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Star Wars The Broken Empire

Game Master Shanosuke

Our group of "Heroes" are attempting to aid The Emperor's Daughter Mirianna Palpetine in rebuilding the broken empire to it's former glory.

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Male Mandolorean Soldier

Karval wanders over to see Nichos; the man is distracted and Karval does offer to help him. Though he also sees the need to investigate the various cultures and taboo's on the planet, as well as the families and lines of nobility upon the planet and of the reclaiming Chiss fleet.

Trying to use the data-base upon the station, Karval carries on the research until he nearly drops off. In the morning he checks out his equipment and makes sure his repair kit and equipment is upto scratch.

Know(Nobility) Zedora: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22
Know(Alien Species) on taboo's of the Malaki & Trandoshians: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21

Karval is ready to move on. Shall we meet in the cafeteria for breakfast/ brunch?

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Nichos will keep busy all day, and have a report ready in private at supper. He barely touches either breakfast or lunch.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Well if you need any assists Nichos just ask. Otherwise, I'll have a think if there's any cool stuff Karval can do with his repair ranks... Fiddle with (improve) the AT-ST or the groups weapons or the new droids.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Actually at this point, what he needs is to see what everyone else digs up. He's getting a fair bit on what needs to be done, but very little clarity on how to do it.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Well hopefully those rolls will help us. I think some of this might be us reacting to the situation as well as planning. Also Karval isn't too happy about the Empires treatment of the indigenous people - hopefully under the wonderful Mirianna this'll change.

As my roll for friendship would have made the mechanic friendly, Arana continues to talk shop with the mechanic. Eventually, she starts branching out from tech-talk and tries to get him to provide some gossip on the the higher-ups that fly in and out of the station, trying to get info on Malakai and the General, his ship etc. If the mechanic begins to get edgy about any subject she says "No one's listening, you won't get in trouble for talking about this. "

Affect Mind Skill 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Is everything okay? We went from a lot of activity to near nothing? You guys aren't in a position where I can do anything so I hope none of you are waiting on me. I sent everyone the info they were looking for..did I miss anyone?

Zaelos is more than a little frustrated he cannot contact any of his usual contacts in the Rebellion. He wondered whether the events in Chandrilla damaged his own credibility with them.

Still moping over the past was a futile gesture at best. Instructing L7 to notify him should any of his contacts returned his messages, he set off to find Arana.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Working in the hanger, clambering over their AT-ST checking that it's still in top condition Karval hails Zaleos with a raised hand. "Got some interesting news when everyone's free. Doesn't change our plans but...."

Karval grabs a wrench and starts to contort an annoying bolt, dressed in some overalls the change of attire gives the man a completely different persona. He oils the bolt before trying again.

Arena saunters into the hangar, looking pleased that she found it on the first try. She walks up to Zaleos and says with a small frown "These Chiss mechanics are the most incurious techs I've ever met! Nonetheless, I gleaned a bit of information for the group." her expression then brightens "But, I did get this hyperspace motivator sorted out. Seems that the alignment array was interfering with the containment matrix, causing a feedback...." she trails off as she realizes that had Zaleos any eyes, they would now be completely glazed over. Glancing up at the walker, she sees Karval hard at work "Need some help with that extendor joint assembly ,Karval ?"

Male Mandalorean Soldier (Sharpshooter)

Janitor isn't sure what he can offer to help the team. He does extensive exercises after waking up, following these with a light breakfast. He looks at what Nichos is doing for a little while, but it quickly goes beyond his understanding and he heads down to the hangar. He helps with what he can on the AT-ST, mainly fixing any obvious problems than tinkering with potential improvements--"I spent a share of time in these, and the AT-RTs, but I'm no real engineer," he mentions.

As the day wears on and he continues to work, Janitor finds himself flowing into the work that others might find tedious or boring. As his body continues to lift, twist, and otherwise employ itself, Janitor's mind travels back to his time in the service, drawing on all the resources he has from decades in war--both open conflict and more clandestine operations.

Knowledge (tactics): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"Thank you Ms. Arana that would be most appreciated. I am afraid Sir Buerlon, may be bored by the technical talk he is a man of action." Karval states with some pride as he nods to the Janitor.

