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Skyfall - Colonies of the Shining Sea

Game Master Corerue

Battle at the lift

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Dark Archive

Since Mark's character is somewhere far away from the rest of the potential party, I am not adverse to creating another character to role-play with him. Perhaps a gnol? Of course, if you allow that and if you want to run two separate games...

It's funny, I picked gnoll as my favored enemy so that would be a very interesting first encounter.

Okay, I think I'm about done...say hello to Mr. Donovan Lynch.

character sheet:

Donovan Lynch
human Rogue 1 (thug) / Monk 1 (martial artist) / Fighter 2 (Brawler)
Favored class = Fighter

Lawful Neutral

Str 18 (15, +2 human, +1 lv4)
Int 14
Wis 12 (10, +2 human)
Dex 18
Con 12
Cha 13

BAB +2
Fists are +6 for 1d6+4/20x2
Pepperbox is +6 for 1d8/20x4
Guisarme is +6 for 2d4+6/20x3
Knife is +6 for 1d4+4/19x2
Sling is +6 for 1d4+4/20x2

CMB +6
Grapple +8 (+10 with Dan Bong)
Trip +8
Drag/Reposition/Bull Rush +7
CMD 20
21 vs. Drag/Reposition/Bull Rush
22 vs. Trip/Grapple

AC: 10 + 5 (armor) + 4 (dex) = 19
touch = 14
flatfooted = 15
(unarmored AC is 15, 15 touch, 11 flatfooted)

Fort = +5 (base) +1 (con) = +6
Ref = +4 (base) +4 (dex) = +8
Will = +2 (base) +1 (wis) = +3

Skills: Acrobatics 2 (+8), Bluff 4 (+8), Climb 2 (+8), Disable Device 1 (+7), Heal 4 (+5), Intimidate 4 (+8), Knowledge: Local 1 (+6), Perception 4 (+8), Sense Motive 1 (+5), Sleight of Hand 1 (+7), Stealth 4 (+15), Survival 1 (+5), Swim 1 (+7)


--Human Feat: Combat Expertise
--swap 2 traits: Combat Reflexes
--1st lvl: Improved Trip
--Bonus (Ftr1): Enforcer: whenever dealing nonlethal damage, free attempt to Demoralize; shaken for 1 round per point of damage
--Bonus (Mnk1): Improved Unarmed Strike
--Bonus (Mnk1): Stunning Fist
--Bonus (Mnk1): Improved Grapple
--3rd lvl: Strangler
--Bonus (Ftr2): Vicious Stomp

Special Abilities:

--Sneak Attack +1d6 (Rog1)
--Frightening (thug Rog1): whenever demoralizing foe, increase duration by 1 round; if 4+ rounds, instead Frightened for 1 round
--Flurry of Blows (Mnk1)
--Zen Defense (Mnk1): +Wis to AC if unarmored
--Close Control (brawler Ftr2):

Gear (6000 gp)

--Clothes (trousers, tall boots, shirt, waistcoat, leather coat, gloves, hat; 15 gp)
--Chain Shirt +1 (1100 gp)
--Cloak of Elvenkind (2500 gp)
--Potions (1 of Cure Light Wounds, 1 of Enlarge Person, 1 of Magic Fang; 150 gp)
--Pepperbox Pistol (750 gp)
--16 loads, powder and bullet (44 gp)
(6 in pistol, 10 in pouch and powder horn)
--Powder horn (3 gp)
--2 special bullets (1 adamantine and 1 silver; 85 gp)
--Guisarme (9 gp)
--Switchblade (5 gp)
--Dan Bong (1 sp)
--Sling (1 sp)
--10 lead balls (1 sp)
--Backpack (2 gp)
=Bedroll (1 sp)
=Canvas tarp (9'x9', waterproofed, 9 gp)
=50' silk rope (10 gp)
=Tinderbox (1 gp)
(5 tindertwigs, inside; 5 gp)
=2 Torches
=2 Candles
=Manacles (15 gp)
=10' chain with an average padlock (70 gp)
=Mess kit (tin plate, knife, fork, bowl, cup; 1 gp)
=Sewing kit (5 needles, spools of thread and wire; 5 gp)
=Canteen (1 gp)
=5 days trail rations (2.5 gp)
=Shaving kit (small steel mirror, razor, soap; 11 gp)
=Burglar's kit (masterwork thieves tools, flask of acid; 110 gp)
=Healer's kit (50 gp)
=1 Smokestick (20 gp)
=1 Sunrod (2 gp)
=Spare clothes (explorer's outfit; 10 gp)
--Packet of quality cigars (5 gp)
--2 Thunderstones (60 gp)
--Dress uniform (not carried; 30 gp)
--2 chests (not carried; one has average lock, the other good lock; 124 gp)
--various personal effects, stored in chest (not valued)
--Light warhorse (roan gelding; 110 gp)
--Military saddle, bridle, and saddlebags (26 gp)
--Ring (silver & onyx, 85 gp value)

