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Skyfall - Colonies of the Shining Sea

Game Master Corerue

Battle at the lift

Crosses vs

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The Curator was visibly distracted now looking to the dome that made up the ceiling of the museum. "You already are... With each piece you will both grow stronger. I cannot see what lies at the end of your path. But the Royal Family is in need of my assistance."

She raises her hand, never once looking away from the dome. "Revela."

For a moment the solid looking dome appears normal, unyielding stone and then it transforms. As if a great veil were suddenly pulled away to reveal the night sky as if the once mighty dome was only made of glass. "Erubescant omnes!" She waves her hand, flat with palm upraised towards the dome from left to right as if she were wiping away dust. It was at that moment a cannonball exploded mid flight, pieces raining down on the dome but never reaching the museum floor. As bits of blackened wood fell with the cannonball's shards something appeared. Directly passing over the Museum. A gargantuan Flesh Galley, one that even the pair of you recognized instantly...

"The Octavius..."

A flesh galley just well known for its crew of undead reavers who exhibited and unleashed the brutal cold of the frozen seas on their opponents. As all Reavers they were absolutely merciless, absorbing the defeat into their ranks as undead to terrorize the living.

Several smaller Airships appear to be moving to assault the Octavius, which responds with withering gunfire in all directions as the Flesh Galley continues to build speed and retreat out to sea where it has the advantage. However the engaging ships return fire with brutal efficiency sending dozens of the swarming undead sailors over the rails to fall to the streets below.

The Curator looks to you both before asking in a serious tone. "Will you help me attack the Octavius?"

Pressing temple group forward tomorrow.

Shadow Assassin/Shadow Warrior 6 (HP 90 AC 19, T 16, Flat 13 F+5 R+10 W+11 Init +8/10; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +16

Leon nods their acceptance as he draws his sword from its sheath its strange dual blades seem eager to cut cryxian flesh.

Before i forget detect magic on the armor

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29

Hrummmmmm Crit Spell Craft check.

Post by morning, playing catch up before I roll back to day shift blargh...


You are staggered by the sheer power emanating from your items now, which responds to your magic with a steady and rhythmic thrum. The conversation is lost to you as a flash of insight clouds your eyes. Again foreign memories come, obviously not your own.


You hear a voice in your mind, it was like none you'd ever heard before. It sounded so ancient that it sounded like stones rubbing together, like rumbling earth with the strength of a hurricane. It would have turned your blood to ice if you weren't so enthralled...

"I wait..."

A land so bright that it hurts your eyes to look upon it. It was so warm and so welcoming it made you long to be there...

"In the land where my people fled. I linger in darkness... Fulfilling my promise to protect the last..."

Your gods eye view comes to rest on what appears to be a ruined city of such immensity that it makes even the largest cities in the old world look tiny in comparison...

The outskirts of this city appeared dark, like a shadow was sweeping over it. Consuming it. Yet its center remained pure, untouched by this darkness. It looked like a city under siege...

You quickly fall into the streets and witness first hand how the city blends into its surroundings. Instead of separate homes, the elven dwellings are built into rock walls and hills creating a very symmetrical looking city. Whose society appeared to try and be one with nature on a level you had never before witnessed. Yet there wasn't a single living soul to be seen.

You fly quickly through the empty paths that wind there way through the city, meandering back and forth like a river until you come upon a great mound of hills. The central hill is taller then the rest with a tower of white stone protruding upward from its center. The white pillar was covered in runes you couldn't read. They glowed brightly despite the twin suns residing in the sky, the strange tower pulsed with power that vibrated through your chest. Your heart raced as you plunged through the closed doors leading into the great mound.

"Death is coming..."

You fly through dust ridden halls and abandoned chambers, other then the voice there were no others.

You pass like a ghost for a long time until you come upon a massive chamber. Whose great dome made the museum's look small. And resting in the center of which appeared to be a circular table, weathered by age and cracked through its center. Surrounding this table are thirteen stone chairs that lay empty. Save for one, the grandest of them, has a lone figure sitting there. Watching you as you glide through the doorway, their ancient eyes missing little as they rested their chin on a fist made of stone.

"Time is short..."

They raise their free hand and wave for you to stand by their side and as you do you hear something like metal grating on stone.

"The Cryxians have found this place... No place is safe now..."


"Such loud pests..." The figure raises their head, revealing elven features entirely made of stone now. They're sharp features forever frozen in a look of dismissal backed by deep disapproval. As they rise to their feet, extending a hand as the doors of the chamber shudder with a titanic blow. Yet the stone doors hold, solid as the day they were sealed. A weapon appears, longer then any you've seen, a fifteen foot long polearm with an axe blade affixed to the top that is as tall as a normal man. On the bottom of this polearm is a pointed tip nearly a foot in half in length. The weapon was ancient but from the glowing runes it had to be some sort of artifact.

"They infect this world like they did before, now they come to kill the last of my people and that of your charge." He takes one shuddering step down from his stone chair, the entire floor shakes and the sounds outside the chamber die down. The doors explode inward, bits of stone fragments rain all around you as a Helljack strides forward into the domed chamber.

"You need to hurry..." The stone figure charged forward leaping over the stone table with a single bound, landing just in front of the Helljack while simultaneously swinging downward with its polearm. To your shock it split the jack in two with a single blow, as if the jacks armor were nothing but parchment before its blade. As its soul furnace burst, releasing the spirits of those unfortunates that it had burned alive or consumed on some distant battle field.

"Begone Cryxian scum! Run back to your lord and tell him to come and face me instead! This filth is but an amusement!"

He uses his free hand and slams it into the staggering Helljack, sending it flying back into the other Jacks that were even now swarming forward. Trying to get a foothold before they are faced by a narrow doorway.

"We will meet again... Cryxian. Don't disappoint me." It brought its polearm around and swung it around, decapitating six of the lesser jacks that had streamed in. It took the spearheaded end and impaled two Mechanithralls as they charged forward to attack him. Your last memory of him was him wading into battle against insurmountable odds, destroying anything that dare come within reach...

Your eyes fall on the table and for the briefest moment it appears transparent, revealing that underneath it was a clutch of eggs. Each a different color, appearing to be made of scales and pulsing with life.

Need to look up those rules again so I can build this item. I have my normal version of it but I will get back to you.


This armor is Adroit, with a move speed of 20ft.

It can equip itself onto its wielder with a free action.

Can be slept in as if you were wearing normal clothes.

Has the Glamered effect.

it adds +7 AC +5 Dex bonus and 0 ACP.

These are but a few abilities.


Cassian's brow was furrowed as he worked the controls.


The entire platofrm shudders as blasts of lightning and the smell of burning ozone surround the platform. Cassian barely notices as he works for hours to try and stabilize the temples core.


