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Sheik Voodoo's Katapesh Nights

Game Master voodoo chili

From the City of Bazaars to the City of Brass.

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I thought about playing those out: infiltrating the aerie (Okeno), capture and dungeons. Too railroady I think.

The last one might still play out OK. If fighters and rogues aren't unarmed specialists, casters are mind-wiped, and priests holy symbol-less. Many parties, this one I think as well, would still have a hard time of it.

Spontaneous casters would be a big prob. anti-magic collar wouldn't give them much to do, but it was supposed to be a challenge. There were some moderately tough opponents in there (and TPK- ROPER?!) and no non-weapon or fragile weapon rules...

On fly-

I haven't paid much attention to this because it's a bit of a bother without flyby. In the old days, you could hover if you had perfect maneuverability or a feat. Now it's a DC 15 fly skill check and perfect just gives you a +8 on it.

You skipped the intro sentence: "The subject can fly at a speed of 60 feet (or 40 feet if it wears medium or heavy armor, or if it carries a medium or heavy load). It can ascend at half speed and descend at double speed, and its maneuverability is good."

Fly speed only allows you to fly. If you are trying a "complex maneuver", you still need a fly skill check.

The only thing that is unclear is what happens if you fail. The rules state that things with wings that fail by > 5 plummet. I can only guess that magical flight means that you keep moving at min half distance. You'd likely have to time it exactly or at least take AoOs.

I've actually got a PC now that needs a few ranks in fly to be kosher myself...

Female Human Fighter/5, Ranger/1(HP: 52/61; AC25/28; FF17/20; T16; F+8, R+9, W+4/+5; Perc: +10, Init +5)

Yeh, it is goofy and could be more clearly explained. I assumed that the sentence about requiring "only as much concentration as walking, so the subject can attack or cast spells normally" made this sort of an exception to the fly rules, and that the fly rules would then be necessary for any other action.

It seems like the part I quoted does not make any sense if it still requires a fly check. Although, this will not be the first, or last, time that a PF rule could use a little better editing.

I am good either way as long as we know for going forward.

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