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Star Wars The Conquest of the Underworld (Inactive)

Game Master Shanosuke

A group of mercs are joining the infamous Zedora the Hut in his attempt to take total control of the galactic underworld.

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M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

More shopping

Interstellar Droid Monitoring Inc. MK-11 Droid Diagnostic - 200 c

'This as a handheld computer unit and scanner about twice the size of a datapad. it is designed to analyze the functions of a droid it is plugged into, displaying data on screen and listing possible causes of problems. A droid diagnostic provides a +2 equipment bonus to Repair and Disable Device checks made on the droid to which it is connected. Similar diagnostics exist for blasters, repulsorlifts, computers and starships.'

Comlink - 250 c

total now spent - 2250 c

Male Human, Soldier 3, HP 45/45 , Defenses F 16 - R 18 - W 14, Force Points 6/6, Initiative +9, and Perception +8 (No Special Senses)

Jarl's Shopping List-

4 Power Packs - 100 Credits
4 Comlinks - 800 Credits
1 All Temperature Cloak - 100 Credits
1 Grappling Spike Launcher - 50 Credits
4 Liquid Cable Dispenser's - 100 CRedits
1 Recording Rod - 500 Credits
2 Medical Kits - 50 Credits
3 Medpacs - 300 Credits

500 Credits Left to Spare

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

Shopping list
4 Power Packs - 100 Credits
1 All Temperature Cloak - 100 Credits
4 Liquid Cable Dispenser's - 100 Credits
2 Medical Kits - 50 Credits
3 Medpacs - 300 Credits
Breath mask +filter 225 Credits
Fusion lantern – 25 credits
Mastercraft Tool kit – 500 credits
Bacta (1 L) – 100 credits

1000 Credits for droid repair/parts

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

Hoping to get the shields to working on the droid.

rolls in the game thread

DM? Query?

rolls for droid repair in game or discussion threads?

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

^ Kloh made the two repair checks for Diagnostics and Parts cost.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

I bought a masterwork tool kit that gives a +3 to checks, that we should both be able to use.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Okay, I needed time to work out the details and reread a few things. I appreciate the patience.

First, Venkru, why buy a liter of bacta? it does you no good that I can find. You need 300 liters and a bacta tank to get use out of it.

Second, I cannot post everyday. School and work during the holiday is a pain. I would ask for a little more patience with me. Thank you.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

No problem Shanosuke, me and ol Kloh are just spending the evening tinkering on the droid.

RL comes first and all of that.

I thought bacta worked in patches and injections also....
if not that is fine.

We will be patient, just trying to figure where to start on the droid and looking at parts/prices.

If I recall Mos has some salvage dealers who might give us a deal on some parts....

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

No worries Shanosuke. By all means take whatever time you need. Not trying to be pushy just enjoying the game ^_^

no word from Torin in a while...he's been silent in other games as well. I'll shoot him a PM.

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

Got a reply PM from Torin. He just got power back on thanks to Sandy and will be posting later or tomorrow.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Ah hurricanes the bane of posters everywhere.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4


shano gave us the green light on making another repair check.

Do you want to repair/replace the damaged blasters, attempt to activate rapid shot (feat), or attempt to upgrade the targeting systems (increase attack bonus)?

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

^ Right on Droideka!

my vote is for fixing the blasters but its your droid Venkru and therefore your call.

@ Shanosuke or others - do equipment bonuses stack?

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

We did find a suit of medium armor way back when, did any PC want to wear it?

If not the materials could go to parts to repair the droideka armor, and working on personal armor.

Male Human, Soldier 3, HP 45/45 , Defenses F 16 - R 18 - W 14, Force Points 6/6, Initiative +9, and Perception +8 (No Special Senses)

Use it on our new mascot!

Male Pale Master

Hey guys. Got some RL stuff going on so probably wont be able to post the next couple of days.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Hey guys, just letting you know I'll be back to posting normal this weekend. Retail and Thanksgiving are a tough pair to manage at the same time.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

back to normal on monday

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

Im headed out of town this afternoon and probably wont have internet until I get home Sunday evening. So back to normal on monday for me as well.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Just a heads up guys. Upon completing this mission you all will level again. You have a space battle coming up so I recommend you bolster your piloting abilities when you level. Space battles are nasty because your character HP no longer matters as you would be relying on your vehicles HP.