Weight: 35 lb worn; 12 lb in hand; 43 lb. in pack (90 lb total; light load)

(has a month paid up at a good rooming house, with stabling; 45 gp)
(528 gp remaining; some locked up in a chest in his lodgings, normally carries a handful of platinum and gold on him)

Description: Donovan is a lean but broad-shouldered man with steely gray eyes and close-cropped reddish-blond hair. He typically wears a long leather coat (over his mail shirt, if expecting combat), fine leather gloves, and a tricorn hat. He only carries his polearm if anticipating combat; most of the time he appears relatively unarmed (all his weapons are in pockets or under his coat, though he may sometimes have a short wooden truncheon hanging from his wrist by a sturdy cord). He looks to be in his late thirties.

History: A child of the streets, Donovan grew up cutting purses; he got his growth early and was one of the best bare-knuckle boxers in the dockyard circuit, until he got pinched by the Cygnus Press Crew, who forced him into the military to serve his five years. Surprisingly, he took well to the military, soon becoming a skilled and disciplined soldier. His talents with his fists were not overlooked by the army, who trained him as a commando...later, he served as an unarmed combat instructor and (ironically enough) military policeman. He had a knack for dealing with hardcases, having been a part of that society himself once.

After ten years in service, he mustered out, and now works as a private troubleshooter and bodyguard, though he still has a good deal of loyalty to the military.

Dark Archive

I'm gonna roll for a monstrous character, just in case you decide to run two games. (Which I think would be cool.)

1d3 + 15 ⇒ (2) + 15 = 17
1d3 + 15 ⇒ (2) + 15 = 17
1d3 + 15 ⇒ (3) + 15 = 18
1d10 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16
1d10 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7
1d10 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16
4d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 6, 5) = 18

Can Tabaxy be paladins? And of which god?

I have a background and majority of the crunch written up for my character. It's a bit much and for that I apologize but don't worry, my next essay is a strongly worded letter to the people who decided to start producing Red Bull.

I chose to go with the Lore Warden Fighter Archetype and I may do a 1 level dip in the Gunslinger Mechanist Archetype, I think it's fitting for the way I envision the character's style and strengths. I know the Mechanist isn't part of your pre-approved materials so just let me know if you want me to scrap it or not.


Background, Cassian Vespertine:

To name Cassian Vespertine as a mere pirate would be a grave injustice. The gallant captain from next to nothing and garnered adoration from noble thieves and chivalrous riffraff from one end of the Free Cities to the other. The future captain of The White Wind was born in the negligible coastal city of Osselo (according to most sources) and it was there the ambitious youth managed to unite a small gang of scoundrels and pickpockets. Of course where some childish antics would scheme little more than trinkets from passerby’s, witty Cass managed intricate plots with numerous rotating characters and astonishingly made a decent percentage of successful hauls; most of which hailed from the shipping yard.

Ah, the shipping yard: the panoply of disorganized unmarked crates and slovenly managers, it’s aisles glittered sparsely with sober watchmen and it’s every nook teeming with danger and intrigue. It was in that bountiful floating lottery of materials that Cassian managed to get his hands the most fruitful treasure he would ever find; books. This particular shipment must have been headed for a library somewhere nearby or maybe it was a wizard’s personal collection in transit between studies or part of a merchant’s supply of wares; whatever the case it was a mystery Cassian had no interest in solving. He knew that the information enclosed carried much more value than the previous week’s candlesticks or last month’s sausages.

Encyclopedias, dusty diaries, children’s rhymes, graphic survival guides, clever carpentry tips and countless other subjects and genres flooded the crate and spilled over into the active imagination of their reader. His favorite books all shared the same subject: heroes. Cassian Vespertine wanted nothing more than the same lust for adventure and grandiose that followed his storied muses. So back to the shipyard he went after months of mostly honest living, only this time he meant to transpose his dreams to reality. The mercenaries who stayed ashore for the winter months were easy enough to convince to teach him the way of the blade, Cassian knew a sellsword need not bloody his blade for each man he sold it to. For years he visited these docks with the money he made selling cheaply crafted but fairly priced tinderwigs and sunrods (a skill from the ever helpful book, “Pocket McKenchi’s Alchemical Agenda, 2nd Edition”) and in return learned some less than knightly but equally brutal techniques from an untold number of different masters, cheaters, cravens and fools; each with a different style and skill to show.

The first real sword Cassian ever owned was won in a duel against a visiting knight’s squire. Cassian entered with a battered wooden practice sword on the (false) promise of 50g worth of alchemy supplies and a set of fine crafting tools, but he left with a fine piece of steel and much of the squire’s dignity. From that moment the boy came to romanticize the idea of dueling another. Though the squire was impulsive and sloppily relentless, he came at him in an unfamiliar form that could have proved much more difficult to counter if his opponent weren’t so bedeviled by his imposing armor. A few cracks above the ear must have been deafening, the fight was soon over after the squire pulled that ringing bell off of his head.

