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Sheik Voodoo's Katapesh Nights

Game Master voodoo chili

From the City of Bazaars to the City of Brass.

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Kzrira's bolt flies true striking the merchant in the gut. With a loud curse the man starts running again assisted by his female companion. They weave through a couple tents and out of view before Kzrira can get another shot off leaving Faelar bleeding on the ground.
Faelar- DC 15 Con check to stabilize or Kzrira DC 15 Heal check (training not required).

Female Human Fighter/5, Ranger/1(HP: 51/61; AC22/25; FF17/20; T15; F+8, R+8, W+4/+5; Perc: +10, Init +4)

Heal: 1d20 ⇒ 12

Way past time for bed, sorry no other comments.

Male Elf Bard - 6

I spin around to see Kzrira come around the corner, feel more pain in my body. Place my hand on the new area's of pain and see blood, 'Why...?'. I drop to the floor in an unconscious and ungraceful slump.

Stabilisation Check 1d20 - 4 ⇒ (2) - 4 = -2

Female Human Fighter/5, Ranger/1(HP: 51/61; AC22/25; FF17/20; T15; F+8, R+8, W+4/+5; Perc: +10, Init +4)

Heal, second try: 1d20 ⇒ 18

Come on kid, no time for lying around and staining the ground with your blood, we have jerks to catch.

After a moment of uncertainty, Kzrira manages to stop Faelar's bleeding and his shallow breathing resumes as she keeps an eye on the unconscious elf.

Male Human Wizard (Conjurer)/ Level: 6 |HP: 37 of 37| F=3 R=4 W=7 |Initiative +6| Perception +7 |AC 12(16 w/ Mage Armor)

Seeing that Amir is wounded by the trap Karethas exclaims, "My friend! Are you alright?" After searching the wagon Karethas gives particular attention to the contracts, trying to determine if they are the contracts that the diabolist is looking for.

Female Human Fighter/5, Ranger/1(HP: 51/61; AC22/25; FF17/20; T15; F+8, R+8, W+4/+5; Perc: +10, Init +4)

Foolish boy, you need to learn to avoid inhaling steel if you plan on surviving very long here.

Seeing that Faelar appears to have staved off death, I try to pick him up so that we can get back to the others.

Strength: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4 No clue if I need a check or what check I need.

Kzrira- you should update your encumbrance- with a 12 str a light load is 43 lbs and you could leave your backpack at the inn so you have full movement.

As Kzrira struggles to carry the unconscious elf, the helpful man who gave Faelar directions earlier reappears to lend a hand. "Let me assist you. You certainly do not believe in subtlety. You are fortunate that the Zephyr Guard are slow to respond outside the city walls, but I encourage you to conduct your business quickly and perhaps use another gate on your return."


Karethas finds nothing that looks to be a trade deal, but several contracts for caravan services bear the signature of Gilad and have ridiculously good rates as far as the Karethas can ascertain.

Female Human Fighter/5, Ranger/1(HP: 51/61; AC22/25; FF17/20; T15; F+8, R+8, W+4/+5; Perc: +10, Init +4)
Sheik Voodoo wrote:

Kzrira- you should update your encumbrance- with a 12 str a light load is 43 lbs and you could leave your backpack at the inn so you have full movement.

Thanks, did not realize that I had not changed it, I think that I had 10 str for a while during character creation. Can we consider me to have left my stuff at the inn except for the backpack for the rest of the day.

Bluff (11) Perception (10*) Stealth (14) :: Init (+3) :: HP (64) :: F(6)/R(7)/W(3)

Sorry I was on the road, and apparently when you drive you cannot post no matter how good the internet :-)

Amir grabs his side and winces. My age catches up with me it seems. Were I a younger man pehaps I would have seen the danger. I will live but the pain is significant.

Leaning against the wall of the cart Amir watches Karethas search through the space. Anything of interest or information?

Karethas has located a small chest with a potion vial and gold coins stamped with the sun orchid of Thuvia. He has also found a few poorly bargained contracts signed by Gilad.

As you are waiting, Kzrira soon returns carrying Faelar with the assistance of the Merchant who gave you directions earlier.

