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Souls for a Devil

Game Master Tordek Rumnaheim

A noble's son has gone missing while on a pilgrimage to Sirathu. Can our heroes find him in time?

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Male Human (Ulfen) Invunlerable Rager Barbarian 3

(30/35 HP), and also happy V-day!

With a mighty yawn, Urzur chimes in. "Never been there myself. Figure dwarves won't take too kindly to the sun though. Don't they do caves and the like? Always figured they were allergic to the stuff."

Male Elf Purist Druid 4, Heirophant 2 {HP 33/34, AC 16, Perception +13}

"Let us be on our way, then. Best to reach it before nightfall."

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

Enard nods, finishes off his hard biscuits and dried fruit, then begins to saddle up.

The group saddles up and continues on toward Janderhoff. After a few hours of riding, you see a group of 4 figures about 500 yards away. They are too far away for you to make out who they are and what they are doing. The best that you can tell is that they are moving slowly from east to west.

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

So they are crossing our path from right to left, effectively? Can we make out if they are "man" or beast? Two legs bad! Four legs good!

Yes, they are moving left to right. You can make out that they are walking on two legs.

Lantern Lodge

Male Human (Tien) Sorcerer of Battle 3

Wait, aren't we heading North? So they'd be moving right to left like Flavia said?

"Friends, after the last few days I suggest we approach cautiously and with our weapons in easy reach."

Male Elf Purist Druid 4, Heirophant 2 {HP 33/34, AC 16, Perception +13}

"Perhaps we could simply wait for them to pass entirely," Savendir suggests.

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

Lessee, what's my WIS? 10? Roit!

"We outnumber them, they're on foot, they are a long way away. We'll have plenty of time to prepare if they're hostile. Why wait? They're probably more afraid of us than we are of them," Flavia suggests with a shrug. She slips her sling out of her belt and loads it with a shot, holding it loose in her hand, then kicks Blazing Doom back into a walk.

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

“Yes, let’s ride on, but be alert for trouble,” agrees Enard, unsheathing Heartstriker and holding it easily in one hand as he urges his horse forward.

My fingers were not listening to my mind on Saturday. Right to left is correct

As you continue forward on your horses the group of 4 humanoids take notice of you, stop and turn. They spread themselves out and one of the 4 advances forward. The other 3 appear to be covering him in case of trouble. You are about 200 yards away from the lead humanoid now.

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

Enard continues forward at an unhurried but steady pace, trying to draw close enough to identify the humanoids or make out further detail of their attire and armament.

Although the flat plains makes it difficult to judge height, Enard can make out that the humanoids seem short and very stocky, although at this distance it difficult to discern whether the stockiness is from their body or their armor.

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

“We’re getting close to Janderhoff, this could be a dwarven patrol,” Enard suggests. He continues riding forward. If he is able to identify the figures as dwarves as he nears, he will sheath his sword and raise his hand in parlay. Percpetion: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

"You could be right, Enard." Flavia squints to see if they might be dwarves.

Perception at +6:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26

Squinting: improving your Perception since 15,000 BCE.

LOL Flavia :D

It is still too far for Enard to determine what type of humanoids are approaching. Flavia on the other hand peers through her scrunched eyes and makes out that the four figures are indeed dwarfs. The three dwarfs in the rear seem to be holding their arms about chest high as if pointing something. The lead dwarf carries some handled implement in his hand.

If you are still riding, you are about 100 yards away now, otherwise you remain at 200 yards.

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

"They are dwarves," Flavia announces. "Maybe we should hold up and let one person go forward to parlay. It's what they seem to be doing." She reins Blazing Doom to a stop.

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

Enard shrugs. “I tend to piss people off sometimes,” he says, also pulling Swift to a halt. “Some folk just can’t stand people who are better than them ... anyway, someone else should probably go and talk to them, rest of us stay the same distance behind as those other three are behind their boss.”

Lantern Lodge

Male Human (Tien) Sorcerer of Battle 3

"I am willing to speak to them, although I have had little dealings with Dwarves before so am wary about offending them."

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

"Just don't make any jokes about height or size ... Or beards ... Or dwarf women ... Or rocks ... Or gold ... In fact steer clear of jokes altogether, you'll do fine," suggests Enard mock-helpfully.

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

"I doubt I would impress them too much, but I can at least speak their tongue. It helps to have a mouthful of glass shards, but I can manage a few phrases. Good morning. A beer, please. Where is the garderobe. Things like that."

The dwarves watch you warily, but make no move toward or away from you. It is clear to you they are waiting for you to make the first move.

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

Flavia sighs and puts away her slingstone and sling. "I'm probably the least threatening. Most expendable. Whatever. Wait here a sec."