So, when you level next, consider that fact.

Good thing I maxed my Pilot skill :)

Both Martian Level 20 invader

It wouldn't be star wars without space battles.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

I assume no Jedi next level....
Maybe go into something with more skill points....

I have poor astronaut pilot
Repair is at 7
Prof engineer is at 3

Does vehicle mounted weapons count for space battles?

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

Thanks for that heads up Shanosuke. If youre not going to be piloting it would probably help to boost Computer Use and/or Repair. Those can be used during combat to repair shield and hull points.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

There will be possibility for a pilot/gunner setup like with the rebel snowspeeder. At that point the gunner doesn't need piloting skills unless he wishes to assist the main pilot.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

I have the vehicle weapon group I think that applies to spacecraft weapons....

Both Martian Level 20 invader

I will rule it so for your convenience.

Male Human, Soldier 3, HP 45/45 , Defenses F 16 - R 18 - W 14, Force Points 6/6, Initiative +9, and Perception +8 (No Special Senses)

Good idea kloh!

Male Kel Dor Soldier/ 3

Those are normal things for Torin so woot.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Good now you all need to post your actions in the Gameplay thread please.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

I am still thinking about leveling and whether or not to remain in the soldier class.

Anyone have any other ideas?

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

Id have a hard time changing gears right before another bonus feat in the soldier category especially if you're serious about chasing the jedi dream ^_^. Id want to beef up on combat feats before I end up having to dump all new choices into force feats.

Male Human, Soldier 3, HP 45/45 , Defenses F 16 - R 18 - W 14, Force Points 6/6, Initiative +9, and Perception +8 (No Special Senses)

I am sticking with Soldier all the way up, Elite Trooper doe snot seem to add much IMHO.

I think Kloh is right, why not pick up one more feat then move on to the Jedi path.

Male Kel Dor Soldier/ 3

Soldier until I can get into bounty hunter.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

Soldier and maybe hit my last bonus feat for quickdraw deflecting stuff with a light-saber means you have to have it I have this blaster light-saber galactic pirate image I can not get out of mind.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Lol, I should point out it will be some time before you will be allowed to play as Jedi classes. As the story arch runs, there is this segment first, the galactic unification campaign. I'd say a rough estimate would put you guys at level 12 before I allow force levels. We have been moving along nicely and with this being one of three campaigns I am actively involved in, I can put a good amount of time into it.

At the Moment I am waiting on Jaira to post, I gave her some info so she can lead a bit.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

So I guess the force sensitive feat is out for awhile as well.....

LOL, and here I was waiting to see the result of our perception checks!

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

I only have the D20 revised edition and have not seen the prestige classes.

Any reference for them online that anyone knows of?

Male Human, Soldier 3, HP 45/45 , Defenses F 16 - R 18 - W 14, Force Points 6/6, Initiative +9, and Perception +8 (No Special Senses)

The revised D20 has the prestige's way in the back.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

yep around page 260.....

epic fail on research check.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Okay it is discussion time.

Given how well you guys have done, I have decided to not run and or engage in any other RPGs so as to devote more time to this campaign.

Thing you need to know. I wrote the original version of this campaign WAY back somewhere between 1996 and 2000. It has since undergone many revisions and modifications, especially with the releases of episodes 1-2-3. I have had over 35 different players for this campaign since I first started running it and it has seen various forms of completion.

Ultimately, this is a rather long campaign with lots of adventure and story. It is broken up into five major segments that are themselves broken up into three smaller parts each segment.

The segments are:
The Unification Saga
Part 1: Rise of the Dark Lord
Part 2: Corellian Last Stand
Part 3: Legion of the Dark Side

Segment two:
The Great hunt Saga
Part 1: Seeking the Jedi - This would be where you would finally get Jedi training.
Part 2: Zedora and Sith Alliance
Part 3: Birth of the Academy

Segment three:
Time Thoad Saga
Part 1: Back to the Future
Part 2: Clash of Old Order and New Order
Part 3: Void of the Force

Segment Four:
The Great Jedi War
Part 1: Ancient Evil
Part 2: The War Begins
Part 3: The Final Showdown

Segment Five:
The Black Hole Saga:
Part 1: Enemies Beyond
Part 2: Overwhelmed
Part 3: Last Days of the Resistance

These are all the different parts and segments.
Right now you are in "The Unification Saga" And the part is "Rise of the Dark Lord"

The overall story has a very defined course in which it is to follow with victors, losers, and special events already laid out. However, as I have joyfully experienced in past times with this campaign, players can alter future developments and even change the course of the story as a whole. This is the fun part that shows player power.

