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Game Master chavamana

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Thera Ven wrote:
Right. Should be leveled on both sheets.

Looks good.

If anyone has any NPCs that they would like to show up for the 'Cleaning up After the Bastards' flex scene, please let me know.

Male Human Rogue 15/Shadowcaster 1

Cassian's birthday! Because Tarvi cares.

The 1d30 ⇒ 4 of 1d12 ⇒ 3

Tarvi's because Cassian cares... plus she'll be a spinster soon.

The 1d30 ⇒ 24 of 1d12 ⇒ 10

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2


Gravlax will suggest it to Mathalen as a way to increase her prowess fighting strange and possibly monstrous creatures. We can RP that if you like, or it can just happen.

As much as I would love that scene, I know that you are afk much of the weekend, so we can assume that it happened.

Assuming that Gravlax is still speaking to her after the current scene of course.

If you are feeling up to it you can start the public scene about the Pathfinder Lodge, or just let me know when you are ready for Janiven to call the gang together. :)

I hope work is good.

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16


Just checking if you saw the last spoiler to you on the current gameplay page, post #1401. link here...hopefully
whattaya know, I think it worked.

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2


Whoops, I missed it. That's why I didn't respond yesterday. I blame "ice cream coma."

Amaya, Ermolos, Fiosa, Gorvio, Mathalen, and Tarvi get a 1/3 level.

Do you have any preference if Fiosa's 1/3 level is applied to her HD (BAB, saves); skills; or oracle class abilities?

sapphire (100 gp)

No claims, suggest value of sapphire be divided up amongst relevant NPCs.

I'd vote for class abilities.

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2

No claims -- echo Melilot's suggestion.

Male Tiefling

Agree with Melilot and Gravlax

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16

no claims. ditto. alluded to that effect ic

Male Human Rogue 15/Shadowcaster 1

Fine by me.

Janiven has gotten a 1/3 level.

I wanted to get a little feedback from you all on how you would like to run the play. The main options I see are getting you copies of the script and letting you modify line and actions to fit your characters OR giving you all a summary of what needs to happen in each scene of the play and letting you write it yourselves more free form.

Do you have any preference?

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16

Sorry, possibly unlike the writers in this group, I have neither the creativity, time nor inclination to try to come up with my own lines. I would be happy to modify existing ones (again, given time considerations) from whatever source I happen to receive them from.

Male Tiefling

sorry i've been away from game for a few days. will be posting tomorrow. :)

I would prefer to receive a summary of the scene; otherwise I think it would feel to me like I am cutting and pasting rather than playing, especially since my time for flexed scenes is limited.

Perhaps it could be handled different ways for different players?

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16


Azhar purchases one wand of clw(375) and 2 potions of clw(25 each) from Arael.
total out of pocket 425gp

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2

I think I would like to have dialogue that I can cut and paste if my time is limited. And if my time isn't limited, I will re-write the lines to better suit Gravlax's agenda.

As a quick note, I will be on a trip from Wednesday through Sunday, and I have a show going up the Wednesday following, so my posting is likely to get light. Well, lighter. And I may be posting little to nothing while on the trip.

Male Tiefling

A trip! Cool! Have fun!!! :)

Male Tiefling

dumb question, in case i missed it somewhere... are we cutting and pasting / summarizing (depending on preference) the rehearsal and the play?

Not during the rehearsal ~ for the actual play... yes.

Except for those people who want to make up their own lines. In which case that will also be during the full performance. The full performance will also have the full combats and tortures.

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2

Random birthday generation post:

Month of 1d12 ⇒ 9
Day of 1d30 ⇒ 23

Gravlax's birthday is Rova 23.

Sorry for the lack of responses on current flex time scenes, but I have a RL game to prep for. Will be back on track tomorrow.

Hey. Sorry if I overreacted a bit last night.

I mean, I'm reasonably sure that Jess's character won't attack mine anymore now that Melilot's feelings on the matter are clear. I am a little miffed that she designed a character guaranteed to attack other characters without making sure ooc that everyone in the group would be ok with that first (since I am definitely not ok with it.)

But I think more to the point I've become extremely frustrated with the "a@+@%!! brigade" the group has become. It's turning into no fun at all trying to play a relatively pleasant character (at least as conceived) when a significant chunk of the rest of the group seems dead set on playing ginormous a@!~~#*s.

I'm a little at a loss. My first thought was to replace Melilot with a character who might get along better with this kind of group - a neutral evil witch, perhaps. I'm not sure that would even work, though. Thoughts and advice would be welcome.

Hi. Also e-mailed this to you.

OK. I want to start by saying that there are two major reasons I didn't e-mail you directly about my feelings, such as they are, right away. The first is that I was pretty sure I was MAJORLY overreacting and didn't want to yell and scream and b+$+! at you for no reason and wanted to calm down first. The second was that I realized pretty quickly that my dissatisfaction regarding game wasn't really all about Rev, it's more that Rev happened to be the character I was talking to when things came to a head.

Yes, I am somewhat miffed (and "somewhat miffed" is about the level of it) that you designed a character who injured other PCs without checking first that this would be cool with everyone. Melilot is not a crazy Rovagug-worshipper in love with Rev, and I basically felt like you were attacking my character and then entirely resisting the notion that another character/player might not be happy about that. Once I'd calmed down, I'd probably have wanted to chat with you about that OOC.

