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Shadows over Westcrown

Game Master chavamana

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Hi all!

As I said in the email, I'm planning on running Council of Thieves. You can find the player's guide which has some background HERE.

I'm planning on using Kyrademon's flex time and fog of war rules which can be found here.

The basics for character creation are:
1) 25 point buy
2) Any core content (Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's guide, Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat)
3) Any other Pathfinder material on a run it by the gm first basis.
4) Available races: Any of the ones in the Core Rulebook (and I am allowing variant racial traits) and any of the planetouched (tiefling, aasimar, etc). If you are interested in playing any of the unusual 0 HD races, let me know.
5) Two starting traits: one which should be selected from the traits in the CoT player's guide.
6) Starting at 2nd level.

If you have any question, concerns, or ranting you can email me or post.

If you have a character you want to play, please do a quick post with race and class so that you don't stomp on the dreams of the other players.

I'd like to play a human rogue. So as to do human, roguish things. With my monkey pal.

Considerations already mentioned in my e-mail aside:

Halfling fighter. Ranged type, not front-liner.

Preliminary character sheet. No background or nothin'.

The monkey scares me already. Leaning toward a human fighter (mobile fighter).

A monkeyless human fighter.

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16

Aasimar. Ranger, two-handed weapon, skirmisher,

Just to touch on a few things:

First. Starting loot: 1,000 gp but no more that 50% of your wealth on any single item.

Second. There are a number of friendly, minion-able NPCs in this AP. Depending on the background you want will determine which of them you start game knowing.

In addition to just being friendly faces to help you, should they develop a relationship with you, they do have boons that you will have access to. While this doesn't have as much structure as the relationship mechanic in Jade Regent, there are benefits.

Additionally, should you choose to take Leadership, said minion gets more powerful than they would be if you don't.

Bought stuff, tinkered with traits, and wrote up a tiny one-paragraph background. Are the friendly NPCs in the Players' Guide? I know you had suggested one for me that seemed reasonable ...

I'm liking the balance of the group so far (and I'm not being sarcastic.)

Sorry, the NPCs are not in the player's guide. Additionally, I have reserved the right to modify the NPCs to better fit my players. :)

Melilot Took:
The NPC I mentioned that is likely for you to know starting was Fiosa. She is a halfling house servant and has already helped a few halfling slaves to escape Cheliax.

Male Human Rogue 15/Shadowcaster 1

No background yet, but here are some numbers.

Male Tiefling

Tiefling Cleric of Pharasma.

Quick note:

1) Max hit points at every level (so d8 hit dice = 8 hp, d12 = 12 hp)
2) ... i don't really have a 2 yet

I think I am done tinkering with the character.

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2

...I have a name....

Gravlax d'Antonio wrote:
...I have a name....

... and now I'm craving hovmästarsås.

Kyrademon wrote:
... and now I'm craving hovmästarsås.

Stop making up words.

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2
JSR wrote:
Kyrademon wrote:
... and now I'm craving hovmästarsås.
Stop making up words.

Isn't that what you writer-types do? I have numbers. Soon I will have words.

Just an informational post, to make sure everyone has some basic information that isn't clear in the player's guide.

The city of Westcrown has a curfew which starts at sunset. While some main streets are well lit, most places in the city are not safe in the dark as shadow creatures lurk in the dark. The reasons behind these shadow beasts are unknown, but rumors suggest a curse, a link to Nidal, or a means that the Thrune crown uses to keep the people of Westcrown controlled.

Other popular rumors include:

1) The Daystar has fled and may never return!
2) Elves.
3) Nocturnal carnivorous beasts are how the Man keeps the Halfling down.
5) Elves.
6) Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds.
7) I will prove there is no real reason to fear by AAAAAARGH!
8) Rays. Definitely some kind of rays.
9) A dark mirror which shows the most frightening monsters of all ... ourselves.

If it allows them to act smug and superior, I don't put anything past the elves. It's the entire purpose of their civilization.

I know that people are still finalizing characters and getting everything in order but... I'm excited to get this going.

So... Here is the gameplay thread.

... I know it is a little odd to start with private scenes, but i promise I'm trying to bring you all together.

As of 7:43 pm on 04/29/12 Hawaii time all of you have finished your characters.

Or so you think.

We have one aasimar and one tiefling in the group. The player's guide has four options for balancing the more common core races with the slightly more powerful outsider races. Three of those options are ways to weaken the outsider races... which, as a gm, i am not fond of doing.

As such: Cassian, Melilot, Gravalax - you have an additional +2 racial bonus that you can apply to any ability that does not already have a racial bonus.


Neat. Does that also mean that it cannot be used on an attribute with a racial penalty? Or is that fair game since it's not a bonus?

The stat with a racial penalty is fair game, since it is not a racial bonus.

chavamana wrote:
The stat with a racial penalty is fair game, since it is not a racial bonus.

Changes completed.

I get my shovel back!

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2

My changes are complete as well.