After many lower stakes challenges the next great win was his first vessel, Agatha’s Reverence; pitiful soapbox of a ship with little space for more than a dozen men. Now 18, and as just ambitious as ever, Cassian reunited his childhood gang to man his ship and once again call him Captain. Now with a ship beneath his feet and a more or less able crew at his command he felt closer than ever to his idols.

Whereas most Cryxian pirates would ravage, pillage and plunder any unfortunate ship they came across, Cassian led his men to much more theatrical assaults. With white banners raised, he would approach his targets diplomatically, board their ship and then challenge the captain to single combat holding honor and leadership at stake. In the eyes of men and boys who followed the words of their captain to the bitter end, honor and leadership are the most paramount resource to keep if one wishes to retain position. With that in mind a duel would soon ensue with the captain or his champion. More often than not these tests would end in a yield rather than death; in either case Cassian would claim a bit of plunder as his prize before gallivanting back to his own ship, he even went as far as to personally gift those who bested him. Suffice to say, the crew of ruffians and full-grown rapscallions didn’t care for the captain giving away their share of treasure whenever some sailor had outmatched his swordsmanship. With growing tension between himself and his crew, Cassian was forced to seek out bigger and better rewards.

Of course the more precious the prize the further a man will push to have it forcing these types of encounters to end in blood. However the rewards were indeed quite remarkable. The White Wind in particular made for the most incredible treasure Captain Vespertine had collected since the crate of books he and his had stolen as children. It was an airship of speed and elegance unlike any he had ever seen or known. After the massacre that gifted them the gem of a ship, Cassian decided it was time to shift attention elsewhere. Not one of his books would centerpiece a murderous pirate, but rather the glorious heroes who hunted the wicked men he and his crew had become. Unfortunately for Cassian, when he told his crew his plan to add their ship to Cygnus’ cause against Cryx’s abominations there was a near instantaneous mutiny which was hushed only by a challenge for leadership by his first mate, and lifelong friend, Ferric Baulder. Baulder was a mountain of a man who had absolutely no control over his emotions and won fights with his terrifying bouts of anger and relentlessly swinging a hammer wildly until he hit something hard enough to kill it. Cassian had no choice but to accept, not because he knew that the crew would pull him life from limb if he refused, but due to the simple fact that he had never once declined single combat. When the signal was given to begin, Baulder dropped his Warhammer and drew a blunderbuss from under his coat and fired. The shot hit hard enough Cassian overboard hurtling through the air to the cold black sea below; luckily it didn’t manage to pierce the mithral shirt worn beneath his fineries.

When he awoke, he was in chains within the confines of the storage hull of the ship he captained mere hours before and beside him a familiar crate. With a brush up lesson from “Tumbling Tumblers and Pinning Pins: A Treasury of Designs, Old and New” Cassian escaped his makeshift cell and jumped ship to stowaway upon Capt. Baulder’s next victim, he had apparently taken to the same stunts Cassian had championed. It took months but the disgraced sailor eventually made it to Cygnus to enlist in their armed forces. He trained in infantry but tested so well as an engineer he was assigned to maintain an active airship. It is here that he works and plans for his rise to rank and power and glory.


10 + 3d10 + 3 + 12 ⇒ 10 + (5, 7, 8) + 3 + 12 = 45

One more question ;)
What available languages are there in this campaign? Would most languages have died with the races or should I just go with the standard choices?

Thanks again!

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber
DM Corerue wrote:
GeraintElberion wrote:
Nearly finished my time thief, not made one before

sounds good, no rush as you have time before recruitment is over. Hopefully no one loses interest in the interim. But there are a few others who have yet to posted and I'm giving them a chance before closing shop. ;)

Time Thief is an interesting class, pity SGG hasn't made more of they're classes availble for Hero Lab =( that would make things easier. At least for me since I travel to work every two weeks and I can't always take all of my books. >.<;

20pfsrd has been a Lifesaver, more then once!

Part of the delay has been making a time thief hero lab class (will save me time in the long run).

I've made a class with everything but the special time-thief stuff (motes, aevum, etc.) to help me get my numbers right.

Okay, here are stats for my time thief.

I am trying to figure where she should be from, Cygnus seems the most open-minded place?

I saw in your last update you listed Kenji as a Kensai Magus. That's not the case.
He is a Arcane bloodline Sorcerer who specializes in blasting and Metamagic (In particular Burning Arc and Fireball).
He's human for the extra spells known so covers utility quite well.

