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Skallywags and Picaroons: A Skull & Shackles Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master PirateDevon

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M Gnome Conjurer

The gnome gives the tall Qadiran the stink eye as he appears to be deciphering the scroll. "Hey! I nearly had it!"

Sulking, the gnome childishly counters, "What's that? You've got a spell for fish breath? Well, I can turn who I wish TOTALLY invisible. I think that's a bit more useful!"

Male Vanara Druid (Storm) 1 HP 10 / 10; AC 17/13/14; F+3/R+3/W+7; Init +3; Per +9

Please check the discussion thread! Gauging interest in myself running a Reign of Winter PbP when it starts in February and giving my favorite PbP group early dibs. Thank you!

Ajani gave a slight grin at Quillin's response. "So...will it disguise your movement through the jungle, as well? Being invisible will do you no good if you can't be quiet about it. And you'd have to keep Smudge's beak closed, as well, a feat surely rivaling the Test of the Starstone."

The "scroll" in question does not appear to be a spell but, in fact, a map...or at least part of a map...of the very sandbar you are standing on and nothing else. The map is certainly magical but its exact function is...elusive.

M Gnome Conjurer

Quillin buzzes his lips at his tailed tormentor, "What do you know about quiet, Jonnie Monkeypants? All I hear at the moment is your gums flapping!"

Seeing that no powerful spell is to be found on the 'scroll' Quillin loses interest. "Bah! So are we heading after Butt Plugg or what?"

Male Human (Ulfen) Ranger (Freebooter) 3

Fjori shakes his head and stifles a laugh at the wordplay between the gnome and vanara.

"Aye! I am ready to track these scoundrels and exact some well earned revenge"

Male Human (Chelaxian) Fighter (Brawler) 3

After waking and scrounging for food, Bart walks up to the others.

"While all this talk a spell-makin's real interestin' an' all, I'm wit Fjori on this'n. I'm thinkin' this 'ere's our best bet a' gettin' outta under Plugg's nose, an' stickin' it to 'im ta boot. Le'ss go huntin'."

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

Mel studies the Rapier for a bit..makes a few passes with it and frowns.."It's a bit light in the blade for my style" she comments.."anyone want it if not I'll carry it as a back up"

Male Vanara Druid (Storm) 1 HP 10 / 10; AC 17/13/14; F+3/R+3/W+7; Init +3; Per +9

Ajani nods to the others, finishing his last bite of one of the more exotic fruits he found in the jungle.

"I agree. It is time we go and retrieve our friend from her captors. I do not think we should all go, though. Shortstone, why don't you and the other crewmen stay behind to watch the camp and the ship? You may be able to get some repairs on it underway while we go and get Quinn back and teach Plugg that we were not a force to be reckoned with."

Shorstone nods at Ajani and looks at the other who seem to agree, I'll leave the trekking through unknown wilds to you lot sure.

Mel finds that the rapier is indeed light to the touch but of an exceptional breed of craftsmanship. It surely seems sharper and of a higher quality than other specimens. (MW)

So, roll me some tracking and what not.

Male Human (Ulfen) Ranger (Freebooter) 3

LOL...and what not indeed!! hehe

Survival: 1d20 + 7 + 1 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 7 + 1 + 2 = 24

The extra +2 was for favorite terrain, which while on the beach you said would be ok to add...if we venture off the beach, then remove the extra +2

Male Human (Chelaxian) Fighter (Brawler) 3

<--- Spent years wandering lost in the desert. I think I'll follow Fjori, lol.

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

Mel shrugs fits the rapier on her belt and waits for the trackers to find the way.

Male Vanara Druid (Storm) 1 HP 10 / 10; AC 17/13/14; F+3/R+3/W+7; Init +3; Per +9

Ajani joins with Fjori at the head of the pack, helping to lead the party as they pick their way through the thick foliage. While he goes, he pays close attention to the terrain and the plants that are in their path, hoping to use that information to identify places where Plugg and the others may've passed or areas that may be good for ambush.

Knowledge (Geography): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8
Survival: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (19) + 11 = 30

Wow. You can't get a lot more disparate than that.

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

Mel watches them with interest as they pick their way across the terrain making mental notes.

