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Star Wars The Broken Empire

Game Master Shanosuke

Our group of "Heroes" are attempting to aid The Emperor's Daughter Mirianna Palpetine in rebuilding the broken empire to it's former glory.

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Both Martian Level 20 invader

Two months since the emperor’s defeat. The galactic community is falling apart and the leaders of the empire are fighting over who has the most power. First there is Grand Moff Gizken of Malastare, Grand Admiral Shuka of Ord Mantell, Queen Yaleen of Onderon, Grand Admiral Adam of Byss, Imperial Prime Minster Hash Machael Curoscant, Grand Inquisitor Darth Taintus origin unknown, Supreme Warlord Maltok Kuat of Kuat, and daughter of the Emperor, Mirianna Palpetine whom you have chosen to serve.

You are a group of individuals who were not present at the battle of Endor. Upon hearing the destruction of the battles station the empire was building, a station that was rumored to be intended for destroying worlds. This was of course rebellion propaganda to give them an excuse to “fight the power” The emperor spent to much of his precious time trying to save the galaxy, why would such a noble man want to destroy it? The Rebellion was nothing more than a bunch of renegade old republic lovers who either just like fighting authority, unable to move on or adapt to change, or simply a bunch of hooligans who love chaos and causing others pain. Whatever they are, they are not good for the galaxy as they are solely responsible for the miserable state it is in now.

Thanks to the rebel scum, Supreme Warlord Maltok Kuat, the head governor and leader of both the planet and the shipyards had made claims to succeed the empire. This man was not a pleasant fellow. His rules were hard and his love of money and power was no secret. However, he controlled the shipyards used to make the imperial Star Destroyers as well as several other vessels. He was blatantly corrupt. A mockery of what it means to be an imperial soldier, or so you believe. He was not fit to take the place of the emperor. Somebody else had to be better suited for the job.

You had spent some time here on Kuat for whatever reason, relocation, new recruit, scout for another imperial faction, leave, what have you, you are on Kuat. It isn’t long after Maltok’s claim to power then you receive a message from famed imperial tactician Richard Tavoes. You have been identified as either loyal to the true cause of the empire or looking for someone better than Maltok. You receive a briefing bidding you to join forces with Mirianna Palpetine, daughter and sole heir of the empire. Whatever your reasons for being here, now you have a new goal. Tavoes wishes you to aid him in a hostile takeover or coup to reclaim the drive yards for the true heir to the empire. You are inspired and are informed the attack will happen in just a matter of minutes. You are to find others loyal to the cause and form a squad and be ready to act when the signal is given.

The message seems genuine and you are sure that this is the rightful person to lead the empire out of these dark times. You immediately set of to get ready for battle. Your not sure as to how this will work or how Tavoes even knew you and others aren’t loyal, but Maktok is an ass, almost nobody likes him. Also, his most trusted men are paid far more than you, that must be the real reason. Or you were planted here by Mirianna herself to rally others to the cause.

You meet with three others who share a common hate for Maltok. You have some time to get to know your comrades and work on your game plan for when the action gets started.

This is a roleplay point. Talk to one another and get to know each other.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

The short Chiss is the first to speak up. "I can handle the security doors and computers as long as someone else can take out the guards."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"Yes, that I can." says the tall pale haired stranger. "I will hold against the rebel aggressors not matter the cost in my blood" the pale husky voiced man replies touching the hilt of his vibro-rapier.

"I am Karval, I am sure it will be a pleasure to serve next to you. You are?" His lean form bending forward in a curt military bow.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"Nichos. I'm surprised you haven't heard of me. Usually when I introduce myself, I have to answer a dozen questions about whether or not the stories are true."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

He smiles a grim smile; "Stories, all I know of the Chiss is intriguing. Are you special amongst them?"

"I know we need to act fast to take the drive yards, I take it you are loyal to our mistress and the Empire. The last thing we need is more rebels causing chaos to the order." He says bluntly with just a hint of accusation.

"Sorry, I am used to the disengenuine, since the crisis has started. Many are not willing to lay down their lives for the greater good."

