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Star Wars The Broken Empire

Game Master Shanosuke

Our group of "Heroes" are attempting to aid The Emperor's Daughter Mirianna Palpetine in rebuilding the broken empire to it's former glory.

A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far Far Away…..:

It has been a little under two months since the destruction of the second death star and the defeat of the emperor. The Rebel Alliance has suffered heavy casualties at the battle of Endor and is trying to recover. Meanwhile, uprisings are breaking out all across the galaxy and not all of them are for the good. Several planetary governors had been put in charge of the worlds all apart of the Empire’s control. These leaders now sought to fill the vacuum left by the emperor’s death. With no apparent heir the Empire has been reduced to fighting itself.
The galaxy is quickly plunged into a chaos that it has not seen for several millennia. The Rebel Alliance soon rallies what is left of it’s forces to try and help the wounded galaxy repair itself and for the better. However, other influential leaders have appeared as well.
The strongest of these is Mirianna Palpatine. The emperor’s adopted daughter. Rumor has it that she is a trained force user and she is the closest thing to an heir that many of the imperial officers could find. She now leads a good fourth of the imperial army. The rest of the empire is ruled by dozens of smaller factions and Mirianna aims to reign in these leaders and make them yield to her new authority and Empress of the galaxy.
The death of Jabba the Hutt also fueled a new war. Zadora the Hutt had bet his cards on the Alliance defeating the Empire by backing them in the war. When he heard his rival Jabba had been killed by some of the Alliance’s key figures, he moved into action quicker than anyone thought possible. His connection with the Alliance allowed him to absorb much of Jabba’s assets to him and another crime lord named Nym. During the battle of Endor Zadora waged his own war and seized the assets Nym had gained from service with the Alliance. Now Zadora was buying out every mercenary organization across the galaxy. With the Empire in chaos and no real galactic order, Zadora declared war on all the major galactic crime lords. His advantage, speed, resources, and his allegiance with the Alliance and other groups who are sectioning his actions for a hostile take over of the criminal underground.
With all the uncertainty and chaos now in effect, the stability between worlds in waning and the conflict continues higher than it ever has. With so much turmoil can Mirianna, The Rebel Alliance, or Zadora ever hope to return order and unity to the galaxy…

This is the Recruitment for the Empire. Or rather for Mirianna Palpatine’s faction of the Empire. You are recruited to aid Mirianna take her seat as Empress of the Empire. She believes strongly that her father was right about the galaxy needing the empire to keep galactic order and peace through monarchy. She is unaware of many of the empires crimes and believes the rebellion to be a bunch of nomadic hoodlums who want to bring chaos and destruction to the galaxy. She is a force user though she is not trained in the dark arts and knows only universal force powers. She does believe that if a group wont listen to reason, then she will force them too. You are provided equipment and only get the base value of credits provided by your class (As if you rolled a one on your credit dice roll)

You are allowed to put forth a character for each thread and I may pick more than one of them depending on how many recruits I get over all. Otherwise I pick my favorite of your two or three characters for the thread you made them for.

Recruitment ends in 2 weeks or when I get enough spots filled.

Sources We will be using The Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Core Rulebook by Bill Slavicsek, Andy Collins, and JD Wiker. If you don’t have it and want to play, it is an easy buy on ranging from 15 to 40 Dollars or on Ebay.
AbilitiesWe will be using 25 Point buy following all the purchase rule from the Star Wars rulebook with the exception that instead of all abilities starting at a base 8, they start at 10.
Vitality I have decided to give players a max vitality equal to their hit dice max + con X 3. Players will not gain more vitality until level 4. This is to keep you from dying too soon as in this game……death can be quick due to the high damaging weapons.
Classes You can pick from all classes except for Jedi Classes. Jedi Adept is permissible but only with a good and reasonable back story. Thing is, Luke is technically the last “Jedi” but not the last force user.
Races All races are usable within Zadora’s faction with no limitations. In the imperial faction there are only humanoid, or basically human looking species like Cereans, or Chiss and so on. In the alliance there will be no primitive races. I added a few races and will post the details on either Sunday or Monday depending on my free time to type it from paper to PC. That’s a lot of work. The following new races are:
-Gran +2 Con +2 Cha -2 Dex
-Chiss +2 Cha +2 Int
-Miraluka – limit one per thread +2 Wis -2 Cha Start with Force Sensetive Feat and Sense Feat
- Mandelorian – limit one per thread +2 Str +4 Con -2 Cha Has fast heal
-Tusken – Fringer or scout class only +2 Str +2 Con -4 Cha Has +2 trait bonus to animal handle and Ride. Uses Graffii proficiency
-Weequay +2 Dex +2 Con -2 Int -2 Cha
-Nikto +2 Str +2 Con -2 Wis – 2 Cha
-Chadrafan +4 Dex +2 Cha -2 Str -2 Con Small
-Drell +2 Int +2 Wis no negatives
-Barbel +2 Str +4 Con -2 Dex -2 Cha -2 Int Has Nat Armor
These races are added and I will post more details later. The ability modifiers are just to give you an idea as to what they are capable of.

