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Shattered Star: Broken Dreams (Inactive)

Game Master DancingShadow

Thassilon once represented the dreams of one man, but it was broken by the ambitions of his apprentices. Will adventurers be able to reforge his greatest creation to hold back the threat of his long-dead dream?

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Belle Mythix wrote:

@ Bimbur Longstrike: You need to put rank in a skill to get the class skill bonus, and 5 CHA is a -3 modifier.

Thanks, put a rank in survival and picked exchange agent.

Bimbur is visiting from Taldor. He still believes the monuments are part of the mysteries of the ki force that is present in everyone. Understanding the mystery of the Magnimar monuments is crucial for his journey to self-perfection.

@ Bimbur Longstrike


Acrobatics +5 (0, +2dex, +3 Class Skill)

Climb +5 (+2 Str, +3 Class Skill)
Escape Artist +5 (+2 Dex, +3 Class Skill)
Ride +5 (+2 Dex, +3 Class Skill)
Swim +5 (+2 Str, +3 Class Skill)

Those are what I meant, no rank put in them and you still listed the +3 Class Skill bonuses.

So... I've selected the 6 characters I'll be taking for the game. The selected characters are:

Berholdt Escheus
Iliria Telestra
Nadja Cazynsik

You six, please head over to the Discussion Thread.

Thank you to everyone for applying. This has been a great experience, if a somewhat difficult one. I hate turning people down. The selection was not easy, which is a good problem to have. :) There were a bunch of really, really good characters to choose from. I'd make a second campaign if I was sure I could handle it right now, but I'm trying to take such additions slow.

Liberty's Edge

Blaze a trail, pathfinders! We'll all get our turn sooner or later. have an epic campaign, all.

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