"It is an honor to make your acquaintance, Nichos. I am Zaelos. While I have not yet heard of your accomplishments boasted by others, I am sure your reputation is well-deserved." He lays a hand on the Mandalorian's shoulder, "Relax Karval. I am sure Nichos is loyal to the true ruler of our galazy."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"Yes, Sir. Thank you." Karval takes astep abcak and seemingly relaxes; althought there is a slight tension in his shoulders. 'You can never be too careful.'

"Maltok is an unnoble thug, the sooner we rest control of these shipyards from his grasp the better the populace will be." Karval looks grim. "I cannot believe toadies like that could rise to such powers, but that will change."

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"It is not hard to rise to that level in the absence of order. His problem, and the problem of others like him, will be staying there when proper order reasserts itself."

Galvet walks in with his helmet tied to his belt, swinging as he walks. He has his datapad in hand and is reading through some status reports when he sees the others. He blinks a few times and looks around again as if searching for someone. Finally he sighs and speaks.

Uhh...I guess I'm nominally in charge then? It's good to see that not all non humans were seduced by the perversions of the rebel alliance. I'm Galvet Fleming, 100% human medic, pilot, and technician in Her Majesty's Imperial Navy.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"Who died and put you in charge? Being human is not all you think it's cracked up to be. Plenty of other races would clamber to be part of the empire, and the order it brings, if you weren't foolish enough to think that only humans matter. That was the fatal flaw in the original emperor's plans, and one that will need to be recognized by the good lady if she is to find success. Your arrogance simply gives fuel to the rebels, who otherwise wouldn't have a leg to stand on." Nichos scoffs at the one thing about the empire that he thought was completely asinine.

Vaelos raises a hand, "There is no need for this pointless bickering now. Our Empress did not select us by what race we were born to, but by our loyalty to the Empire! We must stand together now, else the Rebels will have assured themselves of victory before we have even begun to fight!"

If you question the wisdom of the Emperor and seek something like "equal rights" I think you misunderstand that which we do here. We don't stand together and sing songs of good times and happiness. We stand for order where we all have our places. Our great departed leader set that order in place. I'm fighting to maintain it.

Galvet smiles as he speaks, puffing out his chest and clearly demonstrating pride in his words.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"I'm simply pointing out that the vast majority of people in this galaxy don't give a crap about their government until the government tells them they can't do something simply because they weren't born human. Demanding a humancentric society is an unnecessary appendage that simply gets in the way of orderly government. Good government requires competence, not a specific set of DNA in one's body. I agree with the vast majority of what the late emperor laid down, but no single person is perfect, and completely ignoring the sheer amount of diversity present in the world was as foolish as glorifying it and letting it run loose without restraint. But your are right, Zaelos. There will be plenty of time to discuss this after we have dealt with the more immediate matter."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Karval laughs at the human tech's initial salvo, a cruel and humourless laugh. "Lord Buerlon is right, any discussion has little place before a mission. Focus, honour and camraderie are what we need to build if we are to be a well oiled machine of order."

He stands stock still looking forward as if assessing all the individuals gathered for their weaknesses. "My Lady Mirianna will decide how the New Empire is organised, whom are we to doubt her. If you have the influence to persuade her Galvert, then I am glad to have such a renowned comrade in battle."

Karval swiftly leans forward with a stiff bow that sents his cape into a flourish. "I am Karval de Longinous, Gladiator of Nar Shadaa, Victor of Scores of Bouts, Killer of Noth T'Sha. A pleasure to meet you."

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"While she does of course have final say, she would be wise to consider lessons learned from her father's time. Nothing made by man is so perfect it can't be further refined. At any rate, does any know precisely what our target is or are we simply to swarm the shipyards and hope that our numbers can overcome theirs? The ship yards are big, and knowing precise targets would be helpful."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"Hopefully a briefing of our objectives should occur, we need to remember focus our fire and rely upon our strengths. So as you say Mr. Nichols should the Empire, use the strength of our individuals and refine our objectives." Karval says with a determined gruffness.

Calling the Emperor wrong isn't exactly showing loyalty to his legacy. Our Empress is his daughter, not a daughter of the rebellion. Humans may not be perfect, but the Galactic Empire was founded on our superiority. I suggest, since we will be working to rally the support of those loyal to the message and beliefs of the great Emperor Palpatine, that you non-humans remember that.

