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Star Wars Rebels - Classic Adventures

Game Master Nethru

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Alabak's Gold

Wild Die
To Wild Die or not to Wild Die. I've used it in another game and it's great for getting super high results on skill rolls so contemplating using it in this game. It's technically not in 1st edition rules but this is modified game anyhow. This is what I'm thinking.

Allow Wild die for Skill/Attribute rules but NOT for damage rolls. You can get dropped pretty fast with a lucky roll on wild in damage and would rather not see that, especially for my players. You do get a bonus if you roll really well on an attack +1 damage for every 5 over the TN to hit the target which is a decent bonus for hitting really well.


Custom Rules

Classic Adventure Books

That seems like a pretty good idea for the wild die. It can still help contribute to damage, but to a much lesser extent.

How are character points used to affect defenses? Are they rolled as normal and added to the total?

Defenses are static. Only way you can raise them is if you do full defense which will bump them up +10 each but you can't take any other actions or using force point which gives +10 boost as well.

Skill/Character points can't be used to affect rolls they are only used for boosting skills as exp. I'm using Drama points for boosting skill rolls before or after you roll you can use one to get +1D to the roll. They refresh when I think it's time to refresh or something heroic happens in game.

Okay, that's interesting. What about use of cover? How does that work with the static defenses?

As I recall, spending character points to add extra dice to your roll worked like the wild die, where you could keep rolling if you got a six.

Does advancement work the same? Skill points cost the number of the die per pip, three pips equal +1 die?

Cover is described in the house rules PDF.

Attacking a Target
The Target Number, or TN, is the number needed to successfully hit the target. The base target number on an attack is based on the target’s static defense score.
Range: Add the range modifier to the Dodge score in all cases (Point Blank/Hand-to-Hand -5, Medium +5, Long +10). See the gear list for ranges.
Cover: If the target is behind at least 50% cover, add +5 to the TN. Add +10 for 75% cover. It’s impossible to hit a target behind 100% cover. Darkness can also be considered as cover at the GM’s whim.

Drama dice will be used like character points in terms of adding +1D to your roll and Wild Die will be just for skill/attribute rolls and as long as that wild die keeps rolling 6 you can keep rolling it and adding it up. For PbP the first die that shows up will always be your wild die to make it easy.

Yes advancements work the same. 3D+2 Blaster to increase would cost 3 skill points to make it 4D. From 4D to 4D+1 is 4 skill points.

Most of the rule changes for this game are in the House Rules document.

All right. I'll work up a new avatar and check out the new rules a bit closers so I'm not missing something.

I'm going on a mini retreat to the mountains this weekend. I'll be offline until Monday, when I'll get everything up for your approval.

Static Defenses:
Dodge: 18 Block: 18 Parry: 12 Soak: 12(18)


Kagor looks good! For your soak can you put your base soak and then 18 in ( ) so can tell difference between natural and with armor in case you ever get his with a Lightsaber :)

Stalwart sounds good. Busy weekend for me to with family business. Looking to hopefully start mid to late next week.

Male Umbaran Veteran Jedi


DM Praedonum gives a wink to Stalwart :-)

Well met! How are you enjoying the S&S game so far?

Male Umbaran Veteran Jedi
Stalwart wrote:
Well met! How are you enjoying the S&S game so far?

It is an interesting way to write an adventure, update forthcoming tonight!

I'll let you guys come up with your own rebel cell name for this game.

Static Defenses:
Dodge: 9 Block: 17 Parry: 17 Soak: 12 (+6 vs smaller size)

Blackstar? I got nothing great.

Well, the Rand Ecliptic Evaders are taken (blast it, Biggs!), so should we go with something generic until we earn ourselves a really good one?

Or, if we're starting on Tatooine, maybe something to throw off the Imperials, like the River Wampas. "Sir! Reports are in that the Swamp Tauntauns are active in this sector!" "Are you daft? This is a desert world, lieutenant. Ignore it."

Static Defenses:
Dodge: 18 Block: 18 Parry: 12 Soak: 12(18)

Freedom Mynoks. Bantha Bastards. GLORIOUS GUNGAR. Somebody stop me.

