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Shadowborn's Wounded Earth (Red Group) (Inactive)

Game Master Shadowborn

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Male Gnome Wizard (scryer sub-school) 4

Do we want to go by player knowledge, or character knowledge here? If character knowledge: Linguistics check: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

If not: That's a neat message!


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

I'm all for allowing players to use their own brains. I'm not one of those people that feel the need for a die roll to accompany every little thing...though that roll is mighty impressive.

Male Gnome Wizard (scryer sub-school) 4

Knowledge is Power!

Magnus suggests that one of the group wait here with Ouryn, preferably someone who is going to be inhibited most in a fight without their weapons. He looks to Jinjer or one of the dwarves. After this, he prepares his spells, and they set off, with Magnus leading, and another short person beside him. He does not bring his weapons with him.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Baal 4

"If someone must stay, then it had best be me," Stilgar admits reluctantly, acknowledging Magnus' idea, "I am likely the one they would trust the least, and they seem to expect you and Jinjer to arrive."

If no one objects to Magnus' plan...

Arms crossed, the cleric turns to Brodgar.

"I trust that you could inquire them about Asheron?"


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey
Shadowborn wrote:
I'm all for allowing players to use their own brains. I'm not one of those people that feel the need for a die roll to accompany every little thing...though that roll is mighty impressive.

That said, I'd still like to hear what's been made of the message thus far. I can infer from the talk that you've garnered the gist of it.

Also, I can't get Tarrana's version of an iron winter out of my head. I just picture a couple of peasants chopping wood in the snow outside their hut, when dwarves begin dropping out of the sky into the snow. One of the peasants simple shoulders his axe, turns to the other, and says "F**k this, I'm taking my chances in the wilds."

Male Gnome Wizard (scryer sub-school) 4

Once the group has found a moment of peace, Magnus takes out the letter. . He turns then to the group. that remains: "Alright, we're going North to Windham, travelling in pairs with the two shortest of us in front, carrying logs as though working. That or stump is racism for dwarves/gnomes? We wait until a Red Banner is displayed and then our contacts will meet us. We leave our weapons here. as well. They ask us to be unarmed, and we can oblige without fear. " With this Magnus ignites the letter to destroy any evidence and to show that though unarmed, they will not be without defense. He turns then to Stilgar. "If the rest of us have not returned by a reasonable hour, assume betrayal and deal with Ouryn as you see fit. Before then, don't let that bartender out of your sight." He comes out of his lecturer voice. "Is the plan clear to everyone? "

Male Dwarf Cleric of Baal 4

I'm pretty sure Magnus and Jinjer are the stumps. I was going to have Stilgar comment on it, but he isn't nearly witty enough to be snarky. His eyebrows do however, do go skydiving whenever Tarrana says something surreal.

"I'm almost certain it won't come to that. Make haste, and be safe."

Once the group departs, Stilgar returns to the inn, where he would order another pint of ale. He wasn't nearly as cautious as Magnus was regarding Ouryn, but nonetheless he would pay him some mind. One could never be too careful.


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey
Magnus Thunderf00t wrote:
That or stump is racism for dwarves/gnomes?

Knowledge(local) for that one.

Male Gnome Wizard (scryer sub-school) 4

K(L) 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8

Hmm... We should hire some treants?

Hope somebody else has local; Brodgar is focused on more academic knowledges.

Brodgar nods solemnly in reply to Stilgar's query about Asheron. As Magnus covers the plan, he replies, "It seems to me 'two stumps first' is referrin' to who they'd like to meet first. Now either they mean you two," he says, gesturing to Magnus and Jinjer, "Either because they feel less threatened by you or have seen ye about, or Stilgar and me." He lets their potential reasons for that as an exercise for the listener.

"I'm afraid I've no idea of the local slang, but that seems the most likely interpretation, given the story servin' as our cover. Not to put either of ye on the spot, but if we're gonna trust them, I think it'd be best for Magnus and Jinjer to go. If there is trouble, I imagine Magnus can handle it better without steel than we can."