Now What I need you to put in your ap. I don’t want a statblock as things may need to change but this is what I do need. Also don’t make an Alias please. Not yet anyways
You need
Your backstory including
-Name, Age, and Race
-The Reason for your class
-Physical Description
-Skill Explanation – (Basically you explain where you got your skills from, this doesn’t need to be too precise)
- Motivations (What are you character’s goals and what motivates them to do stuff, anything)
-And finally why you are joining this faction.

Once all that is taken care of you just wait for me to look over your app. This campaign has a few critiques and if something you chose wont fit or don’t make sense I will ask you to correct it.

I am looking for 4 to 6 players a thread. I will close all recruitments in two weeks or once all positions are filled with desirable players. Whichever happens first. Best of luck to Y’all.


This campaign does not have an attendance rule. You post when you can. However, I run a tight ship and will move all three threads along regularly to keep everyone on the same page even if not everyone has posted so try not to get left behind. I will post Summeries in the campaign Info section to summarize what happened so you wont be too lost after being gone too long.

If there is anything I missed or you do not understand, let me know and I will answer to the best of my abilities.

No one wants to join the waning Empire of the galaxy?

The Exchange

I can't submit a character, let alone think up anything right now, as I am too tired, but I think I might be able to write something up for this. I've never played Star Wars RPG, but I've wanted to try it for quite a while now. In any case, I'll see what I can do about getting a character up tomorrow.

I have an idea but it needs more thought.

I'll think of something later today. Just been busy with a job hunt. Probably a drell. Class to be determined.

I would like to submit something; probably a Mandelorian who is assigned as either a duellist or a bodyguard. Therefore class either Noble or Soldier.

I have been playing in a RL game for the past 3-4 years (the d20 version NOT saga). I'll woek out some details and post it later if that is alright.

Nichos Vilpedric Hormsteen, 17 year old Chiss (usually just goes by Nichos)
Homeworld - Chiss
Scoundrel, Role - Slicer/Computer Expert/Cultural Expert
Physical Description-Blue Skin, Grey eyes, Black hair, 1.4 meters tall, 57 kg; unusually small for a Chiss
Background - Born on Chiss, Nichos always stood out as different, both in his physical size, but the color of his eyes being rare enough in Chiss hair, but even odder in his eyes; because of this, he always was on the edge of Chiss society, getting taught the knowledge, but missing out on much of the societal interaction. Eventually, an imperial agent caught wind of Nichos, and remembering Thrawn's success, recruited him for the empire as part of the special forces, where his talents of cultural observation and computer expertise have served him well. Seemingly devoid of personal goals, Nichos takes the challenge of creating and maintaining order very seriously, and seeks to prove himself to those back home on Chiss that he is capable of making meaningful contributions to that end.

Name – Karval de Longinous
Age - 31
Race - Mandolorean
Homeworld – Nar Shadaa

A Hutt world, Karvals’ parents were ambassadors to the Hutts. He was born and raised amongst a small enclave on the planet. The Mandolorean codes of honour and valour were instilled into him from a young age along with the martial aspects of the race. But living on a den of iniquity where lives are bought and sold made Karval come into conflict with the Alien authorities.