Quietly Karval lays out some things he learnt, whilst opening a recording device so that he play it for Nichos later...

"So you know how I used to work on Nar Shaddaa. In the arena for the Hutt's; Zadora's reputation precedes him... a slaver, ruthless, efficient. A true Hutt 'businessman'." the last filled with disdain. "No flashy shows, though he can break anyone. He deals in slaves, even exotics, breaking them..."

Karval lets this sink in; "He can even break Jedi! How he does this - is a secret, but it might lead us to Cortel! Maybe he had some weapon or some of Cortels tech..."

"He has lots of money, with according to rumour.... rebel sympathies." Karval says with a shake of his head.

Leaning in to Karval's recorder, Arana says "I learnt little from the Chiss techs, only that no one seems to know where the imperials on Malakai came from or who they're allied with; definitely not the Chiss though, or the Empress. Oh and no one's heard of General Makabe either." Arana then straightens from the recorder after an awkward moment. She then places her pack near the gangway, removes her tool-kit and begins assisting Karval and Janitor with the walker.

Fixing any obvious defects Repair 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (13) + 10 = 23
Improving an substandard systems Repair 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (3) + 10 = 13

Male Mandalorean Soldier (Sharpshooter)

"Break Jedi?!" Janitor's voice is a hoarse whisper, and he seems uncharacteristically surprised and bothered by this. He puts down the tool he was using and rubs the back of his head, staring at the ground. After a moment, he looks back to Karval and Arana.

"I don't know how much you two know about the Jedi, but I've had my share of dealings with them. They're strong, stubborn, and tough, I'll give them that. Very skilled in a fight, and even stronger in their minds." The clone's hand drops from his head and comes to rest on the butt of his old pistol, as though he finds comfort from it. "Even the young ones, the Padawans, were competent, and they stood."

Janitor pauses here, clenching his jaw, staring across decades. He returns his gaze once more to his new companions. "Children shouldn't stand like that, not against a battalion of the most elite warriors in the galaxy. They shouldn't draw their weapons and attack. But the young Jedi did. If this Hutt can break them..." He shakes his head. "Guess we'll just really have to be ready for this one."

"So appears you are implying Zadora and Cortel had a working relationship. That theory...makes a lot of sense to me. Cortel needed a source of slaves to use as subjects to test his weapons on...and Zadora needed a possible...source of income?" Here Zaelos' voice trails off uncertainly. "Another piece of the puzzle, I would say." His attention turns to the Dathomirian. "General Makabe does not wish to be found? seems to me plausible Cortel and Makabe do still have a partnership of sorts. After Cortel disappeared, he knew he would be under scrutiny so he took steps to hide his involvement." He sighs heavily, "Of course this is just idle speculation at this point; we have no proof. Perhaps Nichos will have better results than I have had so far...."

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Yes.....I too wonder what Nichos will have to say.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

It at least will give clarity, if not comfort.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

When you get back to the rooms that evening, you find Nichos half passed out in one of the chairs, his mind and body both exhausted from the effort as each question answered led to new and deeper, more concerning, questions, a half eaten lunch on the table beside him. He apologizes briefly for the lack of orderliness in the notes, but he simply reached a point where he had to stop and give his mind a break before it went crazy. As you read the latest notes, he watches each of your reactions intently.

Jedi Temple:
The Temple is far from any port. Located in a spot near what used to be a strong Malakai tribe. Both are desolate. The temple is next to a forest at the base of a mountain. The area is abandoned. No reports on how much was looted but there was scavengers after the imperials finished with it. Not much info beyond that.

Zedora & related info:
A notorious Hutt Crime boss. Last reported he was working with another Crime boss conducting illegal activities against the empire on behalf of the alliance. Turns out Zedora's specialty is slavery. He does a lot of this. For the alliance too it seems. His stake on this planet is the Malakai people. He pays the Trandoshans to capture them. Currently Zedora is at war with Nym. Trying to take over Jabba's Palace. Zedora is trouble. Supposedly he's allied with the imperials on Malakai. No known reason why.

Basic info. They come from Dosh and deal in capturing and breaking slaves. They do a lot of illegal business. They are ruthless and often hunt other sentient beings for sport. Tough hides and take blaster bolts like candy.

