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Solace (Inactive)

Game Master shrodingerscat

Pathfinder ruleset, E6 subset, sandbox homebrew game

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Here is my story for Havak, my Blue Gnome Alchemist. Since he is an outcast, i have chosen two of the NPCs you mentioned earlier as his associates in town.


Havak was cast out of his tribe due to his unusual coloration and tendency to make the other Goblins feel dumb. His big head is much more brain in it than the other Goblins do. Havak's Blue father left the tribe after impregnating his green mother. As a Blue, Havak was always a bit more smart and powerful than most of his fellows. As such, they shunned him a bit. When he took up READING, that was the last straw, and out he was cast.

Havak had learned from his books about how to mix natural substances to make useful things like potions and FUN things like FIRE. One day, Havak wandered into the town of Solace. Old Johnas Wiggs, in a state of inebriation at the time, was amused by his small size and funny color. Johnas, not having much money at the time, expressed a desire for booze a little better than the moonshine he was drinking. Havak, seeing that a preponderance of the man's food was in the form of peaches, taught the man how to make an alcoholic "Peach Mash Punch" using a trick goblins used to use with fermented apples. Thanks to the duo's efforts and the abundance of peaches, the drink has caught on in Solace. Abram Verdance, the community leader of sorts in Solace, took a bit of a shine to Havak once he saw the goblin wasn't causing trouble and had in fact given Johnas purpose once more. However, due somewhat to the age difference between Abram and Havak, coupled with Havak's small stature and odd appearance, Abram treats Havak somewhat like a homunculus rather than a fellow villager. As such, Havak often attends to small tasks for Abram, brewing curative potions and such in an attempt to prove his usefulness so that he can stay in town.

I should mention this build would have ranged attack focus.

I would like to propose a few character concepts, very briefly, to gauge your interest level in each of them. Please let me know what you think!

Katarina Di Nebbia:

Katarina is a rogue/ninja (I prefer ninja due to her theme, but rogue is ok too) that at an early age had a brush with shadow magic. This leaves her deeply interested and puts her down the path of shadow dancer. She'd have a few levels of fighter thrown in too, and I'd like to use dervish dance, not so much for optimization, but more so for the flavor of dancing in the shadows with her weapon. She is a sly and sneaky woman, and I'd not play her as a 'voluptuous seductress' as so many gamers are prone to do.

Asher Restharven:

Asher is intended to be a black blade magus. Asher was born and raised a fisherman's son with several older brothers and a dead mother at an early age. His brothers are very mistreating of him due to him being the youngest and the closest to their father. Now either 1) he randomly discovers he has magical ability on accident, possibly to the detriment of someone else (brother, friend, lover) -OR- 2) I level him as a magus for three levels without the use of magic, after which he gains his blackblade. With the blackblade having an interesting personality per your choice (I have many good ideas!) it could be explained that the blade unlocked or granted to Asher the ability to use magic. He'd most likely be very suspicious of his own abilities, rarely using spells and instead relying more on buffing his weapon.


Karthus would be a lawful evil undead lord cleric. His main goal in life is to progress his path toward lichdom in order to move past the burden of flesh. While he is evil, it is mainly due to his skillset. He does not unduly harm people, nor summon undead around average people. He is very cautious with his talents. He is also not typically rude or savage, just self centered.

Now for a few unlikely but interesting concepts I'd love to utilize...
Kaervek the Mad:

Oh Kaervek, a concept that no DM ever trusts, and for good reason. Kaervek is an insane cleric who doesn't know who his real god is. One minute you may be converted to one god, and the next he congratulates you for your service to another god that he swears is the one you converted to. He would be chaotic neutral/good, and not chaotic stupid. Think funny insane with a dash of chaotic randomness, but within reason.


Warwick would be a raging barbarian natural werewolf. Now the fun part is that his raging and transformation are completely entwined, which is to say when he rages he's a werewolf, but otherwise can't intentionally change (until later levels maybe?) Think the hulk, in that he can make himself angry to promote the change, and occasionally it gets out of control.

