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Star Wars The Broken Empire

Game Master Shanosuke

Our group of "Heroes" are attempting to aid The Emperor's Daughter Mirianna Palpetine in rebuilding the broken empire to it's former glory.

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Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Nichos just shakes his head again at the lovestruck miralukan before heading out the door, eager to get this moving.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Karval taps Me'eona on the shoulder for good luck as they take off.

male Miraluka Scoundrel 3

Me'eona smiles at Karval, "I'm sure we wont need any grenades but I hope you have some." Before Karval can respond, Me'eona guns the throttle and gets them on their way.
i assume everyone is in the transport

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Karval grunts; "Grenades are an indelicate weapon, lacking the skill or precision of a vibro-blade or blaster. I think someone grabbed some though."

Both Martian Level 20 invader

I am so sorry for the lack of posting. Inventory at work caused me to be very tired and busy. Over now.

You set out for the location where the house stands. As you arrive several guards have already begun to leave. A traffic security officer guides you into a spot to park.

As you disembark you are approached by a man in uniform. "I am Sergeant Stakole. I am in charge of the security detail for the Cortel residence. Are you the relief we were told about? What is your name."

Zaelos approaches the Sergeant and nods perfunctorily. "Yes Sergeant, my team is here to relieve you." He takes out the forged ID card allowing him to check it. As the Sergeant checks it out, he asks, "What is the current sitrep Sarge, all quiet so far?"

If he insists on a name, Zaelos will give him the name on the forged ID.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

He takes the ID "Shawn Riker huh? You new? Doesn't matter. A riot just broke not far from here. The LT just left with several men. We need to be sharp. A lot of people want into this place. Which watch are you good for? Evening? Late night? Or Morning?"

"We are here right now, Sergeant we will take the evening watch. Agreed we need to be on guard here. No telling when the Imperials will move in against us."

Both Martian Level 20 invader

The sergeant looks confused. "What is this about the imperials? We are more concerned about the rebels, are the imperial separatists here also? I wasn't informed of such a critical turn of events."

D'OH...I misread the info on who is in charge of the security detail...

Zaelos inwardly curses his carelessness at his verbal slip-up. Damn, I have be more careful here...Why can I NOT get her out of my thoughts?

He stares at Stakole for a few seconds before finally responding, "Consider yourself informed, Sergeant."

Bluff 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6
Oh brother...

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Bluff 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20

Nichos speaks quietly, trying to save the mission before this one devolves again before it's even began like the last one. "You'll have to forgive him. He recently took a rather nasty injury to the head, and he's had trouble keeping his details straight since than. Still a good shot though, and really that's all really matters."

Both Martian Level 20 invader

You guys are in trouble

The sergeant narrows his eyes. "Who is your commanding officer and who cleared this man to lead if he was injured? Also, what division are you from and what is each of your callsign numbers?"

Only Zaleos has a callsign number. Your leader is Cheif Charker, division you can BS with Knowledge local or nobility. As for the injury, first aid check or knowledge local could help you. Otherwise you gotta BS the rest

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Nichos continues to speak quietly. "I'm glad to see your zeal, but let's try to keep our hostilities for our foes, shall we? To start with, we report to Chief Charker, and we are still techinally in transfer limbo while we wait for our forms [enter number here] and [enter number here]. They gave Riker here some temporary information just in case a situation like this came up, and didn't see the need to do so for any of the rest of us, as they weren't actually expecting to have to use us. We haven't even technically been assigned to a division yet, and are currently officially being borrowed from elsewhere here to provide extra reinforcements; with the riots, Chief Charker sent us here as the usual replacements are needed to deal with the riots.

As to who cleared [rank on badge] Riker, that is quite simple. Nepotism and power are powerful influences despite the attempts to curb the effects of them, and so they couldn't simply push him out as they would have preferred; instead they transferred us here, I suspect with the intent of finding some glitch that would make him unusable here, and thus needing to transfer somewhere else, and thereby keeping his family happy by keeping him in, but in a position that he couldn't actually do anything. It probably would have worked in the days of old when peace was more common, but in these days of war, it was bound to fail, and so here we are."