She tschks to move Blazing Doom forward at a walk, closing half the distance before dismounting and walking slowly towards the lead dwarf, leading her horse but with her hands otherwise empty.

"Greetings," she calls in Dwarven, "Well met! We seek Janderhoff. Are we on the right path?"

Male Elf Purist Druid 4, Heirophant 2 {HP 33/34, AC 16, Perception +13}

"That's probably best," Savendir says as Flavia departs. "Some dwarves don't have a high opinion of my people."

Lantern Lodge

Male Human (Tien) Sorcerer of Battle 3

Rokuro nods at Flavia's offer and watches her go. He assumes that it is only a patrol this close to Janderhoff, but keeps a pell ready on his lips in the advent of misadventure...

The lead dwarf eyes Flavia warily as she approaches him. He is taken slightly aback when she queries him in his native tongue. He answers back in Dwarven, "Stranger, you have an odd and impertinent method of greeting. Who are you and what brings you here?"

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

Flavia bows and continues in Dwarven. "My apologies for any discourtesy, sir. My name is Flavia Sparcino of Korvosa, and those fine gentlemen are my companions. We are in service to a noble of Korvosa whose son has disappeared in Sirathu. Every moment is precious, so we chose to venture off the road and across country to save time. We've been beset by wolves, bandits, and crocodiles. Tidings that Janderhoff is near would be welcome indeed! We need rest and supplies before we hasten on our way. Can you point us in the right direction?"

She keeps her hands still and in the open.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

The dwarf bows deeply to Flavia. "Given the circumstance that has brought you here your apology is accepted. I am Renurn Fograk, leader of this patrol." He waves to his companions and they approach cautiously. "This is Valal Muladurr, and the brothers Glorulf and Gimur Torbor." The other dwarves bow silently. "We are on patrol for the great Sky Citadel of Janderhoff. You are about half a day's ride from this point. If you continue due North you will find our illustrious city. It sounds as if your journey has been difficult thus far. Fear not, from this point forward you will be safe. Our dwarven brothers patrol within half a day's ride of the city all around the perimeter. As your mission seems to have some urgency, you may proceed with haste. May Torag bless you on your journey." Renurn bows again and steps aside allowing you to pass.

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

Flavia sighs with relief. "That is good news indeed!" She beckons everyone forward. As the party approaches, she tells the dwarves, "The tall dark man is Enard, the fair one is Urzur Allsmasher. The priest of Desna is Mason Szerencse. My Tian friend is Matsumoto Rokuru, and Savendir Enaris is our elven companion." She then bows again and swings up on Blazing Doom, then says in Common so the party can understand as well. "On behalf of my companions and our employer, I give you thanks for your welcome, protection, and blessing. Abadar keep your city safe, friends!"

"We are on the right track to glorious Janderhoff, and within the protection of their patrols now. We should be able to make good time now," she tells the rest of the party.

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

Enard tips the lead dwarf a lazy salute as he rides past.

As you approach Janderhoff, you come across a road. A steady stream of people flow in both directions. The majority of travelers are dwarves and human Shoanti, but other human ethnic groups are represented as well, along with other races to a smaller extent.

In the distance you see the massive iron curtain walls that surround the city. The only entrance into the city is a large tunnel that drops below the surface.

It is late afternoon as you arrive at the city.

What do you wish to do in Janderhoff? Also, if any wants to know more about Janderhoff, make a Knowledge (Local) roll.

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

Enard doesn’t know much about Janderhoff, all he is really interested in doing at this stage is finding a good inn where he won’t hit his head on the lintel.

Male Elf Purist Druid 4, Heirophant 2 {HP 33/34, AC 16, Perception +13}

Agreed. I don't see much need to spend a lot of time here. Maybe drop a few questions about the person we seek, in case there are rumors now that we are closer to our destination.

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

Flavia asks around for a good, safe, tall inn for the night, with decent food and people, preferably accustomed to travelers.

Gather info: Inn. Diplomacy 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16

Once they arrive, she'll try to find out anything she can about Sirathu, the quickest road to it, and any word about disappearances or other events there. She'll try to chat up those who look like traveling traders or adventurers.

Gather info: Sirathu. Diplomacy 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16

Once you pass through the tunnel you find that most of the city is underground. Rooms selling everything from armor, magic items, and weapons to precious stones, fine fabric, and strong ales are interconnected by an intricate maze of tunnels. After a few tries, Flavia finally gets a lead on an inn/bar frequented by outsiders, Otik's Delight. It promises decent beds, fair food, and fine stouts. Many Varisians stay there as they conduct their business.

The directions you are told are accurate and soon you find yourself at the inn. The accommodations are reasonable, 3 silver each. As you settle in at the Inn. Flavia strikes up a conversation with a traveler from Kaer Maga. His name is Bjorn Verdroene.

