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Current Characters


Male Half-Orc Wizard 1 - HP 13/13, 0 non-lethal, AC12, CMD16, F+3, R+2, W+3, Prescience 6/6

played by Tim Woodhams (314 posts)
Nakon Sharkman

played by Dan E (15 posts)
Nakon the Cruel

played by Dan E (229 posts)
SD Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop

played by Pryllin (3 posts)
SD Aretta Bansion

played by Pryllin (1 post)
Barnabas Harrigan
SD Captain Barnabas Harrigan

played by Pryllin (3 posts)
Conchobhar Shortstone
SD Conchobar Turlach Shortstone

played by Pryllin (4 posts)
Sheriff Belor Hemolock
SD Crimson "Cog" Cogward

played by Pryllin (3 posts)
Cut-Throat Grok
SD Cut-Throat Grok

played by Pryllin (12 posts)
SD Jack Scrimshaw

played by Pryllin (3 posts)
Leonard Kriegler
SD Owlbear Hartshorn

played by Pryllin (7 posts)
Riaris Krine
SD Riaris Krine

played by Pryllin (6 posts)
Rosie Cusswell
SD Rosie Cusswell

played by Pryllin (5 posts)
Keyra Palin
SD Sandara Quinn

played by Pryllin (11 posts)
Illia Ean
SD Tilly Brackett

played by Pryllin (1 post)
Imron Gauthfallow
Sevien the Black

Male Human Cleric 3 (FC) HP: 25/25 AC: 16

played by terok (333 posts)
Black Dragon
Shipmaster Dave


played by Pryllin (444 posts)
Commander Kyan Kain
Xantrius Casmirre

Male Human (Taldan) Buccaneer 3- HP 25/25, AC15, CMD15, F+3, R+4, W+1, 0/12 BP Used, 0/4 Lvl 1 Spells Used

played by Alexander Kilcoyne (296 posts)

Previous Characters

Ekaym Smallcask
Sovereign Court Alexander Kilcoyne

(4,652 posts)
Dan E

(379 posts)
Jacob Trier

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7
(612 posts)
Tanner Nielsen

Human Expert 4 / Doctoral Student 5
(661 posts)
Tim Woodhams

(171 posts)
Friendly Fighter
Andrei Avotrus

Male Human Bard 3 (Arcane Duellist); HP: 30/30 AC: 15/11/14; Saves: F +3, R +4, W +1; Init: +1; Per: +4

played by Tim Woodhams (438 posts)
Braddon Hurst

hp 22 / 22; AC 16; Init +2 Male Half-elf Ranger 2

played by Pryllin (1,134 posts)
Rakshasa Maharajah
DM Dan E

played by Dan E (2,648 posts)
DM Stephen

played by terok (1,754 posts)
Zeladiel Araxyll

hp 34/38; AC 17; Init +5 Male Elf Wizard (Evoker) 6

played by Pryllin (525 posts)

Previous NPCs

Aemilia Fullona

Female Human (Chelaxian) Rogue (scout, smuggler) 1
(25 posts)
Madame Ivanja
Lysandra Eventide

Female Taldane Human Bard (Sea Singer) 1 / Cleric of Besmara 0
(154 posts)
Jask Derindi
SD Master Scourge

(7 posts)
Market Patron
SD Mister Plugg

(25 posts)

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