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

8 is good enough. Its usage is fairly common.

"Stump" is a derogatory term used in reference to dwarves. It is only occasionally applied to gnomes, and then only to those with proven dwarven sympathies.

"Or perhaps they want us to bring along a pair of tree stumps?" Tarrana says coyly. "Don't read too far into it Brodgar. Metaphors can be many things, hopes, dreams, love, truth or madness. For all we know we're being hired for the harvest." Tarrana smiles. "Let's just play this by ear and keep our eyes to the sky for harsh cursing and iron?"

Female Gnome Ranger/3

"Don't like going in there unarmed. Wonder if I can hide a knife on me?" Jinjer wonders aloud.

In the end, she'll "stump" along with everyone else, following Magnus' lead.


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

Your group destroys the note, and then heads toward the farm. If anyone is concealing any weapons on their person, give me a Sleight of Hand check. A brisk half hour's walk brings you to the place. There's not much to see, the fields lying fallow for the winter and no work being done. You head onto the property and along a line of trees forming a wind break along the east side of the property. A light wind plays in the branches of the evergreens. The susurrus of branches and the smell of pine are relaxing, and you could almost forget the reason you're here. Ahead you can see a large barn, sturdy and well-built but in bad need of a new coat of paint.

As you get about a bowshot away from the building, your attention is drawn to a movement from the loft door. A scrap of red cloth flutters in the breeze from the open loft window.

Male Gnome Wizard (scryer sub-school) 4

Pausing for a moment, Magnus stares deeply into the loft of the barn. his eyes glow green for a moment, then the colour withers to grey. He then turns his ear to the door. for a moment longer before advancing in the first pair. Using send senses twice for visual then audio cues.
Perception(visual) 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26
Perception (auditory) 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9

Tarrna rides unarmed, but this means little to the Ifrit. She is covered in her winter clothes to hide as much as possible.

I was under the impression they wanted Stilgar and Brodgar in the first pair since the Local check said stumps = dwarves? That's the assumption I'm making at any rate.

After much internal deliberation, Brodgar rides with the rest of the group in just his winter clothes. Though he feels naked without his armor or shield, he trusts that, should things go awry, Baal will help get him out in one piece.

Even so, his thumb constantly goes through the loop on his belt where his axe would be hanging.

He keeps his eyes open as they approach the barn.

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

Brodgar, of course, goes first, along with Stilgar, if we're intending to follow their letter to the, uh, letter.


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

Even at this distance, Magnus is able to make out movement in the shadows inside the doorway of the loft, likely a look-out and the person that set out the signal flag. He notes nothing else about the barn or the area nearby.

Who is the other person in the first pair headed to the barn?

Male Dwarf Cleric of Baal 4

Stilgar takes a sip of his ale.

half elf, Water child alt race trait Legalistic cursed Oracle of Waves 2

Gaius waits in the inn. Gambling for copper and drink with some locals. Not playing to win so much as to blend and listen.


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

So Stilgar and Gaius are staying behind while the rest head to the farm?

Male Dwarf Cleric of Baal 4

Hm. I usually don't like playing backsies, but if Gaius is going to stay behind, perhaps Stilgar and Brodgar could go ahead and head into the barn?


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

It's not backsies. I still don't have a clear idea of who is heading with the group to the barn and who is staying behind, which is why I asked for the clarification.

I'm thoroughly confused myself. I was under the impression the whole group had gone to the farm and was standing off from the actual meeting ground (the barn). I was also under the impression we were going to try following their orders (thus sending the 'stumps' together), but then Magnus went on in.

I figure we should at least be sending in both the gnomes or both the dwarves (so at least we're making an effort to meet the spirit of their letter). Assuming they're all at the farm, anyway.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Baal 4

Stilgar was the one who volunteered to stay behind, because he felt that he was the least likely to be trusted. This was before Magnus rolled to find out what "stumps" are. And then Gaius posted that he was staying behind instead, so I'm a tad confused myself.