The Reason for your class

By the time he was a young teen he acted as honour guard for his parents on visits and Ambassadorial duties. Often to show their pride in their youngest child they had him fight gladiatorial duels with other creatures, peoples. This the Hutts found endlessly amusing, they would often bet large sums on the outcome. Although never within sight of the youngster, for his pride could demand retribution.
However, during one such contest an assassin set-up by the Hutt organizer tried to kill Karvals mother. He spotted the killer, first as the others watched him fight. Karval turned from the fight and saved his mother warning the rest of the retinue of the betrayal. They managed to escape but Karval suffered a long back-wound from the fight.
From then on Karval acted as body-guard to his parents and entered the arena when required. Of course like any young person he left the compound and tried to make his own way in the world.

Physical Description

The piercing eyes, through a swath of dark hair, drill into the skull. One blue, the other green bob as the figure moves quickly towards the viewer. They’re eyes of a gunfighter or a professional warrior, looking everywhere, constantly moving so as not to loose any advantage. The heavily muscled body moves with the sinuous grace of a dancer as he draws his weapon. Shoulder length golden hair, and a warm golden skin-tone. Karval is clean shaven, requiring little upkeep of regularity with the razor despite it being drilled into him. His is a melodious voice capable of harsh commands; reciting the soft eulogies to fallen comrades or sweet poetry to a paramour. Karvals features are not delicate but the solidity of them lends a reassurance.

Skill Explanation

The enclave had an old weapons master he taught the young Mandolorean the use of weapons in the hope that he would be able to Honour his parents tradition. The training was tough in the weapons halls, but not as tough as the streets. Whilst the others from the enclave rarely went too far amongst the general populace Karval knew doing that was hiding from the problems of the planet. He traversed the lower city, the dens of vice, the streets and alleys there he learnt the brawling techniques that his master would never teach him, but were essential for survival on a battlefield.

Motivations (What are you character’s goals and what motivates them to do stuff, anything)

The pride of his people are a strong motivator, he wishes to prove that nobility and tradition are important to the Empire. His code of honour drives him forward to learn, improve, help the people in need and trouble.

And finally why you are joining this faction?

He sees the Empire as a stabilising force in the galaxy, fearing that were it to fall what would replace it would be worse, lawless. Thus all the planets would be so independent that they become like his home planet.
Edit: I'll flesh out motivations at some point.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Let me throw a concept into the mix.

Zaleos Buerlon
Mirikulian Noble male
Age 26

Home planet Alpheridies


Zaleos grew up the eldest son of one member of the planet's ruling council. He had never really shown much interest in politics though, preferring to enjoy the finer things in life. As the Empire came into power, he felt himself swayed by the promises of the New Order and curbed his immature tendencies and applied himself to his studies with more diligence.

As he matured, he noticed the strange visions he would have of things he could not explain. Strange faces and places which were unfamiliar to him. He never told anyone of these visions, not wanting to be branded a sick person.

One crowning achievement in his life was a chance meeting with the Emperors right hand, Lord Vader. The meeting left a lasting impression on the youth, and there was a part of him who wanted to emulate his presence.

Now with the fall of the Empire, he found himself adrift, until the self styled Empress Mirianna. He was struck by her presence and awed by her charisma. When she requested his assistance, how could he say no?

Let me know what you think of this Shanosuke. I do not plan on having him develop his Force powers, i.e. take any classes in Jedi, but as you can see by his BG he does have ties to the Force.

What an interesting array of characters
A Chiss
A Mandelorian
and a Miraluka.
All races I added to the campaign. How neat.

I wonder what Edgar will be. Also can't wait to see who else applies.

Proves you made good choices on what to add.

I submitted one for the rebels, but I'll put one in here too.