Best char bits are he barely ever speaks ( like the Yakuza from the latest predator movie)
And his familiar (raven) almost never shuts up.

lol, no i'm not adverse to it at all. Just remember that Gnolls normally don't get along with the Tabaxi, mainly because they just don't smell right to them. They smell off, alien. The Pack orientated Tabaxi don't receive as much hatred as the City Bred Tabaxi. The City Bred smell terrible to the tribal clans of Gnolls and Flinds and more then once they have come into conflict with one another. Only through superior training and equipment have the City Bred Tabaxi survived this long.

@Geriant: You made Time Thief in Hero Lab?! Whut? O.o; I didn't ever realize you could do that yourself. xD Shows how much I know lol!


Tabaxi can be Paladin's. of A sort, they are a variant compared to normal Paladin's, worshiping aspects of the High Ones gods. They are also able to be Lawful Neutral if you so wish. They enforce the way of life that has helped the city folk to survive and that would mean you were born into the Belegohtar - Warriors, Hunters. Tyil-Belegohtar are the title of Paladin's in Tabaxi city society or High Warror. Those that can cast are regarded very highly in their society as their are few actual casters among their people.


Major Spoiler. But i'm sure you guys have put two and two together. ;)

The Tabaxi know a broken form of elven, to other elves it would be very hard for them to understand at first because the Tabaxi didn't pass down the knowledge that well at first and only started refining their technique long after those with any real knowledge were long dead.

Magic is also an exceedingly rare thing, mages are almost unheard of, druids yes. Clerics and Paladins are still few and far between. But mages, Sorcerous and arcane classes are almost unheard of. (Or at least have hid themselves fairly well) The only ones who knew any sort of magic was the High Ones.

BRB later got some errands to run. :)

Dark Archive

Okay, I would very much like to apply with a Tabaxy paladin called Num-Rah, then. If you decide to run separate games for Tabaxi and non-tabaxy, I would like to apply with both Victor de Vere, bladebound kensai magus lvl 4, and with Num-Rah, LN tabaxi paladin 2. If I have to choose between them, I would prefer to play Num-Rah. If you accept me, of course.

I will post his backstory and description tomorrow.

Ok, done with background and description, tried to work some of her equipment and feats into the backstory. Sounds like Num-Rah would be from the city dwellers, being more civilized and having access to armor and better weaponry. Would make for an interesting dynamic of the measured Paladin and the merciless Ranger with an axe to grind.

Description: :


Physical Description:

Tall and sleek, possessing powerful lean muscle, Mirrianissa is the perfect combination of feline grace and feminine allure, bearing a presence that is immediately both appealing and intimidating.

Her movements carry a superhuman grace and a sensuous deadliness that scream natural born predator, her skin covered in a coat of velvety orange fur, slashed with dark cinnamon colored stripes, broken up by stretches of pure white on the insides of her arms and legs as well as along the front of her body. Hands and feet both end in razor sharp claws, sharper and stronger than those of most Tabaxi, adding to a primal wildness topped off by flowing red hair and golden eyes.

As with most of nomad clans-people of her race, she wears nothing in the way of conventional clothing, possessing only a pair of worked leather bracers covering her wrists and forearms, a tiger's eye amulet around her neck, and a detailed leather quiver slung across her back.

Background History: :

Mirrianissa was born to hunt. The product of a bloodline that traced back to Belegohtar caste before the Time of Dark Sky, the young Tabaxi girl showed a gift for the hunt, excelling at all forms of physical activity and wilderness skills, her aptitude almost immeasurable. Soon she became one of the clan's most notable warrior/huntresses, gifted with more agility and stamina than most, her skills sharper.

Hers was a happy life, the pride, the hunt.....everything a young Tabaxi could want...until the fateful day when a clan hunting party including Mirrianissa and her parents, was viciously attacked by a horde of Gnolls, led by a Flind barbarian.

The assault was terrifyingly brutal, and though the Gnolls suffered three times the losses, Mirrianissa was the only survivor. Wounded and left for dead, she awoke, feverish in the midst of the aftermath, to find the bodies of her clan strewn about the battlefield. Taking what tokens she could from her family, she donned the bracers worn by her mother, and put her father's amulet around her neck before setting out to return to their village.

The attackers had struck there as well, the carnage brutal, as every member of the village met their deaths defending their home. Gathering what she could, she found the village Shamaness, stuggling to breathe, her spine broken.

As she approached the wise one, the woman's eyes lit up with an internal fire. Here was their pride's hope of retribution. The old woman looked into her eyes, grasping her face with a burning intensity as she whispered an invocation in Tabaxi, calling upon blessing of the Great Tigress, the primal animal spirit from which their ancient masters had drawn the essence of their race. Mirrianessa could feel a great power enter her, ripping its way up through her center to infuse her body, her muscles and skin becoming tougher, her claws growing, becoming stronger, deadlier.