Galvet chuckles.

I suspect I will need to apply no influence to encourage Palpatine's daughter to follow her father's vision rather than creating some...mongrel state. How do I know the rebellion is wrong? I look at the feeds and I see aliens ordering humans around. Aliens are no doubt competent...but we all have our places. I won't try to tell you how to hit things, Galvet says, motioning to Karval, and similarly, we should not say that the vision of the great Emperor was flawed because he did not bow to ideas of fairness and equality. Everyone has something, some strength to offer. That does not make all races equal.

I am assuming that orders will be passed on in a clear and specific manner. If not, I would seek to find an expedient path to functioning spacecraft. We will undoubtedly need assistance to clear the area around the shipyards and stop any who attempt to flee.

Do we have access to maps of the area? Assuming we do, Galvet will attempt to find the most likely place for functioning ships and the quickest path there.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"When history has proven him so, it is not about loyalty or disloyalty, it is about accepting the reality in front of you. That one mistake does not take away from his legacy, but blindly ignoring it simply causes it to repeat itself. Humans cannot build an empire on their own. There is no need to create a "mongrel state" to incorporate those of other species into appropriate positions who earn their worth. I do not suggest a return to the old worthless Senate, simply a state that places competence first, regardless of race. You are the one who keeps mentioning fairness and equality; I keep emphasizing not judging potential allies before you have even met them. There is a big difference." Nichos just sighs at his companion's blind confidence in what has already proven to be a flawed idea. "At any rate, all I heard was wait for the signal. Unless that signal includes instructions, I think we are on our own for specifics."

You mongrels can believe what you want. If you think that "racial equality" is the trait that history has proven lacking, I suggest that you find a home within the loving arms of the rebellion. I hear they even let the races breed with each other. It is...disgusting. This is Palpatine's Empire. His death will not change that. Galvet seems visibly disgusted with the Chiss's opposition to the Emperor's ideals.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"So you find other races doing what nature intended for them to do disgusting? You're out of luck there, because no government can manage people down to that level; at least not any government that wishes to last more than a generation. Palpatine was a strong emperor, but even he would not have been able to fully enforce that kind of rule. He laid a solid groundwork, now it is time to build upon that groundwork, not to confine ourselves to the limits of the past work. I have no qualms with the past, I simply recognize that lessons must be learned and applied going into the future. If you equate that with the message the rebellion is putting out, you have already lost. The empire as originally built cannot be rebuilt any more than the rebellion's precious Senate can."

Advocating interbreeding? You disgust me even more than I thought. I hope that you learn your place before too long. Other races are useful and I would hate to have your inability to recognize human superiority and the correctness of the vision of Palpatine too negatively impact your ability useful to this regime.

Keep in mind that this is not a new Empire. The Emperor's daughter is the heir to his regime. I fight to keep things the same, not change them to open the door for...deviant behavior. Or the hilarious idea that just because individuals are...likely to at times engage in perversion...that the Galactic Empire, Palpatine's Galactic Empire...should sanction interbreeding.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Oh boy this is going to be interesting. I will have the next post up a bit later....I hope you don't kill each other before then. I'm a tad concerned.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"Things have already changed. I fight to keep the changes to a minimum, but certain things have already changed, and trying to put them back the way they were will only cause more harm. The rebellion ignores that the Senate failed; any who fail to see the causes of the rebellion in their own actions serving the emperor make the same mistake. Both the Senate and the Emperor underestimated the impact of rapid change on society as a whole, and both paid the price. It is our job to see that the price was worth it, not to perpetuate the same mistakes made by both sides. While I don't think interbreeding, or indeed many of the other stated goals of the rebellion, should be officially supported, I fail to see how wasting resources to attempt to stop something that will happen anyway, and will not have a significant impact on the government when it does happen, aids the empire in any way. The benefits simply do not justify the cost."

We're actually closer in views than the conversation would suggest. Nichos is just having fun seeing how far his co debater is willing to carry his point to. That and the lack of clear instructions has him annoyed, so he is venting a bit by taking it out on Galvet.