But my real dissatisfaction with game is stemming from the fact that I'm not having good interactions with many of the PCs, which is hardly all about you. I DON'T want you to pull Rev on my behalf, if that's why you're thinking of doing it. I'm still debating with myself whether or not to switch out Melilot and I will still be having that debate with myself whether or not you switch out Rev.

I'm not mad at you, and hope you're not mad at me for having a spoilered hissy-fit meltdown.

female human classy


I'm not mad. I emailed you back. Will check in a bit cause I'm doing some work right now. I'm sorry we had a misunderstanding.

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2

Gravlax will chip in for half of whatever quantity of baking soda Azhar cares to purchase.

Male Tiefling

Rev will chip in to the baking soda fund, so Gravlax and Azhar can each pay 1/3 instead of 1/2 if they so desire.

If we go the 750gp round (which is the amount i got from the Mana) I can part with 300gp, although i am willing to pay less. you know, if others chip in and stuff ;) cause i'd rather not spend all my money.

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16

Azhar is still planning on getting a pound of baking soda. It does seem that this will likely be a frivolous purchase. If you guys (Gravlax & Rev) still want to split the cost, it's 1gp and 6sp per person.

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2
Azhar Mithra Amin wrote:
Azhar is still planning on getting a pound of baking soda. It does seem that this will likely be a frivolous purchase. If you guys (Gravlax & Rev) still want to split the cost, it's 1gp and 6sp per person.

Confused about money, I have marked off 18 gp as well as 1 gp and 6 sp.

Just a quick ooc - I need one perform roll from each person involved in each act. If you have ranks in perform act, you can roll twice and I'll take the better roll. If you have ranks in a different appropriate perform (oratory, sing, comedy) and would rather use that, then you can do so but only get a single roll.

Either way you do get to add the bonuses that you acquired during the rehearsals.

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2


In case we get there before tonight:

Tybain laughs grimly, amusement and sorrow warring within. "Ha! Even in the face of soul-crushing pain, he taunts this ridiculous Magistrate of Hell. Hear me, Aroden, if Asmodeus has such as Larazod in his employ, all our efforts are doomed. Would your white fist command such steadfast loyalty as this one here, who laughs at death and grins at the grimmest pain."

Tybain bows toward Larazod. Reverentially.

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16
Azhar Mithra Amin wrote:
Azhar is still planning on getting a pound of baking soda. It does seem that this will likely be a frivolous purchase. If you guys (Gravlax & Rev) still want to split the cost, it's 1gp and 6sp per person.

Have discovered that a pound of baking soda is actually something that would probably fit into a belt pouch. Therefore, Azhar will be getting the previously mentioned pound himself as that amount could easily be disguised on his person.

Gravlax has so far purchased a 1/3rd pound if he wants it. Again, it is 5gp per pound for/if anyone who wants it if you so post here before "beast" scene.

Male Tiefling

If you are getting the pound yourself, I suppose Rev could buy another. Does anyone know how much we need to actively affect the acid in the beast? Hmm giant foamy mess of doom.

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16
Rev Keaton Amin wrote:
If you are getting the pound yourself, I suppose Rev could buy another. Does anyone know how much we need to actively affect the acid in the beast? Hmm giant foamy mess of doom.

I wonder how much it actually foams? I suppose I can put some in some wire wheel cleaner to find out.

This is not a poke, but since it isn't obvious (and you are going off my poor summary not the script - I just wanted to let you know that it is to Melilot in the play - a demand for Larazod to recant (no whip attack). Then Rev. Then your next 3 line & attacks.

And just so that I (the gm) know I make it clear. The whip attacks can be directed to Rev, Azhar or Gravlax.

And I personally like the spin you are taking Drovalid's lines with :).

... Experimental for game.

This rarely ends well.

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16

Won't do it inside. Promise. :-)

Sorry, I thought Rev had the next line. But I was out all day anyway, so it wouldn't have made much of a difference. Feel free to check in, since I'm not getting the script-qua-script.


No worries. And i know it is harder sans script, so I will drop you a line on this side. But I PROMISE it is not a poke, just a epps, Mana has a habit of not being clear.

Next up is the three lines and three whip attacks (and then it will be Rev again).

I really hope your real-life play is going well.

Male Tiefling


Hi. Mana asked me to post to you once I posted... she said... "let Ry know it is his turn for another 3 recants and whip strikes pls"

i have passed on the message! tag! you're it! ;)

Melilot and Rev:
Or more so - Melilot's three lines should be where Rev has more torture in his post.

Or just to make life easier - it's Meli's turn.

Just do all four lines and whip attacks :).

Male Tiefling

Sorry for the mistakes in Rev's lines. Apparently the text I had was inconsistent with the actual play.

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16

The link I had found has made/is continuing to make changes in the play besides the Tiamat/Lord Entropy/Asmodeus change. Sorry. Anyone else with the link should either NOT use it or make sure to check with the actual script before posting. I did not find any other online copies of the script that are even close.

Ey, No worries - the audience heard the right words. :)

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