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Skallywags and Picaroons: A Skull & Shackles Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master PirateDevon

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The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

Yarr! This be the the OOC for me upcoming adventures on the high seas of Golarion. Post your character concepts, builds, ideas and thoughts HERE!

Male Human

YAaar, Cap'n Devon! I be glad to be joinin' ye for this voyage upon the high seas, sir! I'd be much obliged to ye if ye'd help me work out the kinks in this here monkey-man in a way that would meet ye approval. Here be me Vanara Druid, fer yer viewing plezzure:

Ajani Ihejirika:
Male Vanara Druid (Aquatic Druid) 1
NG Medium Humanoid (Vanara)
Init +6; Senses Low-Light Vision; Perception +7
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10. . (+2 Dex)
hp 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +5
Spd 30 ft., Climbing (20 feet)
Melee Unarmed Strike +0 (1d3/20/x2)
Druid (Aquatic Druid) Spells Known (CL 1, 0 melee touch, 2 ranged touch):
1 (2/day) Hydraulic Push
Str 10, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 17, Cha 12
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 12
Feats Druid Weapon Proficiencies, Improved Initiative
Skills Acrobatics +4, Climb +8, Handle Animal +5, Knowledge (Nature) +7, Perception +7, Spellcraft +5, Stealth +4, Survival +9, Swim +4
Languages Common, Druidic, Elven, Vanaran
SQ Druid (Aquatic Druid) Domain: Aquatic, Nature Sense (Ex), Prehensile Tail (Ex), Sealord (4/day) (DC 11) (Su), Spontaneous Casting, Wild Empathy +2 (Ex)

Climbing (20 feet) You have a Climb speed.
Druid (Aquatic Druid) Domain: Aquatic Granted Powers: You master the deeps of the sea, raging rivers, flowing falls, and relentless tides.

Domain Spells: 1st - hydraulic push**, 2nd - slipstream**, 3rd - water breathing, 4th - freedom of movement{
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Nature Sense (Ex) A druid gains a +2 bonus on Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks.
Prehensile Tail (Ex) Can retrieve small stowed objects as a swift action.
Sealord (4/day) (DC 11) (Su) Channel as cleric to heal/command aquatic/water subtype targets.
Spontaneous Casting The Druid can convert stored spells into Summon Nature's Ally spells.
Wild Empathy +2 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.
Ajani was born to a small village of Vanara near the edge of the Kaava Lands in the southwestern corner of the Mwangi Expanse. Originally from deeper within the jungle, his tribe migrated further toward the edge of the region, deliberately seeking out a location that would make communication with larger settlements like Senghor easier. They eventually settled on an area clear of forest immediately adjacent to a river that flowed from Desperation Bay.

Though his village was small, there were many accomplished warriors among the ranks who were capable of both defending against the native tribe of pygymy kech for which the Kaava lands are named. His father, Addae, was one of those accomplished warriors. His mother, Amadi, was one of the tribes shamans, a religious leader of the community. Ajani was the eldest of several children sired by the couple, and as such was expected to follow in his father's footsteps to become a warrior.

Ajani's talents, however, leaned significantly toward the spellcasting abilities of his mother. So, begrudgingly, Addae allowed his son to be trained in the Druidic traditions. The Vanara took well to the lessons and soon developed a clear interest in not just Druid magic, but in the aquatic environment that his tribe took much of their livelihood from. He became an accomplished swimmer, using his simple magic to help herd fish toward the river and the Vanara's fishing nets that the tribe would use for sustenance as well as trade goods to send to Senghor and trade with those visiting from the large city. As time passed, the settlement became more and more effective at repelling the natives and established a more regular trade route with their (much) larger neighbor to the west.

Unfortunately, the peaceful existence was not to last, as one day Ajani was traveling to Senghor on a trading run with several other members of his tribe when they were ambushed by brigands, for what reason he didn't know. He fought as well as he could, but he and those with him were swiftly overpowered. Expecting death at the hands of his assailants, he was surprised to see them knocking his brethren unconcious, apparently intending to take the group alive. Before he could much consider the meaning of this, a sharp blow to the back of his neck made his vision explode with light before fading into darkness. He had just enough time to wonder what was to become of him before the black took him...