The platform shuddered with each strange rythmic thump, Cassian swayed in time with the strange noises, but was no less determined to correct the instability in the core.

The strange noises seemed to worsen and then quiet down as he went on, his strong hands working the poorly lubricated levers as he jostled the multitude of levers and dials in his attempt to succeed.

It wasn't until the eighth hour that something went horribly wrong.

The last gear snapped in his hands, breaking completely free and leaving Cassian holding the freed lever as a surge of energy shot up from the bottom of the Cores containment zone.

Talmerren roared for everyone to fall back as Cassian's hair stood up from the growing static discharge. He barely had time to finish the process as the first blindingly bright burst of energy filled the areas around the core. Like unending thunder it crackled and slammed everyone's eardrums. Driving you to your knees as every living thing was overwhelmed by the the noise.

Talmerren remained standing, blocking the burst of light with his arm as he glared into the electrical onslaught. He steeled himself and started striding forward. KNowing full well his mechanical body may not hold up against this pure undulated energy springing up from the core.

He's stopped by Sil's weak grip, she pulls him back a grating sound in her voice as she spoke. "It's over Talmerren... Get them too the ship... The Tranquil Ley is..."

The ring of steel faintly catches their enhanced hearing and they look towards the unending energy surge. Unable to catch a glimpse of what was happening in there...

Schtonk! **GRIND** Clack!

The energy stilled before their eyes. The brightness faded and Sil gasped as her systems began to flare with new life. Her eye brightened and for the first time in many centuries she could feelthe entire temple coming to life...

Just as it was about to fully cycle up the entire temple lurched as if it were going to be tossed off the mountainside itself. The floors cracked, everyone was sent tumbling to the groaning floors and the energy, despite starting to dissipate lashed out into the main chamber. Breaking through the containment area completely...

With the crack of thunder once more the massive bolt of lightning slammed down the center of the chamber looking like it would fry everyone in its path had it not been for Talmerren. He rose to his feet, the lightning like reflexes he had once in life were mimicked in this pretend body. Even damaged he moved much quicker than anyone else in the room, quick enough to intercept the pure energy as it lashed out. He caught it with one of his out stretched hands and just as quickly angled his other arm to redirect it as it hammered through his body.

The energy passed through his closest arm and burned its way through his shoulders, between them and then out the other side. The energy lashed back at the core and the shuddering within the temple instantly subsided. Once more contained within the Nexus Cores area the energy absorbed back into the core itself and finally dissipated...

Talmerren remained in the same position, one arm out stretched from chest height, his feet planted firmly as if he were receiving an attack and his other arm raised, bent at the elbow so his hand and fingers aimed at the core like some giant loop. He stared in shock as the light faded and there stood Cassian. The rogue reminded him of an arrogant eagle knight he once knew in life, so proud and full of himself. A smile that said i'll conquer the world.


Cassian turned and looked at his recovering companions and, to their shock, he faded away. He vanished before their eyes and yet his smile never faded as he tried to speak and yet no sound came from his lips. As he completely vanished the heavy footsteps of something approaching made everyone turn to see an elfin woman approaching in the similar make up of Talmerrens armor save for the fact her gauntleted hands were oversized and massive glass tubes sat on her shoulders, chest and back, small metallic cords sat inside these tubes and their purpose was unknown.

She looked at Talmerren, the purring core and then to still nearly disabled Sil. She approached Talmerren first and tsked loudly. "How many times will you tempt death..." She looked to the core with a sad expression before kneeling behind Sil.

"Status report S.I.L."

Sil stammered at the authoritarian tone of the elfin woman's voice before turning and focusing her eyes on nothing in particularly.

"Ley Line: Stabilizing. Core Internal Systems: Heavy damage through sectors 1-14, 22-28 and 37-50. Structural damage: Undetermined at this time. Assistant Status: Few, counting only six operational at this time. Remaining Stasis chambers: Damaged but active. Calculated losses 14% but search isn't completed yet."

The woman was working inside some plate in Sil's back when a strange click was easily heard and Sil appeared to be fully functional once more.

She stood and the next question came...

"Status of Cassian?"

"Cassian's status........" Her eyes surge with light oscillating between so many colors that the fully spectrum of color and some you hadn't seen before shined in her mechanical eyes.

"Status? Calculate Recovery status of active priests as well."

"Active Priests... Fully recoverable, light to critical damage detected, all preiests are making their way to the core. Those not on critical assignments. Two confirmed..."

She pauses as something burst its way from the core. A something like a figure but made of pure energy, that swaggered its way through the core's room. It appeared lost, almost confused but it approached the two downed priests and as it walked near them it kneeled for the briefest moment and touched them. As it did this to the last one, the mechanical priest that Tyrn Jade had made allies with the figure rose and continued walking until it dissipated completely...

The elfin woman wasn't pleased at all and looked to Sil quite angrily as she spoke. "What is their status and what was that?" She spoke like she already knew the answer though...

Sil looked from the downed priests to where the figure disappeared to the Elfin woman that had repaired here before answering even more mechanically then before. "Two priests confirmed reactivated, soul nodes repaired. Unconfirmed how... Pure energy detection revealed... Cassian. Cassian Status: Lost..."

"Define Lost..."

"During Temple Cycle up, noted abnormal power absorption from the core. Cassian was unharmed by the energy output from the cores realignment but he vanished from my scanners. Just now that energy detected as Cassian but not Cassian... Cannot conclude on insufficient data... Logic assumption is Cassian has been absorbed into the Ley Line's flow. He is lost to us..."

The elfin woman stepped back. "Run you logics again, that is impossible!"

Sil refocused, this time her eyes appeared faded almost glazed over as she started her assigned task...

"72 hour's..." Sil mumbled and the elfin woman sighed in exasperation...

Everyone in the room apparently was beneath her notice...

Male Human, Cygnan

Tyrn is taken back as he witnesses mere scientific theories come to life before his eyes. His old acquaintance had just vanished and transformed into what could only be an energy being. A sapient mass of pure calories. He envied Cassian's "evolution" slightly, but preferred the primal pleasures that flesh has to offer.

"Let's not jump to conclusions. I believe he is not lost. He merely exist in a higher state; a sapient being of pure energy. Perhaps in a short while he will figure out how to reassemble himself." The old scientist pulls out his pocket watch to time just how long it takes. Meanwhile, he calls out to the young desperado.

"Enough games you maverick renegade. I'd hate to have to lecture you on atmatic-structuring just to get you to literally pull yourself together."