Nym was a Feeorin pirate who led the Lok Revenants. Known for his theft and subsequent use of a prototype Scurrg H-6 prototype bomber, the Havox, Nym's depredations eventually earned him the ire of the Trade Federation, who hired mercenary Vana Sage to capture and imprison him. However, Nym escaped from her imprisonment, only to find that Sage, who had been double-crossed by the Trade Federation herself, wished to ally with him to inflict further damage on the Trade Federation. Furthermore, the starfighter pilot Rhys Dallows, whose homeworld had been invaded by the Trade Federation, and the Toydarian smuggler Reti joined with them as well. Together, the four launched a number of raids on Trade Federation property, culminating on attacks on the Trade Federation blockade of Naboo and the destruction of a Trade Federation droid production facility on Eos. Those actions earned Nym a pardon from the Republic, though he continued his life of piracy.
Shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Nym's forces came under attack by the Trade Federation once again, this time in the Karthakk system. With the aid of Reti, his wingman Jinkins, and Jedi Master Adi Gallia, Nym was able to destroy several illegal Trade Federation facilities, including a weapons plant producing a biological weapon known as trihexalon. During this time, he ran afoul of a Separatist-aligned mercenary named Cavik Toth, who was behind the trihexalon production. Undaunted, Nym continued to battle Toth's Sabaoth Squadron as well as the Trade Federation, to the point where he was able to seize back his base on Lok, which had been overrun by the Trade Federation years before. Once he did so, the Feeorin ran his operation from there, into the Galactic Civil War, in which he was seen as a Rebel sympathizer.
His time in the galactic Civil war he did business with general Han Solo and would often hit imperial shipping lines and take imperial transports as prizes. He was and to some factions still is on the top of the empires most wanted criminals. He never openly joined the alliance but he received a good portion of Jabba the Hutt's assets for his subtle assistance. Now Nym is still a pirate who picks on the empire and his assets have only grown since.

Conflict between Nym and Zedora
Nym was given substantial sum of resources and assets from the aliance, most of it came from Jabba's resources. Zedora also received a good chunk of resources as well but wasn't willing to settle. Going on right now, Zedora is making a push to take out Nym and assimilate his assets. There is a near military scale battle currently going on in the Tatooine system. So far things appear to be at a stalemate. However, latest reports say Zedora is close to taking Jabba's palace from Nym's clutches. It is also clear Zedora is no longer allied with the alliance.

Resources of Zedora the Hutt and Nym the Feeorin
Nym has a powerful stronghold on Lok and "had" a growing stronghold on Tatooine. He also has a small fleet of fighters, freighters, and a few gunships. He has a lot of men, money and goods taken from imperial coffers. He has many loyal followers who were veterans of the clone wars. Nym's Guerrilla resume is impressive for criminal scum. In one lifetime he has cause more military damage than most known generals or Admirals. Zedora has his work cut out for him. Nym's forces may be elite, but it is dwarfed but the Hutt's resources.

Zedora the Hutt has made millions off of slavery. He has a strong pact with the Trandoshans and the slaves he gets from worlds like Malakai have yielded him a lot of money. The Malaki slaves sell for 100,000 credits a head. They are hard to tame and discipline but their workload is exceptional. A well trained Malaki slave can put forth as much output than 20 standard slaves. They live long, are resistant to any form of physical punishment and disease, their strength and adaptability are impressive. Their females are also highly sought after for promiscuous reasons. Zedora is making millions off of Malaki slaves alone. Most of which are currently being sold to an unknown faction of the empire. (Again you need to get into the imperial base to acquire that info) Zedora has 8 known bases, Biss, Courscant, Tatooine, Nar Shadda, Nal Hutta, Trandosha, Azterri, and his Home base is on Desseir. Zedora also has a dreadnought, an exceptionally large battleship strong enough to take on a victory class star destroyer with ease. It is also said that Zedora's right hand man, a Rodian named Yeebo, is trained in the force. Zedora has money to spend on any number of soldiers. Unlike Nym however, Zedora has few loyalties beyond Yeebo, and asside from the dreadnought, Zedora doesn't have much of a fleet.

