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Shore to Sea: All Broken Up Inside. (Inactive)

Game Master concerro

The heroes are called to investigate a young man's claim that something from the sea kidnapped his fiancé while he was visiting her at a remote village. What was it, and will the heroes be its next victims?

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You look around, but you don't notice anyone else.

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

"Just a cat, lets look into some other houses"
Dizit go's outside and trys a number of shakes.

GM where is the biggest building?

The lighthouse.

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

Any other of note like a warehouse privet building?, if not will head to the lighthouse.

Sama tells the Wagon man

"You can head back now, we will take it from here"

Then to Castiel

"Castiel we are going to the lighthouse as that seems to be the biggest building around we may find someone there, what of the sea craft out fishing can you see any one we can talk to?"

On the way we will look in houses as we past to check no one is around.

First levels: 2/4; THP:17/21; HP:43/43; MP:4/5
HP:43 THP:21 / AC 17/21, T 11, FF 16 / Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5 / Perception +2 / Initiative +3

How big is this village? Are we at the shore out of sight of the shack and lighthouse? How many fishing boats are out there? How many houses? What are the houses made out of? Are they well constructed? What's the weather like? Do the people out in the boats look like they're actually fishing? Can we see the wedding rock from where we are? What time of day is it? Sorry for the question bomb, I just need a better picture to put myself in...

Perception for ?s 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2 balderdash...

"Anyone else notice this place is really creepy? Where is everyone? We should all meet back up in a group. I'm gettin' the heebyjeebies." Rasso suggests to Bryce and Castiel. "If we're going into the sea, we need to do it together."

Liberty's Edge

Male Half-Orc Cleric 1

Castiel looks down at his empty vial of mutagen and at his inventions. "We've already started. No point in wasting the trip. We'll meet them at the light house, returning by way of the sea. Is this an acceptable alternative?"

Castiel forwards this plan to the rest of the group if it is agreed upon.

You can see the light house, but not shack, more due to line of sight than distance though, Rasso.
Dizit as you search the houses you find them empty also, and many of them have the same shrine as the first house.

One house that is a little larger has an alchemist shop in it.
There are notes on a table. If you wish to read the notes make a

spellcraft or knowledge(arcana) check DC 20:

The notes are incomplete, but they seem to be based transmutation based magic.

It takes about 30 minutes to read them.

As you are leaving the house a middle aged man wearing eyeglasses, with a lop sided gait approaches you. "Hello there. We don't get many visitors here. What brings ya to these parts?"

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

We will take the notes Just seen how long it takes, pop them in my handy haversack

::Castiel, we have found some kind of alchemist shop and some alchemist work notes, I have taken them so you can have a look, we are heading to the lighthouse now::

Then as we leave,

::Castiel, we have some one here, a middle aged man wearing eyeglasses, with a lop sided gait, going to talk to him, so will meet you here at the alchemist shop.::

As the old man approaches.

1d20 + 9 ⇒ (1) + 9 = 10 Perception
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (18) + 11 = 29 Sense Motive

"O! Good day Sir, can you aid us?, we are indeed visitors, me and my husband. Here to go visit the wedding stone. But we can find no one to help us get to it and the village empty of life, this is most worrisome Sir.Could we ask, what has befallen this village to render it so deserted? I feel no shame in saying I am most afraid and if it was not for my Husbands stout hart we would have all ready left, wedding stone or not."

Sama hold sightly onto Leon's arm looking small a frail.

1d20 + 10 ⇒ (5) + 10 = 15 Bluff

::Castiel, This old man, just told us WE do not get many visitors here. Both odd things to say when you consider the obvious fact the place is empty and a popular post wedding site is located just of the cost! he's lying but why? ::

Liberty's Edge

Male Half-Orc Cleric 1

:: Don't jump to conclusions. His syntax could be in error. He may have meant that they have not had many visitors lately, since the recent abductions. ::

Castiel attaches an APOD to his horse and prepares another deep breath. He searches the shoreline just below the surface of the water, always keeping in sight of the others as they return to the village proper. 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19

He does not have any potential weapons other than a staff he is using as a cane, and he seems to be sincere.

He looks at you curiously, Dizit. "I have never known outsider couples to go to the rock before. That is no insult, but we have no better name for those, not from here. To answer your question The Wedding Rock is on Nal-Kash Island. It is about a two hour row by boat, but things have been strange here lately. The rest of the villagers will meet in the light house at about 7pm to try to find a way to handle the situation. I don't know if going there is safe, especially for one as feeble as yourself."