Right now you guys have made one minor alteration. The assault on Jabba's palace was suppose to end in a complete blood bath and with Zedora unable to take control of the facility.

This is only a minor alteration as Zedora would have taken it eventually as he would have succeeded on Lok.

Ultimately you guys will have a variety of options to alter the long term story for not only yourselves but the entire galaxy. Anytime you attempt to do something that is apart from your orders or that has a higher benefit to your initial orders, you are slightly altering the overall story for segments to come. If you do something significant however, this would be an outcome that would only be possible through your interference and would not likely have been accomplished without you.

These events are pretty big and daughting tasks when enountered but that is kind of the point. If they weren't, then it really wouldn't be changing the story now would it.

For example. I had one player who was sent to a world to retrieve something for Zedora. The world was controlled by one of Zedora's rivals. It was a mining world that was worked by slaves. Rather than complete his mission, the player set about starting a slave uprising. Through much difficulty but with the aid of another player and in game NPC allies he acquired, and no small amount of creativity and clever planing, he completely aided the planet into a successful uprising. The slaves made the player their leader and from there the player went on to control a major faction in the galaxy.

This was no small feat and has yet to be repeated. But if he hadn't decided to quit Zedora and help the miners rebel, the story would have continued on it's prewritten course. Instead, he added another faction to the story and it had a HUGE impact on everything that took place from that point on.

Again this is the most extreme example of the kind of impact that player actions can have on the predestined story. So don't feel the need to follow all the rules to a T. If you see an opportunity where YOu could make a difference in the world to benefit yourself, those you work for, or just for the sake of altering the predictable, that would otherwise go unaltered without your interference, go for it.

The main plot is fun but the best part of this campaign is that there are SO MANY ways to shape the galaxy as you please.

Just letting you know what your options are, thoughts?

Male Human, Soldier 3, HP 45/45 , Defenses F 16 - R 18 - W 14, Force Points 6/6, Initiative +9, and Perception +8 (No Special Senses)

Sounds awesome to me, can't wait to see what else you have in store for us, certainly pleased that we can alter outcomes as well!

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

Lots of good information in there seems we will be busy for the foreseeable future.

Glad you liked the Jedi pirate image.

Depending on how many of us go into bounty hunter we might try and replace one of the other groups in the power struggle....nothing creates a vacuum like empty space.

I have been trying to carefully build venkru retaining viability into higher levels.

I assume that we will discover a lot of the information through our current contact and then some other rumors and hearing who has a bounty on whose head.

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

Holy impressive homework Shanosuke!

I'm mad psyched to be in this game. Nothing cooler than a PBP with a long life, an invested GM and dependable players.

Thats awesome that we changed the outcome, even if only slightly.

You guys going Bounty Hunter is a cool spin. Kloh is going to stick with the Shipjacker track and be the baddest pilot this side of the Outer Rim and be able to steal any ship we want...or need to.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

Looks like 7th level before bounty hunter or elite trooper come into play with the +6 BAB requirement to enter.

I am not sure which of the two works best, but am willing to take a wait and see approach though skills and feats will have to match the other entry requirements.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

Knowledge (Int) trained only
Alien species
Jedi Lore
Wilderness lore
World lore

*New one via master DM ; )

Are there others we should look at or make sure we are covering?

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

Tactics might be a good one. IIRC it actually came up during the assualt on Jabba's palace.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

Tactics seems related/interchangable with profession military officer

I am so putting a point into jedi level ;)

and see if I can talk GM into the force sensitive feat ahead of taking a jedi level.....

Kloh you old multi-classer you. I did notice a level dip in anything else loses me a BAB advancement as the other classes all have +0 at first level (even the scout ;( ) I was suprised by that.

Male Human, Soldier 3, HP 45/45 , Defenses F 16 - R 18 - W 14, Force Points 6/6, Initiative +9, and Perception +8 (No Special Senses)

I have Knowledge Tactics and it can be useful!

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