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Star Wars The Broken Empire

Game Master Shanosuke

Our group of "Heroes" are attempting to aid The Emperor's Daughter Mirianna Palpetine in rebuilding the broken empire to it's former glory.

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Male Mandalorean Soldier (Sharpshooter)

Nodding, Janitor moves to a table and sets his helmet down. Back to war again already... Despite the lack of rest between activities, the trooper gives a small smile. Least I know what I'm doing, more or less.

Tapping his fingers for a moment, Janitor lets his mind wander over general tactical knowledge that might help... He doesn't look for specifics at the moment, though.

Gotta come up with a plan of my own, first.

Zaelos allows his sight to flow over the remnants of the dark side warrior . Shuddering inwardly at the coldness flowing from it, he motions for the bridge crew to dispose of the remains.

"Taggard, Jedi lore says those fallen to the Dark side of the Force can be saved, should there be good left in them. However..." his jaws set in determination. "As for the Dark warriors themselves, I cannot envision a way to bring them to the Light side of the Force."

Knowledge Jedi Lore 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (15) + 8 = 23

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Zaleos, you forget your general knowledge. In your last post. You don't really now what happened on the death star. Only Luke and the rebellion know and it isn't accepted truth. Mirianna doesn't believe her father was a dark sider. She believes Vader betrayed the empire and WENT to the dark side in the process.

Oh roger that Shanosuke...edited post.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"There is always a chance of redemption..." Karval adds, though he knows little of the Force or the philosophy behind it.

"Janitor, do you think we can use the creatures of the valley to disperse and destroy the troops?"

"As I see it we have politics, profit & combat. The three are entwinned, but we may pull them loose and be victorious." Karval thinks. "In the big scheme, at least this de-stabilises the Chiss - maybe we could talk to the rebellious Chiss. Surely Makabe is giving them as much grief as us. And if we can lure them into more confrontations with him then it reduces their strength."

"This will help our tertiary objective of finding about Cortels' lab on Batseren." Karval states.

Sorry, had a look through the old posts (circa 929~ish)

Male Givin Outlaw Tech (Scoundrel 2/Tech Specialist 3) [ Vit: 9/9; WP 14 | AC: 13 T: 11 FF: 13 | F: +3 R: +0 W: +4 | Init: +1 Perc: +2 | FP: 0 | Effects]

Na'soth finally speaks up, clearly a bit annoyed at having to say anything at all, but at least having enough information about the general politics to be have enough understanding he can provide input. "I think that some of you are forgetting that the planet itself is a resource as well. As are allies with resources of their own to draw upon. The rebellion thrives on making the empress look like a dictator; the only way to remove that weapon is create allies that can directly counter that argument while keeping those allies within her overall power base.

If you wish to make this mission as successful as possible, you must find a way to clear the planet of enemies; that will apply pressure to the chiss government that they will have to deal with by removing the pressure on the space station, which in turn allows the friendly chiss and the Malakai to work with each other to strengthen each other and force the chiss government to cooperate; between the space station and the resources on Malaki, and with the backing of the empress, they would have a very strong chance of success, and the rebellion couldn't do a lot about it because their main argument against the empire would not work, as it would be locals applying most of the pressure, not the empress. In short, if you want to have a prayer of winning, you must out alliance the Alliance."

I tried to keep it as non-metagamey as possible, and am assuming that the general situation in chiss space is reasonably easy to find information on.

Zaelos watches the crew of the Perseverance take their stations. "Na'Soth, your ideas make a lot of sense." He turns to face the others, "Do you think we have enough resources to secure Malaki or should we rendezvous at Danaten Station beforehand?"

Arana leans against one if the consoles "Do we know the complement of enemy ships at Malakai? I would think that may be held in the tatical database. "

Male Mandalorean Soldier (Sharpshooter)

Janitor nods. "Knowing the full extent of both our power and our enemy's is crucial to planning an efficient and effective strike. However, I think one of our best plans would be to do what we can with the destroyers, but to start using the Malakai as soon as possible. Whether that means bringing this into a full-out ground war--I'm not sure the Empire would be willing to resort to that--or transporting Malakai up here to board enemy ships is up in space right now."

