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Skyfall - Colonies of the Shining Sea

Game Master Corerue

Battle at the lift

Crosses vs

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The Curator was visibly distracted now looking to the dome that made up the ceiling of the museum. "You already are... With each piece you will both grow stronger. I cannot see what lies at the end of your path. But the Royal Family is in need of my assistance."

She raises her hand, never once looking away from the dome. "Revela."

For a moment the solid looking dome appears normal, unyielding stone and then it transforms. As if a great veil were suddenly pulled away to reveal the night sky as if the once mighty dome was only made of glass. "Erubescant omnes!" She waves her hand, flat with palm upraised towards the dome from left to right as if she were wiping away dust. It was at that moment a cannonball exploded mid flight, pieces raining down on the dome but never reaching the museum floor. As bits of blackened wood fell with the cannonball's shards something appeared. Directly passing over the Museum. A gargantuan Flesh Galley, one that even the pair of you recognized instantly...

"The Octavius..."

A flesh galley just well known for its crew of undead reavers who exhibited and unleashed the brutal cold of the frozen seas on their opponents. As all Reavers they were absolutely merciless, absorbing the defeat into their ranks as undead to terrorize the living.

Several smaller Airships appear to be moving to assault the Octavius, which responds with withering gunfire in all directions as the Flesh Galley continues to build speed and retreat out to sea where it has the advantage. However the engaging ships return fire with brutal efficiency sending dozens of the swarming undead sailors over the rails to fall to the streets below.

The Curator looks to you both before asking in a serious tone. "Will you help me attack the Octavius?"

Pressing temple group forward tomorrow.

Shadow Assassin/Shadow Warrior 6 (HP 90 AC 19, T 16, Flat 13 F+5 R+10 W+11 Init +8/10; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +16

Leon nods their acceptance as he draws his sword from its sheath its strange dual blades seem eager to cut cryxian flesh.

Before i forget detect magic on the armor

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29

Hrummmmmm Crit Spell Craft check.

Post by morning, playing catch up before I roll back to day shift blargh...


You are staggered by the sheer power emanating from your items now, which responds to your magic with a steady and rhythmic thrum. The conversation is lost to you as a flash of insight clouds your eyes. Again foreign memories come, obviously not your own.


You hear a voice in your mind, it was like none you'd ever heard before. It sounded so ancient that it sounded like stones rubbing together, like rumbling earth with the strength of a hurricane. It would have turned your blood to ice if you weren't so enthralled...

"I wait..."

A land so bright that it hurts your eyes to look upon it. It was so warm and so welcoming it made you long to be there...

"In the land where my people fled. I linger in darkness... Fulfilling my promise to protect the last..."

Your gods eye view comes to rest on what appears to be a ruined city of such immensity that it makes even the largest cities in the old world look tiny in comparison...

The outskirts of this city appeared dark, like a shadow was sweeping over it. Consuming it. Yet its center remained pure, untouched by this darkness. It looked like a city under siege...

You quickly fall into the streets and witness first hand how the city blends into its surroundings. Instead of separate homes, the elven dwellings are built into rock walls and hills creating a very symmetrical looking city. Whose society appeared to try and be one with nature on a level you had never before witnessed. Yet there wasn't a single living soul to be seen.

You fly quickly through the empty paths that wind there way through the city, meandering back and forth like a river until you come upon a great mound of hills. The central hill is taller then the rest with a tower of white stone protruding upward from its center. The white pillar was covered in runes you couldn't read. They glowed brightly despite the twin suns residing in the sky, the strange tower pulsed with power that vibrated through your chest. Your heart raced as you plunged through the closed doors leading into the great mound.

"Death is coming..."

You fly through dust ridden halls and abandoned chambers, other then the voice there were no others.

You pass like a ghost for a long time until you come upon a massive chamber. Whose great dome made the museum's look small. And resting in the center of which appeared to be a circular table, weathered by age and cracked through its center. Surrounding this table are thirteen stone chairs that lay empty. Save for one, the grandest of them, has a lone figure sitting there. Watching you as you glide through the doorway, their ancient eyes missing little as they rested their chin on a fist made of stone.

"Time is short..."

They raise their free hand and wave for you to stand by their side and as you do you hear something like metal grating on stone.

"The Cryxians have found this place... No place is safe now..."


"Such loud pests..." The figure raises their head, revealing elven features entirely made of stone now. They're sharp features forever frozen in a look of dismissal backed by deep disapproval. As they rise to their feet, extending a hand as the doors of the chamber shudder with a titanic blow. Yet the stone doors hold, solid as the day they were sealed. A weapon appears, longer then any you've seen, a fifteen foot long polearm with an axe blade affixed to the top that is as tall as a normal man. On the bottom of this polearm is a pointed tip nearly a foot in half in length. The weapon was ancient but from the glowing runes it had to be some sort of artifact.

"They infect this world like they did before, now they come to kill the last of my people and that of your charge." He takes one shuddering step down from his stone chair, the entire floor shakes and the sounds outside the chamber die down. The doors explode inward, bits of stone fragments rain all around you as a Helljack strides forward into the domed chamber.

"You need to hurry..." The stone figure charged forward leaping over the stone table with a single bound, landing just in front of the Helljack while simultaneously swinging downward with its polearm. To your shock it split the jack in two with a single blow, as if the jacks armor were nothing but parchment before its blade. As its soul furnace burst, releasing the spirits of those unfortunates that it had burned alive or consumed on some distant battle field.

"Begone Cryxian scum! Run back to your lord and tell him to come and face me instead! This filth is but an amusement!"

He uses his free hand and slams it into the staggering Helljack, sending it flying back into the other Jacks that were even now swarming forward. Trying to get a foothold before they are faced by a narrow doorway.

"We will meet again... Cryxian. Don't disappoint me." It brought its polearm around and swung it around, decapitating six of the lesser jacks that had streamed in. It took the spearheaded end and impaled two Mechanithralls as they charged forward to attack him. Your last memory of him was him wading into battle against insurmountable odds, destroying anything that dare come within reach...

Your eyes fall on the table and for the briefest moment it appears transparent, revealing that underneath it was a clutch of eggs. Each a different color, appearing to be made of scales and pulsing with life.

Need to look up those rules again so I can build this item. I have my normal version of it but I will get back to you.


This armor is Adroit, with a move speed of 20ft.

It can equip itself onto its wielder with a free action.

Can be slept in as if you were wearing normal clothes.

Has the Glamered effect.

it adds +7 AC +5 Dex bonus and 0 ACP.

These are but a few abilities.

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