Male Human Wizard (Conjurer)/ Level: 6 |HP: 37 of 37| F=3 R=4 W=7 |Initiative +6| Perception +7 |AC 12(16 w/ Mage Armor)

"Ah, even a young man can be caught unawares, Amir, and you opened that door with skill that many young men would envy. Give me a moment and we will try to get you some healing." After a few moments looking around Karethas looks up at Amir with his mouth down-turned in disappointment. I haven't found the contracts we are looking for, but there are some caravan service agreements made by Gilad...He doesn't seem too concerned with the price because the costs mentioned here seem rather high. I also found a potion, perhaps it can be used to heal you. I feel like this man owes us some compensation for having his men attack us. There is some gold here that seems to be payment by Gilad, I don't know if I would feel comfortable taking it for ourselves, but it seems that Gilad has been betrayed by this man and maybe we can return it to him." While waiting for Kzrira, Karethas mumbles a few incantations and inspects the potion carefully.

Take 20 to identify the potion: 20 + 8 = 28 I can't believe that I didn't take Identify as one of my spells. If the potion is a healing potion, then I give it to Faelar as he is more seriously injured.

Bluff (11) Perception (10*) Stealth (14) :: Init (+3) :: HP (64) :: F(6)/R(7)/W(3)

Amir winces at the sight of Faelar. Our prey escapes us, and we are injured as well. A very bad set of hands we have just been dealt if we are to be on the wrong side of the law today. We need to leave, I think we take everything with us. I suspect these meager things here are the only way we will see our new friends again..

Amir turns to the merchant and nods slightly. And so we see each other again. How fortuitous...

Amir scans the merchant up and down. To have the same helpful soul in multiple places sets the man on edge.

Sense Motive 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7
Perception 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

It is indeed a potion of cure moderate wounds and to be clear Gilad would have received an amazing deal if 56 gold covered guards, drivers, and other labor as well as insurance for the long trip back to Thuvia. You're not sure how the Platinum Assurance could stay in business if it ran things so cheaply

The merchant smiles blandly back at Amir, "Well, not totally fortuitous," he admits. "I must admit I was watching you once I heard you had dealings with Platinum Assurance. My name is Gharibe. I am also a caravan supplier and keep a sharp eye on the competition. Platinum Assurance here has piqued my interest in the short time they've been around. In fact I don't think Katlan is a merchant at all. I think he's a spy."

You are unable to detect anything covert about the man.

Male Human Wizard (Conjurer)/ Level: 6 |HP: 37 of 37| F=3 R=4 W=7 |Initiative +6| Perception +7 |AC 12(16 w/ Mage Armor)

"Your assistance has much appreciated sayedy!" Karethas bows slightly, touching his forehead. "I am Karethas ibn Faradin, these are my friends Amir, Kzrira, and the unconscious one is Faelar. I believe, if you were willing, we would be very interested in speaking in a more private place where we may discuss how you came to such an interesting conclusion." Before Gharibe can answer Karethas hands the potion to Kzrira smiling, "Kzrira, be a dear and pour this healing potion down poor pin-cushioned Faelar's throat."

Bluff (11) Perception (10*) Stealth (14) :: Init (+3) :: HP (64) :: F(6)/R(7)/W(3)

Amir scoops up the gold and contracts and puts them in his sling.

Let's go.

Karethas ibn Faradin wrote:
" I believe, if you were willing, we would be very interested in speaking in a more private place where we may discuss how you came to such an interesting conclusion."

Gharibe bows, "Perhaps. If you seek to pursue things with Katlan and his little she-jackal Anshara, she often frequents the Sand Dragon Inn. I believe she has a wealthy patron in the Inner City as well. Oh, and I'd advise using the Dawn Gate to reenter the city if you want to avoid trouble with the Zephyr Guard."

Female Human Fighter/5, Ranger/1(HP: 51/61; AC22/25; FF17/20; T15; F+8, R+8, W+4/+5; Perc: +10, Init +4)

Thank you sir, your assistance is greatly appreciated. And as they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I hope it will remain that way.

Cure Moderate Wounds Potion: 2d8 + 3 ⇒ (5, 7) + 3 = 15 No clue how much it actually is, please adjust if it is not a level 3 potion.

Once Faelar is back up, we head back to through the Dawn Gate.

yep, Faelar should be back up to full after the potion.

It is a long walk around the city to the north end and you find yourself passing back through Dog Town about the time you had arranged to meet with Shank.

Male Elf Bard - 6

As my wounds disappear, I slowly drift back into conciousness. I open my eyes, and take a look around, 'What ... oh I am lying down! What happened, my stomach really hurt and now all the pain is gone? Why did the woman from the crowd attack me like that, I had done nothing to insult or threaten her?'