So let me know what you think! if you have any questions or want to work a character out in a way that pleases you or fits into part of the story, I'm all ears.

I give you Havak, Blue Goblin Alchemist. When he levels up, he will take the Chirurgeon Archetype so he might be able to help a little bit with healing.

Also for an heirloom item i was hoping to get an alchemist's kit.

OK GM Thats sounds fine, no relluk's,

Then I would like to offer up Cornelius longton, a buy living outside of town with his old grandfather. Cornelius looks nothing like his Gnome
grandfather and Grand Mother but seems to be happy with him and no one seems to say any thing about the fact. He and his grandfather work on the outskirts of town as charcoal burners Coppicing traditional woodland. hey live a simple life well away from most. However Cornelius has some schooling and knows a think or to, but now hes blood line is starting to show, he feels a deep shame about this and only wants to be like his mates, simple and normal.

Race wise I am thinking hidden Fetchlings, if not that race then a tiefling. I young man hiding who he is, He would be a rouge/Sorcerer, and CN as an Aliment.

He granddad says his mother and farther where killed but not who when, by who and why.

Cornelius knows the old Wiz of the town and the school teacher.

This is the Alt GM Still working on it.

i'm sleepy, so I'll post more on my character tomorrow. name and stuff.
But I'm thinking along the lines of a hunter, living with his sick father, and younger sister. He has to hunt to feed the family, but does not seem to have any marked talent with a bow, instead sneaking up on prey and attacking or dealing with Predatory sorts of animals. He's come home nearly dead on several occasions with a wolf over his back, as well as its kill. He can't really take any charity as his father is too proud, but he still gets on well enough with everyone in town, not act like some kind of recluse, enjoying to hang around town, and sneaking some Peaches on occasion.
I think he'd do well either having a close friend or romantic interest, doesn't really hang around Corvina, mostly cause he'd really have no reason to, and definitely would distrust the newcomer, Jerem, although there is bit of a peaked curiosity.

Do you want us to have traits?

waiph wrote:

i'm sleepy, so I'll post more on my character tomorrow. name and stuff.

But I'm thinking along the lines of a hunter, living with his sick father, and younger sister. He has to hunt to feed the family, but does not seem to have any marked talent with a bow, instead sneaking up on prey and attacking or dealing with Predatory sorts of animals. He's come home nearly dead on several occasions with a wolf over his back, as well as its kill. He can't really take any charity as his father is too proud, but he still gets on well enough with everyone in town, not act like some kind of recluse, enjoying to hang around town, and sneaking some Peaches on occasion.
I think he'd do well either having a close friend or romantic interest, doesn't really hang around Corvina, mostly cause he'd really have no reason to, and definitely would distrust the newcomer, Jerem, although there is bit of a peaked curiosity.

Do you want us to have traits?

yes, two traits

Elondor wrote:

I would like to propose a few character concepts, very briefly, to gauge your interest level in each of them. Please let me know what you think!

** spoiler omitted **
** spoiler omitted **
** spoiler omitted **
Now for a few unlikely but interesting concepts I'd love to utilize......

Those are all interesting ideas, but i don't think most of them really fit the campaign's theme.

The one i'm most liking of the group is Karthus...he COULD potentially work, but i'd like to hear more first. Also remember that this is an E6 game, so power level is going to cap out at level 6 (for the most part), so his journey towards his goal would be a long one indeed.

GM should I carry on with Cornelius longton, do you think he would fit?

Shrodinger are you planning on selecting soon? I'd like to submit but like I said I am going to be out of action for most of this week due to lack of internets at the in-laws. I will be working on something while I'm there though to get to you as soon as I can.

imimrtl wrote:
Shrodinger are you planning on selecting soon? I'd like to submit but like I said I am going to be out of action for most of this week due to lack of internets at the in-laws. I will be working on something while I'm there though to get to you as soon as I can.

Yes, I likely will be making the final selections some time today.