Trying to think of Imperial tactics that would be deployed in a large-scale conflict like this, and specifically what weak points they would leave open. I'm kind of guessing at mods right now, since I haven't leveled up yet--Shanosuke, I PM'd you about my questions with that--but I'm just gonna add 1 to each of the skill modifiers.

Knowledge (tactics): 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (16) + 11 = 27
Profession (soldier): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"True, we cannot go using our power. We have to unify Miriana's home-land under her. Brilliant points Na'Soth." Karval considers the words a nervous energy running through his system - like a prowling feline he stalks across the bridge, deep in thought.

"We need to unite Lady Miriana with the Chiss; whilst breaking the alliance of Makabe with the Hutt." He ponders... "Could we strike against the Hutt with his Trandoshian men, claiming they are pirates against the Chiss upon Danaten Station. Which they undoubtedly are."

"If we just strike against Makabe's troops, we might win... but we won't claim victory for the Empress."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"Hmmm....So what's our target of choice?" Karval wonders.

Zaelos nods in reply to Janitor, "I agree with you. Malaki is the key to this conflict and the sooner we deal with the invaders the better." He turns to Na'Soth, "Can you contact Danaten Station and get an updated report from them? We need to know what we are flying into here."

He walks over to the Captain of the Destroyer. "Set a course for Malaki. Once we have entered the system and determined the area is clear of enemy ship, set up a cordon around the planet."

Both Martian Level 20 invader

The captain assigned to your star destroyer is named Captain Palis Tain. He salutes the order. "Yes sir commander." He turns and begins to order the crew to their stations. The Malaki pilots are relieved from their duties.

All the bustle to get things cleaned up and ready to go. Dead bodies removed and things put back in their proper place. All was corrected and prepared except for one things.

No one would dare go near the body of the fallen Sith Malaki. They purposely ignored it and those who went to clean it up would go only so close before turning away.

The Captain addresses Zaleos. "Preparations are complete Milord. It is time."

With everyone standing ready, the your star destroyer and the Perseverance both jump for Malakai.

I don't think Na'Soth was made privy to anything about Danaten Station or what is happening there. Someone might want to fill the guy in. Don't forget, he is the only one among you whose name is not on file with the empire.

With the ship in hyperspace Zaelos found himself with little to do. He decided to bring the newest member of the team, the Givin they had found back on Malaki. Motioning him over, Zaelos hands him a datapad, a small smile on his face. "Ok Na'Soth since you seem to be a part of our team here is the briefing on the current situation on Danaten Station, as well as the current state of Galactic affairs. I would suggest you learn this quickly."

He wanders over to the body of the Sith Malaki, gazing at it for a long time. Repressing a shudder he turns to Arana, "What do you propose we do with THAT?"

Both Martian Level 20 invader

To those who have force sensitivity:

Over the past 20 years, Jedi have nearly been erased from the galaxy. Those born with force sensitive traits were not aware that what they were feeling was the force. Unless otherwise educated At least one rank in knowledge Jedi lore Few in the world would never know what a jedi or sith was.

In this case, for those of you force players. What you are encountering right now is unlike anything you have ever felt before.

The taint of thie...creature speads almost a two meter radius from the smoldering remains on the floor. It is so potent that anyone who approaches gets the jitters something fierce.

Those of you force sensitive types get something worse. A biting migraine and nausea while standing too close in addition to the jitters. Stepping out of the zone relieves you of these symptoms a few moments later.

Purplish black arcs of lighting still dance over the remains. This Malaki was infused with ENORMOUS amounts of dark side energy. So much so that this stain and sensation will remain potent on the bridge for at least a couple of weeks

Imagine if that Malaki actually KNEW how to use all that power.

"I'm sure the only one who would know what to do is the one who created him in the first place." Arana says, preventing a shiver by clasping her arms around her torso.