I slowly stand up, making sure to hold onto a nearby table or ledge to keep my footing. 'Kzrira, did you manage to catch the man, what did he have to say?' I do a quick double take of my surroundings, 'Where are we and why is the gentleman who helped us earlier here with us and where is the merchant?'

I turn to the informative trader, 'It was a pleasure to meet your acquaintance again and your information was most useful, I thank you. My name is Faelar, Faelar Braegen, may I have the honour of knowing your name; my good sir?'

Male Human Wizard (Conjurer)/ Level: 6 |HP: 37 of 37| F=3 R=4 W=7 |Initiative +6| Perception +7 |AC 12(16 w/ Mage Armor)

Nodding at Amir's insistence that they hurry, Benedict grabs Faelar's arm. "We really do need to go now Faelar! The guard is certainly on its way, and Amir is hurt and in need of healing." To Gharibe Karethas smiles and says quickly. "You will see us again Gharibe. Maybe tonight or maybe tomorrow, but we are most interested in your theories regarding the nefarious Katlan." He gives the merchant a small bow before leaving with the others.

Once they are on the way Karethas says somewhat breathlessly, "It is nearing time for us to meet that gnoll, and then perhaps we should try this Sand Dragon Inn?"

Dog Town's charms have not faded under the afternoon sun. If anything it is more pungent although most of the wretches sleeping in the street have shuffled off to chase their vices. Flipping aside the tattered hide across the door, you enter the dim fetid interior of the Rabid Dog and find Shank at his accustomed place eating some sort of rat on a stick.

The motley gnoll gestures with the skewer obviously enjoying himself, "You wanna Donkey Rat? They're pretty good."

Bluff (11) Perception (10*) Stealth (14) :: Init (+3) :: HP (64) :: F(6)/R(7)/W(3)

As the group wander towards Dogtown through the Dawn Gate and beyond Amir occasionally stops and checks his wound, doing his best to pace himself and cause himself no further injury. Amir's mind races with the web that he and his new companions had found himself entangled in: Spies? Lies? Diabolists? Certainly more complex fare than normal.

Coming into the Rabid Dog Amir curls his lip at the smell of food. For some reason the idea of eating anything sounded completely unappealing. Looking at Shank as he offers the Donkey Rat, Amir gives a sharp shake of his head. Nothing to eat. I will drink though. Recommendations?

Female Human Fighter/5, Ranger/1(HP: 51/61; AC22/25; FF17/20; T15; F+8, R+8, W+4/+5; Perc: +10, Init +4)

I turn to Karethas: You wouldn't be able to do any of that wiggling fingers stuff to heal Amir would you? He is looking a little beat up.

Amir Awad Hajjir wrote:
Nothing to eat. I will drink though. Recommendations?

Noting Faelar's bloodied shirt and the obvious wound in Amir's shoulder, Shank gives a sharp barking laugh, "Looks like you're more in need of Jarekal's Priest in a Bottle, we only got one drink here, Dog Spit."

Male Human Wizard (Conjurer)/ Level: 6 |HP: 37 of 37| F=3 R=4 W=7 |Initiative +6| Perception +7 |AC 12(16 w/ Mage Armor)

Karethas shakes his head at Kzrira, "I'm afraid not. My abilities do not include healing, which is more of a priest's area of expertise. I wish I could do more for Amir, but I don't even know how to bandage a wound." Karethas turns to Shank, "No food or drink for me, thank you my" Seeming slightly embarrassed, Karethas turns to Amir and helps lower him into a chair. "Do you know any place nearby where we can get a healing potion without being fleeced? Perhaps from this Jarekal?"

oops, misspelled- Jerikal.

Shank leers at Karethas' question, "Temple of Abadar's always open for business. Jerikal's brewery is up the hill from the slave market. It's pricy, but tastier."

Bluff (11) Perception (10*) Stealth (14) :: Init (+3) :: HP (64) :: F(6)/R(7)/W(3)

Enough of that. I will got to a healer when we are done here. A Dog Spit and an update. Amir sighs heavily, his normally jovial mood taxed by the days events. Awaiting the drink Amir looks to the gnoll, What have you found?

Shank sets his lunch aside and gets down to business. ”I checked Charred Meats first and didn’t turn anything up. That’s a good thing. Means he’s probably still alive. If he’s been kidnapped then he’s not going to be sold locally which means he’s either leaving by land or sea.”