Tarrana's going one way or another. She's got a feeling she's going to be sought out regardless.

Male Gnome Wizard (scryer sub-school) 4


Sorry for causing confusion, but I think what we have right now is the following:

Magnus, Jinjer-First, approaching the barn.
Tarrana, Brodgar- Standing to the side, going next.
Stilgar, Gaius- Watching Ouryn at the inn/having drinking contests.


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

If what Magnus wrote up is acceptable to the group, I'll go with that. Otherwise, let me know if you'd like to change anything.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Baal 4

Magnus' suggestion sounds good.


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

Okay, so Jinjer and Magnus head out of the trees, across the field, and into the barn. As they move through the doors, Tarrana and Brodgar see the red cloth pulled back into the loft door.

Jinjer & Magnus:
The two of you creak one of the large barn doors open and slip inside. Your low-light vision allows you to quickly adjust to the dim light within. You can see that the barn is empty of livestock, containing nothing but bales of hay and straw. At your entrance, figures move out from behind stall doors and stacks of bales. A dozen humans, garbed in light armor, move out. You note that some openly bear swords, a crime that bears severe penalties under dwarven law. Looking up, you can see another half dozen men and women above you with readied short bows.

Three men and a woman move toward the two of you, two of them holding swords at the ready, but not openly threatening you. One of the others, a lean man with a mop of sandy-blond hair and a scar across one cheek, speaks.

"We need to check you for weapons. Hold still." He moves to Magnus as the woman, a young, stocky human with short-cropped brown hair, moves to Jinjer. The begin frisking the two of you.

Jinjer, did you conceal a dagger on your person?

Female Gnome Ranger/3

No, I didn't.

"You told us not to bring any," Jinjer growls, looking around and up in the loft. "Sure didn't stop you folk from being loaded for bear!"

Male Gnome Wizard (scryer sub-school) 4

"I must say, you told us to show no iron. We have fulfilled that request. If you must search us, then go ahead, but what would it matter? you know very well no blade alone could defeat a prepared group of this size. We are here for business and if we're going to start establishing trust, it best start now. " Magnus doesn't like being touched.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

Jinjer & Magnus:
The blond man with the scar gives a humorless smile.

"Apologies, sir, but when dealing with dwarves we like to err on the side of extreme caution. My companions aren't only armed for you, but for the possible dwarven reinforcements that may have come with you. If it makes you feel better, the fact that you have no weapons on you means you won't be killed. If you and the lady would please stand over here," he says, indicating the group of swordsmen, who move into a semicircle to allow you room to stand.

Satisfied, the man gives a nod to the loft, and one of the men moves to the loft door.

A couple minutes go by after Jinjer and Magnus enter the barn. Then Brodgar and Tarrana see the red flag fluttering out the loft door once again.

I didn't realize this at the time, but as Brodgar did specifically come without armor, the brand on his face is openly visible.

Brodgar gives a grunt and waves at the flag. "Looks like they're ready for us," he says to Tarrana, more to calm his nerves than state the obvious. He begins a slightly hesitant march towards the barn, speed up a little as he reasons if it was all a setup, he would have heard the struggle or they would have been asked to come all at once and overwhelmed.

He steps inside first, figuring that if things do get hairy Tarrana has a better chance of using her powers if he keeps her from being rushed.

Tarrana approaches slowly memories of a certain barn in a certain no longer existing village plaguing her fragile mind. The reins smoke slightly as she grips them tightly.


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

Upon entering the barn, you spot the two gnomes standing near the middle of the building, surrounded by eight humans wielding swords. In the loft above are another half dozen with bows. As you enter, you are approached by four other humans, two with swords flanking a solidly built woman with short dark hair, and a blond man with a long scar across one cheek.

"We need to check you for weapons. Hold still."


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey


Tarrana looks about nervously clearly not wanting to be touched. The temperature of the room starts to rise as her eyes dart back and forth memories of a similar barn in a distant time come rushing back.