"All I know, is that he was like an over-filled bacta tank, ready to burst. I wonder if these warriors may only be "useful" to their creator for only a short time, filled with so much dark power may eventually be fatal." she muses looking out at the shimmering lights of hyperspace.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

The Mandolorean turns to Arana a look of concern upon his face; "At least that's a Godsend for them." he pauses; "To be so overcome by the vileness. Maybe if we can deny them their targets, then they will stop - their power dwindling."

"Releasing the corrupted souls." he adds sadly, not wishing the demise of any warrior, but these defiled shock troop warriors are like non-other.

Male Givin Outlaw Tech (Scoundrel 2/Tech Specialist 3) [ Vit: 9/9; WP 14 | AC: 13 T: 11 FF: 13 | F: +3 R: +0 W: +4 | Init: +1 Perc: +2 | FP: 0 | Effects]

Na'soth takes the datacard, and even loads it onto the datapad, but only briefly skims the parts that apply to the immediate situation before skipping over to reading about the latest tech and taking a nap for the majority of the trip.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"So this makes it more imperative we rescue the Malakai, for each that's captured it doomed. We also have to involve the Chiss turn them to our side. If they sign up to Empress Mirianna's Empire they will be protected from the Evil of General Makabe, Darth Taintus and Darth Night." Karval pushes back his fingers listing off the wrongful factions.

Taking a deep breath; "Whilst the rebellion are factious and ill-suited for diplomacy. The Chiss need to believe that we can protect them, help them in a bond of friendship."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Karval tries to decipher potential tactics; he realises how much he misses Nichos. For the man took to this strategm crafting like a duck to water.

Of course, the Mandolorean finally realised how much they all depend and cared for the man. 'I hope he is just lost, not that I sent him to his death.' the gladiators melancholy strikes him, whilst he attempts to work out what is possible.

Know (Tactics): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Karval walks over to a bulkhead and smacks his head against it; then he turns to Na'Soth. "Do you think that you could possibly hack into the ships computers given enough time and support? Then we would have the Exact number of troops, their positions, their bases, supply routes, support personnel, contact's, Captains' log and his orders."

"With this we will know exactly how to tackle Makabe & this will give us enough information to contact Chiss high command and deal them. Building an alliance handing over the information so they can fight their war..." Karval looks serious; "Let them fight our mutual enemies."

Another revelation hits him; "And we should have Makabe's notes on his Dark-Side soldiers, his link to Cortels research and maybe his previous name."

"Of course, should we fail - a system restore would be tragic. I'll assist..."

Computer Use (Aid Other): 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (8) + 10 = 18
Na'Soth can you take 20? Followed by Know Tactics: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (12) + 3 = 15

Male Givin Outlaw Tech (Scoundrel 2/Tech Specialist 3) [ Vit: 9/9; WP 14 | AC: 13 T: 11 FF: 13 | F: +3 R: +0 W: +4 | Init: +1 Perc: +2 | FP: 0 | Effects]

"Probably easier to do from engineering. The bridge rarely contains admin level functionality." Na'soth heads off to look for direct access to the core itself, or the closest thing he can find to it, and sets to work digging into the heart of the computer system on board the ship.

Not sure what rolls would be needed or how many.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

You need to make the check from either the captain's station on the bridge or at his private quarters. Those are the locations of that data. It is ONE Comp use check and failure results in a system purge wiping all that info from the ship's databases. Going to engineering would serve no purpose because the info is for the captain. Not them.

Male Givin Outlaw Tech (Scoundrel 2/Tech Specialist 3) [ Vit: 9/9; WP 14 | AC: 13 T: 11 FF: 13 | F: +3 R: +0 W: +4 | Init: +1 Perc: +2 | FP: 0 | Effects]

The captain's quarters was my second guess. Na'soth will take advantage of the excuse to leave the bridge to head there.

Computer Use 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (18) + 19 = 37
Did we get anymore force points from that last mission? If we did, he would apply one; otherwise he's out and can't 1d6 ⇒ 2

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Does that include Karval's assist.

"Zaleos, you're good with a computer. Maybe you can assist too?" Karval asks as he follows Na'Soth to the captains cabin.