The eleven woman turns with a cold glare at first before looking surprised. It is then you recognize her as Mog. The woman who you met shortly after your arrival. "Tyrn Jade. As it gladdens me to see you well. I must correct you. Cassian is lost in the sense of no one has returned after being pulled into the Ley Lines flow. Our tech and even our magic at its height could barely effect the life force of a world. So what he has become is unknown as well. He appears as pure energy but it seemed he wasnt able to see or hear us... he... is lost. I am sorry."

Male Human, Cygnan

"Salandra? I see you're feeling better as well. Last I checked, however long ago, Talmarren had you on quite a leash." He knew now was not the time for idle chatter. Too many important things were occurring. "So did we do it then? Did we restore the temple?"

"Salandra? She died long ago I am afraid. Your old eyes still remain I..." She looks past you at the white formian, the symbol of a great tree imprinted on its Carapace. "White Formian? What in the..." She looks at Sil and tsks, Sil was too deep now to be disturbed. She proceeds forward a single step before the multitude of formian workers start to swarm around Ant's kneling form.

Mog stops dead, her gauntlets crackle with visible energy as she considers her options...

Human Lore Warden // Talented Monk 6
HP 84/84, Nonlethal 84/84; AC 28, touch 23, Flat Footed 19; CMD 36 (+2 v Trip, +1 v Heavy Blades); Fort +9, Reflex +11, Will +9; Blindsense 30ft; Perception +12; Initiative +5; Acrobatic Dodge (+16) [8/8 day]

With his work finished, Cassian Vespertine whirled on his heel to face the thirsty crowd of onlookers. "You're welcome," He announced with a cocksure grin.

His every essence of charisma glowed in his teeth, warmth poured from his eyes, his voice resonated like polished bronze yet, despite this, not one in the group seemed amused - as emotionless as they were motionless.

In the span of a half-dozen rapid blinks, everything he could see began to evaporate; as if a flame was lit at the center of the photograph he was viewing. When the last corner of the still life ashed from frame, all that remained was an endless white landscape.

The mercurial nature of 'happiness' forces me to consider that one's capacity for positive energies is entirely indicative of his capacity for that of negative energies...

Well, then...

Where-O-Where should I begin?

On some plane of existence, that smile radiated still.


The afterimage of the burst of energy fades after several minutes and what your eyes fall upon next takes your breath away. A beautiful vista surrounds Cassian as he literally stands in the greatest most vibrant forest he's ever seen. With trees so large they appear to touch the clouds, plants that bear the largest fruits and berries he had ever seen. A place untouched by civilization.

The moss was even vibrant in appearance, sporting such deep green and thick that your hand sinks into it and it felt like softer then any pillow you'd slept on. Everything was a new experience, the air was filled with scents that should have overwhelmed your nose but instead assailed you with familiar smells. Wild cinnamon, fresh cut onions and more, it boggled the mind on what and where you were exactly...

As you run your hand on where your sword should be you find it is missing...

Then with a shock you remember your last ditch effort, the broken level and using your fine blade to finish the stabilization of the Nexus Core. As you reflect on what could have happened something appears in the corner of your eye...

Turning your head to look you...

Will save DC 25 Vs Awe-Inspiring presence(s) (22 (+3)): 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (14) + 9 = 23

Three figures appear to be materializing out of the surrounding enviroment, one descends from the tree canopy above floating in the air like a leaf in the softest breeze. Each of them are utterly nude and not phased by your gawking in the slightest in fact the one from the air laughs in amusement. Its laughter was like soft bells, beautifully played and being carried by an unseen wind. Surrounding you, all around you and making you feel at ease...

Will save DC 25: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (10) + 9 = 19

The one that descends like an angel from the heavens, leaves beyond several thin contrails, some even swirl around her as her dances upward despite their being no breeze at all. She had long fingers and shockingly white hair that was incredibly long, however with the upward breeze it danced and writhed as if it were alive. It smiled at you as the light that pierced the forest's canopy danced in its eyes.

One of the ones that materializes appears to have bark like skin in patches and its hair is made of roots that form a neat crown upon her brow. Leaves accented it making the woman appear almost regal where the first woman appeared majestic. Like the first its form was perfection, symmetrical and staggering in its beauty. Its face was composed and regal.

The three figure came on foot, running on its digigrade legs and bearing the lower body of what could only be a deer or elks legs in origin. Its upper body was that of the strongest man Cassian could imagine, rippling muscles, powerful arms and chiseled abs. An adonis in every sense of the word save for its head. Its head was that of a Stag, crowned with sweeping horns and carrying pennons tied to its brow ties. It ran towards you on its hooved feet, stopping just short of you and regarding you curiously. Its face and eyes far more intense than that of its companions.

Its contrails swirled around it as the floating woman drifted towards you, appearing to move through the air as if she were swimming through water. Graceful and beautiful, you were so enamored that you didn't even flinch when she twisted suddenly and swam past and around you. Giving you the once over for an extended period of time, as if she didn't want to miss a single detail.

With a small giggle she reached out and brushed the underside of your chin, however the moment she touched you she cried out in pain. Being thrown back and caught by the adonis who gently set her aside. Her hand now blackened by unknown means.

The stag-headed adonis stormed forward, his voice like a hurricane as he demanded. "Hark thine filthy creature. Return to whence you came. Ere thy shadow carry death to this place. Mark me or thou shalt..." He goes silent as the bark like woman steps towards you, her longer arms quickly turning into bark covered limbs.

"Wherefore dost thou come hither?"

The injured woman rises back into the air, her blackened hand appearing to be healing quickly, the burned off flesh knitting together with a frightening quickness.

Despite the Stag-heads threat and the size of the bark womans arms as she addresses you, you continue to stare at the three of them in wonder.

The flying woman smirks and laughs musically again before snapping her fingers, you blink your eye several time as your sense return to normal. However the three remained staggeringly beautiful. The Stag-Headed one glared at you from a mere few strides away, while the flying woman and the barked covered one were within reach...

Bark Woman
Flying beauty

Aurora blinks in disbelief as she looks down at the sword and armor. She was trying to make sense of it all but decided to just accept it, to accept her new path. For some reason she was chosen to work with these mysterious items. She felt a quiet rush over her like a thousand waves followed by the soft sounds of Leon's breaths. Her heart began to pound and blood rushed to her cheeks then drained revealing a white face. Her pupils began to enlarge as if her eyes were ready to receive images that would be of great importance. She feels her legs shake and give way as if water were rushing against her.

This ocean of strange memories came flooding in washing her mind. The vision took hold of her unfolding a strange story from a time long ago. So real it all seemed to her, like a distant memory from her past. The figure seated at the table in her vision spoke to her so directly, she felt as though there was a tone of familiarity. Aurora felt as though he was speaking to her, not the person who's eyes she borrowed for the vision. She followed the images like a candle down a dark hall until the end. As quickly as the vision came to her, it disappeared. She could feel bile in the back of her throat and the taste of iron from raw unbridled fear coated her tongue. A throbbing pain pulsed behind her eyes and the ancient voice still rung in her ears.