Name, Age, and Race: Talon Marsk, 23, male Human
Homeworld: Zonama Sekot
The Reason for your class: (class: Force Adept) Talon was raised by a mad wizard in a small, isolated village on Zonama Sekot. Talon never knew his parents. His mentor, Kask Mandol, had learned the secrets of the universe from a group of force users known as the Order of the Universals. The Order is stationed somewhere in the galaxy. The secret home of the order was one of many that Master Mandol took to his grave. A group of thieves murdered his master in the night. Talon found the weakened group as he returned home and, in his rage, used his magic to electrify them to death. Fearing retribution, Talon went to the local space port, a place that his master and him avoided, and enlisted in the empirial army.
Physical Description: A tall man with long jet black hair. Talon walks in the simple robes of his forgotten order of the universal. Carrying a simple pack, one does not expect that Talon could be capable of any damage.
Skill Explanation: Talon learned the secrets of magic from his master, Kask Mandol. Kask Mandol told Talon that he had learned the secrets from his Order of the Universals, a group that believes that one can reduce all physical things to mental thoughts and thereby control everything else. With the primary force training being Alter, Talon has a strong knowledge of force lightning and move object. He believes that this is based on an understanding of the positions of the stars. As an outcast, hermit, Talon learned many wilderness survival skills.
Motivations: Talon is searching for traces of his order. Having known no family except his master, Talon has decided to look for the rest of his order. In joining the Empire, Talon hopes to see the galaxy and find his order. Morality is not something that typically factors into Talon's equations of the stars. Having travelled the stars for a little while, Talon is beginning to think that he may be wrong about a great number of things.
And finally why you are joining this faction. I'm wanting to run a sith character. I see Talon as being a person that is a force user that eventually finds out that his order is a sham and seeks other knowledge. As a potential sith, I see the empire as the faction to be with.

The Exchange

Alright. It took me a while, but I found the book. I'm working with the concept and what I've got so far is I'm going to be a human Tech Specialist named Zak Morano.

I'll get more information up in the next few hours, if I'm not interrupted again. I'm still contemplating how I want to go with this character.

In my RL Star Wars game we have a Miraluka Jedi, they are awesome and very interesting.

I see Karval as being quite Romanic, in nature and style. This certainly seems really interesting.

DSXMachina wrote:

In my RL Star Wars game we have a Miraluka Jedi, they are awesome and very interesting.

I see Karval as being quite Romanic, in nature and style. This certainly seems really interesting.

What are the REAL rules for Miraluka? I have a idea from what I know of the species, but I haven't seen any written rules for them. That's why I wrote my own.

I am pretty sure his is a Miraluka (the blind force attunded guys, right? The player keeps lots close to his chest). It is in one of the books, or maybe one of the older versions. I think i have it on pdf at work somewhere, so i'll get back to you. But personally that seems right.

Although i think the stats are -2dex, +2wis approx, which makes him a rubbish Jedi Guardian

I have also added Aqualarish, Nautolan, Feeorins, Zeltrons and Mirialan's to the list of available races for all three threads

-Aqualarish +2 Str +2 Con -2 Cha Water breathing
-Nautolan +2 Dex +2 Int Water Breathing
-Feeorins +2 Str +2 Wis -2 Cha
-Zeltrons +2 Wis +4 Cha. They have Cha producing hormones
-Mirialans +2 Dex +2 Wis.

Shanosuke wrote:
DSXMachina wrote:

In my RL Star Wars game we have a Miraluka Jedi, they are awesome and very interesting.

I see Karval as being quite Romanic, in nature and style. This certainly seems really interesting.

What are the REAL rules for Miraluka? I have a idea from what I know of the species, but I haven't seen any written rules for them. That's why I wrote my own.

Official rules

Bonus feats: force sensative, Sense.
Species Traits: -2 dex, +2 Int; +2 species bonus on initiative checks; force sight.
Force Sight: force sight allows them to use the sense surrondings technique of the Sense feat as a free action (rather than a move action) and without paying the vitality point cost. they use this ability to compensate for their natural blindess. this ability is effective out to a range of 1 kilometer.
automatic languages: basic, miralukese.

Sense Surrondings techniqure: any character with the Sense feat can extend his/her senses through the force to gain an awareness of his surroundings. such awareness allows the character to fight and make skill checks (including listen and spot checks) without taking any penalties for darkness or lack of line of sight. this ability does not duplicate the enhance senes skill but rather allows a character to perceive normally through the force instead of through a normal sense, thus compensating for blindness or deafness.
Activiating this awareness requires a movement action. Using it costs 2 vitality points, and the ability compensates for only one sense at a time. if a force user wishes to use this ability to overcome both blindness and deafness in the same round, for example, he would need to spend 4 vitality and one movement action to do so.

The Exchange

Sorry Shano, I can't really seem to get the right feel for this character.I'm going to have to take back my near-application. Hope it goes well for those that remain.

I have an idea for an Empire character. Marianna Palpatine's "pet". He is a Trandoshan Force Adept. She found him as a child and took a liking to him. Despite the Emperors objections he could not deny his adopted daughters wish to have the creature around. He is fiercely loyal to her despite the Trandoshans reputation for unreliability.