Gathering your supplies the group strike out and Fjori spots the last tell tale signs of the tracks leading past the shallow onto the island proper. On the other side the sand has lost much of whatever evidence it might convey but its Ajani who notices the telltale bend and breaks of light foliage trampled by feet. (Even though the Vanara could not begin to tell you where in the world the group is.)

Sadly the tracks lead not to the treeline but into the soupy mess that is the marsh that runs the center of the island. Scrub grass, twisted trees and the bubbling smell of brackish water churned by the storm splay out like an unwelcome corridor to the heart of the island. Ajani is certain he has something to follow though it is obvious that the terrain is just as treacherous as the jungle, merely not as hard to see through.

Let me have a marching order and who is carrying the scroll/map thing? You pretty much can move in any configuration but the druid can see the terrain well enough to know that sinkholes and the link abound that more than two abreast with the eagle eyed in front is probably inviting unwanted danger.

Male Human (Chelaxian) Fighter (Brawler) 3

Bart hangs to the back of the hunting party, eyes peering through the foliage in a search for any sign of ambush from their captain and his lackeys.

Male Human (Ulfen) Ranger (Freebooter) 3

Fjori will take point, maybe with Ajani beside him, if he wants. I hope between the two of us we should be able to spot any natural dangers before we stumble upon them!

Male Vanara Druid (Storm) 1 HP 10 / 10; AC 17/13/14; F+3/R+3/W+7; Init +3; Per +9

Ajani lines up with Fjori, taking the lead along with the large Ulfen, though he takes care to warn the others to stay single-file behind the two of them, else the bogs may swallow one of them.

M Gnome Conjurer

Quillin moans as the trail turns toward the marsh. "Figures that scum dweller Scourge would head for his natural habitat," he mumbles as he stays at the middle of the pack taking careful note of how high the muck rises on the tall folk.

Marching: Ajani and Fjori, Mel, Quillin, Hassan, Bart?

Male Human (Qadira) Sorcerer 3 (Seaborn Bloodline)

That marching order is fine with me.

Hassan takes a position towards the rear of the group, letting the more experienced trackers do their work.

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

Mel follows behind the trackers with the map

Male Human (Chelaxian) Fighter (Brawler) 3

Looks good to me.

Tracking off the sand and into the mire the group comes upon the last few ruins of what might once have been a small village. A few stone circles, eroded and broken hut walls and a few shattered pieces of pottery are all that remain. On the farthest edge of the village, where the mire starts in earnest a skeleton, human from the looks of it, sticks out of the mud and muck from the bottom of its ribs, up.

The skeletons hands are tied to its chest and stands of corded seaweed are braided through out the rib cage. The bones have a series of rough notches and edges that don't seem to fit any pattern.

perception 15:
Actually the notches and marks looks alot like teeth.

If someone discovers the above check, DC 15 Kno:Dungeoneering:
Legends tell of creatures known as "grindylow", a sadistic breed of abberation that seem half goblin and half octopus. Rumored to be a scourge ever the equal of goblins these creature are said to take immense sadistic glee in the suffering of their victims. They also have a culture known to bind and decorate those they have eaten and place them throughout their territory as warnings and fetishes; sadistic monuments to their cruelty. It is said that when grindylow take to a new home, none save the depraved, wicked, or truly strong survive.

An occasional glance at the map reveals that the picture is slowly filling in as you walk. Off the bar and into the mire the village is depicted in small image with a skull overlaying the small pictogram representing the location. It would seem that for now the image is being filled in perhaps 20-30 paces past your person. Not much of a warning per se but perhaps useful nonetheless.

Male Vanara Druid (Storm) 1 HP 10 / 10; AC 17/13/14; F+3/R+3/W+7; Init +3; Per +9

Ajani frowns when they find the remains of the village, wondering how long this husk of a settlement has been there, stuck in the quagmire. His eyes scan through the eroded walls and broken pieces of pottery, last remnants of a forgotten people. As his eyes wander here and there, they are inexorably drawn to a skeleton that emerges from the muck, it's hands tied to it's chest and strands of seaweed woven through the ribs. Curious about this strange configuration, though not willing to leave the others behind, he waits until they can all make their way toward it for a better look, trying to observe from a distance and as they continually get closer.

Perception: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (3) + 10 = 13
Well, poo.