Morgan is a Human Pack Lord druid. Living on the edges of Solace, he was fascinated by the birds that live in that verge environment, particularly ravens. As he grew he was frequently seen with one or more ravens nearby if not actually following him. On more than one occasion ravens attacked other children who were attempting to bully Morgan. Gaining a reputation for being weird and different, he grew up with few friends. He is a frequent companion of Corvina, admiring her self-sufficiency and her independence and grateful for the way she tolerates his friends. His older brother, Thomas, who is apprenticed to a local bowmaker, is the only other person who seems to understand Morgan, and is the only person who respects Morgan's right to set his own path.

Morgan is tall and thin, with jet black hair, very dark brown eyes, and occasionally exhibits decidedly birdlike mannerisms.

shrodingerscat wrote:
could work... but i'd like to know a bit more about your idea.

I'm thinking more along the lines of your classic Greek heroes (Theseus, Hercules, Perseus...) where his most profound abilities lay dormant (for the most part) throughout adolescence and really only begin to shine at a time of dire need or rite of passage (seems to fit with your age requirements).

Sparing the details, seeing as I'm under a bit of a time crunch if you're closing the thread today, I'll just hammer out the noteworthy bits of his background. If I have time later I'll give you a quick narrative so you have an idea of my play style and voice.

he would have lived a very humbled life; likely a fisherman given the resources of the town. He lives with both his parents and a younger brother. He would be closely drawn to Abram Verdance's calm charisma (and if you see fit, Jerem Cor's extreme and intriguing new views on religion). He would show kindness towards Corvina if only due to pity from the way that others ostracized her after her tumultuous childhood and he would most likely pity Johnas Wiggs as well.

With a 25 point buy I would be able to avoid dump stats which is great seeing as I rolled an INT 8 for my last paladin and couldn't take the character seriously. The best thing about not being fully aware of being a paladin is you won't be preachy.

Again, sorry for this mess. Time constraints and all :/

Miss Alice Lilly Nutall

She the daughter a family of poachers and trap makes, living close to towns farm lands. On a small holding, its small house holds Peter John Nutall, his wife Anna Rosa Nutall, her mother "Old Meg" and 8 kids.

Patrick Loona Nutall Age 17
(thinks hes all grown up like dad)
Miss Alice Lilly Nutall age 16
(Playfull and an all ground good egg)
Robert 'Bobby' Alax Nutall age 13
(like to take things that are not his, Dads always telling him off)
Tim lank Nutall age 12
(Thinking all the time and makes the best traps)
Michel Jeff Nutall age 9
(loves to sing and is always telling jokes)
Tina Yevon Nutall Age age 8
(loves all things punk and fluffy)
The twins, Hatty and Missy Nutall Age 6
(the twins live in a world of there own, they even have there own language, but they care for Mamma)

The Small holding is known locally as the "Nutall place" or just plain "The Nuts House" it's a happy place with wall to wall kids playing and running a muck. Master Peter John Nutall makes traps and other items for sale with his wife but has to poach on the site to make ends meet. Hes a well mannered man who is always fair and kind. His wife is know for being a gossip but is not bad with it just likes to know whats going on as she says. The kids come in all shapes and sizes. Some say that a few of the kids are not the Nutalls but they where foundlings left with them because the real parents did not want them. It dos not matter Peter says they are all his and now one in the town seems to care.

Miss Alice Lilly Nutall is a Happy and bright child, she is very good looking and knows most of the boys in town, but Patrice her older brother keeps well away, shes fond of playing tricks and always seems to be getting into trouble. Alice has a magic streak in her, so her Grand mare says,"It's just in your bones girl" your nana says "But keep it to yourself, if others find out they may not understand" Alive is tall-ish and very thin. Shes worships Daikitsu and always keeps her festivals.

Alice is kind and fun loving, always seems to have smile on her face and happy to run in the woods when the mood takes her. She poor and uneducated and dos not care, the sun and the moon show her all she wants and with a big loving family what more could a child ask for.

