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Shore to Sea: All Broken Up Inside. (Inactive)

Game Master concerro

The heroes are called to investigate a young man's claim that something from the sea kidnapped his fiancé while he was visiting her at a remote village. What was it, and will the heroes be its next victims?

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M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

Of course. I realize that might not level, but just in case this game continues.

What is the next course of action?

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

Hmm GM would you say that the cloakers and the bats would fit inside my bag of holding? Not all at once, just one at a time. According to D20 their weight will not be too great.

First levels: 2/4; THP:17/21; HP:43/43; MP:4/5
HP:43 THP:21 / AC 17/21, T 11, FF 16 / Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5 / Perception +2 / Initiative +3

Okay, well you never actually gave me any ropes, and I never assembled any pullies. Talking about it and doing it are two different things. All I did was grow wings and then fly up to help the woman. Then flew up to the top after that. You said the rope thing at the same time I spotted the woman, cast my spell and flew off. No one would have had time to set up a system to pull you and your horse up the 15' cliff to even get you into the fight (but somehow you were there, I think because the DM assumed we were all flying/climbing somehow). After the fight you tied Skit to the cloakers (presumably with the same rope). I've gone up another two levels since then. The cloakers only made it up one level. Which means the ropes are down one level from the top with you and Mordecai. You also only have 50' of rope (I assume since your sheet doesn't say), the cliff may or may not be taller than that. So yeah, unless the DM retcons something I don't have any rope. Not trying to be an ass, but unless I post that Rasso did something, he didn't.

We can go back in time to assume the rope is at its limit. I also assumed you took the time to set the ropes up, but if everyone just took off.....

So Castiel how much rope do you have/intend to have? That will be important.

This is also a good time for everyone to make sure they brought any gear(mundane) they intended to buy.

Once everyone is happy with their mundane equipment that they would have picked up before leaving let me know and we can move on.

Last chance for retconning gear. :)

So the pets are being left behind? I am going by the last post in the play thread.

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

I'm still waiting for Dizit to respond to my idea actually.

I am sure the cloakers are too heavy. She might be able to handle the bats. I am surprised she has not responded.
I will wait until later tonight then I will try to think of a way to move the game on.

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

The cloakers are actually twice as light as the bat, and I checked the carrying capacity for her strength score + the muleback cords and she was able to carry the bats.

Cloakers are only 100 pounds. I missed that.

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

Hmm would rolling a natural 1 on a Disable Device check get this thing working again?


M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

You mean your horse down the cliff?

First levels: 2/4; THP:17/21; HP:43/43; MP:4/5
HP:43 THP:21 / AC 17/21, T 11, FF 16 / Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5 / Perception +2 / Initiative +3

Just letting everyone know that I'm gonna be on vacation from the 27th-6th. I'll have access to the internet, but I probably won't have much posting time. Feel free to DMPC me as needed to move things along.

Liberty's Edge

Male Half-Orc Cleric 1

@ Mordecai: Sorry, missed this question. My profile wasn't displaying new posts, so I was just checking the gameplay sections

The system that lets us know when someone post is not functioning like it should. If someone is not posting I will shoot a PM out. If I don't answer questions feel free to shoot me a PM also.

Female Elan - humanoid (aberrant) (PP58/52) psion (Telepath) (6th)

Ok I have kind of come to the end of my fun with this game, I know and RPG death spiral when I see one, The GM posts age getting thinner and fewer with less and less detail, all the players now are asking, "whats going on" and "where are we" as they try and get info from some thing thats just not there. This model should have been completed weeks ago, I can tell my fellow players are scratching there heads as well saying, well with nothing to do and nothing to go one whats the point. In the end PbP die like this, slow unloved deaths. As players like me hit the end of the fun line, and thats where I am with things one Watcher. So Im dropping out the game. Its sad as I play in other games of your and they are rip rowing fun rides of PbP winness. Its just this ones not going away where fast now.

So have fun all.

Link to the view of the top layer.

First levels: 2/4; THP:17/21; HP:43/43; MP:4/5
HP:43 THP:21 / AC 17/21, T 11, FF 16 / Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5 / Perception +2 / Initiative +3

I'm gonna back out of this one too. This game has slowed to a crawl and I've completely lost immersion. No hard feelings, but I'm out.

Well in that case that effectively ends the game. I don't think it is worth the effort to recruit new players this close to the end. Well IRL the timeline is another month or two, but at the table it is probably just a few more hours.

Thanks everyone.

edit:I am having trouble removing the campaign at the moment, but I will do so when I get a chance aka when the boards are fixes so your campaign tabs are not cluttered.

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