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Souls for a Devil

Game Master Tordek Rumnaheim

A noble's son has gone missing while on a pilgrimage to Sirathu. Can our heroes find him in time?

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All Zarine knows is that Brothers of the Seal are located somewhere beneath the Oriat district.

Friendly Reminder: In addition to the prisoners and Tanos, you have a dwarven workman accompany you down for interrogation. All you know about him is that he assisted in subduing the thieves.

Male Elf Druid 4 {HP 25/26, AC 16, Perception +12}

Savendir nods in acknowledgement of Nyxalia's warning. He makes eye contact with Zarine and Owen, and tilts his head toward the door before walking out.

When they are out of the interrogation room, he says quietly, "We know there is an unholy arcane purpose to this enterprise. The stolen book deals with an artifact called the Ihyster, as the librarian said. It would not surprise me in the least to find out that that artifact is related, in some way, to the Seal."

"It worries me somewhat, the implication that they could be so sloppy as to interact with their hired goons so close to their base. Perhaps that location means nothing. But the agents we are dealing with have left enough other loose ends that there could be a connection. I hope this is not a trail of breadcrumbs leading us to what they want us to see."

He turns to the dwarven workman. "Thank you for your assistance in subduing these ruffians. It is always a welcome turn to find an ally in difficult times. I am Savendir Inaris."

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