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Souls for a Devil

Game Master Tordek Rumnaheim

A noble's son has gone missing while on a pilgrimage to Sirathu. Can our heroes find him in time?

In Game Date: 21 Lamashan 4711

In Abadius 4707, a young local girl named Cerpera was unconscious next to the White Prince's Fountain in the village of Sirathu in eastern Varisia. Amazingly, pouring forth from the previously barren fountain was water so pure it rejected even the dust in the air. The girl was changed also. She alternated between a child's voice and a deep, disembodied voice that prophesized that change was in the air. She praised Pharasma and urged her fellow villagers to rise up against Korvosa before it was too late. Word of the Miracle at the Font spread, and many made the pilgrimage to see Pharasma's child perform her miracles with water.*

Nadru Pieresiff, was last seen on the 1st of Lamashan, 4711 watching Cerpera walk across the fountains water. He has not been seen since. Nadru's father, Vadan Pieresiff, a minor noble in Korvosa is looking for adventurers to find out what has happened to Nadru. Are you willing to answer the call?

Character Creation:

* Core, APG, UM, UC races and classes or 0 – HD races from Bestiary 1 – 3
* Third party material is allowed with permission first.
* Start at Level 3
* Abilities - 20 point buy
* 2 Character Traits (any source but must fit back story)
* Starting Gold – use table 12-4, p399 in CRB – average wealth by level
* XP will be on the fast advancement track
* Use Maximum HP at level 1 – use die roller in OOC discussion thread for the other two levels and future levels

Answer the following questions for your character and put in spoiler form on your character sheet (I will try to incorporate this information into the adventure):
3 or more things feared
2 or more things loved dearly
1 or more things embarrassed by
1 thing most proud
1 secret you will do anything to hide

Game Play:

* Post at least one time per day during the week
* Use Paizo message board die roller
* Use “” for in character dialogue – minimize the use of bold and italics
* I will tag posts that contain XP and/or treasure awards with the word XP or treasure to make it easier to search the thread for these terms
* Please update your current HP level and resources used on your character sheet.
* During combat, after 24 hours, I will post your character’s action to keep things moving
* If you have any suggestions or concerns about the game, feel free to let me know at rinertw at yahoo dot com

Alphabetically ordered. NPCs encountered while apart are put in their own spoiler until revealed to all.

Key NPCs: known to all:

Bjorn Verdroenetraveler met at a tavern in Janderhoff.
Cerpera Oracle of Sirathu - speaks daily at noon at the White Prince Fountain
Enyden Sust constable in Sirathu
Falowyn Smeid footman, last known person to see Nadu
Fraderk Braejar Watch captain, Kaer Maga - Downmarket district
Glorulf & Gimul Torbor members of dwarven patrol south of Janderhoff
Madame Parasca Varisian harrower - currently camped halfway between Janderhoff and Sirathu
Nad Bayghon - ownwer/operator Rich Fox Tavern in Sirathu
Nadu Pieresiff missing son of Vadan, last seen 1 Lamashan 4711
Renurn Fograk leader of dwarven patrol south of Janderhoff
Revas Gurvitig Agent for Vadan Pieresiff
Rodric stable owner in Sirathu
Vadan Pieresiff Korvosan noble - hired PCs to find his son Nadu
Vadan's wife deceased

NPCs: Trick Door Group:

Bjorn Ironhammer - fellow dwarven gambler at Corvin's table
Kelan and Zoque two gamblers that took Enard to the Trick Door

NPCs: Rich Fox Group:

Samlin (missing), Quinn and Pharl Fellow travelers met at Rich Fox in. Planned to leave on 18 Lamashan 4711. One companion (Samlin is currently missing.)

Other notes about the campaign:

Set in Golarion near the end of 4711.

This is a homebrew adventure and I have defined the starting point and the possible end but everything else in between has been left blank. I hope to develop it organically together.

It will be a mixture of investigation and monster bashing and may not confine itself to only Varisia.

*Inspired by the Pathfinder's Journal by Mike McArtor in Fortress of the Stone Giants p. 72

Last updated: 09/24/12

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