He makes sure to speak very much like a bureaucratic baby sitter assigned to keep an eye on an unwanted headache.

Know (bureaucracy) 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8 + years of experience dealing with the ins and outs of Imperial paperwork
Know (bureaucracy) (Lucky reroll) 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10 + years of experience dealing with the ins and outs of Imperial paperwork
Diplomacy 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (8) + 11 = 19
Bluff 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

There is a part of me that really wishes that didn't sound plausible, but I know the military too well to know better.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

The sergeant considers. Failing miserably on sense motive too. He looks at Nichos. "Who are you son and why aren't you the one in charge?

Zaleos would be the security version of a private first class....I think thats about right. Could never remember the order of ranking in the military. Whatever, Zaleos is a rank beneath the sergeant but above you guys. Just another FYI, there is no rank indication for the rest of you or any rehearsed reason why Zaleos is in charge. Bring on some more BS, you guys are close to getting out of this mess. Very creative.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Nichos kind of shrugs as he answers. "Because while I have combat training, it is not my primary expertise, and I lack the "proper" training in leading, whereas [rank] Riker has all of the proper paperwork to be in that position. I am [rank] [pull out name of old associate from Chiss that had joined him in the Imperial army, but died early on against the rebels]. I suspect that the family ties play a role as well. They seemed to be very careful whenever that subject came up, so it's clearly a sensitive issue. In any case, they made it very clear that at least officially he was in charge, and that anything that needed to be done that would appear to challenge that appearance would be best kept quiet as possible, for the sake of my own position and future. While it's not how I would have gone about it, it's not my call to make, and I've learned that sometimes I just have to accept the orders I'm given."

Both Martian Level 20 invader

He has a confused look on his face. Clearing his throat. "I see, um well, that explains it.....I guess. At any rate, we are assigning groups to different sections of the residence. Particularly three points in the yard, two spots on the roof, the four wings and the main floor as well as two spots on the top floor. We are having to double up on patrol points while the riot is being quelled. We will have you patrol two points."

The north wing is what you guys want. According to the schematics Nichos mulled over, the north wing is the family archive wing. High security area too.

Zaelos gathers what is left of his dignify and glances at Nichos, as if waiting for his approval. "We will take the North wing."

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Nichos steps back after a quick glance to both Zaleos and the sergeant, as if allowing "Riker" to save the appearance of leadership.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

The sergeant looks at Zaleos awkwardly. "What? I was going to assign you to your posts. Any particular reason you want only the north wing? What do you know of this place?"

HEHE not all battles are fought with guns and dice rolls hehe, sometimes I demand some wit too. Great job Nichos! You did a fantastic recovery of a potentially precarious situation. Well done but you guys aren't quite through yet. This is getting entertaining hehe.

Zaelos thinks, I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut...too bad this Sergeant expects an answer...

Zaelos allows a dumbfounded look appear on his face as if he wasn't expecting to be challenged. "Wait, don't I get to choo--" His voice breaks off suddenly as he realizes he has overstepped his authority here. "Oh OK, guess I need to go where you say I should right Sarge? The North wing sounded more...uhh...quiet."

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Nichos adds quietly, "We were briefed on the basic layout of the place, though not any specifics of how the security checkpoints were setup. I suppose they wanted to make sure we (and by we, I mean Riker) could find you without wandering around into places we didn't need to be."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Karval stands to attention as they march towards the gate, the confidrnt swagger of a capable military man. He stands stock still as a statue as Zaleos' words slip and bumble through talking the the Sergeant.

After Nichos' pertanent question Karval breaks his silence; "Sir, are there any areas that are specially restricted? To be guarded, sir?" his rough voice asking in trained and clipped tone.

Back from Expo, a few stormtroopers there, fighting Daleks!

Both Martian Level 20 invader

The sergeant seems to be getting frustrated. "Your what they sent huh? Bunch of guys whose leader is daft and the soldiers seem to be in charge. You four take the ground floor. Both points. Here, I mark them on your map." He at firsts moves his hand to Zaleos then pauses, then steadily moves his hand over to Nichos. "Here. It is probably better in your hands."