Oh not a bad idea there Karval. Not sure if Zaelos can assist here but if he can...

"Good idea, Karval. I mustn't let this command go to my head here." He comments drily.

Comp Use 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (10) + 11 = 21

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Both Martian Level 20 invader

I do not think so. I will apply Karval's assist and yes, you each got a force point for the level. DC to hit was 40. With Karval's assist and the force point you used, you make it.

After bypassing the tight security systems of the captain's personal computer, you are able to access a majority of the files you seek.

You gain a treasure trove of data and information in all forms. Spending the flight sifting through it all allows you to compile all the information.
Rather than dish out all the unnecessary details of what you find, Key information and been lump together into categories Spoilers to make it easier to go through. You all can see this information.

Connection between Night, Cortel, and Taintus:

All the files have something to say about each of these characters. Only one connection seems to exist. They are all part of some secret service to the emperor that the rest of the galaxy, even most of the emperor's own forces were unaware of that.

However, in spite of this connection, they do not associate with each other. Moreover, they seem to see each other as threats. This means that Night, Taintus, and Cortel are not working together, rather, they are against each other.

Info on Cortel:

This is the shortest bit of personal information on unique characters. All it seems Night and his officers knew about Cortel was that he was making some kind of anti force weapon and successfully tested it on Malakai.

The lack of knowledge seems to upset Night a lot as he has ordered all captains and officers to scour Chiss space for any clues as to where Cortel is or has gone. It is one of the things they are looking for here on Malakai. More information

Darth Taintus:

The information on Taintus is better but still missing a few wholes. Apparently Taintus worked as an agent for Darth Vader hunting down the Jedi. Taintus served Vader loyalty and promised to aid Vader in his potential rebellion against the emperor. It seems Vader HAD been planning to rebel against the emperor this whole time. Pick a bad time to do it too.

Info says Taintus used to be a Jedi Master of the old order named Master Yarik Dan. He turned to Vader to save his hide and became a Sith in the process.

Now that Vader and the Emperor are gone, Taintus has command of all off Vader's secret forces. The army Vader would use to over throw the Emperor is now Taintus's.

There aren't any details on the size of this force other than "huge" and potentially the greatest military threat in the galaxy.

Information seems to indicate that Darth Night FEARS Darth Taintus and would not dare show his flag for fear of being wiped out. Instead, the rebellion is likely the only force that can defeat Taintus. Once that happens, Darth Night will strike.

Darth Night:

There is much information on the Order of Night. An elite group from which Makabe is a member. Information hints that there are nine other members and the are ALL darksiders. They do not call themselves Sith.

They used to be a secret group of Sith assassins led by a Darth Juhan before Seth Segariss took over. Juhan apparently serves as an adviser and has aided Seth in the acquisition of the blueprints of the Dark force infuser.

When the emperor died Seth took on the title of Darth Night and formed the Order of Night to help him capture prey for the infuser. Once night finally got the device working, he begun to use it on any force sensitive individual he could capture. Soon he hopes to create and army of mutated dark force users.

Night plans to gather these things in secret while the rebellion attempts to battle Taintus. If either Taintus or the Rebellion are defeated, the surviving force users will be able to detect his super soldiers. If anything, it seems Night is willing to aid the rebellion in their up coming war with Taitnus.

Night does this because he believes Luke to still be a rookie with senses not as attuned as the Veteran master Taintus.

Night has been working with slave master Zedora the hutt to collect specimens from all over the galaxy. More on that in a bit.

In spite of the abundant information, there is not much on the other members of the Night other than a brief mention of Juhan and a good bit on Makabe.

Zedora The Hutt:

Zedora the hutt is in the business of slavery. He has worked with Seth for many years. Even before the fall of the Empire. Zedora also worked extensively with the rebellion during those times.

This did not bother Seth at all as at the time, the rebellion wasn't a direct threat to him. Zedora knew how to find, capture, and "tame" beings for slavery and so it only made sense to recruit the man.

Zedora's second, a stout rodian named Yeebo was trained in the Jedi arts by Juhan. Yeebo was to serve the Order of Night but once Zedora announced his campaign to conquer the criminal underworld, Yeebo chose loyalty to his former boss rather than his new masters.

