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Souls for a Devil

Game Master Tordek Rumnaheim

A noble's son has gone missing while on a pilgrimage to Sirathu. Can our heroes find him in time?

Current Characters

Ilias Kale

Male Half-Elf Summoner 4 {22/22 HP, Init +3, Perception +10 (+14 when adjacent to Oog)}

played by Mike Welham (63 posts)
Haiten Bhaq
Nyxalia Blackstone

Female Oread Monk of the Four Winds/Kensai/Archmage 2/2/2

played by flash_cxxi (83 posts)
Tweiford Shenk
Owen the Younger

Male Human Rogue 1 / Conjurer 3 / Mythic Trickster 2

played by The Eldritch Mr. Shiny (156 posts)
Third Eye
Palm of Doom

played by Treppa (8 posts)
Pathfinder Chronicler
Savendir Inaris

Male Elf Purist Druid 4, Heirophant 2 {HP 33/34, AC 16, Perception +13}

played by Celestial Healer (437 posts)
Initiate of Flame
Ulath Hawkshaw

HP 39/41 Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +10 AC 18, touch 11, Perception +11

played by DSXMachina (79 posts)
Zarine Panchal

Female Humanoid(vishkanya) Rogue 4/deadly courtesan/Trickster Tier 2 Init +6; Perception +9, low-light vision, darkvision 60'; HP 21/27, MP 3/7

played by Treppa (190 posts)

Current NPCs

GM Tordek

played by Tordek Rumnaheim (781 posts)

Previous Characters

Silver Crusade Celestial Healer

Male Celestial Cleric of Myself 10/Radiant Servant of Me 10
(18,484 posts)
Liberty's Edge The Eldritch Mr. Shiny

Human substitute Redneck 2 / Intellectual 2
(11,738 posts)
Scarab Sages flash_cxxi

Male Demi-Human Bastard Child of Paizo 15
(7,124 posts)
Liberty's Edge Mike Welham

M Human (most of the time) Software Engineer 11/Hack Writer 1
(8,813 posts)
Shadow Lodge Tordek Rumnaheim

Male Husband/10 Dad/10 Gamer/5 RPGer/2
(2,370 posts)
Vampire Lord

(8,624 posts)
Friendly Fighter
Corvin Killgannon

Male Human Fighter 3

played by The Eldritch Mr. Shiny (478 posts)
Wil Save
David M Mallon

played by The Eldritch Mr. Shiny (3,560 posts)
Enard Darkblade

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

played by Mothman (136 posts)
Flavia Sparacino

Female Human Rogue 3 {-2/24 HP, Init +6, Perception +6}

played by Treppa (336 posts)
Mason Szerencse

Male Human Cleric 2 / Rogue 1 {-14/16 HP, Init -20, Perception -40}

played by Mike Welham (113 posts)
Lantern Lodge Matsumoto Rokuro

Male Human (Tien) Sorcerer of Battle 3

played by flash_cxxi (85 posts)
Urzur Allsmasher

Male Human (Ulfen) Invunlerable Rager Barbarian 3

played by Trinam (54 posts)

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