The truth about Alice:

She was found as a child by her adopted father one day on his door step like 2 other of children, He and his wife could not leave the child to die even with its odd looks. ( but she dos not know this) When she was young he told her was he once Poached off a Hagg who cursed him, when Alice was born she was not like other and so they hid her away for a time until she could make herself look real human like. This they have told her is her true form and the fox form is the Curse. So Alice keeps her secret only the adults and Patrick and Ron know the truth, the younger kids have no idea, if they see her in Fox form she says its just one of her tricks.

Kitsune, or fox folk

I found some thing I really like the look of, I would like to play a kitsune

With Alice I am thinking, NG Sorceress or summoner even Bard, let me know which would be best GM for the party.

With e6, does spell casting preogress past 3rd level spells? If not, would you give me a set of goals to work toward to become a lich? Even if it doesn't happen, or happens very late, it's the journey that counts. And without further ado, I present Karthus' story.


Karthus was born and raised a happy, god fearing child. His father was one of many fisherman and his mother ran a small bakery out of their home for extra money. As a small child with his parent's rarely available, Karthus was often picked on, especially due to his compassion for animals and other people. He would nurse dying animals back to health, help out old or sickly people, and pray to any god that would listen to help those in need. One day around age 12, while praying to the gods over a dying deer, power flowed through Karthus and healed the deer back to life. With his new found power, Karthus began to secretly heal animals in his free time, before one day moving on to sickly people. He was always very discreet so that no one would notice, as he didn't want to draw more attention to himself or risk losing what he had. Once he was 14, Karthus came home to find his father laying dead on the kitchen table with his mother lost in sorrow. That day a rather violent crosswind occurred that broke the mast, crushing his father and several other crew members. Remembering his power to heal people, he rushed to the table and began coursing the energy through his body while praying. No matter how hard he tried, he could do nothing to bring his father back from the dead. Both Karthus and his mother were devastated and made poor from the lack of income. Having lost faith in the gods, cursing them, Karthus fell into a deep depression. He bacame distant, surly, and when provoked, combative. The people who used to pick on him steered clear of him after he went into a rage and beat someone nearly unconscious. Not long after, his mother died of grief and malnourishment, sending Karthus further into depression. Standing over the graves of his parents, he raged at the heavens. "Why would you give me the power to help those in need, knowing full well I wouldn't be able to save my parents? Is my life a joke to you?" Hearing nothing, he waited for a few hours before falling asleep. In his dreams, he was walking through the forest before it turned into a never ending abyss. A voice, seemingly all around him, begins speaking. "The so called gods above don't care about your plight. And why should they? People die every day. You think they gave you that power? It was I. I alone see your potential. You couldn't revive your father because flesh is weak, and you would not be able to handle the power I wish to give you. Pledge your life to me, and I shall grant you power greater than any you can imagine, eventually leaving the cage of flesh behind. The choice is yours." As the voice fades away, Karthus awakes at night, still over the graves of his parents. Beside him is a book. Curious, he looks through the book. The first few pages describe a ritual, after which he cannot understand the language. With nothing to lose, and morning about to break, He began to collect the necessary pieces for the ritual. That evening, returning to the grave of his parents, he began the ritual. After several hours, the ground began to move and his father's corpse rose from it's grave. Thinking him alive again, Karthus is shocked to find his father a decaying corpse following his commands. All hope in seeing his parents again lost, Karthus understands the terrible and amazing powers given to him.

As I've stated, due to his humble background and terrible tragedies, he's not going to be a very evil person in his own right. Roleplaying him will be very fun and challenging, and I see a lot of room for personal growth. Also keep in mind that as a cleric he can still heal party members and channel energy, he just has a few other tricks up his sleeves.

That could make for some interesting interplay between Elarya and the Paladin character. I agree that it's going to be a hard character to pull off, but if you manage it, this should be an awesome game.

Now that I think about it, Karthus' alignment should be Lawful Neutral. He respects the need for laws, and while he may use evil magics, he is at heart a somewhat good person. He has kind of an equal pull, hence neutral. He doesn't intentionally pray to a known evil god, nor does he use his powers to exact cruelty on humanity. His goal isn't particularly good or evil, so much as it's something he wants to do entirely for himself, partially for story reasons so he doesn't end up like his parents. At the point in the adventure where he meets up with the other party members, he's around 17-18, has a lot of secret practice with his abilities (able to channel and cast first level spells) and is finally seeking a way to start progress on his ultimate goal.

