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Shore to Sea: All Broken Up Inside. (Inactive)

Game Master concerro

The heroes are called to investigate a young man's claim that something from the sea kidnapped his fiancé while he was visiting her at a remote village. What was it, and will the heroes be its next victims?


Shadow Lodge Arkwright

Male Half-elf Magus
(815 posts)
Mordecai Shrykeson

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave
(283 posts)

Brian Minhinnick

DM Jelani

(12,562 posts)

First levels: 2/4; THP:17/21; HP:43/43; MP:4/5
HP:43 THP:21 / AC 17/21, T 11, FF 16 / Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5 / Perception +2 / Initiative +3

(564 posts)


Watcher Uatu

(1,698 posts)
Brother Swarm

m half-elven Lich 15 DM/10 Grandmaster DM
(36,145 posts)
Mr. Swagger


Friendly Fighter
Leon Hardins

Male Lapith Eldritch Godling
(27 posts)


Sargava Vignette
GSV "Yet more Gravitas"

What ever I feel like what ever I feel like What ever I feel like
(61 posts)
Cleric of Gozreh
The Lady Dizit Sama

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)
(192 posts)
The Lady of Pain

(301 posts)


Elf Fighter
Liberty's Edge Castiel Lashilsh

Male Half-Orc Cleric 1
(135 posts)

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