"Sirathu, you say. That is about a two day ride up the river from here. There is a road that runs along the river. You will be safe on it. It's amazing what a stir a minor miracle can cause. You'd think no one has ever seen magic before the way those pilgrims flock to that backward town. Traffic has almost doubled on the road between here and Kaer Maga since that girl appeared. Smoke and mirrors is all it is if you ask me."

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

"So she's still there, doing her thing? Have you seen her? What's it like there?" Flavia waves the bartender over for an ale for her, and one for Bjorn, looking around at the party to see if anybody else wants one.

"Thank you, I'll give it to the dwarves. They can brew a mean ale." He takes a long drink from the mug, wipes the foam off his beard, and then continues. "Yes, she is still preaching. The crowds keep growing. Quite surprising given the rumors. Anyway, the town itself is barely a village. It wasn't even included in a lot of maps until the water sprung from that fountain. Now I think catering to the pilgrim crowd is their largest industry." He pauses and takes another long drink of Ale.

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

“It’s amazing what a religious revelation can do for tourism,” comments Enard, sipping cautiously at his ale. “So Bjorn, what have you heard of these darker rumours, disappearances and the like?”

Bjorn turns to Enard. "Aye, so you have heard about the disappearances too? I travel the road between Kaer Maga and Janderhoff quite frequently. About once a month or two. Seems pilgrims are not the only ones attracted to Sirathu. Every once a while someone will ask me if I have seen so and so. It's always the same story. They were with them in the village, then suddenly they can't find them. Some say that it's bandits preying on the pilgrims. You know when a town suddenly appears on the map, the opportunistic among us see it as virgin territory. Others believe its some strange creature preying on travelers. Me, I believe the former. Simple greed is at work here. Besides, it isn't just happening in Sirathu. I hear similar stories when I am in Kaer Maga about disappearances in other cities further east. One monster can't cover that much ground can it?"

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

"Is it the roads that are dangerous, or do people vanish right from the towns?" Flavia asks Bjorn, "We were attacked by bandits and vicious animals on our way here. Surely they're the ones making people disappear, right?"

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

“It certainly hasn’t been a safe road,” Enard agrees.

Bjorn pauses for a moment and considers Flavia's question. "Usually, you know bandits have been around by the mess they leave, bodies, broken belongings, blood. Same with animals. That's not how the stories go with these disappearances. People just disappear without a trace. Sometimes, their belongings are left behind untouched. As far as the roads, they have their share of danger. After all, Varisia is not the safest land in Golarion. But as far as these disappearances go. The stories I've heard have all taken place in towns."

Bjorn drains the last of his ale. "Unless you have something more for me, I best be going. I have business to attend to early in the morning. You be safe. And thank you kindly for the ale."

You are welcome to question Bjorn further. If you don't have any more questions for him. He will leave the inn.

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

Enard hoists his tankard to the traveller then drains it. “Well,” he says to his companions, “I doubt that Janderhoff has much of a red curtain district, and I’m not sure I’d like to sample it if it did ... I’ll be off to bed, see you all in the morning.”

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

"Bjorn, before you go, did you say this has been happening in other cities to the east, too? Where? I thought the disappearances might be some publicity stunt of the little miracle girl in Sirathu, but if it's in other cities..."

Male Elf Purist Druid 4, Heirophant 2 {HP 33/34, AC 16, Perception +13}

Savendir nods, sharing Flavia's concern.

"Well these are stories I hear on the road mind you. So they could be true or not true. I cannot say. But yes, I have heard about similar disappearances in several other countries, like Razmiran, Numeria, Nirmathas, even as far east as the River Kingdoms. Thank you again for the drink. Be safe."

With that, Bjorn turns and exits the tavern.

What do you plan to do next?

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

Flavia yawns and stretches. "A bath and bed for me, gents. It will be good to sleep in a civilized place again, free from worry about beasts and bandits. Shall we meet for breakfast and plan the next leg of our journey?"

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

Enard heads for bed.

16 Lamashan 4711

Evening passes. Being underground, it is difficult to discern a difference between night and day. However, the sounds and smells of the staff preparing breakfast and other guests stirring makes it apparent that morning has indeed arrived.

Breakfast is served in the main inn hall and is included in the price of your room.

How do you wish to proceed? You can do any shopping in town as you wish, or start again on your journey. You are two days away from Sirathu.

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

"I think we should make haste towards Sirathu. It's interesting that other cities are reporting the same kinds of disappearances, but that's the latest trace of our client," Flavia says over breakfast. "I need to buy a sunrod or two and I'll be ready to ride."

Flavia buys two sunrods and an acid flask to replenish her stash. Also removing 1 gp for room, board, ale, etc.

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