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Star Wars The Conquest of the Underworld (Inactive)

Game Master Shanosuke

A group of mercs are joining the infamous Zedora the Hut in his attempt to take total control of the galactic underworld.

Dennis Harry

Dennis Harry

(1,000 posts)
Friendly Fighter
Jarl Tehnos

Male Human, Soldier 3, HP 45/45 , Defenses F 16 - R 18 - W 14, Force Points 6/6, Initiative +9, and Perception +8 (No Special Senses)
(504 posts)
Storyteller Shadow

(6,002 posts)

Freddy Honeycutt

Saint Kargoth
Venkru Vong

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4
(540 posts)


Torin Tol

Male Kel Dor Soldier/ 3
(148 posts)



Both Martian Level 20 invader
(3,976 posts)


Sleen Farro

Nautolan Soldier 4 V:43/48 W:15/15 F:6 R:5 W:1
(25 posts)


DM Beyond the Grave

(189 posts)
Kloh Ryn Pul

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2
(380 posts)


Ellor Vantai

Male Duros Scout 2
(89 posts)


Yurvin Salki

Male Duros Scoundrel 1
(22 posts)

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