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Shisumo's Jade Regent Prologue - Burnt Offerings

Game Master Shisumo

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28/28 hp

Do you recall the name of the feat you mentioned earlier that uses Charisma as the modifier to certain saves?

28/28 hp

At my house we are in the final run-up to our annual fall adventure. This year, we will not have access to wifi for at least four days. In addition, pressure at work related to my anticipated absence and ongoing major project may take me out of the game earlier than that and may keep me off the boards for a while after.

I wanted to post this to all my games while I could to explain that I may go silent for a while. I may get a few more posts in - I'm not sure when radio silence will begin. It could start as early as today - probably late tomorrow - and might run through the 26th if the project goes poorly.

Please don't let my absence stall the game. Bot me as necessary and we will pick up the pieces (or roll up my new character) when I return.


28/28 hp

Back from the trip. We hiked rim-to-rim at the Grand Canyon. It was hard, it was amazing, it was worth it, and I can't wait to return to do it again.

Will see tomorrow what work holds in store. That's going to impact posting availability - I just hope the vacation was enough to keep me sane over the next couple of weeks.

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

Welcome back! All's quiet on this front.

Liberty's Edge

Human (Minkai) Samurai (sword saint) 7 (Order of the Warrior)

I owe you guys an apology.

I started a new job in April, and as much good as it has done me in several ways - most notably my household bottom line, which is in the best shape it has literally ever been - it has also taken up huge amounts of free time that I have previously devoted to things like, y'know, keeping up with my play-by-posts. I have continuously told myself "next week things will ease up a bit," and next week has continuously failed to produce the desired easing up. That plus some health issues have combined to produce results for my PbP participation that, well, you have seen for yourselves. For that, I am sorry.

The end result is that I'm trying to decide what to do now. Realistically, the amount of free time I have and what I am capable of doing with it aren't going to change in the near future, and just ignoring the issue - or the boards - isn't going to make the problem go away either. Rationally, I should shut the games down and let it all go, but I love them, and the experiences we've had together, too much to just do that. So I'm stuck. I genuinely don't know what to do, and while I dither about, you guys are left spinning your wheels, and I'm sorry for that too.

Good news on the bottom line. I am sorry that health concerns have been a factor - I was hoping it was just work and life.

For myself, I don't have a problem with slow PbP games. That's a big part of why I'm in so many of them. They rarely get active at the same time, so I have something to do in the others when one goes quiescent.

That's not so good for a GM, of course, and I have no idea what your available time looks like, but perhaps you find a compromise between "kill them all" and "keep them all". Some have had more activity than others - maybe it's time to prune the slower threads. Of the ones you choose to keep (even if it is all of them), perhaps you can continue to move forward with them slowly. If you can rotate from thread to thread when you make updates, you can keep them moving forward slowly until you have more time or are willing to make a difficult decision.

I know we have lost at least one player in a thread. If you share your concerns with each thread, some of them may solve themselves because people may opt to spend their time on a more active game. It's harsh, but there it is. The least you can do is be honest with the players in the other games like you were here.

Whatever you decide, I'm in.

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

Thank you Shisumo and all of you. I have loved the games too and am happy to have had the opportunity to be a player in a friendly environment - I'm not too good at it and I appreciate your patience.

However it is time for me too to bow out. There has been a lot of changes in my life and I don't think gaming will be as great a part of it in the future. That said, I am genuinely happy to have had the privilege of getting to know and game with you guys, and will treasure the memories.

I wish you all the best on all fronts of life.

28/28 hp

Be well, BT.

Male Human Bladebound Magus 3

Thanks for being a part of it. This game was my first foray into the world of pbps, and it's been fun.

Good luck.

Liberty's Edge

Human (Minkai) Samurai (sword saint) 7 (Order of the Warrior)

Thanks for your time, BT. It's been an honor and a pleasure hanging out with you.

With Tom's departure and the other things going on, I have to make some decisions here, guys. Bear with me for a day or so.

28/28 hp

So... about those decisions...

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