Your party has beat their first combat and the enemy didn't even get to roll initiative. Poor, poor torble tribe.

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2
chavamana wrote:
Your party has beat their first combat and the enemy didn't even get to roll initiative.

May it ever be so.

Diplomacy checks: "If you fail by 5 or more, the character’s attitude toward you is decreased by one step."

This kind of thing is why Melilot had difficulties in her previous career in the entertainment sector.

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2

I've never seen a character beaten to death by pickles before. I only hope it's not mine.

How does the sling staff get the 2H weapon bonus to strength, isn't it a light weapon?

And if so, don't you need Two-Handed Thrower (combat feat) to get 1.5x str damage with 'thrown' weapons?

1) Used as a ranged weapon, the sling staff does not get the 2H weapon bonus to strength. The +5 comes from +4 from strength and +1 from the point blank feat.

2) Used as a melee weapon, the sling staff functions as a club, which is a one-handed weapon, not a light weapon. If used two-handed, it therefore gets the 2H strength bonus (currently +6 for Melilot), and that is how Melilot typically uses it since she does not carry a shield.

3) Although the sling staff is a 'thrown' weapon, the two-handed thrower feat specifies that it applies to the throwing of one- or two-handed weapons, not to ammunition. Therefore, my interpretation of the feat was that it could not be used to give such a bonus to sling bullets, although it could, in theory, be used if Melilot had the feat and actually threw the sling staff itself at someone. If this interpretation was incorrect and the feat can be applied to sling bullets, as I would then wish to take that feat at some point.

... i totally accidentally read the +7 to hit and was thinking that was the damage bonus after the fact... bad mana :P

part 2) I knew about :)

I do not think it is RAW, but if you would like to take Two-Handed Thrower, I would totally let it apply to the sling staff when you use it two handed (since it CAN be used one-handed without penalty, i think)

The second combat: my goblins roll fumbles and get NO pickles.

Male Tiefling
chavamana wrote:
The second combat: my goblins roll fumbles and get NO pickles.

they started it.


copper hair pin inlaid with white marble in a spiral design (10 gp)
copper headband inlaid with starmetal in the shape of a compass rose (10 gp)
simple brass anklet (10 gp)
small leather armor x3 (5 gp each)
small dogslicer x5 (4 gp each)
small dogslicer (broken) (2 gp)
fishing pole (0 gp)
pair of bone dice (5 gp)

15 potions of cure light wounds (1d8+1) <--- 3 to each person

19 gp

Male Tiefling

i would like to put in a claim for the copper hair pin with white marble in spiral design. (10gp)

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2

No claims.

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16

no claims

Melilot makes no claims

Male Human Rogue 15/Shadowcaster 1

The dice.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


pair of bone dice (5 gp) <-- Cassian
hairpin with inlaid marble spiral (10 gp) <-- Rev

And every person gets 15 gp and 2 sp.

Each person is also carrying 3 potions of cure light wounds as party treasure.

Out of character note for clarity:

Rev/DC 15 Perception means "For Rev or Anyone else that makes a DC 15 Perception check"
Rev & DC 15 Perception mean "For Rev if he make s a DC 15 Perception check"
Rev/DC 15 Perception (Varisian) means "For Rev or Anyone else that makes a DC 15 Perception check and speaks Varisian"

If i can think of anything else, i will try to clarify later.

If we end up being the Westcrown Avengers, dibs on being Squirrel Girl.

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16

Squirrel Girl. Surrender now or she'll put her nuts straight through you.
"Oh, I'm sorry officer, did he used to have a head? He must have lost it when he tripped. Honest!"


On the other hand, if we go with a different name I already have theme songs pre-written for some potential choices. I'm rather fond of the one that would go with Westcrown Vanguard.

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2

I like Westcrown Vanguard, although when I say it in my head it scans as "Meet James Ensor."

Well, the Vanguard song goes like this:

One, two, three, kick it!

(JANIVEN shreds a bass intro)

Violence moves in waves across the world
Virtue shivers frightened in the dark
Viciousness once hidden has unfurled
Villains walk abroad and make their mark

Very few will stand against the night
Valiant heroes needed once again
Vanquishing their foes for what is right
Vaulting high above their fellow men

We need a
Looking out for all the earth
Give us a
Kicking ass for all they're worth
Someone to

(ARAEL guitar solo)

Vulnerable citizens afraid
Violated by the tide of hate
Vermin for too long have stalked and preyed
Veering from the narrow and the straight

Viruses of all-too-human nature
Venemously threatening the meek
Vanish before those of higher stature
Vigorously fighting for the weak

We need a
Holding out against the night
Give us a
Kicking ass with all their might
Someone to


Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2

So ... if we keep discussing alternate names, will you keep creating songs? Because I'm thinking album. :)

Well, like I said, that one was actually pre-written. I have a bunch of theme songs lying around in case I ever happen to join a group with an appropriate name or concept. That one was the closest to what I thought we were going for here.

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