Relations with the hutt seem to be coming more difficult. Seth needs Zedora now more than ever and the hutt is too preoccupied trying to fight his own foolish war.

It seems that Seth has a fragile but necessary alliance with Zedora the hutt.

The hutt's base of operations is on a world just outside of hutt space call Dessair.


Little history on Makabe is mentioned except the following.

Makabe was recruited years before the emperors demise. He was a promising student to the Jedi temple on Malakai. Until he was accused of having anger management issues. He was expelled from the Jedi order.

He joined with the empire after that and sold out the temple to the Empire. Though Makabe was involved in the betrayal of the temple. He was not privy to the methods used in destroying the place. Makabe was then placed under the care of Darth Night.

The Malaki now serves as overseer and representative of Nights fores here.

Before, the empire only had a minor presence letting Zedora's people do all the work. But lately, with the emperors death, the Chiss government's bid for independance, and the hutt's foolish ambition, it seemed necessary to move more forces in.

Since Makabe had been working on Malakai this whole time, it was only natural he be in control.

There are a good deal of complaints about orders given by Makabe and that his lack of military intelligence shows. The officers requested better leadership to help them deal with the Chiss threat.

The latest order said the Order was sending their agent Darth Nomi to work with Makabe and to hold off the Chiss until she arrives.

Far as you can tell this Nomi hasn't arrived yet.

Chiss Aristocracy:

They are described as pests by some. A serious threat by others. Originally the Chiss had no interest in this world. However, with the additional forces that Seth had sent in,, the Chiss took notice of all the activity and came to investigate.

Since the death of the Emperor, the Chiss aristocracy has announced independence. No Empire, no Republic, only the Chiss Aristocracy. Since Malakai was technically in space that used to belong to the Chiss years ago, they saw themselves right in reclaiming it.

So without warning, the Chiss made war with Darth Nights forces. With their appearance and the hutt's wanning support, the battle for Malakai seems more costly than profitable.

Since the Chiss fleet cannot be defeated without additional support, Darth Nomi is coming to negotiate a treaty where the Chiss get the planet and Night gets its people. There is a temporary cease fire until negotiations take place.

The Star Destroyer you captured is call The Raptor

The Raptor's orders:

With the cease fire now in affect, Makabe has ordered the search for Taggard and the Malaki resistance. The Raptor was the first to find them.

Orders stated the Raptor would take the base by force stunning as many Malaki as possible for capture. They would be using the spider walkers to scale the mountain and deliver troops. Allow some Malaki to escape including prisoners. Tracking devices will be set in the released prisoners allowing Zedora's men to find their second hideaway and take it.

Once the Malaki were driven out of hiding, The Raptor was to return to the main fleet as soon as possible.

The Cease Fire:

Not too long ago, Darth Night's people were losing the fight with the Chiss Government. Seeing no other option, Grand Admiral Kaiden was given permission to request a cease fire and would barter a trade with the Chiss.

The deal would be the Chiss get the planet and all it's resources except for it's people. In return, Darth Night's empire would take all the people, basically removing a potential indigenous problem to allow the Chiss to strip mine without interference from locals.

This deal would also include that once their business was finished, Darth Night's empire would never again send forces into Chiss space and would recognize their rule over the area.

The Chiss forces are far superior to Darth Night's and Night would surely lose any war with them. They are aware of this but there is also the Chiss rebels. A large vagabond group of Chiss that refuse to conform to the idea of independence. They believe that a unified galactic power is necessary.

Given the strength of these rebel Chiss, The Aristocracy cannot afford war on two fronts. Even if they were to defeat Night, they woud likely struggle, and even lose to the Rebels.

Thus this cease fire was signed.

Details of the cease fire are logged in the Raptor's database.

One interesting detail stands out.

The Empire is to cease ALL activity on Malakai until negotiations for a peace treaty can be made. The Raptor and a few other ships were to discretely drop troops to flesh out the Malaki resistance so Zedora's men can wipe them out.