Male Gnome Wizard (scryer sub-school) 4

"It's alright guys. If they wanted to hurt us, they would have done it already."
Magnus sees the look on Tarrana's face and tries to calm her. "Focus, Tarrana, eyes on me. Breath with me. It's alright "

Brodgar simply nods in acknowledgement and holds his hands out to the side, giving the searchers full access.

"Let them, Tarrana. It is a necessary precaution in their... line of work. Just stay calm." He stonily notes the (illegally) armed humans as he speaks.


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

The woman moves forward and pats Tarrana down, the man with the scar doing the same with Brodgar. Then they motion the two of you to stand with Jinjer and Magnus.

As you do so, the barn door swings shut of its own accord, and a disembodied voice speaks.

"That's all of them. They left the other dwarf and the man back in town, I suppose. No one else following."

The scarred man nods, distracted as he stares toward your group for a long, awkward time. Then, apparently satisfied with what he sees, he moves to lean up against one of the support beams.

"They're not here to kill us. Let them make themselves comfortable," he says to the armed ones surrounding you, and they break ranks. "Grab yourself a hay bale and take a load off. You can call me Evram. We could have a cup of tea and speak about the weather, or we could get right to business and find out why your odd group is poking around looking for us."

With that, he looks expectantly at the lot of you. You note that the four swordsmen on the ground floor stay close, but the others look a bit more relaxed. The bowmen in the loft are lounging except for two near the loft door that appear to be on lookout.

Tarrana is tense during the whole frisking and keeps her eyes locked tightly on Magnus the whole time. When the humiliation is over she shoots a glare at the men that could make them explode with her hate if she were capable of such. For now she huddles quietly and allows the less furious to speak in her place.

Male Gnome Wizard (scryer sub-school) 4

"We seek knowledge about the deaths of a number of individuals here in the past and the rumours of future governmental movements." Magnus says as he clambers up to sit across a solid piece of wood blocking between two stalls. "More specifically, we want clarification of the details of the murder of the Thane's son 5 years ago, and the events following. Grundar Ironfist still holds some secrets that prevent equality among the races. We need to know anything that you do. "


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

The woman with the short, dark hair takes a seat straddling a hay bale. She keeps an eye on Tarrana, though the look on her face seems more concerned than watchful, perhaps with a touch of empathy to it.

Evram raises an eyebrow at Magnus' statement.

"Well, I had my guesses as to why you wanted to find us, but that wasn't even on the list. You've been vouched for by a friend, so I've no reason to lie to you."

"I don't know who killed Ironfist's black-hearted son, but if I did, I'd likely run him through myself."

He moves to pull down a skin hanging from a nail on one of the posts, and takes a long pull from it.

The details are a little hazy so if I get anything completely wrong please pretend Brodgar actually told the tale as factually as he is able.

Brodgar remains standing, but does take a few steps to lean against a wall. He mulls over his question for a moment before internally shrugging.

"We're also investigatin' a possibly related incident. There was a raid on the High Harvest Festival this year, very similar to one a few years back. We hunted down the ones that did it and came to find out about some folks who'd done the same the first time it happened. The names were Aidan Hakar and Asheron, a priest of Baal."

He stands straight and adds, "So far as we can tell, they've been laying low all this time. Figured you might be the ones to ask about that."


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

Here's a recap of the information Stilgar was provided, so you guys don't have to dig back through the thread to find it:

Stilgar's Info:
*An unusual number of reported sightings of Akaara in the area during the time period. (The winged humanoids usually aren't seen in the lowlands, except in the wilds, or on infrequent trading missions.)

*There was an attack by the Nocturne on Dunshale on the night of High Harvest five years ago. Nothing unusual about such raids, but this one was repelled by the villagers without dwarven intervention.

*An informant reported that a group of young folk from Dunshale traveled northwest into the mountains with the intention of attacking the Nocturne lair to stop any further raids. This information remains unverified.