Their resources are:
1. Stolen Imperial Resources
2. A small army of well trained and highly experienced and highly loyal war veterans
3. A Stong Ally in the Rebel Alliance
4. A sizable fleet
5. Good tactical planning

1. Credits, lots and lots of credits.
2. Lots of soldiers, not well trained but a LOT of them
3. A Powerful Ship
4. Many bases and contacts
5. A Force user as a right hand
6. Trandoshan Allies
7. A possible Imperial ally.

General Makabe and related info:
General Makabe
Digging though the imperial archives, you find little on Makabe. The first thing you discover is that he is not a real general. Following leads through the Chiss network, you come across several encrypted servers that seem to relate. The risky part is these servers still belong to someone. If your careful, you can go in a find info and get out before someone sees you in their database.
You are successful.
You find Makabe was formally a village warrior named Uga Gantou. He was hired by the Emperor's agent Seth Segaris to infiltrate and betray Malakai tribes. A spy and an asssassin. According to these records, Uga was trained by Segariss in special training. He also Changed his name to Darth Makabe. He was strong enough to kill any village chief no matter how tough. He is a dangerous man with a lot of power. Part of an elite group known as the Night's Nine. Makabe is a Dark Jedi.

Night's Nine
Tough finding solid information on this one. Best source was a rebel database you managed to hack into and yoink a few files from. Apparently they are a shadow group of assassins assembled and trained by an individual known only as Darth Night. He trained each of them personally. Apparently the unit was commissioned by the Emperor to take out high profile threats and annoyances. Also to aid in strategic strikes against rebel forces. Not much else is known. The imperial databases you currently have access to don't have the information you need and the ones that do are heavily fortified against further breaches. You'd have to be on site to retrieve the data but you don't even have information on where exactly this data is.

Cortel, Taintus, and Segaris
After some compiling of information you've aquired, there is really only one link between each force you can find thus far. All three of them were part of highly secret practices that only the Emperor himself was Privy too. Their purposes were things the Emperor didn't want the rest of the galaxy to know about and best you can find, each have technological and financial resources that rival any currently standing imperial faction including Mirianna. They also have very dark secrets and are deeply connected to Jedi and the force in some way or another. On the Makabe info, that is the first time Seth's name has been mentioned beyond current galactic rumors. Also, where Seth was mentioned in your data was three years after his alleged disappearance.

Turning from a open panel under the walker, Arana says to Janitor "These Jedi sound like formidable warriors...we knew next to nothing of the people themselves only some of their would have been interesting to meet one of these Jedi, I think. " Looking thoughtful, she turns back to the panel, and inserts a tool, then realizes she actually needs another to complete her task. Without thinking, she concentrates and the tool rises from her toolkit and floats into her waiting hand.

Move Object 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"Zadora does have significant wealth, he hires as he needs. Well apart from his major-domo, a force using body-guard and middle-man." Karval adds; "It sounds like Zadora had some dealings with the Imperials and that could mean Cortel. He obviously bought the Malaki slaves from someone, someone with Imperial authorisation." The Mandolorean obviously disapproves of this.

"The Malaki are a strong, proud warrior race. To be forced to be slaves like this." he finishes with a sad shake of his head.

GM Shanosuke:
Alien Species (Trandoshians): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21
Know Nobility (Makabe): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21
Since I have no ranks in Know (Jedi); I cannot use it untrained. Or get better than a 10. This is in regards to the Malaki.

EDIT: Sorry, I was trying to post whilst Nichos did.

Zaelos is surprised by the news General Makabe is a Dark Jedi, or possibly trained in the Sith ways. "This news of General Makabe's true makes the likelihood of him working with Cortel quite probable." He turns his eyeless face to look at the others. "If we approach the temple and Makabe is laired there, he will be able to sense US", indicating Arana and himself, "coming through the disturbance in the Force."

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"Magnificent. We probably face agents of all three of the Empress's main enemies, and we don't even have the benefit of a stealth strike against the most dangerous one. I don't suppose anyone has any useful suggestions of how to cut through the clutter and get what we need? We know we're walking into a death maze, but not enough to figure out how to navigate it. Everyone we'll be dealing with has potential connections to at least two of the three problems, but we don't actually know who has precisely what connections except for Makabe, and even that is murky as heck. Everyone else is rumors and suspicions with no clear target to aim for. I'm not worried about the temple; I suspect that Makabe got whatever he wanted from it and left it to rot. It's the people that make this planet a death trap, not the places."