Zaelos leans back in his chair listening to the animated exchange between the prejudiced human, and the easily offended Chiss. He thinks to himself, I wonder how our good follower Galvet would react should he realize he is surrounded by non humnas. Being Mirilukan, he had more access to knowledge of a time when humans and aliens were equal. And of a time when Jedi ruled the galazy...

He shakes his head of those potentially dangerous thoughts and instead allows his senses to flow from around his body, noting the passage of the various pepole around him. Once the conversation has turned more contentious, he grimaces, I will not let this stop the re-establishment of our Empress' glory!

Nichos actually doesn't look offended as much as he seems to be bored and trying to fill the time.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Your comlinks chime in. You here a military sounding voice on them. "Greetings. My name is Commander Richard Tavoes under her majesty Empress Mirianna Palpetine. I am contacting your group specifically on behalf of the lady as she sees you in particular are special. Regardless of what brought her to that decision, I see an opportunity. We may not be able to win this battle unless we can stop the Warlord from launching an entire fleet of star destroyers. You are near one of the main control zones for the docking and anchors for a good chunk of the star destroyers. If you can some how find a way to the main control room of the docking station, you can keep at least 25 victory class star destroyers from joining the fight against us. My only concern is that your group is this only group I could find with that advatage. In other words you won't be recieving any support from us for a while. So, now is your chance to make me a believer in Empress Palpetines visions and secure that driveyard pronto. I wont be able to send you an area map myself but hopefully you can hack one from a terminal. Otherwise you'll have to settle for this schematic I'm sending you. We will be here in a matter of an hour so you need to move quickly. Good luck soldiers, the Empress also says, May the force be with you." Transmission now ends.

You then receive the schematic, it shows you the outer design of the driveyards and gives you a relative idea as to where the master control center is for the docking station. You will need to find a Terminal at the docking station to get the floorplan. For now it looks like you have three entrances. The front door is the most heavily guarded but you will be able to reach a terminal before you are attacked. Also from their you just fight your way through the main offices and facility. The second is the shipping and receiving area. This puts you in a tricky spot as you will need to find a way into the docks during a shipment or hack your way in. This isn't as dangerous as the front door but if you are caught, they could lock down the bay and you may be stuck for a while trying to get past security. Another upside is that you could get much further by sneaking in this way. The third entry point is the waste disposal units. This path is probably the safest only it could take a while to get through and you would still have to get into the main facility but your are not likely to run into much resistance this route.

You guys know where everything is even though I don't actually have a map for you. Simply decide which strategic point you would like to hit first. As soon as you come to a conclusion head out. WARNING: I am applying a time limit. If you do not decide where to go by tomorrow night, it will be impossible for you to get to any location. I need at least two of you to vote in the same for me to push you there. Also I need the following to be easy for me to find under your profiles. I need Defense total, All your save modifiers, and your initiatives. I will be rolling these for you to save time. Otherwise you will roll for anything actions you have. Best of luck folks. Remember: As soon as you decide on a location, don't wait for me. Head their on your own and I will tell you what you encounter on the way. Make sure and describe your approach too, stealthy, jogging, walking, cautious, reckless, so on.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"I don't hit things I carve them, an artist of blood. I don't need to hide behind my race feigning superiority because I have achieved nothing worthwhile." Karval says with brutal honesty to Galverts' theories. 'Ah, listen to everyone squark. The fear of upcoming battle is palpable.'

The comm cuts through Karvals thoughts. 'Good Time for action'

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"A worthy target of our talents, I should say. Now to determine how to proceed. I suggest known and managable risks personally. No point in getting in over our heads or asking for unknown surprises if we can avoid it." Nichos completely shifts mental gears without even hesitating, already processing possible routes before the orders are even complete.

"I do not relish engaging in a prolonged firefight with our enemies, therefore I propose we take the circuitous route via the waste disposal units. I am not afraid of hetting my hands dirty." He looks to each one of his squadmates, "Objections?"

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Karval sneers; "So known risks, although do we have the skills to overcome them? Or unknown risks in the potentially longer route, though the waste system."

