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Skull and Shackle++ Prelude: The Formidably Maid (Inactive)

Game Master Chris Kenney

Temporary home for the Skull & Shackle ++ game while we wait for the campaign proper to get started.

Current Characters

Previous Characters

Apsu (Symbol)

Male Human Ranger 2
(88 posts)
Sunlord Thalachos
Grand Lodge Tormad

(200 posts)
Trinia Sabor

Island Elf(link) HP36/43;Fort+6;Ref+9;Will+4;Perc+9; Init+4;AC17(19)Defensive:21

played by Sunset (1,474 posts)
Silver Dragon
:dragon: DAC GM

played by acecipher (141 posts)
Sabina Merrin
Aula Heartpiercer

Female Human Swashbuckler

played by Llaelian (27 posts)
Brendan Voll

male Human(ulfen) magus 1

played by doctor_wu (46 posts)
Jensen Roust

Male Half-Elf Magus 1

played by Tormad (53 posts)
Grand Lodge Kestryl

Female Sylph Rogue- Sniper

played by Apocalypso (65 posts)
Lucia Rhitu

Female Human Bard (Court Bard)

played by Chris Kenney (208 posts)

Female Half-elf Urban Barbarian 1 / AC 15, touch 13, flat-footed 12 / hp 14 / Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +1 / Perception +8

played by shadur (128 posts)
Taize Vesper

Female Samsaran Divine Channeler 1; AC 11/T 10/FF 11; HP 9/9; F +2/R +0/W +5; Init +0; Per +5

played by Spiral_Ninja (167 posts)
Tiberius Locke

Male Half-Elf Storm Druid 1

played by Jehova (29 posts)
Marsh Giant

Male Hobgoblin Cleric 1

played by scranford (22 posts)

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