"If the Genreal is anything like the Nightsisters back on Dathomir, who followed the Book of Shadows, he will be an enemy to be wary of." Arana says, turning to Zaleos "Your force sight spoils you Zaleos, those of us without must concentrate and expend energy to detect the presence of others like us. An activity that cannot be maintained constantly; plus on a planet like Malakai where force sensitives abound, two more would not likely be noticed." To the others, she says "Like the Nightsisters, the general will be self-absorbed , vicious and confident to the point of over-confidence....the shadows of the force breed a similar set of behaviour in all who follow it" as she trails off Arana looks away,seemingly trying to forget something awful.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"The Malakai could be good allies, there warriors are honourable and amazing in battle." Karval says a hint of pride in his voice, to find a like minded people. "They can take Rancors or similar creatures in single combat..." his words seem exaggerated but by how much.

The files had not caused too much concern, at least outwardly, there is a small tension in his shoulders that say he is unsure of what the future may hold.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Janitor, now would be a good time for knowledge (tactics)

"If we can figure out the direction we want to pursue, I can try to highlight the details of it more effectively. Until then, I fear I have reached my ability to act. There are simply too many questions, and not enough solid answers."

Both Martian Level 20 invader

What's the goal of Malakai now? You guys have gathered as much info as you can without getting quite all of it. What's your next step?

Arana gazes into the corner, face thoughtful. In her mind she allows her thoughts to wander, allowing her intuition full reign over her experiences and memories of lessons learnt; trying to allow a solution to evolve.

Knowledge (Tactics) using 1 Force Point 1d20 + 4 + 2d6 ⇒ (11) + 4 + (1, 6) = 22

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Don't know. I honestly don't quite know how to proceed. There is no clear path to follow unless the others can figure one out. That is the limitation of Computer Use. It can give information, but direction still must come from the person using it.

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Both Martian Level 20 invader

I’m going to give you guys some help and guidance info. Hope this cures the Analysis Paralysis.
Me’eona comms in from the ship, This is where I’m keeping him until he can rejoin us. and reports you have a package.
You receive the package with the following:
16 portable bacta cans and instructions. Bacta cans, inject bacta solution to receive healing and stamina regen. One use, restore 1d8+2 Wounds and 2d8+4 Vitality, if treat injury is used, then a score of 20 will double the effect, a score of 40 will triple it. You will receive additional bacta cans as more are produced. Star Wars Potions 
You also receive an information package from commander Tavoes.

Bukus of information, spoilered for your convenience:

This is Commander Rick Tavoes. I am sending you this information to aid in your mission. What this module contains is the information we have on the goals we sent you out on and why exactly we sent you out for this.
Our Leads and Reasons for this mission
When Mirianna succeeded her father’s throne, or attempted too at any rate, we found a good deal of information in Palpetine’s personal files and the imperial archives that we have access too.
These files contain extensive information on the Moffs, other Admirals and Generals, and various faction leaders and governors. There is even a good amount of info on the rebellion. This is good but there are several holes.
First Hole
Palpetine’s files mention someone named Darth Taintus, an associate of Darth Vader. Palpetine has handed over a special project to Vader, and Vader in turn entrusted this to Taintus. The Project is a classified case called Project Legion. We have next to no information on this project or the man in charge of it Darth Taintus. Even more disturbing are the notes the Emperor left. He doesn’t like or trust Taintus. He reports his feelings that Taintus has an ulterior motive for joining the empire and has Vader watch the man closely. Upon Vader and the Emperor’s deaths, Taintus has reportedly absorbed much of Darth Vader’s assets and then some. You have confirmed his Jedi origin to us and we understand he is a potential threat.
Second Hole
Admiral Adam Cortel, the only imperial Admiral not recorded in detail in the available archives. There is next to no information on this guy. Everything we’ve found has either been purge or near impossible to decrypt. The only viable information we’ve obtained is from the Emperor’s personal files. These files only mention Cortel as being an Admiral and a scientist. They also put him in charge of a project known as the Anti-Competition Initiative, the ACI. It seems the Emperor was afraid of force users near to him and wanted his men have the ability to fend off these attackers without getting directly involved himself. There is so little information on Adam, his fleet, his assets, his location, or his project. We need to know more.
Third Hole
Segariss. Files tag him as a terrorist who harassed the empire for years. Disappearing six years ago should have been the end of it but the Emperor’s personal files have mentioned the name up till three years ago. There seems to be a relation from Segariss to some organization apart of the Empire only mentioned as the Night’s Nine. We have no information regarding what Night’s Nine even means, only that Segariss is related to it somehow. Now the other two are obvious threats, we would have ruled out Segariss as just a harmless fugitive if it weren’t for some notes the emperor had left, something about using Segariss to keep people from taking the throne, even If the emperor should die. Segariss’s exploits may have sounded exaggerated but we know for a fact they weren’t. He is dangerous and if he was given a goal to ensure no one succeeds the Emperor, chances are he was given the resources necessary to do so. We are also unsure as to whether or not he approves of our Lady’s rule. This makes him a direct threat until evidence says otherwise.
Fourth Hole
This isn’t part of your mission but Mirianna and I are making little progress on the topic so we thought to ask you to forward any data on it if you happen to find some in your poking around. We have discovered another project known as Project Fires of the Phoenix. It is the only project where Mirianna’s name is even mentioned in the Emperor’s personal files. She and I have absolutely no knowledge on the subject. Initially only the two of us were to research it but we’ve hit to many blocks. If you find anything on this in your travels, please send it our way.
Mission Objectives Recap
Darth Taintus: Find out his military strength and resources. Where is his home base, and what is project Legion.
Admiral Dr. Adam Cortel: Find him, his location, his fleet, the strength of his fleet, his labs and tech, and any weapons he has already produced.
Seth Segariss: Find him also, where is he, what are his resources, what is his true mission, and does he support the Lady Empress.
Current objective:
Your current goal in Chiss space is to find this planet Batseren and Cortel’s lab. If it is defended, enlist the aid of the Imperial Chiss to take it and uncover its secrets. It is likely to give us clues as to Cortel’s intentions, may even get lucky and find him there.
Secondary Objective: Since you secured a sizable military force from Chandrila, we’ve added it to our own military strength. If you find any opportunity to help our Lady expand and bring order, take it. Currently you are with the Imperial Chiss, if you find a way for them to secure resources and strength, even an advantage over the Aristocracy, enlist their aid and help them out. These goals are strictly secondary and you are in no way required to pursue them. Focus on the task and get us that info. We need to know where these threats are and what they have at their disposal. Good Luck and may the force be with you.

Recap on your primary objectives. You have garnered a hefty sum of information as it is. You should be able plot some objectives. I will make objectives for you with a knowledge tactics check higher than a 15. Hope you guy’s keep going.p

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"The janitor is right, we need to keep plans simple."

Objective : Stop The Separatist Chiss Reclaiming the Station

  • Spread Rumours about Darth Taintus potential attack forcing the Separatist Chiss fleets back.
  • Get the Malakai to rebel and fight harder against the Separatist Chiss insurgents.

    Objective : Find out about Cortel

  • Visit the Jedi Temple - subtle and stealthily.
  • Visit Zedora, see if he has any information.
  • Find and interview a Malakai leader, to see if he knows about any atrocities and Cortel.

  • DM:
    see my last post for tactics check :)

    Zaelos nods in agreement with his bodyguard. "We can attempt to mak peaceful contact with one of the Malakai tribes near the Jedi Temple. If there is any recent activity by Darth Taintus, they would certainly be aware of it, due tot heir sensitivity to the Force. I am not sure rumors will dissuade the Chiss rebels, but an alliance between us and the Malakai would hamper their efforts. We should make every effort to contact them peacefully."

    Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

    Sorry about the delay; the last few days have been tiring.

    Nichos reads the transmission quietly. "As you are the ones who are going to have to largely implement whatever we decide upon, I will leave the specific objectives up to you. I just need to know what I need to be focusing on in tomorrow's research session; a computer is only as good as it's instructions, and that is effectively what I am on this mission. I can provide information, and indirect aid, but until my own personal position is clearer, little actual direction or direct aid."