Let me know what you think Shanosuke.

A'streth's profile is ready. I need to flesh out his background a bit but I think it is an interesting concept.

Interested, just picked up a copy of the revised book and am scouring through it right now. What do we have going so far so I have an idea what not to make?

I'll work up stats for either or both of my submissions if and when needed, but would prefer not to do so unless they will actually get used at this time.

Just a little clarification on the stats. Having the base at 10 means that it costs 4 to get to 14, 8 to get to 16 and 14 to get to 18? (Basically take 2 off the cost because of the move in the base to 10 from 8)

This is Xzarf. I am putting together a Human Soldier. (How better to move up within the very racist empire than be the dominant race!)
I have just the stats at this point, will put together the rest of the character when I have some time.
Clarification: You will provide us with gear and then we have the base $ as cash?

I had asked that people not make Aliases until I closed recruitment. I'd like this to stand. NO ALIASES PLEASE. Wait for recruitment to end and me to set everything up. The rebel thread is really weak in recruitment right now and if I don't get enough players in it, I will have to change things. A lot. Aliases are simply unnecessary at this point. Thank you for your understanding.

Now to a recruitment update.
This is what I have thus far. There are some things I need out of some of you but for the most part these applications are acceptable.

Sunshadow21 – Male Chiss Scoundrel Named Nichos Vilpedric
DSXMachina – Male Mandelorian Soldier Named Karval de Longinous
Eric Swanson – Male Miraluka Noble Named Zaleos Buerlon
Graynore – Male Huamn Adept (Acceptable with adjustments. Read Spoiler) Named Zonama Sekot
Dennis Harry – (Please Read Spoiler)
Xzarf – Male Human Soldier Named Kristoff Mullen (Read Spoiler Please

I don’t mean to be picky but I do need you all to try and fit into the story so I will need a few adjustments listed in the spoilers below. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sunshadow, I find your character acceptable
DSXMachina Your character is acceptable
Eric Swanson Your concept is also acceptable


It is an interesting story. Joining the empire as an adept will bring you a lot of attention. Know that though Mirianna isn’t a Sith herself, he will have the opportunity to become one a good ways down the road. As long as you avoid the alliance, you wont have to worry to much about light side influence. Just so you are aware. Being an imperial doesn’t make you evil nor does joining the alliance make you good. You can be an imperial and believe in good and be a rebel for the sake of making peoples lives miserable. It is a good story for you though. Will you be okay with waiting to be sith? It will be available at a point later in the game. There are really no adjustments I require other than you are ready to play as an imperial soldier.

Dennis Harry:

Anything is possible. I need a good story though. Why is he force trained? Mirianna is just a padawan level and would be unable to train him herself. Where does he get his ability from? I just need a good story explanation. I like the pet idea, its just the class that is difficult to explain. If he grew up with an attachment to her, we could say he asked the Emperor to offer him some training so that he may protect her. By the way, She is 24 years old, At what age would you say she found him at. This is a neat idea and I am only offering advice to help make it work. Anything can work. I just need a good story for it. Is there any story info you need to know to help you write a story for him?”


I just need his story and I will be happy. Also, you will be supplied with weapons and armor when you will be recruited. You start with base credit(As if you rolled a 1) Once I have your story we will talk more. If you have any world questions please ask.

Recruitment is not over yet we still have one more week. Good new is this thread has a lot of great applicants. A lot of potential force users too which will draw a lot of attention to you from another source. This will be interesting once

I will think about the background while I am away on vacation. Maybe a little more info on Marianna would help to flesh it out. Thanks.

okay, I will have some info in a spoiler soon about Mirianna Palpetine. The information in that spoiler will be for players who want some kind of plot where they know her in advance to the main plot. Please ask me if your idea is okay before you read it......of course there is nothing stopping you from reading it anyways. I will have it up tomorrow evening after work.

Here is the personality and background for Kristoff. Hope this meets your criteria.

Kristoff is your traditional soldier build, broad shoulders and well muscled. He has dark brown hair with hazel eyes.
Kristoff is somewhat blinded by the "Imperial Way". He believes that order through force is the way to do things. Like most imperial citizens he is fairly racist, if you aren't human or at least close to, you are a second class citizen and will be treated as such.

