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Current Characters

Silver Dragon
Liberty's Edge Corerue

(303 posts)

Male Human Expert 1
(160 posts)
Mark Thomas 66

Male Human Monk 2/Paladin1
(1,157 posts)
Tyrn Jade

Male Human, Cygnan
(184 posts)

Female Human Time Thief 6 [Current HP 37 Total HP 37, Init +5, Perception +9, AC 20/15/15]

played by GeraintElberion (206 posts)
Baron Hannis Drelev

Male Human Alchemist 7 (HP 42/42; AC18; Initiative +3; Perception +11)

played by GeraintElberion (188 posts)
Ruan Mirukova
Asch Redgrave

Male Dhampir Champion of Darkness, Order of the Gunslinger initiate

played by havoc xiii (936 posts)
Shorafa Pamodae
Aurora Cross

played by CyraXIII (89 posts)
Jhofre Vascari
Cassian Vespertine

Human Lore Warden // Talented Monk 6
HP 84/84, Nonlethal 84/84; AC 28, touch 23, Flat Footed 19; CMD 36 (+2 v Trip, +1 v Heavy Blades); Fort +9, Reflex +11, Will +9; Blindsense 30ft; Perception +12; Initiative +5; Acrobatic Dodge (+16) [8/8 day]

played by imjohnnyrah (434 posts)
Deidre Rose

Female Human (vanilla) Wasteland Sovereign 1 [Machinesmith(CombatEngineer/Bombadier)/Scholar]

played by Tyrn Jade (130 posts)
Madame Ivanja
Diyeana Stormwin

Human Skyborne Sorcerer 1/ Myterious Stranger Musket Master Gunslinger 4; HP 46/46, AC 22/18/14, Init +8, Perception +9, F7/ R11/ W6

played by Khaladon (179 posts)
Magnifying glass
DM Corerue

played by Corerue (1,848 posts)
Amin Jalento
Donovan Lynch

Male Human Rogue 1 (Thug) / Monk 1 (Martial Artist) / Fighter 2 (Brawler)

played by Spartakos (130 posts)
Bishop Ze Ravenka
GM Tsuga canadensis

played by Tyrn Jade (196 posts)
Leon Cross

Shadow Assassin/Shadow Warrior 6 (HP 90 AC 19, T 16, Flat 13 F+5 R+10 W+11 Init +8/10; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +16

played by havoc xiii (392 posts)
Shorafa Pamodae
Livain Gyssearnith

Female Silastrix Archer 11 - HP 93 AC 24, T 16, Flat 18 - F+7 R+8 W+ 4 Init +8; Senses: Darkvision Low-Light Vision)

played by CyraXIII (152 posts)
Maiathreen Gyssearnith

Male Silastrix Magus (Bladebound Kensai) 11 (HP 83/83 AC 30, T 23, Flat 11 - F+9 R+9 W+8 Init +12; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +13

played by havoc xiii (1,105 posts)

Female Tabaxi Ranger/ Barbarian 6 (Skirmisher, Natural weapon style/ Invulnerable Rager)

played by Mark Thomas 66 (210 posts)

Male Tabaxy Paladin 2

played by nightflier (171 posts)

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