And if ye not be knowin' about the Vanara, Aquatic Druids, or Aquatic Domain, I be spoilerin' their entries from the PRD here:

+2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, –2 Charisma: Vanaras are agile and insightful, but are also rather mischievous.

Climb Speed: Vanaras have a climb speed of 20 feet.

Low-Light Vision: Vanaras can see twice as far as a human in conditions of dim light.

Nimble: Vanaras have a +2 racial bonus on Acrobatics and Stealth checks.

Prehensile Tail: See above.

Languages: A vanara begins play speaking both Common and Vanaran. Vanaras with high Int scores can choose from among the following bonus languages: Aklo, Celestial, Elven, Gnome, Goblin, and Sylvan.

Aquatic Druid:
Shepherds of the lakes and seas, aquatic druids guard ecosystems ranging from shallows streams to deep ocean trenches, ministering to their residents and communing with the tides.

Wild Empathy (Ex): An aquatic druid's wild empathy functions only on creatures that have a swim speed or the aquatic or water subtype; however, she can improve the attitude of any such creature with Intelligence 2 or less regardless of type, including mindless creatures.

Aquatic Adaptation (Ex): At 2nd level, an aquatic druid gains an insight bonus on Initiative checks and Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, Survival, and Swim checks equal to 1/2 her druid level in aquatic terrain, and she cannot be tracked such environments. This ability replaces woodland stride.

Natural Swimmer (Ex): At 3rd level, an aquatic druid gains a swim speed equal to half her land speed. This ability replaces trackless step.

Resist Ocean's Fury (Ex): At 4th level, an aquatic druid gains a +4 bonus on saving throws against spells of the water type or the exceptional or supernatural abilities of creatures with the aquatic or water subtype. This ability replaces resist nature's lure.

Wild Shape (Su): An aquatic druid gains this ability at 6th level, except that her effective druid level for the ability is equal to her druid level – 2.

Seaborn (Ex): At 9th level, an aquatic druid gains the aquatic subtype, the amphibious trait, and a swim speed equal to her land speed. She also can endure cold climate effects as if using endure elements. This ability replaces venom immunity.

Deep Diver (Ex): At 13th level, an aquatic druid gains DR/slashing or piercing equal to 1/2 her level. This damage reduction also applies against spells and spell-like abilities that inflict damage by grappling or crushing (e.g., black tentacles, crushing hand). She never takes pressure damage from deep water. This ability replaces a thousand faces.

Aquatic Domain:
Granted Powers: You master the deeps of the sea, raging rivers, flowing falls, and relentless tides.

Sealord (Su): You can channel energy (as a cleric of your druid level) a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier, but only to heal creatures with the aquatic or water subtype or to command them (similar to using the Command Undead feat against undead). You can take other feats to add to this ability, such as Extra Channel and Improved Channel, but not feats that alter this ability, such as Elemental Channel and Alignment Channel. The DC to save against this ability is equal to 10 + 1/2 your druid level + your Charisma modifier.

Seastrike (Su): At 6th level, as a free action, you may use natural and manufactured weapons in water as if you had continuous freedom of movement. As a standard action, you can throw a weapon underwater without the normal penalties for throwing weapons; if your target is in or under the water, the weapon also acts as a returning weapon (see page 471 of the Core Rulebook) for that attack.

Domain Spells: 1st—hydraulic push, 2nd—slipstream, 3rd—water breathing, 4th—freedom of movement, 5th—black tentacles, 6th—freezing sphere, 7th—animal shapes (aquatic creatures only), 8th—seamantle, 9th—tsunami.

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

What method did you use to determine stats? 20 Point?

Most of this looks good, I assume you are unarmed because you would need gold...and I know the AP mentions that you start basically locked up, so I need to see how that is handled as we get closer.

My only "complaint" has nothing to do with your character but with the "Sealord" power. While I love Aquaman it seems like a fairly restricted ability...that said Seastrike and some of the Domain Spells are awesome IMHO so maybe that is okay. I do my best to try to make everyone's choices relevant. I'm sure I'll figure out a way to make Sealord shine once in a while. (A cleric with Black Tentacles seems oh so very wrong in a oh so very awesome way to me.)