Karval ponders, though used to quick decisions in a fire-fight or duel, he knows that good initial plans can ensure victory with less cost. "I believe if we move fast enough through the waste system we can gain the element of surprise. The greatest weakness of any plan is contact with the enemy. Thus the further we get before meeting them the better."

I can move quickly through a terminal. The fastest way to ensure that we have access to a terminal is to head through the front door. Without a floorplan of the area, we have no solid idea how screwed we'll be coming up through the waste tunnels. It could be on the other side of a fortified door from the master controls for all we know. We should move to the front door, collect the floor plan from the terminal, and re-evaluate as necessary.

Besides, once we do whatever we're going to do, all of the crews of those twenty-five capital starships will flood the docking bay. I would suspect that we're better off having cleared out the most direct exit rather than having to attempt to slice through any security at the front door while being pursued by hundreds of enemy soldiers or hauling back through waste disposal while they move to cut us off.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Nichos shrugs. "It's a chance either way, I suppose, so whatever you are comfortable with, I will adapt to. It wouldn't be the first time."

"Galvet, that seems like a sound plan to me. We need the most accurate intel at this point before we can proceed further. My concern is being delayed by the guards at the front door, either getting in a firefight, or being detained by them. I am not sure we can afford a delay like that."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Karval listens intently to Galvert's plan, before cutting in with his grating voice. "Really?" his voice rasps. "So we are going to storm the main entrance; slice into the Terminal for a floor plan; fight our way through the offices to the Master Control Centre; shut it down under fire and run away." He looks to Sir Buerlon, tilts his head.

"So be it. Bloody and brutal, I suppose this is your Empires way Galvert." Karval states with a nod of his head.

I am happy to go with this plan. It is the most straight-forward, but it could be very deadly.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"I hope you can back your boasts up with your skill with a gun. I doubt anybody is going to just be strolling through the yards for a while, human or no."

Male Mandolorean Soldier

"I didn't say it would be their blood." The lean man states ominously.

"I am fair with a gun, I prefer to see my opponent up close when I defeat them though. Remember use cover and speed; we hit them, shut them down and leave." Karval fingers the but of his sword, as the decision has been made he will follow orders.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

I'm gonna layout each approach from a strategic stand point.

1. Through the main doors.
I. Quick access to a terminal without a fight or danger of discover
II. Most direct. Shortest distance to objective.
I. Once Terminal is hacked, alarm will rise and you will fight stormtroopers and other guareds in tight quarters.
II. Very dangerous
Summery: Through the main door is good if most of you are good at combat, High Vitality and Defense, good attacking ability and so on. Could be slow going or really dangerous if the party lacks sufficient combat capabilities.

2. Through the docks.
I. Provides an opportunity to bypass security.
II. Easy to get in.
III. Efficiency can make it really fast. Possibly fastest and safest way into the facility and the MCC.
I. Relies heavily on skill checks.
II. No guarantee in finding a hack able terminal
III. Discovery could lead to being easily trapped and pinned.
Summery: This path should only be considered if you are very skilled. Stealth, repair, Comp Use, and a variety of other skills can allow you to get through without a fight and very quickly. However, botch too many skill check or one important one could result in a serious delay. Time is of the essence in this campaign.

3. Through disposal
I. Limited chance of hostile encounters. Nobody guards it.
II. Bypass security and even get right too the MCC
I. No Map. There will be no terminal to hack for a map of the disposal system.
II. Time consuming. Getting to a into and through the system could take a long time, too long potentially.
III. Critical error risk. The disposal system is a maze. One wrong turn could put you in a pretty bad scenario.
Summery: Good for a group whose skill sets aren't very balanced or are particularly very good. Doesn't raise and alarm and a possibility of getting right where you want to be without detection. Dangerous if you get lost. Real easy to do that.

There. Now pick one :)

Male Mandolorean Soldier

Well a maze in a pbp tends to end up a nightmare. The ones i have done IRL have been bad enough. So I think option 3 is annoying.

Option 2 - Karval does have Computer check +7, but for other skills he is poor. therefore more of a back-up for when it all goes wrong.