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

"A meeting you say, may be their will be some one there who can help us, and I would feel safer with a group than here in this empty village.
Could I ask your name sir, I am Alice Vanderholt and this is my Husband Alex Vanderholt, Our relative told us of the magic lucky wedding stone, we just wanted to try it, and the wagon will not be back until tomorrow.
I really thing we should not be alone."

Looks to see if he recognized the last name.

will pass on the info about the meeting to Castiel, GM what time is it now and how long until the meeting?

It is about 3 pm. You have about 4 hours until the meeting.

"He told you it was magical!?"
He then lowers his voice.
"Are you related to Adler?"

Rasso, Bryce, and, Castiel as you just entering the town you see an older human male, probably in his late 50's approaching you. He a badge pinned to his shirt. It looks like a sheriff badge that should been replaced a long time ago.

"It don't look like you caught many fish. Heck, I don't even see no fishin' pole. You hadn't been swimmin either, cuz ye ain't wet. Come to think of it, I don't recognise you. So what is your business here boys?"

Liberty's Edge

Male Half-Orc Cleric 1

Sorry, my above check was perception for clues underwater. Anything happen to the beach crew on the return trip?

Castiel Lashilsh wrote:
Sorry, my above check was perception for clues underwater. Anything happen to the beach crew on the return trip?

I saw it, but forgot to address it. You did not find anything.

edit:On the way back into town you run into guy in my previous post.

First levels: 2/4; THP:17/21; HP:43/43; MP:4/5
HP:43 THP:21 / AC 17/21, T 11, FF 16 / Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5 / Perception +2 / Initiative +3

"We were lookin' fer someone might rent us a boat. But alls we found was sea monster tracks instead." Rasso replies. "You the law 'round here?"

"Yes I am. Everyone is going to be at the lighthouse today so maybe you can talk to someone then. My name is Nicolaius Gavendi, by the way."

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

Looking at the old man,
"O yes, said he had to go and do, well you know, the thing on it and it would give all kinds of blessings to the family, he may not have actually said magical, I just amused that, but it has to be right?, We thought, what a lark, you know pop down and get... blessed, and surprise the happy couple "

Dizit, gives a nervous laugh at that last word, then seems down cast.

"Well that was the plan, but now we can not find him, we kind of expected him here have you seen him?"

"No I have not seen him in over day. I have not seen Sara either. They were supposed to get married soon. Oh, and my name is Gervus, sorry about not mentioning that before." he says to Dizit.

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

"Nice to meet you Gervus, can I ask what this meeting is about, has any thing happened."

"Some creatures kidnapped a large portion of the townsfolk. We don't know if they will be coming back or not. We need to decide what to do."

First levels: 2/4; THP:17/21; HP:43/43; MP:4/5
HP:43 THP:21 / AC 17/21, T 11, FF 16 / Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5 / Perception +2 / Initiative +3

"Alright Gavendi, we'll give it a see." Rasso replies with a dubious look on his sharky face. Might as well go along with it for now. No actual proof that the villagers are evil cultists yet...

Bryce gives an affirming nod to Rasso's agreement to check out the meeting as he hitches the massive blade on his shoulder. Im just floored that this sheriff handles talking to a shark man so well, he thinks as he gives the water one more look.

Bryce Brinner wrote:
Bryce gives an affirming nod to Rasso's agreement to check out the meeting as he hitches the massive blade on his shoulder. Im just floored that this sheriff handles talking to a shark man so well, he thinks as he gives the water one more look.

I just assume eidolons and summoners are well known. I am also assuming the rune is still visible even on Synthesist. :)

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

Dizit takes and arm off Leon's and stands starter,

"I see Mr Gavendi, well if he is missing then we most get to the bottom of this at once, we shall go to this meeting and find out just what has been going on, I know my husband Adler Vanderholt here would like to know just what is being done!"

She lets a hardness slip into her voice, one that shows her class and the fact she will not take no for an answer.

::"Castiel, there is going to be a town meeting on the light house at 7pm, in around 4 hours, it seems creatures kidnapped a large portion of the townsfolk, this meeting for those left, what worry s me is if said Kidnappers are watching the village they may come again because - All the cows are in one shed - as they say. So I think we should all go and keep a look out. Also Me and Leon are now known as Mr Alex Vanderholt and Mrs Alice Vanderholt relations of Adler Vanderholt here to meet him, but he can not be found, we will hold back the fact we know where he is. His wife to be Sara is the one we are after, If any one asks you are are bodyguards hired for the trip or any link to us you like just let me know so we can keep the story strait.::

His name is Gervus, unless you are just following Rasso's lead. :)

"I don't think someone as frail as yourself can help anyone. Maybe your husband can help."