Male Human

Yeah, I used 20-point buy for the build. I can adjust as necessary with HeroLab if your campaign is going to be less than high fantasy level. While I agree that the Sealord power seems like it might be a little situational, it seems like if there's any situation where being able to command creatures with that subtype, this would be the campaign to have it in.

As far as equipment goes, you're right; I don't know how much gold would be started with, if any, nor do I know if we'd be starting with any equipment at all given the set-up for The Wormwood Mutiny. I left the spells blank for the same reason; once the campaign begins, I'd start tracking that on a per-day basis, but I didn't see any need to worry about it just yet.


Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

I do have a request to make.

For DM's eyes only

As Mel's schtick is that she is a girl disguised as a boy..and knowing what happens to women unfortunate enough to fall into Pirate hands..would it be possible to be one of the crew of the the kind hearted cabin 'boy'

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

For Melissa:
On the surface I have no issue whatsoever with that. As we get closer to Wormwood getting published we'll need to hammer out if you were in fact taken in the same manner as the group and somehow managed to insinuate yourself onto the crew or if you were on board for longer. Not being completely sure of the opening act's setup I don't want to over commit to something that might be easier to deal with otherwise. (Maybe they literally just grabbed you so they don't know your gender yet) and so on. Whatever the case I am willing to work with you to find a start that leaves your secrets intact.

@Phil - Totally right on about "if there was a campaign this would be the one." I played in a pirate game a few years ago and the Sea Druid would intentionally push people overboard for his shark to eat, so I certainly can see the potential.

20 points is great. While I have enjoyed some lower level gaming as of late I plan on this AP being pretty heroic and epic and fantasy like so...seems best to equip you all as such.

Male Human

Thank you again for the compliment. Did the history I came up with Ajani sound ok? Any changes you might recommend to make him into the world a little, flesh him out? I'm more than willing to take suggestions.

Another point in favor of Sealord in my eyes is that a number of the creatures we normally think of as being deadly sea predators are on the aquatic subtype list in the Bestiary. So...I think it'll work out pretty well.

Male Human

It also occurs to me that the character bio may need some tweaking when the S&S players guide comes out. If that's the case I would be happy to do so.

Also, I forgot to ask this earlier...are you ok with me playing a Vanara, since they're non-core? You didn't say anything about it earlier so I assumed it was fine, but I wanted to be sure to ask anyway. Thanks!

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

Yeah we'll see what the Players Guide says but I think it will be easy to incorporate. I'm sure pirates went to the Expanse for SOMETHING and hey, monkey people are probably great shiphands!

Ajani looks good history wise, as we get closer I may come up with some questions to draw out some history but I tend to be a DM that use what he gets.

If you write a ton of stuff and sprinkle in villains and personalities I will do my best to use it.

But some players keep it simple and that is okay too. Whatever you want I can work with.

The Vanara is fine. I tend to not tell anyone one way or the other what they can use (unless the game is rooted ins some specific premise) and I find I usually get players who come to me with ideas they want to try. If that happens to be a non-human and it is easy to do mechanically, why not? Nothing about the Vanara seems strange on its surface and given that as far as I can tell the opening of Wormwood will force everyone to play nice together or die in a dramatic way, its a really easy time in a narrative sense to "force" odd things on a group. (Where say in a tavern everyone would just run you out or something.)

TLDR; Its all good.

Male Human

If you have some questions to ask, that's fine with me! I want to get better at the whole PbP thing and creating a good history for a character. I've never really played with a GM who encouraged me to create a character who was a living, breathing part of the world prior to the campaign beginning and I'm really striving to achieve that.

I haven't finished really fleshing Ajani out; haven't come up with a personality for him or anything, though as a NG and knowing what the write-up says about the Vanara, I have some ideas. Regardless, anything you can ask or advise on how to improve him as a pre-game character is something I'd be too happy to answer. Thanks!

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

My personal take on it is "find a hook".

I personally tend to start with personality and work out. If I know I want to end up with an loveable rogue I work from the personality backwards and fill in the history to get me where I want to be.