As the power built within her she let out a combination between a roar of fury and a shriek of exstacy as she was changed. She looked down into the eyes of the Shamaness, the final glimmer of life leaving her eyes as her breath left her body, a smile of satisfaction on her face.
She could feel the difference in her body, completely healed, she felt as if she was more of herself, the spirit of the Tigress within her awakening, seeking her prey. She would find the Gnolls, the Flinds....let them know fear.

She would be the death in the darkness, the terror the Gnolls would come to know before life was ripped from their stinking hides. She would be Miriannissa, Death's Shadow...and her enemies would pay.
Gathering up her weapons she took off at a run into the jungle. There was prey to be hunted.

It looks like we don't have any divine characters in the running. I'll get working on one as an alternate with the stats I rolled.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber
DM Corerue wrote:
@Geriant: You made Time Thief in Hero Lab?! Whut? O.o; I didn't ever realize you could do that yourself. xD Shows how much I know lol!

Open Herolab.

Go to the menu bar at the top, select tools and then editor


DM Corerue wrote:


hmmm, i haven't seen it before. None the less don't let me hold you up go ahead and start your concepts and I will see which of the KQ's I have~

Do you happen to have Kobold Quarterly # 12 with the Cleric "Holy Remix?" I am thinking the Sohei (Sacred Fist) might be a fun alternate.

I have cobbled together Raven Hawthorne, a LN Human (mostly) Enlightened Oracle of Metal 4 (and follower of Abadar).

Background still needs to be finalised, but all of his 'crunch' is there :-)

Sorry dog is still sick and I'm preparing to fly to work for my two week work schedule~ Yay oilfield work! :p

@Kenji: My bad there, I'l fix that straight away!

@ Everyone: Really Enjoying the submissions, still sorting through them and I will make my decision on sunday. thank you for your patience and stick with me RL is just not being nice to me right now. Programs crashing, dog getting sick. Fun times, we all have them. ;)


Good question to ask sorry I didn't cover it!

A language break down would be as followed and yes each of the countries have different languages.

Languages other then the common languages that the kingdoms use still exit but it will cost an extra point to learn to speak though as finding a teacher is extremely difficult or costly.

Common is broken down into the following. If you know Imperial Dialect then you know the Cygnaran and vice verse.

Lyonessian's - (French)
Cygnaran's - (American-English)
Imperial's - (British-English) (redundant I know :p)
Qinese - (Japanese)
Free Cities - Spanish
Cryxian - No known singular dialect. The Undead of Cryx are known to have their own language, which is called Thrall Speech. To learn Thrall Speech you would need to spend 4 skill points, 300 gp and make an insanity roll (high will save). :) If you dare. ;) Learning the language of the dead has its advantages at a grave cost.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I now have all the KQ and will look over these suggestions shortly. :) hence the wait as I sift through new materials. XD sorry!

Still here.

I know he's not 4th level. Please bear with me as I' m applying for another PbP with him (I'll update if he's picked here and withdraw from the other).

Waiting eagerly.

Dark Archive

This is my submission for Tabaxy Paladin:

Num-Rah the Catfolk Paladin:
Num-Rah is just a bit under 7 feet tall and 250 lbs heavy mountain of muscle. His broad back is straight as a spear and he carries his heavy backpack and strange-looking great sword as lightly as feathers. Num-Rah's pelt and mane are whiter than a fresh snow and eyes blue as waters of a mountain lake burn with quiet intensity. Num-Rah speaks but rarely. When he does, his voice is deep and rich. In a sheet across his back rests a strange sword, as large as a greatsword, but single-edged and with a handle made from carved bone of some large beast. By his right arm there's another strange weapon. Similar to long sword in size, this is obviously a weapon made for
both chopping and stabbing, but with an inward-curved blade and wider end section.

Num-Rah was at the height of the summer, to a mother of Mátamelcan caste and unknown father. His white pelt and pale blue eyes marked him as obviously unsuited for anything else but to day under the harsh sun. The elders of her caste pressured her to do just that - to leave the cub to the vultures and gnolls outside the city walls.

She refused.

Instead, she prayed to the High Ones, to the creators. To the skies above and the Sun and the Moon - and someone answered.

Num-Rah has grown to be the tallest and strongest of his caste. In time, he sought to better himself, realizing that he has the potential for something greater than a common laborer. He passed through many tests and tribulations, but his innate sense of honor guided him towards his goal - to become the warrior, to protect his people, to give worth to his mother's sacrifice and strength of will. She passed away the day he became the member of warrior caste, happy to see her white cub tall and proud.