M Gnome Conjurer

perception 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16

"Hmmm, looks kinda chewed on." Smudge gives a squawk of alarm and both peer more closely at the mire.

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

Mel informs the others of the parchments interesting properties.

See spoiler for me above

Perception 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

Male Human (Ulfen) Ranger (Freebooter) 3

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23

Fjori nods his agreement with the gnome. "Something snacked on this poor bastard, right enough! Maybe we are lucky and Scourge already ran into it!! "
Fjori smiles at the thought, but wonders what kind of creature this might be.

I do not have Know-Dungeon, but might Know-nature be of some help??

Male Human (Chelaxian) Fighter (Brawler) 3

Perception: 1d20 ⇒ 18

"Somethin's been chewin' on 'im, right enough," Bart says, agreeing with his companions after a cursory looking-over. "But what I'd like ta know is what did tha chewin'."

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

"Whatever it's probably not friendly so be alert"

Male Vanara Druid (Storm) 1 HP 10 / 10; AC 17/13/14; F+3/R+3/W+7; Init +3; Per +9

"That being the case, I agree. What of this...self-drawing map, Mel? Does it show present threats or only features of the landscape that are already present? It could be invaluable for scouting while we look for Plugg and his ilk."

Ajani examines the teeth marks on the skeleton that were pointed out by the others, thinking that he just might be able to identify what creature could've done it from them.

Knowledge (Nature): 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (2) + 10 = 12

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

Mel frowns.."I'm not quite sure yet...Quill, Hassan any ideas..Magic is your field after all"

Male Human (Qadira) Sorcerer 3 (Seaborn Bloodline)

Hassan keeps his eyes focused on the morass around them, his spear clutched tightly in his hands, but glances briefly at the map.

Spellcraft => 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (15) + 7 = 22
Knowledge: Arcane => 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15

"Hmm..." he murmurs. "I may have seen something like this before. But perhaps we can discuss this when we are not in 'the village of things that strip the flesh of men down to the bone.'"

M Gnome Conjurer

"It's Quillin, little girl!" the gnome huffs. He waves his hand dismissively, "I dunno, just a fancy map. Unless it has an arrow pointing to a treasure chest, I wouldn't think much of it."

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

Err when did Quill find out Mel was a girl???? She never told him..

M Gnome Conjurer

i thought it came out somewhere,no? he could just be adding insult since he doesn't like people taking liberties with his name. roll off? : perception 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

Disguise1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14
Arrgh..the storm must have made something slip

Mel stares at Quill in shock..Her secret it would appear is out. She looks around at the others her entire demeanour now definitely more fearful.

"Yes..I'm what off it..any off you lot get ideas and you'll get a knife in your ribs I mean it."

Male Human (Ulfen) Ranger (Freebooter) 3

At this pronouncement from Mel, Fjori roars out in laughter. "A good disguise Mel! I would never have thought....but among us you need not pretend. However if you wish others we meet to think you still a lad..", he looks at the assembled group, "Well then, just say so and we will hold your secret. Am I right fellows?"

M Gnome Conjurer

Quillin looks a bit bashful, "Sorry to blow your cover, Mel. Temper got the best of me. You've done a good job with your disguise. I just always keep a weather eye out for such things. I spent too much time looking over my shoulder on Ilizmagorti. Never know where those Red Roaches might be hiding."

"Since we're coming clean and all, I should probably mention that I didn't leave Cheliax in the best circumstances."

Male Human (Chelaxian) Fighter (Brawler) 3

Bart, busy examining the remains of the area, looks askance at Mel as she reveals this secret. His eyes rest on her, and as she scans the group for reactions their gazes meet. His look lingers just a moment longer - long enough to wonder just what is going on inside the brawler's head - before he turns back to what he was doing, chuckling to himself.

Male Human (Qadira) Sorcerer 3 (Seaborn Bloodline)

"Bu… wha… I--" stammers Hassan, for once at a loss for words. He pauses to pick up the trail of his thoughts (for they are so many and varied), and then flushes as he recalls their conversation in the minutes before attacking The Man's Promise, the "boy's" discomfort suddenly making far more sense.

Rather than continue to look foolish (rather than simply play the fool, as is his common ruse, thank the gods for the ever so many ignorant louts that believe such japery), Hassan simply lapses into a cool silence.