He then looks at Karval. "No area is strictly prohibited to us but you can't leave your posts until instructed. Got it?"

It will be tricky but there is an exterior route you can take from the main floor leading outside the residence to the north wing. You just gotta be careful of the patrol in that area. It will be clear that you aren't suppose to be there to other guards.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Thanks for clarifying that.

"Sir, yes, Sir!" Karval says clicking his heels together and standing straight to attention.

Zaelos is silent, accepting the Sergeant's rebuke without complaint, if not gracefully.

As the group heads off to their assigned post. He says quietly, "I wish I could say that was intentional, but it was not. No excuses there, I nearly botched things here." After a moment, he adds "I only hope the Sergeant will underestimate our capabilities."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"So long as he doesn't send anyone to check-up on us." Karval adds quietly; "Don't worry, the Sergeant saw what he wanted to see. You did fine." he tries to reassure. Karval walks at a steady march, his pace making the others stay to the time.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Yeah and I was thoroughly entertained =)

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Nichos follows Zealos quietly, waiting until they were away from anybody else before speaking. "I've seen enough such performances such as that that were entirely intentional and genuine, where it was pretty clear that without their connections, they wouldn't have gotten within a mile of the recruitment office; I'm sure the sergeant has seen at least a few as well. We'll be alright. At least your love sickness has served us some purpose; it gave me a perfectly valid reason to say you recently had a head injury. We do, however, need to work quickly, if we want to not have further difficulties."

male Miraluka Scoundrel 3

Me'eona faces Nichos once they get in, "I guess your tongue is more silver than blood hugh?" He smiles and keeps moving, "Don't worry about it Zaleos, sometimes I shoot myself in the foot. Just make sure that was the last time."
no worries Zaleos. Nichos, that was awesome!

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"I can hold my own when I need to. Really, though, soldiers are generally a simple lot, and easy enough to deal with." Nichos smiles quietly as he plots the party's next move.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

'Love sickness?' Karval thinks as they walk to the post.

"Less yapping, more observation." he says gruffly to Nichos as they approach their post; seemingly annoyed at the mans' slight.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"Easy now, there is nothing wrong with being simple. Like all things, there are times where it is useful and times when it is not. This just happened to be a situation where it was not."

Both Martian Level 20 invader

The night moves on and your shift begins. An officer checks in on Zaleos briefly. "I need to make sure your "Leader" is good to go." He looks at Zaleos closely. "Are you good to go? Do you know your responsibly? And can you fulfill your duties?" He waits for your response.

Come on! Put your foot in your mouth again! Do it and see what happens!

Bluff 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10

As the group starts its patrol route, Zaelos finds himself thinking more about the vivacious and beautiful Yallie. Also, incongruously, the Force weighs on his mind.

What is the story behind her? She is Zeltran...I know little of them...of HER...she is tearing me apart....

When the leader asks him about how he is feeling, Zaelos has trouble putting on his professional mask and mumbles, "Yes...yes sir. I...I am OK. I will be fine."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

As they walk along Karval quietly responds; "Just simple sounds too much like stupid. I prefer honest, although if you know soldiers they are anything but honest." Although Karval is not a formal soldier, his race are proud warriors.

At the approaching officer Karval snaps to attention at stands with the 50 foot stare of a sub-ordinate with an incompetant leader (which are generally all of them).

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

How big of an area are we expected to cover, and how often are we expected to complete the circuit?

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Buhaha, wow have I been out of it lately. I've joined a campaign as a player that is going faster than I can keep up not to mention the demands of my RL group. Sorry I have not had much time to touch my Star Wars material. I think I made an error in joining this one game. The DM asked for 3-5 posts a day. Were going at 15-20 posts a day. Started four days ago and we already have 13 pages and are at level two. Phew. Think I'm finally adjusting now. Time to get back on track.