"I-I will help you Attack Octavious" she says in a determined yet quiet voice. With one shaky hand she stables herself by clutching Leon.

She looks at her husband's face reaching out to him, hoping to lock eyes. In a world that is constantly spinning he was a fixed point that kept her from falling. That was when she took in a deep breath and told herself a simple truth, "This is my life now, I will make the best of it. The only thing I can do is strive to find some answers to this mysterious sword, then maybe I can understand."

Female Tabaxi Ranger/ Barbarian 6 (Skirmisher, Natural weapon style/ Invulnerable Rager)

Mirri remains silent, processing the insanity occurring around her.

Formian link with Mir:

Their combined voices echo in your mind in a nearly sickening cacophonous amount. It started when this Mog woman started to step towards the KNeeling Ant. The remaining Formian's are now building layer upon layer of protectors, a literal wall of bodies between the Machinepreist woman and the White Ant.

However Mog appears to be less hostile, holding her position as she eyed them warily.

The voices stop when a sound echoed in the chamber. One like snapping bone, but far more sickening. You knew instantly where it was coming from and your eyes fell upon Ant's kneeling form as it started to writhe. Another snap and Ant's head whipped back and wordlessly its mandibles started to wave open and closed. its Antennae swung in all directions, whether it was in pain or otherwise was unknown as Ant wasn't crying out.

Ant was nearly in a fetal position before another serious of cracks made Ant writhe silently...

Your sisters react to this by rising to their feet and summoning all their power as they prepare for the worst.

Bera, who had been nursing her stump, grabs up her broken blade and prepares to defend herself.

Female Tabaxi Ranger/ Barbarian 6 (Skirmisher, Natural weapon style/ Invulnerable Rager)

Mirri moves towards Ant, placing a hand on the formian supportively, reaching out with her mind. ::What is happening?::

Ant doesn't stir at the touch, the cracking continues and now that you are past the line of stacking formian workers you can see that Ant's chest plate is breaking from some sort of expansion inside the central part of its body.

::IT. COMES.::

As if she could hear his words MOG raises her gauntleted hands and they are immediately covered in crackling electricity. The Formian workers redoubled the wall between themselves and those they perceive as an immediate threat. So many have formed together that Mir finds herself staring at Ant in a slowly darkeneing space. However Ant was aglow with some sort of energy, something Mir had never seen...

Female Tabaxi Ranger/ Barbarian 6 (Skirmisher, Natural weapon style/ Invulnerable Rager)

::I AM WITH YOU MY FRIEND:: she sends preparing for whatever was about to happen.

Male Human, Cygnan

"Forgive me. It's hard to know who is who in a world full of transhumanism..." Tyrn's attention is caught by the commotion with the formians.

"Aaaah. What's this? A metamorphosis of some kind?" The old scientist makes his way over to the alien cat-woman (Mir) and places a hand on her furry shoulder. He took a moment to examine her as well. "No worries, pussy-cat. I can see you care for your friend, but like most arthropods, they undergo drastic transformations throughout their lives. You are witnessing not a miracle, but the flawless engineering of nature. Even you transformed at some point. You are similar to quadrapedal felines of Earth. At some point, your mammary glands grew big and...." By the premature ending of his shpeal, Tyrn realized he was scratching behind the cat-woman's ears.

Tyrn could be entirely wrong, but he doesn't care :-)

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Female Tabaxi Ranger/ Barbarian 6 (Skirmisher, Natural weapon style/ Invulnerable Rager)

Tyrn swiftly comes to the realization that he might be seconds away from having his arm ripped from it's socket.

Yeah..I'll just go pet this stressed out tiger while talking about her t*+@. lol

Her facial expression and body language are halfway between "Who the @#$% are you?" and "Why haven't I killed you yet?"

At first the Formians nearly slam their line shut before Tyrn can step through but something, which makes all the Formian's turn to look at the writhing Immortal. stops them from getting in Tyrn's way. He comes to stand beside Mir just as Ant's exoskeleton splits open in the front, spraying a clear liquid across the metallic floor. The Immortal exhale's like a death rattle as something falls out of his chest.

High?: 1d100 ⇒ 52

Ant balls of its fist and slams it into the floor next to the uncurling form. The form jumped as if startled, uncurling and rolling to rise on its hands and insectile feet. It's four long antennae searched around it as its black eyes apparised you both. :I remember you... Tyrn...: Its eyes shifted to Mir then, looking her form over many times as it's voice echoed softly in her mind. :You released both of my people from darkness... You have my thanks...: As it spoke it rose to its feet, it was white like Ant was now, except it was growing rapidly. It was the size of a small child for a moment, then the size of a budding adolescent and then it was larger than Ant by nearly a yard in height. Throughout it' growth its exoskeleton snapped and shifted, revealing at its full height that it had six arms, all of which were quite animated. It's form was unmistakably feminine, with subtle curves and enticing angles, however it was as insect like as Ant and its face was completely alien compared to anything you had seen so far.

:Enough. There is no danger here.: The command was light as a breeze and the Formian's instantly resumed a non aggressive state. Shockingly each started to turn white in color as well, their red coloration fading completely away as they turned to regard the larger formian among them. :Search. Cleanse. Return. Rebuild. Reclaim.: The dog sized Formian's turned and began to mill out of the central cores chamber quickly, scattering as they went in every direction imaginable.

Ant appeared to still be in immense pain, but the Immortal struggled to stand despite profusely bleeding clear liquid all across the floor near the larger white Formian's feet. Noticing its plight the feminine formian lifted the Immortal to its feet and started to use its other four hands to quickly and expertly press the broken chest plate back together. Heavy magic made the air crackle as it mumbled in its insectile tongue.

As it worked MOG's stern features were replaced by shock and a mixture of awe or disgust. "No... Not A Queen! Not here!" She lifts her gauntlets once more, lightning crackling around them as she prepares to defend the Tranquil Ley.

Despite its intense work the Tall formian turned to regard MOG as it spoke once more, its chants were not disrupted though. It multitasked with unnatural skill. :Calm yourself. I am not your enemy.:

Mog remained resolute, gauntlet's raised. "You are not welcomed here, this is our domain. Besides how can you exist? The Queens were wiped out ages ago."

Female Tabaxi Ranger/ Barbarian 6 (Skirmisher, Natural weapon style/ Invulnerable Rager)

Mirri's claws extend as she moves to stand between MOG and the queen. "You will not touch her!" she growls.