Option 1 - This will be bloody, though Karval is good at combat & with fast healing should do well. This will be dangerous.

I can go with any option. I think we should go for 1 or 2. 1 will be quicker and more assured of victory or death.

Hmmm...I am not very good in a firefight and my skills are not really designed for hacking or sneaking into places. Still he has a few skills he can use to assist the other skill monkeys, so I suggest Option 2, since the payoff is the highest. If not, then Option 3 will work for me as well.

Male Mandolorean Soldier

So I think we need a decision. My primary option is 2. But i have to sleep now, so night.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

I still say 2. I have disable device of 10 for security systems and a diplomacy of 9, and his other skills aren't bad either. We could have the tech specialist use his technobabble to talk us past any guards as if he was here to do an inspection. I can handle computer systems, acting as his assistant, and the others can act as bodyguards or further assistants. If they question the guns, we can simply point out that the galaxy is a dangerous place, and as long as we don't have them out, we should be able to pull off a convincing story.

I really don't think that an option that requires stealth is a possible choice (namely option 2). The only character with any stealth at all is Nichos and we all have to make stealth checks to move silently as a group. I think that the only option that is even semi-realistic is option 1. I have a better shot at hacking a terminal without setting off alarms than three characters with no stealth have at being stealthy. Besides, we are ridiculously well suited for combat - we all have 3d8 weapons that we are proficient with, 3x starting vitality, and even free armor. I'm completely discounting option 3 because it is "roll the dice and potentially fail completely just because the route didn't work".

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

Just to point out, stealth is not the only option for number 2. We have several people with diplomacy, and various knowledge and professional skills that would give us a good chance of talking our way through that option.

Nichos wrote:
Just to point out, stealth is not the only option for number 2. We have several people with diplomacy, and various knowledge and professional skills that would give us a good chance of talking our way through that option.

We're not the only part of this uprising. I don't think it is possible for aliens to talk their way past high alert guards at an Imperial shipyard while armed when there is an impending attack. I mean we can play it that way if we want to, but I'm willing to bet that we end up fighting. Besides, if we are going to talk our way past the guards, why not do that at the front door and look less suspicious than sneaking around the side?

Male Mandolorean Soldier

I believe with Option 1; the front entrance we can get to a console unchallenged. Then (barring a heroic Hacking Roll) the alarm will sound, we fight our way through the guards and disable the ships. Then escape.

Option 2; we get past/avoid guards. Hack the computer, fight into the mainframe - disable the ships. Then escape.

The main question has to be can we get past the guards? Karval is useless at this (even his Intimidate 4 gives a +3 to the roll).

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3
Galvet Fleming wrote:
We're not the only part of this uprising. I don't think it is possible for aliens to talk their way past high alert guards at an Imperial shipyard while armed when there is an impending attack. I mean we can play it that way if we want to, but I'm willing to bet that we end up fighting. Besides, if we are going to talk our way past the guards, why not do that at the front door and look less suspicious than sneaking around the side?

After a bit, I'm sure we'll have to fight, but we might be able to get a bit farther before we have to fight if we go the side route, and when we do fight, there will probably be less of them between us and our target.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

YOu know, with this much debating between you four, I would rather it be In Character. You all have posted nothing but OOC for the past several posts. This is stuff your character's should be talking about not you. And please, keep OOCs of this kind in the discussion thread where it belongs. Now, I will be posting the next leg weather or not you have made a concesus and if you haven't decided by then....well it wont be pretty. So far the group seems torn between options 1 and 2. Please start debating in character. It is far more fun for me that way and I'm sure you all would enjoy it too.

Try not to start a fight if we do not have to. If I can get a map before fights break out, we can potentially find a way around their guard posts. Either way, I trust my gun and my datapad more than I trust any waste disposal passage. If you aliens like to use swords, then at least wait until it is clear that we are in danger. Can you...set up a barricade or something in case they rush the terminal as soon as I touch it?

Galvet spends most of the time looking down at his datapad even as he speaks.

Male Chiss Scoundrel 3

"As I said before, I really don't care what we do, I can adapt either way. If you don't wish for my views in the future, I will keep them to myself in the future, and let you clean up the mess."

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