He stops as Mosspelt sets Amir’s Dog Spit down in front of the rogue. The slightly corroded metal mug contains an opaque amber fluid with floating umber specks. It smells a bit like the River Scorpius after it flows through the Sprawl with a bit of alchemical run-off to give it spice. You just hope the alcohol content is high enough to kill whatever else is in there.

Shank continues, ”Usually I’d be certain that he’s being shipped to Solku, but with the number of raids from the Gray Corsairs lately… he might have to be held awhile until a convoy could be formed for protection. I don’t think the slavers would want to risk that so I figure he’ll be sent overland. That points to Slow Idi. Human that runs a pesh tent here in Dog Town and deals in a bit of slaving as well- usually some wandering fool that overdoes it. Sure enough Slow Idi left town with a small caravan the morning after your friend disappeared.”

”They’re heading for a gnoll outpost in the Brazen Mountains called Kelmerane. Used to be a human trade settlement a while back. Now it’s run by a warlord called the Carrion King. Slow Idi don’t move fast so I expect we can catch up with him easily whenever you’re ready to go.”

Male Elf Bard - 6

I head over to Amir, bend down and whisper in his ear, 'I can get rid of the pain if you like, just requires me to place my hand where it hurts. Would you like the pain to lessen?'

Knowledge (Local) about about Kelmarane 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (13) + 9 = 22

I turn to Shank, 'Kelmerane you say? I have heard of the place, you think we could catch them quickly? I think we should go as soon as possible then.'

I turn to my new friends, 'What do you think; my friends, should we go after Xander now or carry on trying to find Gilad? I personally am more inclined to find Xander. Kzrira, I am sorry that I am the reason we were not able to catch the merchant. If only I had thought that he might have friends to help him escape!'

Male Human Wizard (Conjurer)/ Level: 6 |HP: 37 of 37| F=3 R=4 W=7 |Initiative +6| Perception +7 |AC 12(16 w/ Mage Armor)

Karethas shakes his head, "One does not head out into the desert without proper preparation and as Shank said, this man is notorious for running a slow caravan. We should send a message to Mack to buy us the proper gear and provisions and to hire a guide if none of you are knowledgeable in the ways of the desert. Then we hunt down these villains who hurt Faelar and Amir. Let us accomplish both goals."

Female Human Fighter/5, Ranger/1(HP: 51/61; AC22/25; FF17/20; T15; F+8, R+8, W+4/+5; Perc: +10, Init +4)

Grinning at Kar's comment. I cannot wait to put another bolt between his eyes, slimy bastard.

Looking at Faelar: You have to remember, many people here shoot first and ask question later. Also my elvish friend, remember, you are not a trained warrior. While I may not be the biggest and strongest, I am quite good at avoiding getting hit. You should use you skills with music an magic and only enter combat when necessary.

Kzrira looks about the group. And considering our little group here, I think that the less combat we get involved in, the better we will be.

Shank uses a long claw to scratch behind his white-furred ear. "I'd say 10 days worth of supplies should be plenty, maybe a couple of donkeys, and of course I'll require my usual rate."

Male Elf Bard - 6

'If we do intend to follow them through the desert, I will have to pay a quick visit to the master and Qilue, say my goodbyes, inform them what is happening and grab any equipment I may require. I don't have enough food to last me 10 days though, I hope that Mac can help us out with this matter.'

I turn back to Kzrira, 'I am not a properly trained warrior, no. But I have gone through some training drills with the master. I can sit back and help you feel brave and improve your combat prowess if you desire, I was hoping that I would be able to assist you in the upcoming battles. That way I will gain more experience at duelling, so when I return the master will be pleased by my progress.'

Male Human Wizard (Conjurer)/ Level: 6 |HP: 37 of 37| F=3 R=4 W=7 |Initiative +6| Perception +7 |AC 12(16 w/ Mage Armor)

"I'd say that Shank here has proven fairly adept so far, and we do need a guide. Five gold pieces a day may be a little steep though if we are hiring him for a week or more. Amir, what do you think? And how much do you think these supplies are going to run us? Would what we got out of the wagon before cover it?"