I suppose for my part my questions about Ajani center around things like meeting other humanoids, his previous experience with outside cultures (did his elders tell him all Chelaxians are demons or Andorans all petty thieves?) Was he respected in his culture for being a druid? An outcast? What experience or perception does this druid have about sailors? Are they proper celebrants of what the sea has to offer or are they horrible abusers and defilers of the sea's beauty? (Maybe both?)The Vanara outline is good to get a sense of the culture but remember as a character you can just as easily be defined as being wholly unlike your fellow Vanara if you wish.

I tend to think of alignment pretty broadly. Lots of different personality types fit into the same category but I like the system for helping to provide a underpinning outlook to a character. That said it is a tool and and an enhancement. Don't feel constrained by your alignment choice. Play how you want and if needs be your alignment will adjust. (Well in advance of losing any mechanical benefits unless of course you doing something so egregiously out of place that the universe is forced to correct but outside of being a Paladin murdering someone it doesn't come up too often.)

I don't know why but when I think of Vanara I think of the Chinese Monkey King myth so I expect them to be loveable and haughty heroes with a streak for getting in over their heads but I am bringing that to the table based on my past experiences. In Ulf you have a very upbeat, ready to smash into anything lust for life character. What would make you happy with Ajani? More of the same? Something different? We have plenty of time to talk if through.


If you read Mel's history slightly ammended you'll see that she needed to get out of Riddleport fast and signed up on the first ship that would take her only to find out too late that it was a pirate vessel..but I'm OK with playing it differently if the Players guide requires a change

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

Yeah I caught that and I think it will probably be more than fine. I feel like Paizo does a pretty good job of keeping the intro's open enough that you can have a variety of ways to get everyone in the narrative their own way. Besides, its not like we can't tweak things if need be to get you there and insinuated as crew.

Male Human

In terms of personality, I see Ajani as being less blunt and forthright, but more-or-less as amiable, with a similar sense of humor, although the traditional Vanaran sense of playfulness would be interesting to incorporate as well.

I thought of the Monkey King in Journey to the West as well, but in addition, I thought of Master Monkey in the Kung Fu Panda films. Friendly, but very much a prankster. Exposure to outside cultures is not entirely absent, but it hasn't been of much significance, limited to those times when he would be along on an expedition to Senghor for trade or what have you. Most of his experiences with other races are limited to those that inhabit Senghor: by and large humans, with a sprinkling of halfings and dwarves.

His mother, as a Druid, would likely have been one of the, if not the only, religious leader(s) in their community; since Ajani was following in her footsteps, I can envision him being eager to prove his worth as her son, though not so in-your-face as Úlf. I envision him as being more...thoughtful and methodical, more strategic and plan-oriented. Given the proximity of his village to Desperation Bay and Sargava, it makes sense that, growing up, the elders would've spoken to him about the colony and why it's there. While the elders of his village would likely be very critical of the Chelaxians "invading" Sargava and trying to control the native population, that would be tempered by the Sargavans efforts to retain their independence from the mother nation and become their own people.

That's a whole lotta text, and I have other ideas, but I want to get them straight in my head and get your input on that bit before I add onto it. Thanks Devon!

Female Half-elf Alchemist (Chirurgeon/Vivisectionist) 1

Working on Shaward's stuff. Tried to work on it, but the Postmonster ate it twice... Either way, I thought it prudent to make sure you were okay with me playing a gunslinger before I devote too much time to working on him. I can keep his basic goals and personality the same if I need to change classes, so it's not going to kill me if you'd rather I didn't. Plus I know that it's a bit of a touchy class that people either love or hate and don't want anywhere near their games. But hey, I thought, 'Pirates have pistols, so why can't I?'

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

@Phil I have some reading to do then I will ask you some more question if you find the exercise amusing.

@Hector Yeah I hate hate HATE it when the postmonster strikes.

Gunslinger is all good. I'm not super up on the mechanics but I'll be ready by game time. Depending on the opening I may need to insert something to make sure you get your gun back. I'll know more about that after the AP/PG ships.

Some people don't want guns in their fantasy but I'm with you, pirates need guns and there needs to be cannons and all that. Basically s*$! needs to blow up from time to time. Fireballs are good and all that but sometimes a cannonball or a bullet is whats really needed.

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

So Far:

Vanara Druid
Human Gunslinger
Human Rogue

Not sure if others from JR plan to join us, if not I have some other folks in mind.