I am think Alice as a Bard, GM. It would fit in with the Medieval feel and her knowledge would come from such a large family.

Nathaniel Hewnhaft

The son of a tool maker and wood cutter, Nathaniel was raised in the woods. WHen he was just a boy, his mother got pregnant, but child-birth was hard on her this time, and she passed away giving birth to a daughter, Sophie. Nathaniel began at that young age to work with his father to earn enough to support the baby girl, and pay someone to care for her. The girl they hired to watch the infant, a lovely lass by the name of Tessa, was only a few years older than Nathaniel, and the boy nursed a secret affection for her.

As he got older he grew taller and stronger, and Tessa began to take notice of him. Working with his father, having a healthy young sister who would grow to be as beautiful as their mother, and the affections of a fair maid, Nathaniel had a very happy beginning of his adolesence, in spite of having lost his mother. Tessa even moved into the house full-timewhere she would help out, cooking and cleaning and such almost as Mr. Hewnhaft's adopted daughter, although Nathaniel and Tessa's affections were no secret, not cause of shame.

But as things often do, they got worse. His father was injured by a falling tree and crippled, unable to work, he became surly and reclusive. Nathaniel was not the craftsman that his father was, and without a teacher their business suffered. SPending more time at home, Nathaniel's father noticed what Tessa had desperately been trying to hide, and remedy; Sophie seem touched in the head. What had always seemed to be odd mannerisms were overwhelming compulsion to do strange things, like move all of the spoons from one drawer to another, or break candles in two before lighting them. She was eerie and had a strange way of staring, rarely speaking in a way that made sense. She obsessively tended a garden that seemed to produce wonderful fruits, but they looked strange and often there were blooms out of season. Few really noticed, except that they liked to trade for her produce.

Unable to work, and unaware of his sister's maladies, Nathaniel took to hunting, and trading pealts and produce for what money they needed. He was aloof more aloof, and closed off, and often returned home injured from a hunt, but had managed to kill some wild dogs and even a wolf once. Tessa did not like the risks he took, and his attitude, nor did Sophie seem to be improving, and the temperament of Mr. Hewnhaft help matters .

While they still share a strong affection, Tessa has returned home to her family, as Sophie was old enough and able to care for herself and her father in her own bazaar way. He hunts and feeds the family

Social Standing:
Nathaniel has some renown as a hunter, a strange one due to his choice in weapons due to lack of ability with a bow, but he does well for the family. He is a handsome young man, and expected to become quite a catch by the local mothers who have daughters of age.

He gets on well wiht townsfolk, and trades in pelts.


Don't have stats and traits yet, but he's a SHield ranger wiht high str, decent con, Wis and Cha, and maybe some int and dex with my leftover points

Here is Alice Nutall alt GM

Just a note to reiterate my interest in the campaign and to find out if you want anything more from me.

Ok, Update time.

So right now, choices are:

Tenro: Havak the Blue Goblin Alchemist
AdamWarnock: Elarya Whitescale the Human Barbarian
imjohnnyrah: Unnamed Aasimar Paladin
Aphin: Amara Sontan the Human Ranger
Elondor: Karthus the Human Cleric
Spugly Fuglet: Alice the Kitsune Bard
waiph: Nathanial Hewnhaft the Human Shield Ranger
MisterLurch: Morgan the Human Druid Pack Master
imimrtl: Unnamed human bear shaman druid

let me know if i missed anyone...

man... I've got some tough choices to make. I should have answers soon, but if anyone wants to drop in a submission, I'll still look at it.

Unnamed human bear shaman druid for imimrtl

imimrtl wrote:
Unnamed human bear shaman druid for imimrtl

thank you. edited.