The Man sighs. "I see then I will be keeping an eye on you four for the duration of your patrol. We merely just have to keep our eyes open. Rivals of the cortel family have been trying to bust in over the past few weeks so we need competent leadership in our teams. Now lets get this patrol started." Now you are stuck with a babysitter.

You guys are patrolling the whole lower level. It is only a fifth the square footage of the upper level.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Karval salutes; "Sir, if you think that is necessary and not a waste of your skills, Sir." he stands to attention.

Zaelos offers the officer a salute as well. "Very good, Sir. We will make sure none of those rival houses gain access to the structure."

Well, since we have a babysitter now, I suggest Zaelos play the part of the incompetent soldier (oh wait...) and when the group reaches the north wing he distracts the officer enough so Nichos can take those pictures we need.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

As they start to move; Karval will 'baby-sit' their guard trying to force any pace. Behind his back he tries to signal his helmet by tapping on it and making a turning dial motion. "Sir, what different duties have we. With what frequency are we doing our rounds? And do we require stationary guards?"

Zaelos gets the hint from his bodyguard and switches his communicator frequency to an encrypted one which won't be monitored by the security forces.

As he waits for the other members of his team to switch over, he thinks what?

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Karval taps his helmet, flicking to the channel Nichos encrypted earlier; #Do we want a distraction, split the group, I take this bloke away?# he says in quiet concise clipped tones.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Frowning at the appearance of the officer, Nichos thinks quickly in response to Karval's question, "Can you keep this guy busy long enough for Meona and I to get to the archives and back? Say we split up the group to cover more ground or anything else that he's likely to believe. And hopefully, our leader will get his brain off of the girl long enough to get the mission done at some point."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"#Affirmative, I will see what I can do.#" Karval responds to the computer expert on the encoded channel. Karval quick thinks and tries to come up with the best diversion he can.

"Sir, the upper storey has a much larger foot-print than this area. Is any patrol working there? Because there should be, especially since you said the Cortels' enemies could be active. A roving patrol is essential, but it is predictable, sir."

"Sir if we cover more ground whilst still obeying our orders, your superiors would look upon your initiative favourably." He looks to Zaleos; "Riker is competant enough to lead them in circles, especially with 'Private' [Whatever it says on Nichos' badge] to ensure that everything is by the book, Sir." With a confident and assured nod Karval adds "We can do a seconndary patrol, catch whomever is trying to break in. Guard-duty tends to be avoidable by an experienced assault force. It is best if we create honourable and predictable unpredictability, Sir."

"Sir, if we use call & response Romeo & Juliet, with Riker being Juliet. Then we can ensure no surprises, Sir." Karval adds astonishing the rest of the group, these clipped words are probably as much as you have ever heard him say.

Diplomacy/Bluff (if required) 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (10) + 0 = 10

male Miraluka Scoundrel 3

Me'eona nods to Nichos, "Shall we?" Assuming they find a good place to sneak away, Me'eona starts heading to their intended area.
stealth1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

[ooc]Stealth 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17

As soon as Karval is able to secure a distraction, Nichos slips off quietly, making it look as if he is moving off to patrol a different section of the floor, but turning toward the archives as soon as he is out of sight.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

The guard listens to Kaval and turns to face the man. "Our orders are to patrol this level. We have plenty of security on the second level. We are the only group on this level and this is all the man power we need....." He trails off looking at Nichos and Me'eona. "Hey where are you two going? Get back here!"

Sorry I've been out of the loop for a bit. Just busy with things, getting sick and trying to keep up with a couple of games that have unexpectedly absorbed a good amount of my time. We are still moving though.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"Sir. If we are the only ones on this level, then surely we need to split up to cover the area." Karval replies in his gruff orderly tone "A predictable patrol route will achieve little, Sir"

Hope you feel better, soon.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

The captain sighs. "You and the chiss go and patrol the east side of the lower level and we will continue the west side. We will trade off hour by hour." He is sending Nihos and Kaval to the east side of the estate.

You two will be able to sneak outside from there and make your way to the upper level to find the archive wing. Gonna needs stealth checks and spoilers out of the two of you.

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