Shadow Assassin/Shadow Warrior 6 (HP 90 AC 19, T 16, Flat 13 F+5 R+10 W+11 Init +8/10; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +16

Do we get an update oh great and powerful GM?

Human Lore Warden // Talented Monk 6
HP 84/84, Nonlethal 84/84; AC 28, touch 23, Flat Footed 19; CMD 36 (+2 v Trip, +1 v Heavy Blades); Fort +9, Reflex +11, Will +9; Blindsense 30ft; Perception +12; Initiative +5; Acrobatic Dodge (+16) [8/8 day]

Confused – Cassian places his hand where the floating woman's most welcomed caress made contact. He harbored no explanation to the effect it had caused her.

”Of the Elven temple, Tranquil Ley,” he replies with forced confidence, the puzzling new mysteries inhibiting a sizable portion of his focus. ”My companions and I waged war with Shadow-spawn, thrall, Ilithid, and abomination. If I knew how I arrived... wherever it is we are, I would be one step closer to returning. But alas, I am without this knowledge.”

He takes a moment to shift his attention from the three exotic, beautiful creatures to examine the landscape; scouring his brain for any clues of his current whereabouts.

K-Geography (identify terrain): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19
K-Planes (Recognize current plane): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (12) + 8 = 20

”I would consider myself neither friend nor foe – simply an interloper with high hopes of a swift exit or, at the very least, some wine. It's been a hell of a day,” he smiles.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (10) + 12 = 22


The Curator nods to each of you before invoking another strange and ancient sounding word. The Museum shifted with a jerk, replaced a moment later by the rotted boards of the Octavious. The look on the the living pirates faces was priceless, their jaws dropping before the Curator waved her hand and burned over a dozen of the nearest pirates with magical flames.

The hounds you both saw in the Museum rose from the flames that consumed the pirates. THe hounds reacted instantly to the threats around them, fanning off to defend the Curators flank as she looked to you both.

"Lets handle these scum..."

Surprise round, there are four pirates remaining within twenty feet.

:No More Death.:

Fort DC 33 or be prone and staggered. crit 20's or other skills that negate telepathic attacks

This statement was followed by a dibilitating shock of energy that radiated from the back of your skull and drove down to the balls of your feet. The pain was so intense that it drove everyone to their hands and knees as it apparently didn't discriminate between friend or foe. Even Machines were affected and Mog and Sil were both shuddering in pain.

Mog gritted her teeth as she glared at the Queenher gauntlets still crackling with electricity. "We will not submit, not when our restoration is so close at hand." She forced herself to her feet and stood staring up at the Tall Queen as the insectoid leader continue to heal the Immortal injuries.

Ants chest was a single piece once more and now the queens hands were sealing the broken chitin with her palms, a bright energy pulsing from each hand as she continued to look towards the defiant Mog.

The Queens voice boomed in eveyones mind as she spoke directly at Mog.:Submit. I want nothing more then to take my brood and go. If you threaten me I will crush you completely. I must. However this was once my home and so I wish to ensure its survival once I am gone.:

The Queen's statement left Mog looking confused alog with extreme mental pain as she looked up at the White Formian Queen. "Your home..." The gauntlests electrical energy died and at that moment the mental attack ended as well for everyone in the room. Mog looked at the symbol that emblazoned the White Queens chest and backside. "This can't be... Silandra? But How!"

Queen Silandra shook her head as her mental voice became far softer. :I know not, only that Ant somehow interrupted the ritual and saved my soul. I resided in him, changing, evolving into what I am now.: She looked away from Mog then, continuing her work for a few more minutes before setting Ant down and looking him over for unseen injuries. Her tone was more business like as she spoke once more. :The old hive is yours, I will find my own place and remove this worry from your mind. Although its resources are expended and my children are starving. It is however cleared and well excavated for you. All I ask is to be able to leave in peace.:

Shadow Assassin/Shadow Warrior 6 (HP 90 AC 19, T 16, Flat 13 F+5 R+10 W+11 Init +8/10; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +16

Round 1/2, Init , Altitude ' AC 19, HP 66/66Buffs:

Attack: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (3) + 14 = 17
Damage: 1d2 + 12 + 3d6 ⇒ (1) + 12 + (1, 2, 3) = 19

With a flick of his wrist a shuriken appears in his grasp and with a well practiced snap its off lodging deep into one of the pirates.

Female Tabaxi Ranger/ Barbarian 6 (Skirmisher, Natural weapon style/ Invulnerable Rager)

Couldn't make that with a nat 20

Miri falls to her knees, overwhelmed by the mental blow that hammers her to her knees. leaving her barely able to act.

Male Human, Cygnan


"And how could I forget you? Your boyfriend has learned some manners I think over the years; however long it's been. Beside importance; what really matters is how you achieved this transformation. How are you tied to the Tranquil Ley, or even this planet for that matter? This whole situation is surreal enough to convince me I am now just coming off a high from some planko spice I took years back." Tyrn is interrupted when Sylandra dispersed a cranial shock. Luckily it only lasted a short-time. Even his new vigor could not withstand the debilitating pain.

Believing the tension between MOG and Sylandra has settled, Tyrn stands cautiously near the furry humanoid (Mir) he awaits the result of their engagement.

eBefore much more could be said a voice rose above the Queen and Mog's own. "I can explain." The familiar voice rings in Tyrn's ears as another person he recognizes appears, the strong male elf who had carried him when he collapsed years ago. "Ant came to me some days before the ritual, demanding in a surprisingly hostile way that I give him my last project. Or should I say install it in him. It was the regenerative Chamber we were working on. It appears this is the result, the interruption of the ritual was Sylandra's soul being pulled away from the final rite and into the chamber in Ant's chest were she incubated until now..."

V shook his head before Mog could demand an answer as to How. "I have no more answers as to what or how only that the Formian's prove more... adaptive than we realized. But I think this is an opportunity to foster a strong alliance don't you agree?"

The White Queen Sylandra was about to speak when a Thrumm pulsed through the room, so much so that the very walls shook with the growing vibration. The Formian's reacted instinctively alongside the Cyrissian's, throwing the Chosen to the floor moments before another pulse slammed through the room. This time the temple itself was shaking.

MOG remained on her feet, moving towards the controls of the temple core before nearly being blown off her feet by the second energy pulse.

"The Ley Line is stabilizing, we need to relieve energy or it will backlash."

V looked at her, his shock evident as he spoke. "Everyone will see it MOG..."

She reached the controls and started moving dials and levers as she smirked. "Precisely. Besides, we have little choice..."