Bluff (11) Perception (10*) Stealth (14) :: Init (+3) :: HP (64) :: F(6)/R(7)/W(3)

Amir takes to the Dog Spit with fervor, not wanting to seem squeamish in the face of his "employee". As the others talk of supplies and plans the gnolls news of a trip to Kelmerane leads Amir to distraction. After hearing Karethas ask after supplies, Amir's brain slowly processes the last few comments and Amir strokes his moustache for a moment.

My Hota waits with all that I could need for the desert, but not enough of tents, food and water for the rest. If Faelar has a cart as he has mentioned then we but need a barrel of water, food for the journey and if the cart or the sky does not suit you a tent, though I could fit another person in mine with no issue...

Amir strokes his chin for a moment. I have many contacts in the Nightstalls and I am still well known. My former title affords me better rates than most so I know I can save us some money on most normal provisions. Enough food for all of us would be around 36 scarabs, a barrel with water perhaps another 3 or 4 scarabs if we are to be sure it is clean?

Amir pauses for a moment to count in his head, nodding in saatisfaction that his sums are close he goes on, I agree with Karethas that the day is not done and we should resolve our work for Djal so we might learn as much of Kzrira's Haleen as we can. The puppeteer wanted contracts, which we have, assuming they are the right ones...while it would be best know the whereabouts of the novice...

Amir shakes his head once again, thoughts and information crowding his brain, Shank is paid through the morrow, if nine more days are to follow then 45 more gold pieces shall follow in kind...Thuvian gold spends just as easily as others, if we are to keep the purse as a prize for our trouble it will cover our expenses, or Shank, but not both.

Female Human Fighter/5, Ranger/1(HP: 51/61; AC22/25; FF17/20; T15; F+8, R+8, W+4/+5; Perc: +10, Init +4)

Listening carefully to Amir: Yes, we do need to get back and see what information he has about Haleen. I would prefer sooner rather than later. I have very little gold, although Amir, if you could get a good price for this trinket I got out of the goblin's box earlier, then I am sure that I will have enough to pay my share, and likely cover some of your costs for the time being.

Faelar Braegen wrote:
I turn to Shank, 'Kelmerane you say? I have heard of the place...'

Faelar and Amir know that Kelmarane was a small trade settlement on the trading route to Osirion. It was abandoned a couple of decades ago after it was destroyed in some kind of disaster- a fire or flood depending on the rumor.

Shank watches your discussion shrewdly.

Male Human Wizard (Conjurer)/ Level: 6 |HP: 37 of 37| F=3 R=4 W=7 |Initiative +6| Perception +7 |AC 12(16 w/ Mage Armor)

Karethas smiles widely as Amir's focus comes back to the task at hand. "Excellent! I have 25 scarabs I can contribute to the cause as is needed. I am unsure that the contracts we have at hand are those that Djal sought, actually I am fairly sure they are not. I believe he was looking for the trade goods contracts that Gilad had made, not the caravan contracts that we found that Gilad had made with that scoundrel Katlan. So! We use what daylight remains to search out this filth, Katlan." Karethas spits onto the floor at this point, "and then this evening we provision ourselves, get what sleep we can, and leave whenever Shanks thinks is prudent tomorrow? It is a lot to accomplish, but I am more than willing to try."

Shank nods, "It sounds as if your business with Katlan might better be done under cover of night. I would advise taking care of provisioning first and then do your night work. We will leave tomorrow morning from here. Slow Idi will not have taken the main road."

Female Human Fighter/5, Ranger/1(HP: 51/61; AC22/25; FF17/20; T15; F+8, R+8, W+4/+5; Perc: +10, Init +4)

We can reprovision, but remember, that sleaze with the imps only gave until sundown as I recall. So we should check back in with him. It is possible that these contracts will be fine as he might be interested in which caravans were being dealt with. Who knows why he wanted them. As far as Katlan goes, he and his wench took Faelar down in one swipe, I do not know if we are strong enough to get him.

Male Elf Bard - 6

'A most embarrassing situation and a bad reminder, I do hope that the parchments we have will suffice though.'

After hearing all the discussion about purchasing supplies and mention of my wagon, 'I do have my own wagon, with a couple of Mules to pull it. On there I have enough food to last them 5 days travel, so will need to find a little more. But I also have a barrel of clean water on there, which contains 20 Gallons. It is shaded, so if I were to sit on there it would lessen the amount of sustenance I require. But if anyone suffers from sun illness, then they can ride in the wagon. Otherwise I can sleep in there at night, so I would not require a tent.'