Posting from phone while waiting for president obamas motorcade to get to the airport. Submission: Jasper is a 15 year old human male. As stated before he is an outdoorsy young man that loves the wild and all its glory. He frequently travels with the hunters in the region and has made several friends among them. He understands the predator prey dynamics but makes sure that the hunters understand the necessity of not over hunting and area which hasn't caused much issue so far. He loves to spend time among the bears of the region and has even managed to befriend one of them and teach it a few tricks. A gentle man he like the bears he loves can be roused to terrible anger when pushed.

so .. everyone gets in!! .. yaynineplayers!


The alt is just about done GM so you can have a look at the Crunch.
She all done but for a spend of lose coin.

MisterLurch wrote:

so .. everyone gets in!! .. yaynineplayers!


if only i could handle that many, but alas...even I have my limits.

oh right. I forgot to detail my entry. I'll get back to you on that in a bit.


Dante, the scarred witch doctor:
It is true that there was no other black sheep that could beat Corvina, for she had the help of her mother. However as much as an outcast she was, nobody played the game of a stranger as Dante Allende. Corvina was outwardly mocked, but no one payed attention to Dante. He was the perfect wallflower. He was invisible. He would just be that boy that would walk around town and sometimes come with new scars. But nobody bothered. He was a piece of furniture to the town.

However, nobody knew why his scars were there, nor did they give any drive to rumor about them. In truth, every time Dante had scarred himself, a spell was learned. He had discovered how to channel magic through his skin and blood, and only Corvina knew about them. It was for this reason they became friends. For Dante had someone he could confide to, and Corvina had someone that reminded her of her own mother.

Decided to write something short this time round. XD

Gm would it be ok if Abram Verdance and her dad Peter Nutall, know each other, some of the kids that have come to the Nutall house may have been sent there by Abram Verdance. Would be cool if they fish now and then togever. That would give Alice, Abram Verdance as a contact of sorts.
Also she sings and plays the reed pipes.


CG Human Ranger
Init +1; Perception +5

AC 11, touch 11, flat-footed 10 (+1 Dex,)
hp 12 (1d10+2)
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +1

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Earthbreaker +6 (2d6+6; x3; B)
Klar +6 (1d6+2; x2; S)

Str 19, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 13
Base Atk +1; CMB +5; CMD 16
Feats: WF (Klar) WF(Earthbreaker)
Skills Climb +8, K(Dungeon) +4, K(Geo) +4, Perception +5, Stealth +5, Survival +5, Swim +8;
SQ Track +1, Wild Empathy +2, FE (???) +2

Not sure which FE to take, not which Armor would make sense. Kinda thinking he got someone to make him some Hide armor out of the wolves he's killed. and i get one more skill point, may use on a trait choice.

Thinking of taking Master Craftsman at 5th, depending on how that would work with the setting, and if we have a crafter, etc.

Added background:
Nathaniel was a bit of a rascal as a boy, and would often go playing among the cliffs and quarry, getting lost in the caves, very much worrying his mother, as well as swiming out into the ocean, taking long walk back to the town.
He was a bit of a tough kid, but not really a Bully. he just could have been

I would imagine Nathaniel and Jasper would have gotten along great .

Well, I've made my final selections, and sent PMs of confirmation to each of the players/characters that I've selected.

- Amara Sontan (Aphin)
- Havak (Tenro)
- Elarya Whitescale (AdamWarnock)
- Dante Allende (Hoogie)
- Garrett Snow (imjohnnyrah)

I want to thank everyone for their attention and neat ideas. At the end, there were some hard decisions I had to make.

Thank you all, and to my players, keep in touch:
Have a look at the map I put in campaign info, and think about where in town you'd like to live...I'd like to get started tomorrow or friday if that works for all of you.

Works for me. And thank you for picking me.

Thanks so much, looking forward to this.

any time works for me!

Thanks! I'll build him now

NOOOOOO I was so excited to roleplay with a pally =/

Figures, I'm out of here--------------->Biiizzzznnniiiggggaaa...

I forgot to ask about traits. Do we get those?

Hoogie wrote:
I forgot to ask about traits. Do we get those?

yes, two traits.