Dizit you did portray yourself as weak when you met him

dizit wrote:
Sama hold sightly onto Leon's arm looking small a frail.

He then turns to Rasso.

"I suggest you leave her out of your adventures if you plan to do anything, for her own good. You look as though you can handle yourself though."

If the beach crew is done talking to the sheriff you are in town now. If you are not finished talking to him you are free to ask him questions if you wish.

Liberty's Edge

Male Half-Orc Cleric 1

"Thank you, sir. We shall perhaps see you at the meeting tonight. Good day." Castiel speaks hurriedly and with an obvious impatience. He ushers the others away to reunite with the rest of the group. Once all of them have been reassembled, and both sides have been debriefed about Sama's ruse, Castiel speaks. "I'm not certain I am the best person to keep up a lie like that, but I'll try my best. In any case, I'll continue preparing more instruments for our collective use and we should reconvene at the meeting. Mr. Leon, what do you think of all this? Are you prepared to work incognito? "

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

"That's fine Master Castiel try your best, we may not have to play these roles for long. "

Wile handing the notes rapped in cloth Dizit found to Castiel, she says into his mind.

::" Castiel, for now I need you to have a look at theses Alchemical notes I found, do not let any of the towns folk see you with them, but they may have some clues as to what going on. Also I found the same Shrine to the same sea gods in each of the deserted homes. I will end our thinking link now Castiel, thank you for your help."::

And with the she ends the mind link power.

Gervus walks away after his last comment to Rasso saying "I have to get the lighthouse set up. I will see you at 7."

Bryce waves a meaty hand, "See you there."

He turns back to Castiel. "So you wanna take that swim now?" [ooc](Or have you already done it?)[/ooc

Liberty's Edge

Male Half-Orc Cleric 1

"Hmm, I think we would be better served to wait. I have some other concerns I must attend to. Why don't you have a look at these documents first? " Castiel redirects Sama's papers to Bryce and then goes back to his stock of supplies and quickly begins working on a new invention. Making a feather token(swan boat). raising the DC to finish in 4 hours. should beDC 27, 225 GP 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (13) + 22 = 35

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

Hands the notes she found to Bryce,
"Could you have a look at this Bryce, please do not let any one see you reading them, I found them in a lab of some kind here."

Bryce takes the pages with a confused look. He gives them a quick glance, his face only scrunching up more and more as he looks. He gives an obvious look around before putting them in one of his over-large pockets.

"I'll see what I can do," he says skeptically, already lumbering off to find a place to research.

When he finds the time/secluded spot to look…
Knowledge: Arcana DC 20, huh? 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23. HEY!

Thirty minutes later, he tracks Castiel down where he's working on… well.. .whatever he's working on. Once again, he looks around to make sure there's no one to overhear their conversation. "So, I took a look at those papers Dizit gave us.They're incomplete, but they seem to be some kinda notes on some transmutation-based magic. Formulas, maybe? I don't' know." He gives the elf's work a dubious look, "Pass that on to the crew through your handy-dandy brain-link?"

I guess we could just assume Castiel does that, unless Castiel wants to actually re-write the message to Dizit.

We can assume everyone got the message. :)

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

Dizit finds Bryce and puts her hand on his,

::"Mater Bryce, I'm am sorry to do this but, your friend Castiel is working hard and I do not wish to disturb him, I think by know you know I have the ability to talk mind to mind with others for a time, but only if they are welling. I can not read your inner thoughts and you will have to think may name 1st if you wish to talk to me in this way, but would you be so welling. I would say time and aid us."::

Mind link power - Cost 1pp 1-hour

Liberty's Edge

Male Half-Orc Cleric 1

So, have we lost Leon?

First levels: 2/4; THP:17/21; HP:43/43; MP:4/5
HP:43 THP:21 / AC 17/21, T 11, FF 16 / Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5 / Perception +2 / Initiative +3

He hasn't posted in six days. I'd boot him if it was my game, but it's Mr Swagger's call.

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

Dizit heads off to the Lighthouse to see what they are upto.
"I will be back just would like to have a look."

Bryce nods at the Dizit's offer, then decides to test it as he heads out after relaying the incomplete contents of the papers.

