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Shrina Xul (Inactive)

Game Master OmniChaos

The drow begin to move, they march to reclaim the lost city. Their agents sent forth to impose their will and shape the lands abandoned long ago.

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male Drow Noble Inquisitor 7

How far away are we from the spirit area, and how far away from the edge of the forest(a safer area)?

One more survival check and your at the forge. Sorry if that was not clear in my post, as for the forest being safe why would you think that. The only safe place is the base, sense you already know the way it does not take you as long getting back, but will still take a good amount of time unless you make use of the roads due to terrain.

male Drow Noble Inquisitor 7

I just assumed the forest was more dangerous than not being in the forest.

Where is everyone? The rest of you can make suggestions also. :)

Female Drow Noble Ninja 7

Considering the trouble we've had in the forest, I highly doubt the forge is going to be any safer. However, since I figure we have as much chance of running into more bad things on our way back, and would prefer to avoid going through all of this again, I say we head on to the spirit forge.

Female Drow Noble Cavern Sniper 7

I cannot grasp why we would retreat, we have our destination. Spirit Forge it is.

male Drow Noble Inquisitor 7

You want to make camp outside the building, rest and go inside the building after we rest or do you feel confident going in now(not right now but I mean at your current strength)?

Female Drow Noble Ninja 7

Not having any idea what's inside, I think camping where we are is our best choice. But I'll go with the majority opinion.

Female Drow Noble Cavern Sniper 7

Not having lost a single resource of note so far, I am perfectlly happy to go in at my current strength, but I am a fighter with full health and no status effects, so I'm not sure I have a say in this.

M Drow Noble Synthasist Summoner 7

I am still fine to go on.

Laele you lose bolts, make sure you dont run out. ;)

M Drow Noble Synthasist Summoner 7

FYI, I will be away from the 17-21. I do not expect to have any internet access during this time. If needed, please GM PC my character.

So you guys still going into the smithy?

Btw Those who made knowledge checks should know what happens if they dont move out of the area of cold. May want to state if they do move out of the way or not.

M Drow Noble Synthasist Summoner 7

Back. Camping trip called on account of rain.

Welcome back. I know how that is as it rains alot where I am. Sunny and clear or overcast with a good chance of rain, everyday is a roll of the dice. x3

M Drow Noble Synthasist Summoner 7

Well, according to the weather two days ago, it was supposed to be 50% chance of moderate showers for most of the day. It started raining at 4:30 this morning and after we were getting leaks from the top and bottom of the tent we called the trip. The three hour drive home took five hours on account of poor visibility, a jackknifed tractor trailer and water across the road.

Female Drow Noble Ninja 7

Camping AND excitement, what a weekend! :)

Glad you guys made it back safely.

Just to be clear who is going in or staying back?

male Drow Noble Inquisitor 7

I am going in once that haunt is disabled.

Female Drow Noble Ninja 7

I'm going in once those with knowledge about such things (pretty much any of the magic users) say the door is clear and they open it to prove it. :)

M Drow Noble Magus 7


Ok if your going to read someone else's spoiler you can at least not be so blatant about it. Give Brixana time to choose if she even tells you, your drow after all so its not really a given. ;)

AC 24 (Adjusted), HP 40/45

Alright, here's my thought, we can have the person with the highest intelligence attempt to take care of the crafing. If I rest, I can cast the intelligence spell granting an additional +2 to craft rolls. Craft is untrained, so any of us technically can do it.

Female Drow Noble Ninja 7

I was thinking that if the DM allowed it, I would pick up ranks in Craft (Weapons) at level 8, or possibly even reallocate a couple of points here at level 7 into the skill to reflect any education the spirit was willing to provide. Otherwise, I'll be glad to offer a hand to whoever actually does the crafting.

male Drow Noble Inquisitor 7

We should be able to take 10 to meet the "assist" DC. Myself and the ninja have a 12.

M Drow Noble Magus 7

If I can do it untrained then I would probably be one of the better choices...

male Drow Noble Inquisitor 7
Elrivor wrote:
If I can do it untrained then I would probably be one of the better choices...

That works for me. The rest of us can just use aid another.