Born and raised on Coruscant he grew up in a life of relative luxury, his parents being fairly successful business people. He always was fascinated by the soldiers he saw around and since his older siblings were already getting into the family business his parents encouraged him to pursue his dreams. He joined the Imperial corps as soon as he was able. He was recognized as a superior soldier and has recently been given special ops training. He was off-world training when the Deathstar destruction happened and has now joined up with his troop with the forces of Mirianna Palpatine, swearing allegiance to her in order to try and restore order after the rebel scum have created such chaos.


I can wait on the sith. I was planning on going for the dark side adept or taking a level of soldier to get with the soldier idea and go dark side marauder.
As to your last comment, does that mean that I should drop the joined the imperial army or I should be ready to act like i'm in the imperial army?

These are the head honchos of your branch of the Empire.

Empress Mirianna Palpetine:

Mirianna was only about six when the emperor discovered her. Palpetine was on Kuat negotiating the remodeling of the empires Star Destroyers when he “sensed” Mirianna’s presence. He sought her out looking for the entity that was causing this. He was prepared to destroy another jedi rebel but what he found surprised him. He found her in a orphanage. A young girl simply playing with blocks using the force to stack them with ease. At first he was ready to put her out of her misery but a smile from her gave him pause. He asked the headwomen about her and the woman explained that a few years ago (Luke is nine years old at this time) a woman who she thought was a jedi, dropped the infant off at the orphanage and disappeared before she could report to the authorities. Palpetine was surprised that the girl was not afraid of him. It was at that point he decided to adopt her. Maybe he could use her as a back up apprentice in case Darth Vader decided to turn against him.

Years went by and Palpetine raised the girl well. However, after a year or two, he stopped helping her develop her force powers. Instead, she taught herself. The emperor didn’t even show her how to use the darkside. He still took care of her and showed her much kindness. He also taught her how to be influential. She soon became a very charismatic individual. At the age of 15 she was giving public speeches to thousands of people. Unlike Palpetine, she showed more compassion and was able to ensure many restless people that the empire was the best thing for the galaxy. Citizens of the empire loved her. She was however, and still is, very naïve. She was un aware of the tragedies the empire had committed. She felt like order did have to be forced but she had never seen the worst of it. The message she got from Alderaan’s destruction was that the rebellion had found someway to destroy the planet through some core implosion method. Mirianna came to fear and hate the Rebellion and swore she would not rest until those monsters of chaos were put down like the dogs they were.

Now Mirianna had heard of the death of her father. She grieved for his loss and swore to have her revenge. However, the thing that angered her most was that the other moffs and governors of the galaxy began to turn against one another. On Curoscant the uprising was really strong and it took everything Mirianna had in her arsenal of influence to secure a fleet and some amount of authority. At the advise of Fame Commander Richard Tavoes, Mirianna would travel to the mid and outer rims to secure the galactic expanse and deal with the alliance and the rebelling imperials. Thus is where your missions will begin.

Commander Richard Tavoes:

Tavoes is an imperial commander and strategist. He was responsible for many of the empires victories. Most notably, the victorious counterattack on Yavin after the loss of the first death star. Second was when he devised tactics with General Veers on Hoth. Tavoes was unaware as to the purpose behind the death stars. He was generally a good person and did what he could to help those suffering from the war. Thus the Vader saw fit to keep him out of the most of the crueler battles where the atrocities the empire was known for wouldn’t reach his ears. This is why Tavoes was not at the battle of Yavin. The emperor didn’t want his star tactician to witness the death stars true purpose. Tavoes was one of many who were influenced by Mirianna and thus he didn’t hesitate to cast his allegiance to her. He will be your primary commanding officer for most of your missions. Briefing you and giving you instructions as you move about your missions.


It basically means you are going to be a stormtrooper for awhile 

Karval is happy not knowing intimate details about the Empress, generally he is acting as a recognisable bodyguard or as a duellist. Officially he will probaly not be in the Imperial Military. As I see/would like him is as a Romanic Gladiator or in the Deathstalker Series. Possibly as far as 'built' goes either moving toward a duellist or bodyguard from the Hero Guide (yeah stupid i know since the thread has not started, but...).

Anyway if anyone wants, or can think of a good connection that we can work on. Ie. Eric's Noble?