:: Dizit. You there? Hear me? I think I'm going to check the perimeter of the village. Try to check for any tracks or signs. I have nothin' better to do until the meeting. Shout… or… think loudly if you need me. ::

Unless there are objections, Bryce sets out to slowly do a perimeter check of the village. He's specifically looking to see if there seems to be one monster or more. And if there are multiple monsters doing the abducting, are they all the same type? Size? Coming from the same direction?

Perception 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (11) + 10 = 21
Survival (tracks) 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (5) + 14 = 19.

Hmmm... not good that we lost our cleric-equivalent. Superstitious Raging barbarian could be hard to heal otherwise. :(

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

::"Bryce, yes I am, good luck and let me know what you find"::

Bryce takes a look around, but only finds more of the tracks that appeared before. They basically come from the water, and go back to it. it appears they are mostly the same size. medium size

Bryce, not able to think of anything better to do, heads back to where Castiel is working. On his way, he tries to set his new mental connection to 'on'.

: : Dizit. Dizit. You still there? Can you hear me? Hey, I took a circuit of the town. Only tracks I see look like the ones we saw down by the water. And all the tracks like it also go to the water. : :

When he arrives where Castiel is working, he gets really, really close behind the elf, stoops so his head is just over the elf's own head, then yells.



I can't think of anything else constructive to do until the meeting.

First levels: 2/4; THP:17/21; HP:43/43; MP:4/5
HP:43 THP:21 / AC 17/21, T 11, FF 16 / Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5 / Perception +2 / Initiative +3

Before Dizit heads off to the Lighthouse, Rasso says "Mind if I come with ye little lady? These people set my scales a-crawlin' and I'd prefer to keep me eye on them."

Liberty's Edge

Male Half-Orc Cleric 1

Castiel jumps several feet into the air and nearly knocks his table over. "In the name of all that is great in this world, what is wrong with you!?! The work was going better in your absence. Now, if you'll excuse me... Wait, hold on a moment, you can make yourself useful. Take some change from my bag over there and go buy me some earplugs. That should help drown out distractions." Castiel goes back to his work, mumbling something about savages and how he needs earplugs.

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

"Not at all Master Rasso, by all means"

Then sets off, at Bryce call she says.

::"Bryce thats intaresting, please let me know if you find out any thing more, master Rasso will be with me from here on in"::

First levels: 2/4; THP:17/21; HP:43/43; MP:4/5
HP:43 THP:21 / AC 17/21, T 11, FF 16 / Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5 / Perception +2 / Initiative +3

Rasso simply nods, and begins to trundle off in the direction of the lighthouse.

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

"So Master Rasso, my I ask what kind of being your, I can see by your rune your some kind of Gestalt Summiner,but I have never seen one so, well aquatic"

Bryce finishes building his item just before it is time to be at the lighthouse. By 7 pm all of the party members are present, and all the villagers are seated with Gervus up front facing the audience.

Tightly packed into the cramped quarters of the lighthouse are all of the villagers who remain in Blackcove. Now there are less than forty, and they all appear to be in poor spirits. It seem as almost all of them are related. The same waxy and weathered skin and thinning hair line is possessed by most of them, along with the same eye color. Phlegmatic coughs echo throughout the damp,crowded room and it seems as if the years of isolation have caused them to become susceptible to sickness easily.

When you enter the room there is not much talking. You most hear the rain that has just started to fall and people whispering. As soon as you enter Gervus breaks the silence: “Well, it looks we might have some help. I think we should welcome them and tell them of our troubles."

He then focuses on all of you.
"Feel free to take the stage, and ask us what you may so that we can help you help us."

Feel free to continue any conversations before you actually appear at the meeting.

First levels: 2/4; THP:17/21; HP:43/43; MP:4/5
HP:43 THP:21 / AC 17/21, T 11, FF 16 / Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5 / Perception +2 / Initiative +3

Rasso eblows Dizit, and leans down to whisper in her ear in Abyssal (don't see your languages listed but since you have 11 of them, I'm gonna assume you've got abyssal).

"ขอให้สิ่งที่สิ่งมีชีวิตที่มีลักษณะเหมือนที่ศาลเจ้าจะกี่ได้หายไปไหนมักจะ ... รอ ผมคิดว่าคุณอาจจะคิดเรื่องนี้อยู่แล้ว?"

Abyssal (Thai):

"Ask what the creatures look like, who the shrines are to, how many have disappeared, how often...wait. I guess you prolly thought of all this already, huh?"

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