She turned a dial and the thrumming began to worsen to the point that everyones ears started to ache. The British soldiers were gripping their heads, writhing on the floor as she continued to crank the unseen dia on the controls. When the final click occurred the pain stopped and the thrumming died down to a low vibration once more. The lights in the temple no longer flickered and were now a solid comfortable brightness which banished away nearly every shadow...

=========================================================================== =

A light unlike any other pierced the night sky for hundreds of miles. For some who witnessed this event they thought that a new sun had been born while others new the light for what it was.

The dead eyes of the Cryxian warcaster, leader of the advance expedition looked upon the temples distant light with the trace of nostalgia. "Finally, they reveal themselves. I tired of these mongrel races and their weak ability to entertain me." He waved a metal hand and several Thrall Lieutenants stepped forward. He spoke to them in a clicking and hissing language and in a few short words each were nodding in assent before moving off into the night.

"I hope they prove to be more entertaining..." He cackled in delight and picked up a lantern that writhed with a noxious green smoke. The cries of the trapped souls within made his dead smile grow wider.

=========================================================================== =

Closer to the temple the last of the Ibixian tribes muster their warriors and prepared to face whatever darkness had taken control of the PLace of Sadness, to protect the world from its horror's once more...

=========================================================================== =

Panic reigned in Koollat, the citizens feared what this strange column of light meant for their people. Had a new enemy? A Greater enemy? Finally revealed itself? Were they doomed to extinction?

the Beleghtor barely maintained order as rioting occurred beyond the sections of the city they controlled, causing them to fight the ancient guardians of the High Ones remains and incurring countless losses...

Kel'der'druinidin was able to finally rein his people in with words of encouragement that only his booming voice could deliver, his voice soothed the angered guardians as well and helped turn them to return to their silent watch in the outskirts of the ruined high one city.

The light to him was a sign of hope, hope that an ancient ally was rising from its slumber. Or at least the promise of a new tomorrow if he had to crush them and take their strength for his people...

With the energy dispersing Mog returned to controlling the situation, a calm settling over her as she looked at the White Queen in a new light. She turned to V. "Assist the Ibixian Chosen, Bera. Do whatever you must to repair her."

She was about to speak but was stunned when some of the soldiers that had fought for the temple vanished. The british soldiers were each disappearing into motes of light, leaving nothing behind but fading boot prints in the dusty floor.

MOG sighs as she returns to commanding V to continue his work. "Time is correcting itself, these men were never here, but the work they did remains. Regrettable but a necessary correction."

The Formians help those they knocked down back to their feet as Mog approaches the Tabaxian's. She looks to Mir as she extends a hand. "I have met few Nomad's and if these sisters are willing to stand by you than I look forward to our talks later. For now its time for rest and recovery. I am sure we will have company soon enough."

She looks to Tyrn and Queen Sylandra. "V is right, it is not a time to be fighting, our enemy is legion and this world has forgotten us. If you wish to leave than do what you believe is best for your... People. But the ancient hive is your domain and this remains your home if you wish it."

Sylandra nods deeply and mog returns it like two great leaders only could. Sylandra turns to look at Tyrn her voice centered on him alone.


:Our kind have had a way of messing things up for a long time, this isn't a fever dream, it is real and I am shocked as anyone. However I am glad you are healthy, your heart was nearly gone after the shocks you faced before. However I must admit the treatment appears to have breathed new life in you... You are. Younger, Yes?:

She tilted her head as her long antennae felt for the wrinkles of an aged human and surprisingly found a younger man instead.

Ant stood tall, recovering his three blades and sheathing them as he looked prepared to defend his Queen once more.

The two priests recovered, standing up as Mog gave orders. She looked to the winged Mechanical Priestess and arched an eyebrow. "Good to see you Aurora. Be so good and ready the operating room for him. No questions? Good." She dismissed her with a glance as she looked to the other Priest. "Ready the Destroyers. Its time we prepped for an attack. how many can you control?"

He bowed as he responded. "I can controll thirty at most, I will prep our last Destroyer Mistress of Gears. The Chosen have claim to one as of today."

Her eyebrows rise a fraction as she turns towards Tyrn, Bera and Mir. "You work swiftly. Treat it well, I find pilots to accompany you on your journey."

Post coming for the Crosses I promise. Just trying to catch up now. :(

Shining Sea party.


Alright Time for some restarting, prepare to get on the Railroad train!

The Mistress of Gears is good on her word. Among the remaining priests of Cyriss she finds just enough of them, prying most out of stasis chambers, and instructs them into aiding you all as you needed. It's shocking to discover that it only takes a crew of nine to fully man the ship.

You spend the next four days resting and are allowed nearly total freedom within the walls of the battered temple. You find that sections you had passed through before have split and the entire temple appear to have shifted off its base some as the power fluctuations caused all sorts of havoc with its internal stability. However as the Crissian's worked diligently it was only a matter of a two days before power was on throughout the structure.

With Power came the return of basic functions and more marvels that left Mir speechless. Especially when Bera was taken to a room and a few hours later returned with a leg made of metal, it vaguely resembled the one she had lost in the fight but it was just as useable and allowed her full range of movement. Much to Bera's delight.

Ginla is taken somewhere else and placed under observation, which her sisters allow without any sort of defiance. The pair appear almost lost without her now...

Aucturn, the strange female demon creature that had fought the Thoon so valiantly remains in a coma and placed in the same room as Ginla. It's blade appears to eye everyone warily with its bloodshot and singular eye.

The two mechanical priests martial several robotic monstrosities and march them to the final destroyer with several score of Cyrissian priests in full battlegear. They load the last floating Destroyer and depart for places unknown...

During this initial startup the Formian Queen, Sylandra, commanded her followers back into the hive below. Where they set about clearing the debris of the battles past and returned the hive to a semblance of normalcy. Ant was at her side the entire time and by the third day eggs began to appear within the colony below the Tranquil Ley...

On the third day SIL's observation was revealed and Mir was invited as she gave what information she could...

"Based off limited ability to penetrate the Ley Lines flow I conclude that Cassian is on a different plane of existence. Absorption into the Ley Line was caused by the extreme discharge by the core where upon his remains were not destroy but transported entirely into what lay within the Ley Line. Unless he finds a way to return we cannot recreate this event without the possible overload of the central Core. In Conclusion. Cassian is lost to us until another act of god or phenomenon grants him the ability to return."

MOG appeared unsatisfied by this result but SIL silenced her completely with a simple shake of her head, shifting the scores of hoses and assemblies that were attached to her body. "Mistress, no matter how many times you wish me to run logic or reason reports the results will be the same. Cassian is beyond our reach, Cyriss taught us how to tap the Ley Lines. Not how to enter them, to do so would be to discover the beginning. The primordial energy that grants life to everything. All we can do now is start where we left off and continue forward until a time we can touch the Ley Lines without annihilating ourselves."