Bluff (11) Perception (10*) Stealth (14) :: Init (+3) :: HP (64) :: F(6)/R(7)/W(3)

Amir gets an almost savage gleam in his eye, Faelar is a steady blade but a wizard and someone...trained...with an eye to spot the weakness in a defense may turn the tide of another confrontation.

Amir nods to Karethas, An excellent point my young friend. You are quite right that it is most likely these other agreements in question.

As Faelar notes his inventory Amir nods, Well with what you have to what we need the prices should still be only a few scarabs more, perhaps closer to 40. I err and now remember that I need food for poor Hota as well. Since we have business in the Nighstalls it will be easy to supply up after this Djal issue.

Amir finishes his Dog Spit. I doubt the puppeteer will be ready for us until the shadows cast long over the city and put the setting sun far behind it. He spoke of evening, and an evening to the Nightstalls is late at night indeed. We have time, we should use it to follow up at the Sand Dragon.

Amir stands and gestures to the door. Faelar, once we leave I would appreciate you looking at this shoulder, it aches something fierce. Amir gestures at his injury with his other hand.

Looking down at the gnoll, Good work today. Amir reaches into his satchel and pulls the Thuvian gold. Taking 11 of the round coins for himself, Amir tosses the pouch of 45 remaining pieces onto the table in front of Shank. In Gnoll We got off perhaps, on the wrong foot. A rogue like me can be the wary sort and your people have a...spotty...reputation. If the pace of our efforts continue when we get to Kelmarane there will surely be more things and people for us to find. Perhaps... Amir strokes his moustache for a moment. ...perhaps when we get to our destination we can discuss your work and your fee.

Amir sighs and looks to the rest of the group. Back to Keleshite Are we ready to go?

Male Elf Bard - 6

I face the Gnoll and bow, Gnoll 'Thank you, Mr Shank, I look forward to travelling with you.'

I turn to Amir, Kelish 'Of course I will have a look at it, I may be able to dull the pain slightly, we shall see.'

'My friends, I just realised how selfish I was being, I would be able to house all of you with myself on my wagon, where we would be shaded. If you all desire? We could even get another barrel of water, maybe. I remember reading that water is the most important thing while travelling in the desert, so we could never have too much.'

FYI- I had to go back and check Djal's deadline and he said end of the day which is technically midnight. So on to the Sand Dragon or check in with Mac and Xilla? Note that you can also have Xilla buy supplies while you continue your Scooby-Doo adventure. She's likely to want to come along to find her brother.

Male Elf Bard - 6

Once we get outside, 'Lets have a look at your shoulder then, shall we Amir?'

When I see the wound, 'That looks painful, hopefully I will be able to sort it out completely.' I start to hum a relaxing tune, while rubbing my hands together, after a couple of moments I place my right hand on Amir's wound and a gentle warmth soaks into his wounds from my hand (Casting Sure Light Wounds)

Hit Points Recovered 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

'I am sorry I couldn't fully heal it. Does it feel any better? If it is still hurting, I could try again tomorrow. But for now, I am all out of healing magic.'

Male Human Wizard (Conjurer)/ Level: 6 |HP: 37 of 37| F=3 R=4 W=7 |Initiative +6| Perception +7 |AC 12(16 w/ Mage Armor)

I think having Xilla doing the buying would be a good idea if it gives more time to get our affairs in order before leaving.

Male Elf Bard - 6

I agree, if Xilla buys the necessary supplies, it should give us enough time to find that contracts that Djal wanted.

Female Human Fighter/5, Ranger/1(HP: 51/61; AC22/25; FF17/20; T15; F+8, R+8, W+4/+5; Perc: +10, Init +4)

Well, I need to sell this brooch as well, so if Amir can get a good price for it, that would be appreciated so that I can pay my share.

Other than that lets keep moving, time certainly is.

If it is not way out of the way, lets stop by and let Xilla know what we need her to do and see if she wants to join us. Then we will head toward the Sand Dragon since I think that is our next destination.

Sorry, I do not recall exactly where we are going as I have gotten myself into too many games now and am working on catching up on everything.

Bluff (11) Perception (10*) Stealth (14) :: Init (+3) :: HP (64) :: F(6)/R(7)/W(3)

Amir rotates the shoulder an winces slightly. Still some pain but much much better. A day or two of rest should mend the rest.

Amir nods at the others. To the Sand Dragon, let us see if we can catch our prey unawares.

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