    Male Mandolorean Soldier

    "The Malakai respect trophies and displays of power. I am unsure of how they react to force-users, but given their enslavement they might resent them?" Karval guesses.

    "Yes, it seems like a good idea - to do those visits. If we do some more research into the Temple's history or the local Malakai tribe. However often it's best to do some research in-situ; not everything gets recorded."

    Arana's eyes glaze over and remain so some moments until she begins to speak:

    "Inciting the native Malakai against the Chiss may have the unintended effect of starting a full-scale war; many Malakai would die, and the Chiss may end up with a superior claim on Malakai. Having the Malakai attack the imperial/Trandoshan elements may present opportunity to acquire information."

    "Jedi temples often had fully functioning spaceship docks, it may be the only "safe" place on the planet to land our ship, as most of the planet is covered by inhospitable jungle and other landing locations are held by hostile interests"

    "Confronting Makabe would be prohibitively dangerous. Dealing with him would be nearly as dangerous;those who follow the dark side cannot be trusted."

    "Seeking employ by the slavers, Trandoshans/Zedora may prove an avenue to obtaining information and/or access to the planet."

    She stops speaking, then with a shake of her head her eyes clear and she slowly rubs her temple.

    As Aranas went into her trance, you noticed that she seemed to pull lines of the Force into her from all directions

    Male Mandalorean Soldier (Sharpshooter)

    Sorry about the delay in posting, everyone. I've been busy IRL lately, and that seemed to happen at the same time as the site deciding not to show me activity anymore. I'm back at this point; hopefully it won't happen again, or at least not unexpectedly.

    Also, I made a Knowledge (tactics) check as well two posts ago.

    Janitor reads over everything that is being sent silently, deep in concentration. He also listens to the team members quietly, occasionally nodding his head or furrowing his brow. So much information gained, yet so much more to learn...

    When the bacta cans arrive, though, Janitor noticeably takes interest. He handles one, inspecting it as the team reviews the instructions. "These will be a huge bonus," the trooper says, setting the can back down. "Saved lives dozens of time that I saw in the war, and thousands more that I didn't. Hopefully we won't need them, but it's nice to have..."

    Janitor nods as Karval, Zaleos and Nichos makes some comments to finish preparations. "Any allies we can make with the natives is wonderful. Believe me, if the only indigenous people who might ally with you are against you, they can make life hell. Ever heard of the op on Haruun Kal?"

    He shrugs and lays a hand on his old pistol. "In any case, I think the time for action is arriving shortly. Some say that you can never be too prepared, but if we don't watch ourselves, we'll waste any element of surprise we might have."

    Male Mandolorean Soldier

    Karval nods; "Good points, we want to avoid force-users." he gives a wink to the pair amongst their number. "The general is too dangerous to deal with. I think if we talk to the Malakai, we might get some more information. And you are correct we won't get them to rebel against the Chiss. But we need to stop the Chiss advance upon the planet."

    "Zedora does have a force-user bodyguard. One of the only permanent employees he has. And he is not flashy like most Hutts." Karval remembers hearing about him during the cage fights from his home-world.

    "So we land in the temple?" Karval looks around the group agreeing with Arana's idea in principle.

    Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

    Nichos simply listens quietly, either too tired, too annoyed, or both, to say much. It's becoming quite clear he simply wants to be done, and out of this region. For him at least, home and ties to the past, while not unimportant, are best viewed from a great distance; the greater the distance, the better.

    Both Martian Level 20 invader

    I need to clarify something. Zedora himself, or his right hand man Yeebo are not on Malakai. A faction of Zedora's in on Malakai. Zedora is on the other side of the galaxy on Tatooine fighting Nym. Lightyears away from Malakai. The only person on Malakai who leads Zedora's people is a Trandoshan Lieutenant.

    Zaelos stares at Arana for a moment after she exits her trance, lost in thought. Once Karval finishes, he holds up his hand. "Hold on a moment. Before we head to the temple, we should see if we can unearth any blueprints or diagrams of the Temple and the surrounding area first." He gives a sardonic chuckle. "I hate flying in blind." He pulls out his own datapad and tries to access the information. "I believe taking the AT-ST with us would be a wise decision. I believe our borrowed Imperial ship can also carry it?"