It was meant to be a quick mission and from the sounds of it, the Chiss aren't even aware Zedora's men are on the planet. The Raptor has only been missing for a few hours. It was to return to the main fleet once the ground forces were dropped.

This Ship was in direct violation of the Cease fire. There is sufficient evidence on this ship to incriminate Darth Night's forces of war Crimes.
If this information somehow made it's way to the Chiss generals and Admirals, the war would likely resume.

Darth Night's present strength on Malakai:

The campaign started with seven star destroyers. Four victory class and three I-class star destroyers. This would have been enough to subdue the entire primitive planet.

However, the Chiss outnumber this force 5 to 1. The ensuing battle had not been kind to Night's forces. Two destroyers were lost before the cease fire was called.

The losses do not include the Raptor. The two lost destroyers were one victory class and one I-Class. Several thousands of troopers were also lost.

With the abduction of the Raptor by your team, Night's forces are down to 5 destroyers remaining.

The Chiss have also lost a good two fifths of their forces as well.

This last bit of info is pretty interesting. It concerns Night's notes on Mirrianna Palpetine.

Info on Mirianna Palpetine:

The information found on Mirianna is little, but disturbing.

According to Darth Night and his officers. Mirianna is seen as no threat at all. In fact, many notes say she was never meant to rule anything herself. The Emperor trained her so he would, in Night's words "Cure the disease known as death" She never had any place to rule and was not officially labelled as the Emperors heir.

Because of this, she will likely lose support quickly to either Tainus, the only individual who ACTUALLY has a legit claim to the throne, or to the rebellion. Eventually all of the galaxy will be absorbed into either Darth Taintus, or the Rebellion. Any stubborn holdouts will simply die out.

This is the most significant information you found. If you feel anything is missing, please inquire and I will answer.

Now, I will give you till tomorrow evening to pour over this data and devise a plan for when you arrive at Malakai. If you do not take opportunity of this time, I will simply push you into the next struggle. Good luck.

Again, You ALL have access to this info. It is not Exclusive to Na'Soth or anyone else in the party.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"Good, Night, Taintus & Cortel are different individuals and enemies. That's good, the more we separate our enemies...the more chance Lady Mirianna has of survival." Karval starts off looking at the log.

He sits in the heavy leather visitors chair; "We can swap some of this information to the Chiss, for access to the records on Cortel."

"And we know the secondary objective is to get the Malakai into the breeding/corruption programme. But now we know what Makabe/Night wants on other worlds.... his next objective is the same as us. Cortel's knowledge that is located on Chiss worlds. Perhaps we can ambush them when they move there." Karval plots.

"We must move to crush Darth Night in Chiss space, then turn Taintus upon the Order of Night. Then between the Empress & the rebellion they can craft the galaxy up." Karval sums up his first thoughts.

"I find it important that the Raptor's presence around Malaki is violating this 'cease-fire' between Night and the Chiss Aristocracy. Do you believe it is wise to continue on our present course to Malaki?" Zaelos wonders.

Male Givin Outlaw Tech (Scoundrel 2/Tech Specialist 3) [ Vit: 9/9; WP 14 | AC: 13 T: 11 FF: 13 | F: +3 R: +0 W: +4 | Init: +1 Perc: +2 | FP: 0 | Effects]

"So let me get this straight, you want to get between two very powerful dark force users and expect to walk away? No offense to the empress, but that just sounds like a suicide mission, though if you can find this Cortel and get your hands on his technology, you might have a chance."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"Na'Soth, the galaxy is a corpse unless we act. Taintus & Night will pick over her corpse." Karval states.

"Zedora's scum, but mercenary scum. We can use him as necessary."

"Makabe's a loose cannon, his troops don't like him. He's obsessed with stopping the Malakai, his own race. Destroying them... we can stretch his forces, lower their morale. Then cut off the head and get the troopers to surrender. Though we have to do this before Domi arrives."

"We could of course, expose the breakage of the cease-fire. Unless we were to ally with the Chiss who want an Empire, unite them under Mirianna's banner....." Karval smacks his hands together.