*At Midwinter Dunshale was raided by a band of Narok, the barbarians from across the Plain of Moving Ice. They managed to make off with a portion of the villages food stores despite sustaining heavy losses, including one of their Snow Wyrds--members of their tribes with a magical affinity for cold magics. The villagers defended themselves until a force of soldiers from the fastness arrived to repel the raiders. It is reported that a large number of Narok had already been killed. The village stores were supplemented by supplies from the fastness that winter.

*Witnesses reported a female fiend destroyed several of the Narok, burning them to death, when they attempted to break into the general store.

*An informant reported that the fiend spotted was disguised as Lillian Eventide, wife of the storekeeper.

*Dispatched Inquisition forces entered Dunshale unannounced and captured Lillian Eventide and her husband, Boris.

*Inquisitors determined that the creature known as Lilith Eventide was a half-devil. Boris Eventide was found to be human.

*Even under intense interrogation, Boris Eventide maintained that he and his "wife" came to Dunshale from far to the south, from a human-dominated city called Highroad, to escape to a new life. The half-fiend provided no pertinent information.

*Boris Eventide was found guilty of harboring an enemy of the state and sentenced to death. The half-fiend was also slated for mandatory execution. They were taken to a hilltop north of Dunshale and destroyed by the holy fires of Baal, called down by clerics of the Inquisition.

*Boris and Lillian were reported to have a son, one Shade Eventide, age 20. He disappeared shortly before their capture and his whereabouts remain unknown.

*The day after the execution, the Jarl declared martial law in Dunshale to stop a reported attempt at uprising. A force of dwarves descended upon the village without warning. [As a former resident of the fastness, you are privy to a piece of information that the villagers are not: there is a secret exit at the base of the hill, allowing troops to deploy just south of the bridge over the Dunwater River, rather than exiting the main gates at the top of the hill and descending.] Villagers were confined to their homes until an official census could be taken.

*During the first day of occupation, Grundar Ironfist was murdered in the common room of the Flask and Flail. His body was discovered by a pair of soldiers sweeping the building. Why he was there is not clear. He had been stabbed in the back twice, one kidney and his heart pierced. The weapon was a broad, stabbing blade.

*The census discovered one other resident missing. A young woman named Aidan Hakar, age 17, daughter of Brynn and Davinia Hakar, ranchers, was unaccounted for. The parents were interrogated, but they did not know their daughter's whereabouts. She had traveled to Three Oaks to deliver some sold stock, but never returned.

*One other personage is unaccounted for. The chapel you currently tend was originally built for a man named Asheron. He was a human cleric of Baal, an orphan raised and trained by the dwarves. It was the hope of the clergy that a human member of the faithful would bridge the gap between human and dwarf and inspire greater loyalty. The last word from him was that he took a trip to Three Oaks to visit an old mentor, a dwarven cleric that had taken up residence in the chapel there.

*Shortly after the occupation, a group of resistance fighters attacked, presumably in an attempt to liberate the village. They were repelled. A captured fighter was interrogated. He claimed that the group attacked in order to free a compatriot of theirs they believed to be held captive by the occupying forces--a woman by the name of Damaris. No other information was forthcoming.


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

At the mention of Asheron's name, there is visible recognition on the faces of Evram and the woman.

"Aye, we've heard of Asheron. He's the human Baalite priest the dwarves groomed. We had an agent of ours, Damaris, assigned to get close to him and see what the dwarves were up to in regard to him. Haven't heard from her in a while."

At this point, the woman interjects.

"The Hakar name is familiar. We were approached by people outside our organization. They were convinced that Brynn and Davinia Hakar of Dunshale were in danger. The coordinated with us to get them out of the village."

Sense Motive checks would be in order at this point.

1d20 - 1 ⇒ (16) - 1 = 15 untrained sensemotive

Male Gnome Wizard (scryer sub-school) 4

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4

Thousandth post is mine!


Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey

1) It seems odd to you that a human resistance fighter would speak of the Thane's son with such loathing, yet want to kill the person responsible for his murder.

2)The woman appears to know more, but is holding back information.

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