Male Vanara Druid (Storm) 1 HP 10 / 10; AC 17/13/14; F+3/R+3/W+7; Init +3; Per +9

Ajani's initial reaction is similar to that of the other members of the group, shock and surprise at discovering that the person who had stood by them for so long had also been hiding a fairly significant secret.

However, like Hassan, several small mysteries about their companion were readily solved if Mel was actually a woman. He waited to hear everyone else's reaction before readying his own, wanting to be sure that he worded it appropriately.

"We all have our stories, I am certain. I am in agreement with Fjori. If you wish your secret kept, it shall be. Let the same be said for the rest of you. Any secret you reveal to me, it shall remain hidden should you wish it to."

"When our present mission is succeeded, one of you remind me to tell you of the reason I came to be at Port can perhaps help me in finding someone important to me from my past."

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

At the reaction of the others Mel actually manages to blush.."I..I might have told you eventually..Mistress Quinn knows..I had to talk to her about womans stuff y'know..but if you can keep your gobs shut about it with the others I'll be happy enough"

To Ajani she replies

"Yeh, well I'll tell you mine once this is all over too

Her eyes meet Bart's and her seeming confusion ends as her jaw firms..

"Ok lets get on with this shall we..where next Fjori"

Male Human (Ulfen) Ranger (Freebooter) 3

Still chuckling at the 'boys' deception, Fjori casts about for any signs of their quary.

Survival: 1d20 + 7 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 7 + 1 = 20

M Gnome Conjurer

Quillin scratches his two-tone dreads as he looks at the vanara. "You came to the Shackles looking for someone? Most that come here don't want to be found. Hey, it looks like Fjori's back on the trail. Let's just hope we find who we're looking for though he'll be wishing we don't!"

"String 'em up! String 'em up!" Smudge croaks.

Male Vanara Druid (Storm) 1 HP 10 / 10; AC 17/13/14; F+3/R+3/W+7; Init +3; Per +9

Ajani nods, eager to be away from the strangely-chewed-on skeleton. "I believe Fjori has the right idea. Let us be off." he answers, casting a wary glance at their surroundings.

Perception: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (19) + 10 = 29
Survival: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (8) + 11 = 19

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

note to DM..Zaladrel has something to react to in Jade Regent

Mel pulls herself together and follows the trackers again.

Sorry for my absence, Festivities had me on the road and then I had a world of comp problems and a water main explode out on the main street after my driveway, craziness!

Magic abound on the map but it will take some exacting work to fully understand the multiple auras. At a glance it is filling in the surrounding area and it has noted that the village is destoyed. You imagine that there is some aspect of divination at play. In an age post Aroden, however, how accurate can such a function be? Time, experience and experimentation will tell.

The trail continues into the heart of the island and the woods and cliffs to the west curve along the island's edge and present an ever looming presence. To the east the land is flat and marked with wicked brush, mire and gangly trees that punctuate the horizon before giving way to the beach beyond.

The landscape is soft and hard to navigate but Fjori and Ajani keep the group on even footing until coming up to a river of slow black sludge. A bridge, barely held together by rotting rope and planks can be seen a few yards down the way half submerged into the slow moving muck. All that remains is two footing planks. One on your side, one on the other.

Its Ajani who catches the subtle swirls in the river and the texture of of the mud. This is no slick of saltwater crud. This is pure quicksand. A river that seem to cut the island in two.

Male Vanara Druid (Storm) 1 HP 10 / 10; AC 17/13/14; F+3/R+3/W+7; Init +3; Per +9

Ajani frowns at seeing the muck, the rope bridge that once spanned now all but disappeared. He holds both arms out to the group, gesturing to the muck oozing its way down the river.

"This is no ordinary brackish muck, my friends. This is a river of dryfsand...of..what is the common tongue word...quicksand! Yes, that is it! We must find some way to cross without touching this sludge, else we risk being lost to it. I have a length of silk rope in my pack, but I'm afraid I have no hook for catching it to something."

Male Human (Ulfen) Ranger (Freebooter) 3

Fjori also examines the quicksand, hoping to find a safe passage across.

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14
Survival: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23
Know-Nature: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25
Know-Geog.: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

Mel studies the map hoping it will show a safe way across..

"Maybe we need to move up or downriver and see what this shows us eh?"

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