Male Human

Thanks Devon! I appreciate that you're willing to throw me a bone. Is there anything you would recommend me read in order to get better prepared for the game or better develop Ajani's backstory?

I do really enjoy the creative exercise. I've never really had an opportunity to do it in an RP setting before, so it's kinda nice to be really trying to think of a good character history.

How many players are you eventually hoping to have in your S&S?

Male Human

To further expand on my post earlier about Ajani's backstory, I believe his view of sailors would depend on the type of person the sailor was. Being from a village that sits very near the edge of Desperation Bay, the sea would probably be a significant source of livelihood and sustenance for the people of his village and his mother would've taught him great respect for the providence of the ocean. As a result, I imagine Ajani would get along swimmingly (ha!) with any other ocean-goer who had the same reverence and respect for the simultaneous bounty and danger of the sea.

For anyone who abused the water, including pirates who use the sea as a way to take advantage of others and take for themselves, I can see him having a strong disdain for them. It may even be that he deliberately seeks out those types of people to try and sabotage their efforts.

Hmm...that might be one potential for a hook. It seems likely that the pirates would spend at least some time trying to discover the identity of their saboteur. If they did track Ajani down, it seems likely they'd try to capture and/or kill him to stop him from continuing to mess with their work in the Bay.

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

Agreed that Pirates need guns..crashing broadsides and daring boarding actions is what it's about.

Liberty's Edge

Male Historian/Curator

Hi there a player's guide somewhere....I looked but could not find it posted...just so I can get the background and any new traits. It is a 20 point build, from what I have seen, correct??

Male Human

The PG won't be going live until the middle of April when the first issue of S&S is ready to ship out.

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

Yeah sadly no PG yet which can make building a little problematic depending on concept.

The Pirate of Inner Sea book is out and I think its worth skimming through if you have access to it, there is some cool stuff about the various major pirate groups...obviously not everycharacter would know it all but I will be seeding that stuff into the AP.

The SRD -->HERE<-- does have an update that adds the 4 new archetypes:

Fighter = Corsair
Rogue = Smuggler
Bard = Buccaneer
Ranger = Freebooter

A couple of them are cute.

Basically the only thing we know about the start of the game at this point is the Wormwood Mutiny solicits indicate that everybody will most likely wake up in a brig together having been Shanghai'd and will probably crash together. (Is Shanghai'd not politically correct? I wonder...)

@Phil - I think probably 5-6 is my range, though 4 would work fine. I know that a lot of the APs are built around 4 but for the last few APs (Kingmaker, JR, this) it seems like the settings and circumstances are ripe for larger groups and its what I am used to IRL so its where I tend to fall naturally.

A whole month to go..sighs.

We'd best be sure to keep this thread active over that time.

Liberty's Edge

Male Historian/Curator

Ok is the crunch for my character...will try and work on a background soon....check it over and see what you think, or what I might want to change.

Character Crunch:

Male Human (Ulfen) Ranger (Freebooter) 1
NG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +5; Senses Perception +5
Aura Freebooter's Bane +1
AC 15, touch 11, flat-footed 14. . (+4 armor, +1 Dex)
hp 12 (1d10+2)
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +1
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Axe, Boarding -4 (1d6+1/20/x3) and
. . Cutlass +1 (1d6+3/18-20/x2) and
. . Dagger +4 (1d4+3/19-20/x2) and
. . Unarmed Strike +4 (1d3+3/20/x2)
Ranger (Freebooter) Spells Known (CL 0, 4 melee touch, 2 ranged touch):
Str 17, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 12
Base Atk +1; CMB +4; CMD 15
Feats Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus: Cutlass
Traits Armor Expert, Shackles Seafarer
Skills Acrobatics +0, Climb +2, Craft (Ships) +5, Escape Artist +0, Fly +0, Handle Animal +5, Knowledge (Geography) +5, Knowledge (Nature) +5, Perception +5, Profession (Sailor) +5, Ride +0, Stealth +4, Survival +5, Swim +9
Languages Common, Polyglot, Skald
SQ Track +1, Wild Empathy +2 (Ex)
Combat Gear Axe, Boarding, Cutlass, Dagger, Lamellar, leather;
Armor Expert -1 Armor check penalty.
Freebooter's Bane +1 (Ex) +1 to hit & damage versus chosen target.
Shackles Seafarer +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (nature) and Knowledge (geography) checks while on the ocean. You also gain a +1 trait bonus on Swim checks, and Swim is always a class skill for you.
Track +1 +1 to survival checks to track.
Wild Empathy +2 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.