That plan may work, but thats assuming you can get inside. Which you have yet to do. ;)

Btw I have not posted cause I am waiting on those who have yet to post any action or lack of action.

Female Drow Noble Ninja 7

I am heading out of town for the rest of the week tomorrow morning. I should have internet access, which means that posting should not be interrupted, but if something happens in-story and I don't respond within twenty-four hours or so, please feel free to DMPC Solniss.

As a result of recent turmoil in my personal life, I regret to say that I cannot continue this campaign, am retiring Leale Tuin from it, and I apologize for this fact.

Have fun, you guys.


Sorry to hear that, take care and good luck.

male Drow Noble Inquisitor 7

Hope things get better Leale.

Female Drow Noble Ninja 7

Best wishes, Laele. Hope to have you in a game again some time.

AC 24 (Adjusted), HP 40/45

Best wishes.

I'm back from vacation now. A bit backed up at work though so it my posting may be absent or erratic over the next couple of days as I also try to catch up on all the posts of the games I'm in.

Best wishes Laele.

AC 24 (Adjusted), HP 40/45

4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 5, 6) = 15
4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 6, 4) = 17
4d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 1, 5) = 9
4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 6, 1) = 13
4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 2, 3) = 13
4d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 6, 1) = 12[/dice]

Female Drow Noble Ninja 7

So....hiatus, then?

I am waiting on everyone to choose a course of action and take it.

But this inactivity may kill the game. x(

Female Drow Noble Ninja 7

Gotcha. I noticed I hadn't missed much during my time away, and wanted to make sure that I wasn't the one holding up the game.

male Drow Noble Inquisitor 7

PM someone if they have not voiced an opinion. My character is starting to go toward the "Save this for later" idea as indicated in the other post.

Thats kinda why we have a discussion thread. So you guys can finalize a plan. I cant post on no actions taken. If you guys choose to camp then I just need a "I set up my tent to camp across the street from the smithy. I will take 3rd watch." something like that. ;)

Female Drow Noble Ninja 7

A successful conclusion to this venture is looking highly unlikely at this juncture. Since I'd rather not risk travelling back to the Wovirl encampment at night, pitching camp across from the smithy sounds reasonable. As long as the spirit stays inside the smithy, we only have to worry about the planes-walking beasties, which while difficult to harm (with their DR) at least CAN be harmed by all of us. But Solniss is in favor of a successful venture, so she will support any ideas that seem to have a reasonable chance of success here.

Taking 13 damage for walking through a door is no kind of fun, though. Next time, I keep waiting for last. :D

male Drow Noble Inquisitor 7

Sleeping away from the Smithy sounds like a good idea to me. I don't have any knowledge skills that would help though. I can give a +2 to the crafting of the item once we get all of the info.

M Drow Noble Synthasist Summoner 7

Yay, a camp out. I mean, sounds good to me.

male Drow Noble Inquisitor 7

I think the camp vote is unanimous or very close to it. Now I will check the play thread.

Female Drow Noble Ninja 7

And another week rolls by...

Yep pretty quiet. :Z

male Drow Noble Inquisitor 7

I thought we had agreed to camp outside.

PS:The system that lets us know when someone post is not functioning like it should. If someone is not posting a PM may be needed.

The last post I saw was about our cleric getting ready to cast a spell. I have not seen anything about camping or setting watch from anyone else. Unless I missed something?

male Drow Noble Inquisitor 7

The cleric was saying they are going to prepare spell for the next day. They did also say they would cast the cure spells, but it seems they forgot to actually do so.

"Brixana will walk with the party to a flat area and setup camp, casting cure spells on whoever is missing health.

"I will prepare an augury, let us consider what questions would be appropriate. Also, everyone make sure you've activated your ancestral recall, or you'll be doomed to wake up to the dark-forsaken sunlight.""

It seems nobody is hurt or hurt enough to receive the cure spells since nobody spoke up. I think we can move on to the resting phase.

As for agreeing to rest.

"I think we are okay with camping a distance from the smithy and attempting to decipher more about the spirits.

Two others said "Agreed."

I also agreed.

If nobody is objecting then I say we rest. :)

So their is no watch or precautions of any kind. Alright I will post tomarrow.

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