Since it looks like we do have a number of force users, perhaps that is a good theme to press? Maybe the groups was specifically assembled with the idea that a crew of force users working for the new Empress would be a leg up in fighting to regain control and maintain Empire supremacy?

Regardless, I was thinking of the following character:

Name: Galvet Fleming
Race: Human
Age: 24
Homeworld: Coruscant
Class: Tech Specialist

The Reason for your class - Galvet was always handy with a set of tools and had a love for technology. Joining the Imperial Navy as a warrant officer after finishing school, he tinkered on Imperial weapons and systems to gain and sharpen his skills.

Physical Description - About 5'10", Galvet has ruddy, clay colored skin and generally has patches of grease and other machine oils on his face. He has black hair that he keeps cut short and light brown eyes that typically dart around as if unable to focus.

Skill Explanation - Most of his skills were gained through school and time serving in the Navy. I also intend to take Enhance Ability and Force Sensitive. I'll take the feat at first level, but depending on the setup, may not take the skill until later. What the group ends up being comprised of will determine what crafting skill(s) I take, but it seems handy to have someone that can make mastercrafted stuff around.

Motivations - Galvet genuinely enjoys the act of working on the weapons, armor, and systems of the Empire. He wants to get back to a galaxy where the government is stabilized and, especially, where humans are the clear rulers. He finds other races distasteful and all of the open combat to present a distraction from his work.

Faction - Galvet has always been a citizen of the Empire. Having no desire to see the government in disarray, or, more importantly, to see aliens gain traction within society, he wholeheartedly supports the Imperial remnant. Being young, he is actually quite pleased at the destruction of the Death Star as it has allowed him to rapidly climb through the ranks since most experienced and skilled technicians were killed during the Battle of Endor.


Galvet was born to a relatively well off family on Coruscant. Never really feeling the pressures of poverty or loss, he was able to spend his time learning technical skills and always enjoyed building toys and gadgets. His mother worked for a Senator and his father served as a commissioned officer in the Imperial Navy, so it was always assumed that he would work to support the Empire. While in school he learned to design and build weapons systems and starship parts, among other things, and quickly set to work serving the Imperial Navy as a young tech specialist. Despite his technical profession, he was also always obsessed by religion. For some reason he found himself drawn to studying what remained of texts about the Force and would often bury hidden messages and arcane symbols in his code or on items that he crafted.

When the Rebellion broke out, Galvet was horrified. First of all he had never even considered the possibility that the Empire might fall. That there was a chance that things could change shook his entire world view. It drove him to work harder and push himself to protect the only existence that he knew. Secondly, when he saw vids of the Rebellion, he recoiled even further. The thought that non-humans could occupy positions of power disgusted him. Thinking of aliens as little more than useful animals, he saw the Rebellion as debased and obscene to rub shoulders with them on an equal level. If that's what it took to win, he thought, they must be terribly desperate and probably insane.

The feeling that the Empire was losing after the Battle of Yavin made him angry. He started to review the Rebellion with hatred more than pity and that pushed him even harder into his work. For reasons unknown to him, his body started to suffer, the anger taking even greater toll on him than he would have expected, but he pushed himself even further into his studies, both occult and technical. Finally, after the Battle of Endor, he received a number of promotions as the remnants of the Empire and those loyal to the new Empress scrambled to fill important technical positions. Given his force sensitivity and his natural talent with gadgets, coupled with his love of the Empire and hatred of all things alien (both race and government) he was quickly brought into the Empress's circle and has worked diligently to keep her forces in fighting condition.

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DSXMachina wrote:

Karval is happy not knowing intimate details about the Empress, generally he is acting as a recognisable bodyguard or as a duellist. Officially he will probaly not be in the Imperial Military. As I see/would like him is as a Romanic Gladiator or in the Deathstalker Series. Possibly as far as 'built' goes either moving toward a duellist or bodyguard from the Hero Guide (yeah stupid i know since the thread has not started, but...).

Anyway if anyone wants, or can think of a good connection that we can work on. Ie. Eric's Noble?

I think having Karval as Zaleos' bodyguard would work fine, if you don't mind working for someone who is 'blind', he he. It sounds like he would also have ties to Mirianna, although I am not sure how deep those ties would run. The Force works in mysterious ways though. Perhaps Mirianna sees great potential in Zaleos to be a strong supporter of hers especially since her Empire is lacking strong leaders needed to rebuld the government.