"That's it, we talk to the Aristocracy. We tell them of the violations by Darth Night and the Raptor.

Mirianna could 'appease' their dissidents, by allying with the Chiss. The Aristocracy could have their Principality, with the banner of Empress Palpatine covering them." Karval nods. "That's what we could offer the Aristocracy, an end to their internal war. Then they can concentrate upon Night & Taintus."

Male Givin Outlaw Tech (Scoundrel 2/Tech Specialist 3) [ Vit: 9/9; WP 14 | AC: 13 T: 11 FF: 13 | F: +3 R: +0 W: +4 | Init: +1 Perc: +2 | FP: 0 | Effects]

"The galaxy is a corpse already; the emperor's shenanigans saw to that quite well without help from anyone else. While I admire your efforts, I fail to see how your empress without the support of any major ally is going to be able to bring it back to life. The Chiss would be a start, but they aren't much on the galactic scene, and will be barely be noticeable."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

'Was Mirianna meant to be little more than an organ bank for Emperor Palpatine... or something more disturbing. Something to do with the force.'

Karval starts to actually lay out a potential plan, rather than his disjointed thoughts on the notes:

"So how about we call the Chiss Aristocracy, reveal the break of cease-fire. Give them the constitution of Darth Nights forces. We can offer to ambush Domi or take out the planet. As well as forming an alliance with the Chiss Aristocracy, to help them with their dissident problem."

"In exchange we can visit their world to get the information from Cortel's lab. Or maybe even take Stewardship of the Malakai's planet? It has plentiful resources..."

Male Mandolorean Soldier
Na'Soth Ma'lak wrote:
"The galaxy is a corpse already; the emperor's shenanigans saw to that quite well without help from anyone else. While I admire your efforts, I fail to see how your empress without the support of any major ally is going to be able to bring it back to life. The Chiss would be a start, but they aren't much on the galactic scene, and will be barely be noticeable."

"We build on this with the Chiss, the rebels owe us and Mirianna a favour. The Empress will forge her own Empire, it might not be as big as her fathers." he pauses for emphasis; "But it will last for longer." There is a devotion to his words, the Mandolorean clearly believes in the future-Empress. Or at least he has strong emotions for her.

"Actually Karval, I do not believe the Chiss Aristocracy would ally the the Empress, though they would certainly fight Darth Night's forces. Perhaps we should see an alliance with the Chiss rebels? Would they be amenable to Allying with Mirianna?" Zaelos cautions his friend.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"If we can prove to them she isn't a third string leader..." Karval says but theirs something precarious in his voice as he sees the resources and economics before him.

"The Aristocracy have the greater equipment, but you are correct." he adds.

Arana followed the conversation, turning from Karval to Zaleos to Na'Soth as each made a point, occasionally rechecking the confusing welter of information pouring from the computer terminal.

Suddenly a thought occurs to her "Well a third string leader wouldn't have sent a team like us...who stole an entire star destroyer from the enemy! Our own achievements could sway the Aristocracy to our side." Arana exclaims, excited by her own train of thought, then subsiding a bit now thinking her argument insufficient in the face of the other's comments.

"Hmmm, an interesting point Arana. Having the Malaki on our side would certainly give them pause. It would be easier to sway them if we had the muscle to back up our claims."

Male Givin Outlaw Tech (Scoundrel 2/Tech Specialist 3) [ Vit: 9/9; WP 14 | AC: 13 T: 11 FF: 13 | F: +3 R: +0 W: +4 | Init: +1 Perc: +2 | FP: 0 | Effects]

"I would say start with dealing with the enemy on Malakai, than deal with the Chiss dissidents. Between them, the Malaki, this information, and the empress, you, or I guess at this point, I may as well accept it, we, should hopefully have enough to sway the Aristocracy. Take out any one of those pieces, and the chances drop considerably."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"Good point, we go to the Malakai planet." Karval with a sardonic quirk of his lip adds; "What a pity, we cannot inform the Chiss aristocracy of this, just yet. Or else we would fail to ambush Darth Nomi..."