Shadow Lodge

I'll admit, while I am very excited about my character, it took everything in me not to roll up dwarven mad-man, Malak Seabeard.

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

You could always play the gunslinger, dwarven mad man Malal Seabeard...

Shadow Lodge

lol, nope I like what I've got. Just something of the idea of a dwarf at sea amused me in sooooo many ways. Anyway, I should have his info up and ready in a day or two.

Male Human

Any other suggestions or advice on the last couple things I said about Ajani, Devon?

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

@Phil the weekend was a little chaotic. Let me look some things over and I will get back to you.

Although one thing I will ask is are you proposing to build a hook into your character that you were a pirate vessel saboteur? *innocently attempts to hid evil DM gleam in eye*

Male Human

Well Devon, the short answer to that question is: Yes. I'm proposing to build a hook into Ajani that he was, or at least attempted to be, a saboteur of pirate vessels. I think it would fit with how I picture his view of the world: Those who have a healthy respect for the sea and its inhabitants are cool, but those who exploit the oceans to take advantage of other beings, be they other sentients or fauna, deserve to be taken down a peg.

The long answer, and the question that I'm thinking on now, is this: Yes, I would be interested in putting that kind of a hook into his background because I'd honestly just be interested in seeing where you go with it and having that a backstory that would more directly and immediately involve Ajani in the world around him and in the AP itself, but I'm wondering how much of a saboteur could a 1st-level character really be?

Looking over his spell list, there are some creative things that could be done. Using Hydraulic Push to shove a target off the deck of a ship at a particularly opportune time, using Produce Flame and tossing it into the sails or rigging of a ship to set it on fire, maybe hide near a sandbar and use Obscuring Mist to make sure that a ship doesn't see the sandbar in time to avoid running aground. Well..thinking on those, and maybe a few other spells like Flare Burst...perhaps there are more spell applications than I was originally thinking, then. Regardless, those are relatively small-scale things and their effectiveness would be questionable at best to me.

I was also wondering what Craft skill would be necessary if I wanted him to make the occasional explosive device to blow a hole in a ship's hull (I was thinking Alchemy), but then I also don't want to paint him as some kind of eco-terrorist or whatever.

Anyway...there's more for you to digest and think on. If you have any feedback from that, I'd love to hear it. I'm enjoying this exercise in character creation! Thanks for helping me work out the mental muscle.

Shadow Lodge

I have a similar hook for Shaward. He is an undercover member of the Twilight Talons. They travel the world and insert themselves into areas prone to slave trading and attempt to dismantle the operations from the inside.

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

Remember that character level need only be a guide, not a mandate on backgrounds. Ajani can light a fuse, hack a hole and do all manner of other things with little in the way of "abilities" or out and out skill.

That said? Its probably best to say he was implicated in events near home or maybe got one high profile attempt in that gained him some notoriety for instance. There is a legitimate question to how much can one person with 8 hp accomplish but luck and good planning can cover a lot of ground. Especially if the pirates in question are drunk, stupid, lazy or any combination there of.

Similarly Hector's hook makes sense, like the Pathfinders there are probably a ton of low level people who have a mission or two or none under their belt and are inserted into crews...we call them "fodder" in the business. ;-)

Some folks start characters when those characters start their careers. Others might have a few tales to tell. As long as the scope isn't ridiculous either one is a fine way to start.

I would also note that self perception can be an interesting hook too. Maybe you think you are more or less important that you think you are? Maybe Ajani thinks it was a Michael Bayesque affair when in reality it was a 5 minute fix or vice versa....there are lots of ways to play it up or down or to the side.

Male Human

I think I like the vice versa idea. Maybe his intention was only to disable the ship. He never intended to seriously injure the crew, but the cargo happened to be something that was extremely volatile and his attempt at disabling the vessel resulted in, as you put it, a Michael Bayesque affair.

