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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Inactive)

Game Master Elton

It is a dangerous time for the Republic. The Treaty of Coruscant and the Sacking of Corsucant has caught everyone off guard. A dangerous Cold War exists between the two major powers in the Galaxy -- the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

Current Characters


Male Man Shaper 6
(334 posts)

Grand Lodge Helaman

(5,104 posts)
Chal Haako

Ref 15 (Flat Footed 13) | Fort 10 | Will | 13 Hit Points 17 | Threshold 10 | Init +2 | Perception +5 Male Neimoidian Scoundrel/1 (Slicer)

played by Helaman (50 posts)
Clegg Zincher
Dragomir Vuk

AC16 |HP 44/[44]| Str+6 Int-1 Wis+1 Dex+0 Con+4 Cha+2|Init + 0|Passive Perception 14|Passive Insight 11 2nd Wind[Y] Surge [Y] Insp [N] HD 5/5 Two Attacks Crit 19-20 Male Human Mercenary Fighter/5

played by Helaman (798 posts)
Div, Doru

played by James Martin (30 posts)
Silver Crusade GM Elton

male Human Atlanteologist 10/G.eneral O.perations D.irector 8

played by Elton (3,268 posts)
Almah Rovshki
Iona Liaan

played by Sigz (56 posts)
Father Padrick
Kaath Adak

Male Zabrak Scout 1

played by sunshadow21 (36 posts)
Nyla Soresu

Female Arkanian Jedi 1st

played by tomcatmemow (13 posts)
Vencarlo Orinsini

Male Human Replica Droid Noble 1

played by Spazmodeus (38 posts)

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