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Sheik Voodoo's Katapesh Nights

Game Master voodoo chili

From the City of Bazaars to the City of Brass.

The Dorf

Arclord of Nex
Karethas ibn Faradin

Male Human Wizard (Conjurer)/ Level: 9 |HP: 53 of 53/ NL| F=6 R=7 W=10 |Initiative +5| Perception +11(+13 w/ Gen)|AC 13(16 w/ Mage Armor)|Active Effect:Planar Adaptation (Fire Resist 20)
(1,820 posts)
The Dorf


Guy in a turban
Amir Awad Hajjir

HP 94 | AC/Touch/Flat 21/15/18 | Fort/Ref/Will +7/+8/+5 | Init +3 | CMB +9; CMD 23 Acrobatics (15) Bluff (14) Diplomacy (7) Kno:Local (6) Perception (13*) Stealth (17) FIRE: 5
(1,558 posts)
PirateDevonDM Devon


Irabeth Tirabade
Varkata Steeleye

(Acro -1; Appr +0; Bluff +2; Climb +2; Diplo +6; Disg +2; EscArt -1; Fly: +4; Heal: +9; Intim +2; Kn(Arc/Hist/Plane) +4; Kn(Loc) +2; Kn(Rel) +8; SenMot +11; Spelcrft: +7; Stealth -1; Surv: +4; Swim +2)
Female Half-Orc Cleric 8/Bloodrager 1
(HP: 80[98]/80[98] AC: 23[21]/11[9]/22[20]; Percep: +11 [+13]; Init: +1; Fort +11[+13], Ref: +4, Will: +12[+14]; CMD: 22[24]; CMB +11[+13]; Speed: 50; Fire: Immune)

(903 posts)

Tirion Jörðhár

Kzrira Maiwith

Female Human Fighter/6, Ranger/1, Wizard(Spirit Whisper)/1, Arcane Archer/1 - (HP: 48/98; AC27/30; FF21/24; T18; F+10, R+11, W+7/+9; Perc: +13, Init +5)
(2,762 posts)
Tirion Jörðhár

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