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Star Wars - The Covenant of Shadows (Inactive)

Game Master Camris

Six people find themselves deep in the outer rim with nothing but blank memories, looted clothing, a stolen ship and more questions than all put together.

The setting is The Old Republic, a couple of years after Darth Malak's defeat at the Star Forge.
Our heroes have just awoken in anonymous high tech pods, missing memories and clothing.
Having fought their way free from deep underground, they steal some swoop bikes from some gangers, then steal their ship as well as the mysterious base explodes behind them.
Now in orbit around a primitive planet deep in the Outer Rim, they are left with a handful of clues and far, far more questions than answers.


1> Rule System is Star Wars Saga system from WotC.

2> Main book is the Saga Edition Core Book. Additional book is the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign guide. Those are the main two; others may be drawn upon as needed.

3> Character generation will use the Planned Generation system (aka Point Buy).

4> Races are those found in the Core edition and Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide. Gungans and Ewoks are not races found in this period normally; so, will be out of play.

5> Characters will need to have some level of technical understanding of society to function in the campaign; so, no primitive backgrounds or species that haven't learned to function in Republic cities.


Current characters in game are:
BANISS- Dr Baniss Nootka -- Duros Noble
BOLT- Bolchar Trancho -- Cathar Scout/Scoundrel
DESH- Feeorin Soldier
JERIKO- Twilek Scout/Scoundrel
JUCE KORAN- Human Soldier/Scoundrel/Scout
SIX- Zabrak Soldier/Scout Sniper


Overview of the Last Chance.

Some internal spaces of the Last Chance.
Note that the thick lines denote the cenral body of the ship is two decks high, the rest of the ship is one deck high.

The Captain's Cabin of the Last Chance.

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