    Computer Use 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (9) + 10 = 19
    Knowledge (Jedi) 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21

    Male Mandolorean Soldier

    "Zaleos, have you heard anything to do with the Malakai and Jedi Lore?" Karval adds raising his eyebrow at the nobles quip.

    "True we shouldn't rush in too fast." he adds.

    Thanks Shanosuke for the clarification. Sorry if I got it completely wrong.

    Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

    Jumping at a useful suggestion, Nichos grabs his own datapad and gets to work.

    Computer Use on schematics/maps of Jedi Temple 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (16) + 18 = 34
    Computer Use on history of Jedi temple 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (16) + 18 = 34

    Male Mandalorean Soldier (Sharpshooter)

    "Agreed," Janitor says. He hasn't reacted at all to Zaleos' joke, although whether out of seriousness or obliviousness is hard to say. "It's a fine line between too much planning and too little. We need to focus our search now, dig up information pertinent to the matter at hand; sounds like that'd be the Malakai, the Jedi, and this temple."

    Arana's lips twitch a Zeleos' attempt at humour, "It may be that Jedi's are as unimaginative as imperials when designing their structures; one Jedi temple may look like any other."

    Both Martian Level 20 invader

    @Janitor, I looked back to double check your tactics check, Sadly you rolled too low to gain any viable knowledge. Sorry.

    @Zaleos, you've made a knowledge Jedi for for the Jedi-Malaki relations so far. Can you specify what this new check is for? What information are you looking for?

    @Nichos, you continue to scare me with your obnoxiously high info scores. Forget knowledge, PC use is where it's at. I love space age internet. You don't need to learn much, just enough to look up your questions online. :p

    Shanosuke: The check was for any information about the Jedi Temple here, its layout, defenses, any other tidbits about it. I wasn't sure if it would be under PC use or not....Heh, I think Nichos can handle that from now on :)

    Zaelos nods, "We can hope to be that fortunate, Arana."

    Male Mandolorean Soldier

    "I know plenty about the Malakai, they are a lot like our own race the Mandoloreans. They have a strong sense of honour and displays of power. Of course they do not have our rich history and galaxy spanning conquests." he said slightly pridefully.

    Male Chiss Scoundrel 3
    Shanosuke wrote:
    @Nichos, you continue to scare me with your obnoxiously high info scores. Forget knowledge, PC use is where it's at. I love space age internet. You don't need to learn much, just enough to look up your questions online. :p

    To a point. But there are several important counter points. One, all the checks earlier still didn't produce an actual plan, just a lot of information. The actual plan came from your hints and the decisions of others. Two, as Karval mentioned a few posts back, not everything is written down and accessible via the web. Just as with the Cortel library or the Night's Nine info, some things simply require being on site. Three, Computer Use doesn't help you know what to search, just how and where to search; it's true that you can do a lot with a little bit of a start, but whether it's any use or not is another matter entirely. Chances are that we won't directly use most of what Nichos has found on this mission. Fifth, knowledge skills are still critical as it is what ties the information together into a coherent pattern. What would be terrifying is if someone in the group had the high knowledge skills that would complement Nichos's Computer Use; as it is, the high computer use is a dangerous weapon, but one that can easily misfire if I'm not careful about the aim, which is what the knowledge skills would provide. In short, it's allows Nichos to make a great encyclopedia, but that encyclopedia still requires other skills and abilities to be useful.

    Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

    "Zaleos, how do you think your contacts within the Alliance would react if you were to forward them the info on Makabe and Segaris? It's too dangerous for us to confront the man, but perhaps if we can get this Skywalker on his tail, it will lessen our own danger, as well as that of the empress. If the alliance is going to exist, there is no point in not utilizing their resources for the betterment of the universe."

    Male Chiss Scoundrel 3
    Zaleos Buerlon wrote:
    Shanosuke: The check was for any information about the Jedi Temple here, its layout, defenses, any other tidbits about it. I wasn't sure if it would be under PC use or not....Heh, I think Nichos can handle that from now on :)

    Sometimes it's good to have multiple people doing them; variations in the precise question can sometimes be the difference between highlighting the important information and passing over it. Or, at worst, it can be confirmation that the question being asked by the primary searcher is clearly the valid one, which can be important in and of itself at times.

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