Ajani would probably feel very torn about such an occurrence, even to the point of being horrified by it. He didn't intend to hurt anyone, just perhaps dissuade them from doing business in that region, make it no longer profitable somehow. He would also be very worried about retaliation for the loss of life and property coming against his family and village. So maybe instead of my original background, he gets captured by pirates because he has run away from his village deliberately, trying to make sure that those he cares for won't become the unintended victim of a pirate attack by those who are looking specifically for him.

Shadow Lodge

Shaward's hook is basically that he was attempting to infiltrate the slavers of the Shackles as his first assignment. He more-or-less succeeded. Not in the way he initially intended, but, hey, he's an optimist. Also slightly alcoholic, which miiiiight have something to do with how he wound up on the Wormwood.

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

Geting drunk and getting into trouble is very in keeping with a pirate campaign ;-) Being a anti-slaver spy is a good way to end up dancing from a yard arm or being press ganged onto an oar line. I like.

Ajani blowing up something in a spectacular fashion (intentional or not) would probably be a very compelling reason to grab him and "punish" him. If you want it to be that he runs/seeks capture voluntarily that adds an element of nobility to the character which is a nice touch.

Pirates of the Inner Sea didn't do much to address the issue of high magic on the seas, I will be interested to see where the AP goes. Its one thing for a low level wizard to cast hydraulic push or for someone to pick up a flaming sword. Its a whole other thing to have a druid at high level reverse the Eye or summon a giant water elemental or what have you.

*claps hands* So excited.

I like the freebooter Daniel, its one of the better pirate archetypes I think but I have been a sucker for most of the Ranger ones for some reason.

Oh my all these idealistic folks..they might find Mel a little cynical for a lad of..13(at least Mel looks like a lad of 13)

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

Every party needs a downer. "I told you so" and all that...

Male Human

Question before I get too far into modifying Ajani's history, Devon: How common is gunpowder gonna be? Is that a feasible way to set up the "accident" he has with a pirate ship? Was thinking maybe he tossed a "Produce Flame" effect above deck accidentally setting off a small powder keg that blows a hole in the side of the ship? Something like that? If you're going to have gunpowder more of a very rare commodity, I'll switch to somethin else, but I wanted to ask first.

It seems like even if it's a rare commodity, they might take a bit to Sargava to show them why they need to keep doing what the pirates say...or else.

James Jacobs keeps stressing that this isn't a 16th-17th century style pirate game and only one ship of the Shackles fleet has more than a single small cannon..we'll have to see what the Player Guide says with regards to the availability of gunpowder

Maybe Our characters will change all that..

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Shouldn't be too hard to modify Ajani's history to be independent of the whole gunpowder thing. Was just asking about it. I'll try to come up with a few different shipboard disasters that he could inadvertently cause and see which we think is more feasible.

I remember James saying that guns would not have any significant presence until we got to the end of the AP, but it never hurts to ask about it. Anyway, coming up with something else will be further exercise in creativity!

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Ships plus fire..even without gunpowder are bad news..remember the whole deck is caulked with pitch and there's lots of rope and canvas in the things that make the ship go..the whatyacallem..sails is it?

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And there is another substance likely to be much more common on ships that is very flamable: alcohol.

Female (posing as male) Human Swashbuckler Rogue 2 (favoured class)/Urban Ranger 2

Ale isnt actually that flammable..rum on the other hand...

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Rum is what I meant of course. Yo ho ho and a bottle of yadda yadda yadda.

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Another possibility for a "Bayesque" explosion comes to mind. What if one of these ships happened to be carrying a material that could cause a dust explosion? Grain, coal dust, sawdust, flour, sugar, pollen, etc. There are many fine granular substances that, at the proper concentration in an enclosed space, will ignite explosively.

Oh yes flour is a good one..good thinking Batman..

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Why thank you! Was rather proud of thinking of it myself.

The Exchange

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I would hope that most folks transporting those things would know that...that said if the pirates had just keel hauled some poor merchant then stowed the wares poorly and some local druid went "Batman" on the crew and ended up thinking a simple fire or similar event would harm the ship but idiot pirates hold is full of dust...

just some thoughts.

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Yeah, pretty much what I was thinking. It's unlikely to have happened, but history has many examples of a perfect storm of circumstances combining in such a way.

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