Looking around the office; "We'll have to go there and take the area. Then negotiate from a position of power."

"Now what's our plan?

  • "rescue" the Malakai.
  • Attack/ Barrage the Hutt's resources, so they cannot afford to back Makabe.
  • Guerilla tactics against Makabe? We have not the men for open conflict. Cut the lines of command, lines of supply. Use the creatures against the Night's men.
  • Bombardment against Makabe's troops.
  • Assassinate Makabe?"

    Karval asks, thinking the last might be plausible if they could separate him from his troops. They have his comm frequency & authorisation codes.

  • Both Martian Level 20 invader

    Okay, I guess thats what we get for now. moving on.

    The soon the two destroyers under your command emerge from hyperspace. An ensign meets you in the captain's quarters. He salutes Zaleos. "Commander, we have arrived in Malakai space. The planet is before us. What are your orders sir?"

    Zaelos nods in acknowledgement. "Very good. I will be there shortly." As he enters the bridge his sightless gaze wanders over the still dead corpse of the Sith Malaki before he turns to face the Captain. "Report, Captain. Any sign of enemy ships in this sector?"

    As he waits for a reply, he turned to face Janitor. "Janitor, what forces do you require to secure Malaki?"

    Male Mandolorean Soldier

    "So do we go all out assault against Makabe's forces t take them down before Nomi arrives?" Karval asks; "Or find him & assassinate him, his troops wither & join us."

    Arana's head snaps up when Karval mentions Nomi "I wonder...If Darth Nomi hasn't arrived yet...maybe we can draw Makabe out by impersonating Nomi. I'm assuming of course that Makabe doesn't know what she looks like."

    Male Mandolorean Soldier

    "Well we can check to see if there is any correspondence between the two. That'd allow us to draw him into an ambush site at least." Karval adds checking the datapad.

    Both Martian Level 20 invader

    Information in files on Nomi and Makabe's correspondence:

    Information suggests that Makabe is a member of the Order of Night and ALL members of the order are familiar with each other. Even though it seems as though Makabe is the newest member, he has had an opportunity to meet all the other members.

    The captain reports. "Long range scanners pick up significant fleet activity on the far side of the planet. We are too far to get accurate measures of ship class and numbers. We'd have to move in closer but that would also reveal us to their scans as well. At best we can estimate there are more ships than we can battle if they are all against us."

    Zaelos nods slowly, "I see." He thinks for a moment before ordering, "Ok hold position here." He looks over the compliment of assets aboard the Destroyers. "OK, send a squadron of TIE Interceptors to scout ahead. We need more answers here. Tell them to stay in the sensor shadow as much as possible and also skim the atmosphere to avoid detection."

    Seeing as Zaelos has no ranks in Knowledge (Starship Tactics) this seems the best he can do.

    Male Mandolorean Soldier

    "There could be as much as 5 Star Destroyers. If so then that's all of Night's force and show's the Chiss that they have breached the cease-fire." Karval wonders; "Can we check the Comms channels, send some probes. Ensure that they haven't contacted Nomi."

    "If they have, we need to evacuate the Malakai and escape. We do no good fighting superior forces." Karval is uncertain.

    Both Martian Level 20 invader

    There is no (Starship tactics) to my knowledge, just tactics.

    The captain bows and turns to the crew. "Turn the ship about. Keep the planet between us and those ships. Order two scout squadrons to gather intel. The commander would like to know what is going on out there.

    Evacuating Malakai is impossible. Your destroyers can hold at most, a few thousand people each. There are MILLIONS of Malaki on Malakai. You would end up having to make numerous trips to get them all. Secondly, Zedora is much faster at moving out slaves because he doesn't load then as people but tightly packs as many as he can into holds and such. You'd be competing against him to get people off world and he would win.

    Checking comm channels requires sophisticated equipment and skill. You do have an enemy ship and could attempt to hack Night's comm channels if you got close enough undetected. it would still be tricky.

    Carry on

    Arana stands a little off to the side of the command console where Zaleos stands giving orders. She feels and looks very out of place in this world of enormous starships and naval tactics.

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