Recruitment ends Friday. We will be building our character's according to my rules on the discussion thread. Then you can make your alias's

I will work on A'streth's background this week,

A'streth Background:
Hey Shanosuke. I have a rough outline of the characters life. During the Empire's Reign Trandoshan's were allied (as much as an alien race can be) with the Empire and aided in the enslavement of Wookies. A'strath's parents were former Imperial Agents (not official Imperial officers) who perished in service to the Empire when attempting to apprehend Rebel spies journeying to Byss, the Emperor's personal hideaway. As many Trandoshan's do they carried along with them their son A'strath who managed to survive the fight. With his parents dead the Empire did what would come naturally and sought to sell him as a slave. On the block A'strath caught the eye of Marianna who at the time was 12 (A'strath was 7). She liked the unusual looking creature and wanted him as a "pet". Though Palpatine disapproved he allowed the transaction to take place as he sensed something unusual about the Trandoshan. After a few years it became obvious that A'streth was a force sensitive. Though palpatine would not train the thing himself he did allow the Imperial Royal Guard to train A'streth as he had become so attached to her, plus if the thing could fight why not have a bodyguard around you did not have to pay? As Marianna moved from the shadows of Byss to the spotlight of Coruscant she brought A'streth along with her, though he was always in the shadows. When she made public appearances he spent his time with the Imperial Royal Guard honing his already formidable physical prowess with meta-physical force training. Let meknow what you think.

Alright everypony! Recruitment ends tomorrow! Hope you got all your concepts good to go and we'll get this thing started! YEEHAA!

Okay Recruitment is closed. I need each of you to let me know who is still in. Also, Give me a list, Just the names and factions, of all the characters you have submitted to my thread. I will likely be double some of you up where you will be playing 1 - 3 different characters one in each thread. But if there are enough submissions, I will not do that.

I will be going over these on the weekend and will post the final organization on Sunday night or Monday after noon. I'd hope to start this by no later than Wednesday.

Thank you all again for your application. At the very least I am sure each player will get in.

I submitted the following characters:

1. Jarl Tehnos - Soldier - Rebel Alliance
2. Colvin Dashwind - Scoundrel - Zadora the Hutt
3. A'Strath - Force Adept - The Broken Empire

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Here is my character:

Zaleos Buerlon Mirikulian Noble male

Just the one for me;

Karval de Longinous - Mandolorean Soldier Male - The Broken Empire

Scoundrel, Nichos Vilpedric - Empire or Rebellion
Scout, Ellor Vantoi - Zadora

Galvet Fleming - Tech Specialist - Empire

I'm still in.
Characters submitted:
(1) Me'eona Lakur; Rebel Alliance Thread
(2) Talon Marsk; Empire Alliance Thread

After Much painful thinking and going over profiles and trying to figure out whose who and where everyone would work best, I came to the following Conclusion.

Star Wars Recruits draft.

Xzarf – Yurvin Salki – Duros Tech specialist
Mrdrkerknight – Torin Tol - Kel dor Soldier
Kenderkin - Venkru Vong – Mandelorian Soldier
Shadowsun21 – Ellor Vantoi – Duros Scout

Denis Henry – Jarl Tehnos – Human Soldier
Imjohnnyrah - Finn Uhodeski – Human Scout
Iraqcrusader - Kregen Tzetar – Human Noble
Graynore - Me'eona Lakur - Miraluka Scoundrel

Eric Swanson – Zaleos Buerlon – Miraluka Noble
DSX Machina - Karval de Longinous – Mandelorian Soldier
Tourach – Galvet Fleming – Human Tech Specialist
Shadowsun21 – Nichos Vilpedric – Chiss Scoundrel

This is what I have set up. If any of you have any concerns or displeasures with the results please let me know. I can be reasonable. If I missed anyone please let me know as I am one player shy from having a complete party layout.


I have you set in two different threads as sort of a filler. I think it will be easier for me to run these with only four players a thread. If this is too much responsibility for you let me know and I will ask someone else to run to characters or I will make an NCP.

No thats great, cannot wait :)

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All right...this is gonna be fun!

Okay discussion is up. Accessible through the tabs above.

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