Num-Rah is defined not by his great strength or martial proves, but by his sense of honor. Although he has risen from the lowest of castes, he never sought out to throw down his betters, but to improve himself. He demands of himself to be the best that he can be and to never stray from the path of honor - and he demands nothing less from the others. He realizes that the laws of the ancestors kept his people alive when the High Ones disappeared and that the most people want stability. Therefore, he has no tolerance to those who act without honor. He understand that sometimes the laws are flawed, but tries to be guided by the honor that his mother has shown when she decided not to obey the elders. It may be lawful to leave the cubs to die, but it brings shame and dishonor. In time, he became known as the strictest but fairest of the Belegohtar and gained the title of Tyil-Belegohtar. Cubs and young males also call him Clawmaster, because he has mastered the use of great two-handed curved blades left by the High Ones. On the day he became Tyil-Belegohtar, he went to meditate in the caves on the mountaintop above his city and came down bearing a beautiful set of curved silvery blades with edges on the inner curves. The blades were marked with a flowing letters of the tongue of High Ones. He called them Dreadclaw and Smallclaw.

At some point, Num-Rah went on a pilgrimage to the holy sites across the land. That is when he encountered the Black Ones and his nostrils were filled with a stench of their evil. He encountered their patrol as they were burning a village of gnols. When he approached, he saw that all the adults were dead and the Black Ones are killing cubs. He roared and attacked, flashing with Dreadclaw and tearing the enemy to pieces. But they were to many of them. At the end, he prevailed, but only one gnoll cub was saved. Not knowing what to do with the frightened and snarling cub of his people's enemies, he went to look for a tribe that would accept the little one. And that's how destiny found him...

Good to know. Definitely intrigued by the Thrall Speech. I've reassigned some of my skill ranks so the 2 I have in Linguistics are designated for that particular language, even though Will is my worst save...

I've decided to go straight Lore Warden. I realized that the biggest reason to push me towards Gunslinger were the class skills.

Cassian will definitely be a face type character out of battle. He'll also have a wide range of knowledge skills, a modest linguistics and amateur level of alchemy crafting. In battle he'll be most useful as battlefield control with disarm and trip maneuvers as well as some old fashioned tanking. He's definitely not optimized but should make for an interesting combatant.

I just have to go through and assign equipment and my sheet should be done. :)

Physical Description:

A wave of unruly black hair sweeps down to a well pronounced chin forming the point of Cassian’s comely heart-shaped face. His slightly feminine facial features have been the subject of many a man’s taunts and insults, most of which were answered with a test of mettle by metal. Elegantly handsome with a roguish confidence that radiates from his ever-present cocksure grin, the once captain never fails to stick out in a crowd. His tall athletic frame is laced with layers of compact and well defined muscle from years of strenuous endurance training, though his catlike physique is often masked with an equal number of layers of noble-grade fineries.

Although it’s rumored that Cassian never removes the mithral shirt from his body, you would hard pressed to find it beneath a series of dress shirts, waistcoats, jackets, capes, half-capes, cloaks and a plethora of jewels. His wears his pants to a snug fit as to prevent loose fabric catching on any obstacles he may need to tumble over or through, and caps them with a pair of high leather boots with a number of buckles keeping them in place. He fastens his cloak to a fluted mithral pauldron from his right shoulder and tends to drape it as a half cape covering his left side. He specially tailors the majority of his clothes to leave his right arm bare so that he avoids any interference with his sword arm. The only protection he keeps is a forearm length gauntlet.

Both swords are hung from his back with hilts leaned to the right for quick access. The harness the scabbards are fixed to is an adventurer’s sash that he keeps most of his possessions in. Strapped to his left thigh is a revolver and strapped to his left a nested pair of matching kukris. Finally a simple dagger is concealed in a hidden device up his left sleeve, prepared to spring out into hand at a moment’s notice.

Dashing, brave and (overly) confident are but a few words to describe the once commander of pirates known to some as Cassian Vespertine. His ambitions often cloud his better judgment as he searches for ways to lift position, expand fame and bask in glory. It is his one true goal in life to become the subject of song, theatre and most of all history books. To achieve this he has formulated his own code of honor and conduct which emphasizes that possession and privilege belong only to those strong enough to earn and keep them; freedom, however, is granted at birth. This freedom gives any man the right to challenge the his betters for the rights to any possession or position they hold, so long as it is not subjugating another individual. It is a harsh system but it gives opportunity for any man to rise in position as long as he is worthy of the place.

Despite his militaristic outlook, he remains a warm and welcoming person. The fine arts of conversation are almost as alluring as the promise of a well matched duel, though his mind does tend to wander if he finds the conversation without the stimulation of conflict or lacking any useful knowledge. He prefers to keep his mind just as sharp as his blades. To do this he keeps with him any number of various books on his person at any given time. A lifetime of study in a wide variety of subjects has given him an impressive expanse of random knowledge he takes pleasure in siting. It's also given him a swollen ego and wit that sometime outmatches his sword.

1d3 + 15 ⇒ (3) + 15 = 18
1d3 + 15 ⇒ (1) + 15 = 16
1d3 + 15 ⇒ (2) + 15 = 17
1d10 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14
1d10 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11
1d10 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

Nice mix there, I have two options, both plain ol' vanilla wizards. I'd rather go with the first, but if there is a need for more under the 'monster' side of things, I could go with the second.