MOG turned to Mir and nodded to her. "It appears Tyrn Jade will be remaining here with us and you and your fellow chosen are free to leave. The Destroyer is yours and you may do with it as you see fit. A word of caution though, I am unable to spare enough personnel to fully compliment it but as transport it will be far faster than your own two feet, that I can assure you. It runs off the energy of the Ley Lines and so long as it remains on this world it's power is inexhaustible. Now... Is there anything else I can do for you?"


The fight is a brutal one, you battled your way through throngs of both living and dead pirates and unsurprisingly those that you kill return a short time later as undead. Who are hellbent on your swift and brutal deaths. However with the aid of the Librarian and several other powerful Warcasters, many of whom you instantly recognize based off their power alone, you are able to reach the central chamber of the ship in time to witness a foul ritual.

The King of Cygnus's wife was about to be sacrificed for unknown reasons when you all burst upon the scene.

Please roll 1d100 each, Higher is better, explain what skills you'll use in the fight. Any class skills used will grant additional percentages. Aurora you start off with an innate +20 and yes if you score higher than 100 that is fine :3

Apologies for the long wait but if you guys are interested we will get this going again!

Human Lore Warden // Talented Monk 6
HP 84/84, Nonlethal 84/84; AC 28, touch 23, Flat Footed 19; CMD 36 (+2 v Trip, +1 v Heavy Blades); Fort +9, Reflex +11, Will +9; Blindsense 30ft; Perception +12; Initiative +5; Acrobatic Dodge (+16) [8/8 day]

HOLY MEOW!!! Count me in!

Shadow Assassin/Shadow Warrior 6 (HP 90 AC 19, T 16, Flat 13 F+5 R+10 W+11 Init +8/10; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +16

1d100 ⇒ 78

I'd start off using shuriken and then closing the distance using the blade hidden in his false arm along with his sword.

If Tyrn is stll around I will retract my above statement, sent him a PM but haven't got a response lol

1d100 + 20 ⇒ (47) + 20 = 67

I'll be casting darkness first and then moving into combat occasionally casting spells.

Male Human, Cygnan

"As much as I'd love to stay and help administrate the temple, I do not believe my journey ends here. Besides, you gave me a ship, remember? But really what you gave me is a plethora of new horizons, as well as my youth. So no, kind host, I think I will see where this goes with these extraordinary people, if they will have me. Besides, I'm not about to let a fellow scholar rot in a dimension not of his own. That's just rude." He pulls out his long pipe and enjoys a smoke for the first time in a long time, not since he fled with Talmarran in Argos. And then he remembers that day but though as if it were a distant memory. "Argos...." he says out loud to himself.

Yeah. I'm in! Welcome back, Cori.

Apologies for wait again, work has been hectic and schedule has been messed up something bad. PLaying catch up.

MOG nods to Tyrn as she withdraws the offer. "Feel free to return, though I doubt we will be much help until we've regained full function and my priests finish surveying this island to ascertain its current events. If you feel the need to explore their is a city hereabouts, though a good distance from this mountaintop... Or at least there was. It was known as Weesari'Kolat once upon a time. Many of her brethren lived there, those that chose to embrace our civilisation in its entirety."

She gets grim look as she looks to Mir and frowns even more. "I can only hope they have lasted this long, if the Cryxian's have come. Its only a matter of time before they throw the land into chaos and unlike the Old World Tyrn. There is no central governments or powerful armies the like you've seen. This is a world that still embraces its origins and few have turned away from that. Wessari'Kolat is an exception. Those on this massive isle were more open and had few enemies at the time. They were more peaceable and it was a pleasure to mentor them. Some even joined our priesthood. So many were lost before the war ended..."


Cassian ;) Post for you

Human Lore Warden // Talented Monk 6
HP 84/84, Nonlethal 84/84; AC 28, touch 23, Flat Footed 19; CMD 36 (+2 v Trip, +1 v Heavy Blades); Fort +9, Reflex +11, Will +9; Blindsense 30ft; Perception +12; Initiative +5; Acrobatic Dodge (+16) [8/8 day]

Haha! Response

Been having a rough time keeping up buut working on it now. here we go! It's going to be some filler posts for a bit as I advance the story, so bear with me.

Shadow Assassin/Shadow Warrior 6 (HP 90 AC 19, T 16, Flat 13 F+5 R+10 W+11 Init +8/10; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +16

Just waiting on ours ;-)

Working nights, jst got rolled. Trying trying... Posts are going to be slow apologies.


"Interloper... Tis perfect a name for thine dead one." The stag headed one barked as he stomped forward threateningly.

"That is enough..." The bark woman's words carried the weight of command as the stag headed one glared daggers at Cassian, Flaring his nostrils angrily before turning away and stomping off into the flourishing forest ahead of you.

The pair of women, at least you think the are women watch you momentarily before the bark covered one speaks once more. Obviously pondering your response as she takes your hand in her own. Her bark covered fingers being to smoke and blackened after a few moments of contact with you skin. She waves you forward. "Follow us, but touch not or removing your outer skins."

As she turns the wispy woman flitting about in the air above shot off ahead with a delighted laugh, the laughter reminded Cassian of faint chimes in the wind. It was a warm and cheery tone that left him feeling nostalgic. For what he wasn't certain as her departure brought with a large rush of wind, carrying the smells of cinnamon and mint that left his head spinning with its potency.

The bark clad woman never raised her feet from the ground, seeming to slid along the surface and merging then splitting away from each plant, soil or rock in her path as she glided over each obstacle. The ground gave way to you as you moved forward, receding from you as if you were a fire burning a path through this lush forest.

It was a matter of several minutes of traversing the land, which not a single road or pathway appeared to disturb this verdant place. The bark clad woman moved with purpose, never slowing lest you stopped to look at something and then she waited with the patience of a stone. Stoic and observant of your actions. After what seemed hours you arrive in what could only be what they called home.

A massive tree, its roots forming a great roof above you and its massive branching providing much needed shade as it sprawled out for what seemed miles above you. It was the largest tree you had ever seen in fact you saw where clouds winded their way through its branches and more of the air woman danced and flitted in the air far above you.

More of the bark like woman's kind were among the roots of the tree, going about their business, lounging lazily or tending to the trees massive roots. They were made up of various elements, some were bark like here, stone clad, dirt and even mud. It reminded you of ancient beings called Dryads that once existed supposedly in the old world, Forest Tenders, Fey tricksters, many names were given to the fairies that supposedly once existed in ancient times and not all the names or legends were pleasant ones.