Male Umbaran Veteran Jedi

Bear with me as I am not a Linguist by any stretch of the imagination.

MEDDL Squadron.

MEDDL as an acronym for Eleutheria Diá Mésou Dýnami̱ Lathraía - translated quite literally from Greek as Freedom through Force and Stealth.

Static Defenses:
Dodge: 18 Block: 18 Parry: 12 Soak: 12(18)

Eh...too cerebral for a rebel cell name. I mean these are guys that use Rogue and Primary colors.

I will post first official post on Monday! Had lot going on with family and work this week.

Shadow's Status
The Force wrote:
I will post first official post on Monday! Had lot going on with family and work this week.


just making sure I got the right players ready for the game

Kagore - Veteran Clone Trooper - Tera Kasai Student
Gotal of Umbara - Veteran Jedi - Ambassador
Rufus Griller - Brash Pilot - Former Imperial Starfighter

If we get more players then we can add later but this looks to be the crew starting out.

As for your cell name i'll just put [INSERT NAME] for now! :)

Male Umbaran Veteran Jedi

Nice intro! Looking forward to it, thanks for the invite! :-0

Happy Fathers Day Caps!

You to bud! You guys can start posting.

I'm making one little change to armor where it gives a penalty to initiative so there are some drawbacks to wearing it sorta of like the old edition but not as severe.

Armor Value Init Penalty
Quilted/Flight Suit +2 Soak -2
Blast Vest +4 Soak -4
Storm Trooper Armor +6 Soak -6
Mandalorian Armor +9 Soak -6

House Rules PDF is updated.
House Rules PDF

Static Defenses:
Dodge: 9 Block: 17 Parry: 17 Soak: 12 (+6 vs smaller size)


Male Human Brash Pilot

Quick question: you had a note that the female bounty hunter had a -15 to dodge. Was that a penalty, or was that her Dodge defense?

FYI, yes, I'll take cover.

That was to hit Kagore cuz he had -10 from his attack and then -5 from being at point blank range so basically kagore had a 1 dodge due to his attack for her to hit.

Male Human Brash Pilot

Ah, understood.

Static Defenses:
Dodge: 18 Block: 18 Parry: 12 Soak: 12(18)

Cheese it guys!

don't moon the imperial star destroyer! :)

Male Umbaran Veteran Jedi

For some reason this thread will not dot for me...

Aight, fixed it.

Ahhh, d6 Star Wars! You players are in for a real treat!! This is Tatooine Manhunt, right? Very good stuff.

The old d6 game seems as popular as ever.

Yes starting off with Tatooine Manhunt :)

Static Defenses:
Dodge: 18 Block: 18 Parry: 12 Soak: 12(18)

(No spoilers! I haven't played any of these adventures before xD)

Definitely no spoilers from me, other than you're playing one of the best modules of one of the best RPGs ever made. Enjoy!

Male Human Brash Pilot

Sweet. I played a ton of the old d6 Star Wars game back in the 1990s but somehow never played TM. Definitely looking forward to it!

Male Umbaran Veteran Jedi

And being run by one of my favorite DM's!

A long time since we went straight 4 times in a Dungeon and fought a Dragon! :-)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Shhh don't give away my amazing dungeon crawling secrets!

will push us along tonight.

Shadow's Status

I will be away from the boards for a few days due to a surgery my daughter is getting tomorrow. I will probably be posting again on Friday. Bot me as needed till then.

Heading out for a few days won't have access. Will post updated on Tuesday!

Male Human Brash Pilot

Ack! Missed that Gotal was just comming us. Fixed in time, though!

Male Umbaran Veteran Jedi

FYI, I will be packing and moving and then unpacking again over the next 35 - 40 days so if I have intermittent unexplained absences from the boards this is why.

moving again!? You seem to move every 3-4 years :)

Male Umbaran Veteran Jedi
The Force wrote:
moving again!? You seem to move every 3-4 years :)

This is now 3 times in 2 1/2 years. Long story... :-(

Ugh. Hope the family is well!

Male Human Brash Pilot

Ahh, Star Wars tech: shoot control panels to close doors, toggle switches, and perform any number of actions. It's not a bug, it's a feature!

ho ho ho :)

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