed =P)

    If not, could I take 20 in trying to bypass it? I'm presuming we have more than 2 minutes at this point before Juce starts exploding things and the poodoo hits the vaporator.

    i'm a little sketchy on the play here. Should i be trying to get the credits and get out with the three of us intact? Or am I trying to grease this slug?

    Greasing the slug is obviously my preference, but I don't want to be hasty.

    I figure Juce is on his way to the vault, Ocean 11 / mission impossible style, placing smoke bombs for creating confusion on the way out and placing some high yield explosives in the vault as a thank you and have a nice day.

    Banis is masquerading as a waiter sorta like Lando did in Han's rescue, maybe he's on his way to aid Juce somehow to get the cash?

    Maybe we're using farmboy to have the hutt send someone down to get the cash and that's Juce's way in?

    Jeriko is lookout/getaway driver.

    Desh and Six are the masquerading bounty hunters Leia/Chewbaca style, I guess when the shooting starts they'll have the drop on the goons with Jerrn as the hidden ace?

    (Sorry if I'm giving myself the coolest role but that's the way I'm reading the situation so far. Please, throw me a curve ball.)


    I'm pretty sure I have the coolest role, actually. But nice try in trying to make yours sound cooler =P


    The plan is not to kill Motta; at least not yet. The plan is to get him to go to the office to get the money for Jerrn, which will involve turning off security, which will allow Juce to advance...

    Right, so no shooting the hutt! *wags finger at group*

    ... at least not until Juce can get through, right? ;P

    Sigh... I'll be good.

    : switches safety back on :

    Juce, what is the name of your father? At least, what the public would have heard his name to be.

    Mordan Koran


    Jeriko's current plan:

  • Spend Destiny Point to bypass security in military speeder.
  • Position military speeder and other speeders at the predetermined location for full party escape.
  • Leave a sloppy, beat-up, junky looking speeder (if available, one lacking an engine) with a note on the steering console right where the Mandalorians parked their military grade one.

  • Oh ROFL! I love it!

    Question: Are atomic wedgies considered bad form at Hutt parties?

    Commercials! Crap!


    Oh man! This may be the greatest pbp in all of Ever!

    Darth Camris wrote:

    BAH! This is what we have DVR for!

    : fumbles for the remote :


    I kinda don't want to post for like a week after that dramatic commerical break. Such suspense!

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    That is one long potty break.

    Fastforward! Fastforward!


    I feel now the same way I felt whenever an episode of 24 would come to an end back during its first season. The paneled view, a ticking clock, and a brutal cliff-hanger. Loving it.

    Thanks guys! And if you were curious, the commercial was for the new 25 kilo bag of Bachelor Chow...

    Game Closed

    And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

    C'mon Juce, don't want to push this forward without you...

    ? What ?

    You're waiting for me? Wow, let me check the thread, last I knew I rolled a climb check and have been waiting since...

    10 climb check up, sorry for the delay. I honestly didn't know you were waiting on me, terribly sorry.

    Sorry for the delay; when my computer crashes, it leaves a crater.

    Darth Camris:
    So, what are the specks for the armor? Is it hiding any goodies, upgrades or hidden weapons? (If you could hear my voice right now you'd hear a very suggestive tone right now ;P)

    Heads up, I'm going out of town this weekend and I highly doubt I'll have access to the interent from friday evening to sunday afternoon GMT.

    Can I get a refresher on the plan here? Were we just trying to make our way to the Hutt to get some answers from him? Are we after the armor? Are we after something else?

    I'm a little lost, but I feel we're at the moment of opportunity in the Hutt's little trophy room.

    I don't think there is a solid plan plan besides getting the armor and a load of credits. But I got a thought...

    Let me clear something by the GM first.

    Would it be safe to assume that the guys would know Juce is in the chamber at this point?


    Plan? I dunno about you guys, but my plan is simple.

    1) Steal this sweet military speeder.

    2) Prepare other, less sweet speeders for you fools to also escape in.

    3) Laugh at mandos when they come out of Motta's and find a chassis w/ no engine sitting where the sweet military speeder they used to own had been parked.

    4) Laugh more.

    5) Escape onto the Second Chance by the skin of our teeth after a glorious high speed chase/gun fight.

    The plan is primarily to liberate Juce's father's armor. Secondary is getting some loot, and maybe mess Motta up if convenient.


    Your fellows can see the armor on the stand, but not necessarily that you're in it. You ARE able to contact Desh and Six on your ecrypted channel, but not Jeriko, Baniss or Bolt.
    The armor you put on had several interesting modules on it you don't understand, but there was no time to investigate or connect to your electronic control system.
    If you seriously want to activate one of them, you can spend a standard action to fiddle with it and try to get it to work. There's no telling what it does before you activate it though.

    Six, you gonna get in on this action?

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