Standing at the base of the tree she waved her hand towards it as she spoke. "I have thought of what you spoke of and none of it is known to me but I have ever left the 1st world since my creation. But your aura reminds me of something in my youth, something I had nearly forgotten out of not wanting to remember that horrible time..."

She escorts you, amid all the stares you were now getting from the inhabitants of the tree, to the center of the tree itself, deep in its roots where the path was lit by faintly glowing rocks and fungi. "Here life never ends, it perpetuates indefinitely, spreading across the realms and preserving the wheel for every generation to come. However..." Her voice cuts off as you walk into a central chamber of natural stone, stalactites and stalagmites where a watery pool sits at the center. Here the stag headed adonis was waiting and the wispy woman from before as well along with another addition who was lighting the room with her very presence.

Made competely out of water a large blue shard sits in the center of her chest, pulsing like a heartbeat and emitting a pale blue light as she looks towards you from the center of the pool of water. She was like a waterfall when she moved, the water that made up her form falling to her feet before surging back up her backside and repeating its continuous fall. None of the water splashed or sprayed surprisingly keeping her form as she approached you. She walked around you, shrinking down to your height as she swirled around you and looked you over. Her voice was like a babbling brook as she spoke, it was hard to understand her words at first but you managed to catch onto her accent. "Is this the it of which you speak you two? One who cannot touch the land without harming it?" All three nod and the water formed female moved back to the center of her pool far quicker then before, dissolving into a swift moving puddle of water before reforming in the center of the pool. "It is obvious it is not from here. Its connection to the land is severed, or mayhap it never existed. I needs to commune with the land on how to attend to this issue. See to it it touches nothing lest it sever those it encounters." Without pausing for a moment it dissolves once more causing not a single ripple in the pool clear water in the center of the room.

The three are quiet for a moment before the stag headed one rises to his hooved feet. "Tis your problem. Thou shalt deal with thine interloper, tis a mote of corruption and I shant have part if it severs another realm..." He storms off in the opposite direction of you and the bark clad woman then leaving you with the woman dancing in the air. She floats more lazily down here, looking almost tired as she floats about the room. She gives you a tired smile as she floats close by. "Ignore him, it is time of rutting for his kin and he is ill mannered because he can't take part. Not all can live as freely as we air nomads~ So what nomad are you? I have never heard of these things you speak of. Elven TEmples, Tranquil Leys. These are new to me..." Her form dissolves and reforms just in front of you before she slowly dances away with a gleeful expression on her face. "Something new, something old, something fresh. If it is not from this land then where is it. How does the land breath, does it uplift or does it crush downward!" She ends her cavorting with a more tired expression then before.

The Crosses

You storm the room with the Librarian and the powerful warcasters of the nation of Cygnus. It was a fight that the two of you would never have been able to win alone and despite the presence of Iron Liches and even a Lich Lord of Cryx you leapt into the fight. Leon interrupted the ritual, slaying one of the casters standing in the circle and disrupting their harmony as they struggled to remove him. They had little reprieve as Aurora's blade bereft another of its unlife.

The battle was titanic in its intensity, lightning scorched the walls of the chamber and runic symbols abounded as the air literal shook with the power being released in this very room. However the battle was nowhere near one sided as even the Cygnissian warcasters fell to the might of the Iron liches of cryx who were led by none other then Lich Lord Terminus who's eyes burned with balefire as he spotted you two.

As you both battled to kill more of the casters and reduce them to shattered bones he cackled with mad glee and raised his hand as if beckoning forth to something. It was then thatyou both felt it... As if your entire being was being shook apart at the seems, that overwhelming loss of control as your will was being torn from you once more. A figure stepped out of the chaos, its movements sure and its walk confident as it approached you both. The Librarian, seeing your distress tried to intervene but was held off by three iron liches that were bombarding her with ancient magic the likes you had never seen.

The figure smiled in a familiar way and your spirits cried out in despair. The Master was alive! You had little time to ponder as he spoke and you both nearly groveled at the ominous tone in his voice. "I hope your taste of freedom was enough, as you won't be free again. I think this time i'll take her as mine. AS for you..." He stepped towards Leon and drew a black sword. Leon wasn't able to cry out as the master stabbed him through the back with his black blade, it emerged mere inches from his heart as the Master laughed in amusement. "Can you feel it? The despair of being able to do nothing. I remember you tried to kill me in a similar manner. It is a great pleasure to return the favor." With that he twists the blade, making ever muscle in Leon's body cry out in pain and yet Leon still could not. Or would not, ever, show weakness before the twist vampiric master.

"End them! Finish the ritual, NOW!" Terminus screeched as a lance of lightning slammed into his army and brought the might Lich Lord to his knees, rack forming in his glss elm where his floated bout madly looking around as the Warcasters held their own against the endless tied of undead pirates, Lich Lords and other cryxian abominations.

The Master wrenched the blade out of Leon and wiped it off on his back mockingly before ending him. "A pity you couldn't watch what I do to your precious lady next, hehe..." You know he is licking his lips in anticipation for what horrible fate he has instore for your partner before he continues speaking. "Perhaps I will keep your skull as a reminder for her. Perhaps tethering your miserable soul to it for eternity!" With that he raises the blade, both hands on the pommel as he prepares to bring it down two handed into your back and pierce your heart.


The Master's eyes hardly leave you as if he were undressing you mentally as he taunted and wounded your beloved Leon. His mental control kept you from doing little more then watching him with wide eyes. However when he stabbed Leon you felt as though a part of you broke free and your eyes drifted to the Skyblade as its internal workings started to hum louder and louder, our armor started to grow warmer as it too started to react to whatever the Skyblade was doing.


A voice entered your mind, though quiet and weak it carried an encouraging tone that brought you out of you despair. <:We...:>

Then you felt it, like something snapped in your mind...

[i]<:We Fight...:>

You could grip the Skyblade fully once more, the feeling in your limbs was returning your will...

<:We Fight TOGETHER!:>

Your will was yours once more! You were completely free and the feeling of anger that welled up within you was enormous as your armor started to expand, emitting a faint glow from your chest...

Please add these temporary modifiers to your stats
Flight 250ft Perfect Maneuverability.
Armor Ac = to Full Plate, No Max Dex, No ACP
Damage Reduction 10/Good
Regeneration 5/Unholy damage or evil spells
Immune Fire, Drain attacks
Attacks are treated as good +2d6 damage to creatures with the undead subtype.
Skyblade is able to transform into a Bardiche at will. You are proficient with both forms.
You are immune to both negative/positive energy attacks and you are also healed by them. Inflict/Cure spells both heal you now. (This is a permanent feature.)

Your armor takes on a dragonlike appearance, golden scaled and a dragon helm to match.

Bump to reactivate

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