The first is a human from Cygnus. She was just about ready to go into training to be a warcaster before she was invited to join a slightly different group. Instead, she does special assignments for a branch of the government, along the lines of an independent marshal. Which makes for interesting times as an arcanist amongst all the gun-lovers. She works to protect Cygnus from those forces not easily defeated by a bullet. Or through public and open channels. She was born and raised in the capital of Cygnus. While she was away at school, her parents were killed during a raid by undead, leaving her with a burning hatred and desire for vengeance. Since then she has focused on her studies and remains aloof from close relationships. She is looking forward to her first assignment.

The second option is a wayang (Races of the East). A teleportation spell went horribly wrong, and she ended up in the jungles, seperated from everything she knew. She now spends her time searching for a way back to her people, but first she has to learn where they are in relation to where she is, or when. It doesn't help that she was only just starting out as a journeyman wizard either.


Regardless of the origin, the personality is transparent. Ghanymae is morally flexible. She generally prefers to work within the laws she knows, but knows that greater needs frequently require flexibility in the application and observance of those laws. And while she is generally good at heart, not prone to self serving acts at undue hardship to others, she isn't above using unsavory methods to serve the greater good. Frequently developing ingenious practical jokes, she does work to ensure no lasting harm comes of them.
She is cautious of others, and fiercely loyal to those she considers friends, even if only for the moment.
Her ambitions are focused on increasing her personal power. For the wayang, this is to get home. For the human, to protect the ideals of Cygnus.


Ghanymae the human stands just at 6'0", making her one of the tallest humans she knows. Lithe for her frame, she usually keeps her red hair braided down her back. Her emerald eyes often sparkle with laughter, as easily as they can hold a knife sharp glint when angered. While her dress generally appears to fit in with the mainstream, she vastly prefers the maneuverability of zouaves to dresses, often in charcoal and dark green coloration.

Ghanymae the wayang doesn't quite reach 3' in height, has dark skin with a purplish shine. Her deep purple, unkept hair is often spiking off in odd directions. She often wears clothing as dark in color as herself, covered by a cloak of mottled blacks and greys to blend herself into the undergrowth of the jungle at night, her prefered time of activity.

Crunch, in process:

STR 11
DEX 17 +2 =19
CON 14
INT 18 +2 =20
WIS 10
CHA 16

STR 11 -2 =9
DEX 17 +2 =19
CON 16
INT 18 +2 =20
WIS 10
CHA 14

School of Magic: Conjuration (Teleportation)

My apologies, the Warcaster is a Prestige Class. Originally from IK, But I have updated to pathfinder and the class itself was fairly strong before updating it.

Just so people know. :)

I'm in the process of lying to work so my posting will be spotty.

@Kenji: Understood, no problems, I try to be easy going. :)

The reason for the insanity roll is because the fact is this isn't an easily taught language and requires those who wish to learn it to spend time around thralls. Cryxian thralls that is, as they are the few intelligent enough to learn thrall speech from. Those that were captured in battles or damaged are at the point where they can't fight anymore. It doesn't mean that they have lost any of their hate or malice for the living, in fact their long confinement has worsened it. For Cygnaran Commanders though its good to have a translator, despite the odd mental quirks some have, to help with (Lieutenant) thralls that are captured on the front and forced to relay their marching orders. That's the semi-easy way to explain it. ;)

Will post more later as time permits.

eakratz wrote:
It looks like we don't have any divine characters in the running. I'll get working on one as an alternate with the stats I rolled.
Raven Hawthorne wrote:

I have cobbled together Raven Hawthorne, a LN Human (mostly) Enlightened Oracle of Metal 4 (and follower of Abadar).

Background still needs to be finalised, but all of his 'crunch' is there :-)

Ok, I'll stick with my original. I was,eerily looking to fill a gap.

Well that seals it! If I'm accepted than I will definitely invest the time, gold and ranks to pick up the language. It seems like it's worth taking the risk for. Actually it may even more fun if the save is failed... May being the key word, haha :)

Dark Archive

If my paladin gets accepted, he should fill the healing gap a little.

I like the background for Num-Rah, quite a philosophical differenec between the two Tabaxi.

Still here, and still incredibly interested. Been playing 'Uncle James the Nanny' to a wonderful brood of Four wee ones so, understandably, time to post has been minimal.

Few more questions if I may? Does the Cygnus navy have anything like Privateers? For a see my girl definitely being the pirate type, but working for the good guys.

It seems that, in the beginning at least, every character will be in their own little mini game (which is fine with me!) But I just want to confirm, can characters actually be active in the military when the game begins? Even if they would not normally be able to leave the service at their whim, should it be necessary?