Thank you for selecting me. I'll have my character fleshed out in a few hours. It is just a few minutes past 5AM in NY. I'm not sure where/when the rest of you are posting from :)

How do you feel about the table at the bottom of this page letting you roll for a random ability to replace the Aasimar's Daylight SLA?

Wow, sorry to be that guy and steal 3 consecutive posts... Anyway, here's what I've written as a background for Garrett.

Back Story:
Everett Snow, a retired soldier turned fisherman, had served his time in the nation’s military and looked forward to settling down far off from the hazards of politics to provide - as a man should - for his wife Jayn and their expected child. Finding solace in Solace, a small town he and his garrison had traveled by some many years past, Everett used the gold he had been saving to buy the materials to buy himself a home, a boat, and several nets, ropes, and crab traps. He had just become entirely self-sufficient for his family when Jayn gave birth to their first child; a boy they named Garrett.

The family lived modestly in the village of Solace. Everett spent most of his days on the ocean, tugging up fresh fish and crustacean to feed the family or supply to Jayn to sell from a stall at the market. After four years of this routine, Jayn once again grew with child. To relieve her stress, Everett began to take his son out to accompany him with the harvest. Well after their second boy was born, Erec they named him, Garrett continued helping his father bring in the family’s sustenance.

Garrett was remarkably healthy and strong for his age, and the many years of dragging the water with thick hemp nets and reeling in heavily filled crab traps from the bed of the ocean and left him stronger still. Unfortunately, the same could not be said of his little brother. Erec seemed in a perpetual state of fading health for the majority of his youngest years. Jayn was forced to leave her garden to wilt in order to keep young Erec’s constitution manageable. Father and son spent their time getting enough fish to feed the family and if they pulled a lucky haul it was Garrett’s responsibility to run the stall in place of his mother.

As the years went on, the family eventually conquered their youngest’s ailments and was able to move forward. Garrett had become a very well known face all over town from the time he spent working the stall. Many looked forward to the days he was working mostly due to his charitable nature. If a family didn’t have enough gold for fish, he often sold them at discounted prices and covered the difference with his own earnings. More times than not this kindness was taken for granted but every now and again someone would return to him with fresh bread or books or toys for his little brother. Other times he found himself the only child standing between a bully and a weaker kid. Whenever he saw an underdog of any kind, he would always be reminded of his brother and when people picked on Erec or anyone reminiscent of him it stirred Garrett in an uncomfortable direction. He had no tolerance for bullies and if he was unable to convince one to let up through words he had no issue taking it to fists regardless of the other boy’s size or the number of friends he had with him. Of course no one was inclined to buy fish from a bruised and beaten boy but that was just another difference Garrett elected to cover. “Honor outweighs gold a hundred times over,” as his father would say, “In both value and the burden to carry and keep it.” The words rang in his head every day and, more times than he could count, caused him to rush to the aid of Corvina or protect old Johnas Wiggs from unnecessary ridicule.

Everett trained his children weekly in the ways of the sword and spear and shield. While Erec struggled from the beginning, Garrett adapted quickly and naturally; pushing his work hardened body to new and diverse limits almost daily. It was joked between the boys that Garrett was strong enough to make up from his brother while Erec was clever enough to cover them both. This division was easily due to the boy having spent his first seven years bedridden with only his mother’s voice and book. It was no question that Everett didn’t quite understand his youngest son and naturally Garrett received the wealth of his attention.

When asked, Everett gave absolutely no detail on his days as a soldier; he never told his children where he was stationed, what position he held or how long he held it. Their mother carried this secret with her as well; she dodged the question or changed the subject whenever it came up.

So, who wants to create some nice shared stories/memories/rivalries between characters!?

As our families are kind of in competion fishing wise perhaps Garrett and Amara's brothers could have a bit of friendly rivalry. As Amara has almost no interest in fishing and is a bit of a lone wolf their interactions would be somewhat limited. Unless you can think of a way to make them interact more...

Background is all on profile page, and being updated constantly :0 I am MST, located in Edmonton, Alberta. It is currently 11:45 am here.

By the way the Discussion thread is up. Click the tab at the top.

Yes, sorry I should have put that up. Discussion is open.

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