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Shanosuke's Souls of Lost Aridia (Inactive)

Game Master Shanosuke


Ragnolin Dourstone
Arik Bryn

Male Dwarf Barbarian 2 Monk 2
(261 posts)
Clanartus Viliras
Shadow Lodge GM DSP

(3,788 posts)

Edgar Lamoureux

Ricdak Soulaxe

Male Dwarf Barbarian 4
(122 posts)

Mark Sweetman

DM - Voice of the Voiceless

Minor Crab-beast
(9,775 posts)
Initiate of Flame

Male Dwarf (Pahmet) Ranger (Warden / Trapper) 2
(662 posts)



F Human (Shoanti) Ranger (Falconer) 4 (HP 42/42)
(66 posts)


Sheyln (Symbol)
Jen the GM

(574 posts)
Jen the Infernal Bastard

Female Tiefling (Infernal Bastard) Witch 3
(156 posts)


Belkar Bitterleaf
Sovereign Court Roidrage

(250 posts)
Saint Kargoth
Dargeth Atcha'khaar

Male Hobgoblin Cavalier(Emissary)-1
(10 posts)
Pavok Kor'tell

Male Human(Kellid) Paladin(Hospitaler)-4
(286 posts)


Katapesh Sailor
Faznir Farin

Male Ifrit Sorcerer 2
(69 posts)

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