Finally, are the specialized units in the Cygnus military actual classes in their own right? Or templates added on to the PC? Or how does it work?

Thanks again for your patience mate!

PS: oh, and just curious, how many characters will you be selecting all together? There's some truly awesome submissions here, so I don't envy you your selection process!

So if CAssian learns the language, why can't he teach anyone else?

background for Aelessaer:

'Lucky' Aelessaer was born and raised in a terrible crucible which warped her perception of reality. Fortunately, it also provided her with the means to survive.
Her parents she does not know, but she was raised in Cryx as a serveant-child amongst experimental necromancers and dread alchemists. They never knew that their greatest achievement lay under their noses: the useful, helpful child who fetched and carried, rarely spilling, stumbling or delaying like the other children.
Aelessaer had learnt how to steal moments of time, escaping tricky situations and avoiding the brutal punishments her masters meted out for mistakes. This good fortune earnt her few friends amongst her fellow serveants.
Eventually, Aelessaer used her skills to sneak aboard a pirate vessel and escape her magical masters. The treatment that she received aboard ship was equally foul however and she soon began searching for a more permanent means of escape. She longed for nothing more than a time without beatings and hunger pains and sometimes considered throwing herself at the mercy of the sharks.
Her salvation came not from the sea but from the air.
The Cryxian blackship on which she served was attacked by a Cygnan airship and Aelessaer, shackled in the hold as she slept, was liberated from Cryxian slavery.
Life in Cygnus was alien to her and she might have struggled to find a place but Aelessaer's strange luck served her once again: the airship did not return to its home port for months and Aelessaer became an unnofficial part of its crew: she gained weight and vigour as proper meals, a full nights sleep and a manageable workload eased her into the Cygnan way of life: now her good fortune was recognised and rewarded and her strange, silibant name rejected for a simple ship-hand's nickname: 'Lucky'.
Aelessaer was put aground a few months ago by the crew, armed with equipment claimed from her erstwhile pirate masters, (an airship cannot carry guests indefinitely) at [place where it would be convenient for campaign] and is eager to explore this strange, new, hopeful world.
I'm not sure which languages I should take for Aelessaer, may have to tweak a little and am open to suggestions.
Also, if you PM your e-mail I can send you the herolab file I made.

Time Thief character sheet fixed up as well.

Dark Archive

Mirrianissa wrote:
I like the background for Num-Rah, quite a philosophical differenec between the two Tabaxi.

Yes. This time, I'm gonna play Num-Rah as LN, which is more in line with "noble savage/lawful klingon warrior" vibe that I'm trying to achieve with him. If get accepted, of course.

Sorry for the wait! Using phone for internet and working 12+hrs a day on night shift, the SAT at my camp is down. So until that is fixed my phone will have to do....

@Khaladon - Other then Warcaster, the above groups are spcially equipped organizations. Long Gunners are self explanitory, The Sword Knights wield some of the most expensive weapons and armor a noble can buy. The Minute Men are cheaply equipped, but they were mean't to be light and fast. Lightly armored and armed well enough to hold their own in small or large regiments. Even the Silver Blades are more hardware then class levels.

I am hoping however to make classes as time permits. I like to tweak classes or make archetypes, such as my revamp of the SGG Dragonrider I did for one of my characters. So perhaps in the future if you play as a member of one of the above organizations I can give you a slight benefit or class levels to make your character fit the roll even better. :)

Beginning selections, I am reviewing everyone again and will select 9 players to start off. So long as my service holds out I will post the selections in the next couple of hours. Sneaking some posting time during work! I'm such a bad person. :p

Wasn't it down last time too?

I'll have my history up later Cyra and me saw Avengers last night and didn't get a chance to start. :)

Leon Cross wrote:

Wasn't it down last time too?

I'll have my history up later Cyra and me saw Avengers last night and didn't get a chance to start. :)

Ha! Same wife and I caught it last night. Superbly done, in my opinion.

DM Corerue wrote:
Sneaking some posting time during work! I'm such a bad person. :p

Don't worry about it. Often times it's much easier for me to post at work than it is at home.

Spartakos wrote:
Leon Cross wrote:

Wasn't it down last time too?

I'll have my history up later Cyra and me saw Avengers last night and didn't get a chance to start. :)

Ha! Same wife and I caught it last night. Superbly done, in my opinion.

My girlfriend and I have been trying to find a babysitter so we can go see it too. I've been doing my best not to read any spoilers but it's pretty hard work.

Yeah this time a guy backed into it when offloading stuff for the camp, classic.

Selection is as followed.

Leon Cross
Aurora Cross
Donovan Lynch


Thank you everyone else for applying an if we suffer attrition you guys will be the first people I come to for replacements.

Everyone whos characters have been selected, you may begin posting in the discussion thread and we can start looking over equipment and other items pertaining to organizations you belong too.

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